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A little time to think...


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Sep 11, 2004
(Evol is seen sitting in a spinning chair, turning around and around. He stops once he sees the camera and places his feet up on a desk. The camera pans around to reveal an office setting. The scene outside the window is that of a very busy, corporate world with cars and people walking to and fro. Evol pyramids his fingers and flashes a smile.)

Evol: Hey everybody. I just wanted to give a shout out to two people here in the EUWC. Those two will be in the World Title match at Bloodbath. "The Definitive" Danny Collins and Sean Taylor, the current International champion. Those two are going in for a title for title match. I know you are questioning why I am stating the obvious here. Anyone who is anyone can pick up a program and read the card after all. No, I am saying this for a simple reason. I am here to make sure that you two know who will be coming after you once Bloodbath is done and over with.

Evol: I am in the big match itself, so I have alot of crap to deal with as it is. Now the winner of the Bloodbath match will get a shot at the world title. Frankly, I don't give a damn who wins or doesn't win. All I know is that here and now, I am staking my claim here and now that I will be coming after the World Title come hell or high water. I don't care who I have to beat or eliminate to get to the top but trust me, I will be there. I will climb to the top, kick everyone out of my way, bloody my fists, whatever it takes. Soon, I will be here, at the top, like this office. At the top where I can look down on the rest of you chumps and losers and stand tall as the top of the top. The cream of the crop. The superior wrestler in the EUWC. I am the new blood here. And whether you like it or not, everyone, I will soon be the very best you will have to offer.

(Evol continues to playfully spin around in the chair and laughs. Scene ends.)

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