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ADD Flash

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Mar 31, 2008


Name: Joe "Flash" Gordon
Email Address: flashthegordonator@gmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger: Don't use it
Preferred Method of Handling: Freestyle RP with a little bit of anglulation
Best Way to Contact you: PM preferred but email is fine


Name: Archie Danger Doyle
Nicknames: ADD

Height: 6'2"
Weight:298 pounds
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Looks: His hair is moulded into a fashion mullet and he wears Aviator sunglasses 24-7 unless competing in the ring. His wardrobe is often an expensive classic t-shirt of some description and faded designer jeans with trendy skater type trainers. Almost always topped off with a hooded puffer jacket with fur lining. Male supermodel handsome. Like a chiseled sculpture of a Greek god except blonder.

Hailing From: El Paso, Texas

Disposition: Babyface monster (Yes, I realise this is kind of weird but he's a true babyface in the fact he's quite comical and loveable but inside the ring he's a complete and utter monster)
Gimmick: Attention Deficit Disorder

Ring Attire: In the ring he wears a tye died Olympic style wrestling costume with "ADD" in bold black outlined lettering on his chest. He wears pinks boots and neon blue elbow pads.
Theme Music: "Papercut Skin" - the Matches
Ring Entrance: He walks down to the ring and slides beneath the bottom rope, steps up on one of the far turnbuckles and folds his arms for a moment or two before snatching his shades off his face to shoot them that lady warming grin of his.

Tactics/Style: His modus of operandi is a brutal spine based bump taker. Using moves that would jolt and put pressure on his opponent's spine. Not a submission based wrestler at all. More explosive moves to try and get that spine sored up.

- stamina, for a guy his size he can last a long time for the move base he has and take a beating to boot.
- strength, his whole style is based on his monstrous strength
- concentration, for a guy with ADD his concentration in the ring is wonderous as he seems to turn into a different person inside the squared circle

- submission, not being a submission based wrestler at he has little to no knowledge on how to apply or escape from a submission hold
- speed, his time in the gym and muscle slow him down so he is not as quick as most guys his height and can prove a large disadvantage
- rules (DQs in particular), sometimes ADD gets to focused (LOLZ~!) that he can be blinded in his concentration when winning comes to be everything for him and sometimes hurting his opponent can become to be everything and rules might get in the way


ADD has what seems to be an alternate ego once the bell tolls and it's wrestling time. It's almost as though he's in a trance and becomes a different person altogether. A monster almost. He has almost a stalking style inside the ring where he attacks and attacks then reverts to an almost prowling type style where he will try to make his attacks from different angles for the element of surprise and for, ultimately, more brute force due to shocked opponent's.

He really only runs in short bursts and they are just that, bursts. He tries to pace himself at almost a walking pace as he has an air of confidence about himself inside the ring. But he's not fast moving, he's thoughtful and paced so he can make his attacks at the right moments.

Fast-paced wrestlers tend to frustrate him and put off his rythym which tend to have him swinging like a rusty gate trying to get an even mightier attack shot against them than usual.

Due to his speed being so weak his noticeably works on slowing his opponent's down by working their spine with crunching moves aimed directly at shooting pain up and down the spine and trying to disable them in the competition. Anything else is basically a more of a slap in the face to let his opponent know he's got control.

Fans get confused as to whether or not they should cheer or boo him as his personality outside of the ring is so loveable they are often mortified with his in-ring Jekyll & Hyde type transformation. There are often awkward silences on the crowd's behalf and booing also. He provides his viewing audience a real dilemma as they try to follow their gut instinct of wanting to love him and hate him all at once.

Submission is a different world for ADD one for which he does not understand in either attack of defence. He will not attempt to lock in an opponent in a hold and will begin to panic when locked up in a vice. Submission is not something ADD understands.


There's no broken story here folks. Hell, I better this over and done with before my mind wanders but the morale of the story is if something sticks stick to it, yeah? I mean there's nothing in my story about my pops fingering my poo-pipe or nothing like that, yeah? Or my mama being a crack whore turning tricks to stuff potatoes down my throat to keep me fed until a multi-world champion wrestler found me and extended an olive branch on behalf of society to turn me into the wrestling machine I am today.

Nope, nothing like that. Just a boy with ADD (that's Attention Defecit Disorder for the dyslexics in the house) who found something he could keep his focus on. That's all there is. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just keep the focus and here I am. I love this ****. I can't concentrate on nothing long enough to get scared and "Danger" really is my middle name.


