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A King's Execution


Jan 1, 1970
(FADEIN: 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES in front of an all-black CSWA backdrop. He's wearing a unbuttoned hawaiian shirt, jeans and no shoes.)

MILES: "I've seen it with my own eyes. Underneath the all the fame, money and glory that Mark and Troy Windham have achieved - lies skeletons in their closet that neither like to talk about. Not because of the pain, tragedy or loss they've suffered. But because of the BETRAYALS, LIES and DECEIT they've so easily FORGOTTEN. With my own ears, I heard a story of two brothers that have turned their backs on those that have loved them, watched them, cheered for them and protected them. I'm not talking about one man's story, I'm talking about a town's story. I saw it with my own TWO eyes in SWEETWATER, Texas."

(MILES pulls out a cigarette and lights it, inhaling deeply and then exhaling)

MILES: "A town that Mark and Troy Windham so easily say they're from, but also a town they'd so easily soon as forget. I never understood, Troy. Whenever you had the chance, you had to run down my family. You had to try and attack me personally and privately in a public forum. Now, I understand why - now I know why you THINK anything you've said about my wife has affected me. It's because of how much the past affects YOU, Troy. With my eyes and ears in Sweetwater - the town that spawned you, I saw where you came from, what kind of trail you left and what you're so ashamed of in the first place. You're past is a personal, dormant deamon that you're so ashamed to talk about that you've created this 'KING of the CSWA' persona to mask and hide the skeltons in your closet."

(MILES inhales and exhales a smoke ring)

MILES: "And now the KING will be exposed. The very public he's fooled for years will now see the TRUTH that lie behind his closed doors. Troy, I'm going to expose you for the spineless coward I've always known you as - somone that's willing to sell out his own mother for a photo shoot. The life you live does NOT erase the life you left behind, Troy. You've tried to make MY personal life hell? Get ready for EVERY demon you've got to show up at Battle of the Belts. You want to play house, Troy? Let's play house - let's bring in your FU(BLEEP!)ED brother too. That's right, Troy what I got he WON'T ignore. And that's when the King's execution arrives at the hands of an outlaw."

(MILES flicks his cigarette away)

MILES: "You're no hero, Troy. I've learned this. And I'll be damned if I waste my time on someone pretending to be fighting for the CSWA. You've been about one thing and one thing only - YOURSELF. All the teenage girls, all the money, all the fame can't hide the past, Troy. Nothing can hide from the past, not even a King. It's high-noon, Troy - the outlaw is coming."


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