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A look at SWIFT fighter, James Rollins

James Rollins

League Member
Dec 22, 2009
December 22, 2009

SWIFT signs the sweetest deal yet, with indie fighter James Rollins
by Daniel Marquez


It's no secret that SWIFT may have found the face of extreme cage fighting in the enigmatic figure of James Rollins. Rollins, who is indirectly related to (and is notably similar to)actor and musician Henry Rollins, currently resides in Washington, D.C. as far as many know, and we were lucky enough to catch an interview with SWIFT's "Think Tank".

Marquez: Good Morning, Mr. Rollins.

Rollins: Good day to you, Mr. Marquez.

Marquez: Before SWIFT, many of your fans knew you as a prize fighter, a street-fight professional, and a cult-favored Judo instructor. What made the transition to MMA?

Rollins: Well, Marquez, it's easy to make a living off of fighting every once in a while for paper money, and it's pretty regular for me if I occasionally helped train Judo students at any local D.C. centers. And don't even get me started on the alley street fights. But SWIFT, it's a whole new dharma for me. The duties change, and it's certainly more amusing to do battle in a cage.

Marquez: Your critics have often compared you to Akimbo Slice nowadays, many calling you a "one-time hit" and merely a face plate for SWIFT. Any response?

At this point, Rollins offered a meager laugh.

Rollins: Famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, once said that critics are "those who watch the battle from afar, then run down and shoot the survivors". They've no bearing on how I perform in SWIFT. I'm no Akimbo Slice; be it a cage, a smoke-filled club, the back alleys of the East Side or D.C., it makes no difference. Humans are conditioned to hunt, and I'm a hunter by birthright.

Marquez: Have you found yourself a team or gym to represent in SWIFT?

Rollins: To be honest with you, I'm still in the process of finding a team. I know a few in the lower D.C. area that would love to have me represent them; I've taught Judo there a couple o'times. But as far as an official statement, I've nothing to offer.

Marquez: You're also arguably one of the largest men to step into the SWIFT cage.

Rollins: Years of hard labor, judo lessons across the globe...among other things.

Marquez: You also call yourself the "Think Tank".

Rollins: Exactly. I'm sure that it's no secret that I'm a man of both sport and science. What I lack in speed, or agility, I make up in tactics, strength, and strategy. I'm a tank that has a mind. Hence "Think Tank".

Marquez: One last question, Mr. Rollins...have you ever thought of yourself holding the SWIFT Championship?

Rollins: The moment I signed the contract, it's always been in my mind.

Marquez: Thank you for offering this time with us, Mr. Rollins.

Rollins: Much obliged.

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