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A New Beginning


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Jan 1, 2000
(scene: a single production light, a mahogany wood chair, and the silhouette of a lone figure are the only means necessary to convey the message which is about to be delivered)

(the poor lighting manages to display the image of the figure who is sitting in the chair which is isolated within this room, yet the illumination is not enough to reveal his identity)

(after a brief moment of silence, the forbidden figure begins to speak, presumably for the first time ever on GXW syndicated television)

Global X-Treme Wrestling. The land which Erik Zieba ravishes each day. Despite his most valiant efforts, Chad Dupree can never manage to find that hero for hire who will end Zieba’s malicious ways.

In an organization where the diabolical games of Kevin Powers, Apocalypse, Pat Black, Wicked Sight, and so on are enough to make a sane man crazy, it is difficult to find a hint of optimism for those who attempt to be the hero of the day. Nevertheless, it seems that one man has managed to surpass the evil and emerge from this chaos in order to capture the greatest prize this company has to offer.

Marcus Johnson, I am certain that you are unfamiliar with my name and could care less that I utter these words. However, I want you to understand that I do not use your namesake for my own benefit, but rather for my own motivation. You have made it possible for others to overcome all odds and stand up to those who have ruled this organization for so long. Dating back to the days of the EWI, it seems that the back-stabbing ways of Kevin Powers and his like have reigned supreme. Nonetheless, that notion no longer holds truth as Marcus Johnson has changed history for the present and future of professional wrestling.

(adjusting himself in the chair, the unknown figure continues to speak)

Now, before I proceed, I am sure that I have already obtained doubters in the short air time which has passed. My praise of the GXW Unified World Champion may be viewed as a form of kissing up, but I prefer to view it as giving credit where credit is due. To any man who says otherwise, I dare you to prove my points invalid.

What do you proven ring veterans have to prove to me? Absolutely nothing, but I on the other hand have a million miles to walk before I can say the same. So, the only question that remains is where shall I begin?

John Miller? Chris Lehew? Pat Black? Kin Hiroshi? Kevin Powers? These men are most likely viewed as above my level. A statement which I can accept at this current moment in time. Perhaps I should think smaller scale.

Wicked Sight? ExE? Gemini? Rob Sampson? Am I beginning to capture anyone’s attention? I’m assuming that those who are watching are catching on. Catching on to the fact that I will face any man at any time. Your past, present, and future is of no concern to me because the final outcome will be the same.

I shall start from the bottom and work my way up to the top. I will oppose the evil ways of the GXW roster and walk along the road which Marcus Johnson has paved for my kind. Who am I to make such bold claims?

(the isolated figure gradually leans forward, exposing his mask covered face to the camera)

Trust me, you don’t want to know!!

(fade to black)

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