Divide 120 Points between:


(Hint: Numbers ending in 0 and 5 minimizes your potential attack/defense values, try 1's and 6's)

Provide a 20-set movelist as follows:

1-5: Basic Holds/Strikes/Takedowns
1. explosive jumping clothesline
2. running knee strike to the lower spine
3. throat strike
4. spinebuster slam
5. running spinning elbow

6-15: Wear Down/Mid-Late Match Holds
6. shoulderbreaker
7. facebuster
8. Fisherman's backbreaker
9. sit-down Full Nelson bomb
10. spine stomp
11. backbreaker
12. crucifix powerbomb
13. jawbreaker
14. double powerbomb
15. snapmare with spine kick

16-18: Signature/Special Holds
16. flapjack with elbowdrop to back of the head
17. top rope diving headbutt
18. tight rope clothesline

19: Set-up
19. Attention Span - blatant choke

20: Finisher
20. See the Kitty - headbutt to the face followed by tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
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Jan 1, 2000
Yous plannin' ta hit a bousse in the head with yer head? Friiiiggggg affffff!!

Ya try that on me and you're gonna get your dick bit off, son.

That, or I'll just smack ya with an open hand and treat ya to the rattta-tat-tat of my knuckles playin' percussion on your crusty-ass face.

Why? `**** outta here with yer askin' me why... Answer's simple:

`Cuz sucka moves don't work on sucka-free bousses.


EDIT: Joe, again... just wanted t' say that I'll fight you for a ****in' cheeseburgggaahhh with extra onions and grease... and then I'll drink a half a galon of donair sauce `cuz I'm a BEAST.

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Just Like Law-Jesus
May 15, 2005
The wrong side of the bong slide.
Enter Elmo Hazard

(FADE IN: The dingy, stale confines of a cluttered bedroom. The shot is awful, and the money-grubbingly slow dial-up connection makes the webcam’s inadequacy as a filming device painfully obvious. Dark clothes hang from every surface in the room, from the desk chair, the bunk-beds, tacks holding posters to the wall that we can’t see because the shot is too fuzzy and pixilated. Suddenly a figure moves into the picture and flings himself into the desk chair, spinning in violent, blurry circles for a moment before coming to slow halt.)

FIGURE: (Laughing) “Man! Great! GREAT!”

(At first glance, you might believe a trick is being played on you akin to the baby buying stocks online and talking at the TV. The chair completes its final revolution and swings around so that the figure faces the camera. His is startingly small, a point ironically driven home by the stacks of what appear to be old Gamepro magazines on which he sits, little legs dangling over the edge of the chair. He could be a small child, but that theory is dispelled as he leans closer to the camera and we see the pallor of his skin, the dark bags under his eyes, the grayish spackled five o’ clock shadow across his face, and evidence of thinning in his short, dull white hair. He’s wearing a tattered black t-shirt with Battle Royale’s “BR” logo in the center.)

FIGURE: “Man, that is awesome, man! Joe the Plumber…I love you, man. That sh*t is so REAL! F*ck the bullsh*t, man! For real, got me more excited than…than…I don’t know what, but you’re the best, Joe! I hear people all sayin’, all writin’ on the blogs, ‘Oh, Joe the Plumber, he’s gross, man!’ Well, LIFE is gross, man! And I understand that like you do, Joe! Crazy, ridiculous, mind-numbing sh*t happens to random ordinary people, man! You just…DELIVER on that f*ckin’ madness, Goblin-style! I’m Elmo Hazard, man, and I’m your f*ckin’…f*ckin’ probably hugest fan in these United States, man, because seriously, f*ck the bullsh*t, man, you know what I’m talkin’ about! People don’t understand, Joe! But I just watched you serve it up cold, and I don’t care if I’m the only one in church, I wanna inject this sh*t into my eyeballs, man! Seriously, I don’t know how this video feed is even reachin’ you, I just plug sh*t into holes – like my MAN JTP – and flip the switch! Look at me, I’m no tech wizard, I’m wearing a Battle Royale shirt even though the only reason I watched the movie the first time was somebody told me there was some kind of a Death Orgy in it, wasn’t sure about what that entailed so to speak but I figured it was Asian, probably pretty hot but that’s not important! Joe, you’re f*ckin’ WILD, man, this is Elmo, remember, you’ll see me again! SUCKA-FREEEEEEEEEEE–

(ELMO spins in his chair again, but as he comes around his outstretched arm knocks the webcam off the computer monitor. The last audible sounds are a stack of CDs toppling and ELMO’s curses.)



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
Re: Enter Elmo Hazard

(Cutto: Cameron Cruise sitting in front of a monitor that just aired the previous two promos by JTP and Elmo Hazard. He swivels around to face the camera and shakes his head and his right index finger.)

CRUISE: Which brings me to my next point kids: Don't Do Crack.


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