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A New Chapter


League Member
Feb 22, 2015
Geelong, Australia
“Estimated time of arrival 9.30 a.m.
Been up before the sun and now I'm tired before I even begin.
(Now you're flying) I got so much work in front of me,
(Really flying) it stretches out far as the eye can see.
I can see.”

*Her daddy played that song every time they travelled somewhere new for his work. Normally, he would be belting out the words as the singer in the radio sang them. Today, he was as quiet as the streets of Townsville seemed to be. Mommy had explained to her that they were going back to America for one last match and then a farewell in his last federation, the UGWC. She looked down at the Klaus vonKnorre action figure she wanted to bring along on the plane, playing with the arms mostly. It was much too quiet in the car for her liking. Save for the music, of course.*

“Spend half my life in airports doing crosswords and attempting to sleep,
And when the bar is open then you'll often find me warming a seat.
(Now you're flying) I never find a place where I can stay
(Really flying) I'd rather be a thousand miles away.
Thousand miles away.”

*Her baby brother Jimmy slept beside her in his car seat, blissfully unaware of the travel taking place. She liked him like this, when he was quiet. Babies are cute and all, but they make too much noise sometimes. She wondered what they would be learning in school today without her. Last week they learned all the numbers up to fifty. Maybe they were going to go above that? Her mother gave a look to the two of her children. Little Jimmy and his five year old sister Nikki. She gave Nikki a little reassuring smile. She smiled back.*

“Working for yourself sometimes ain't all that it's cracked up to be.
It can be as lonely at the top as at the bottom of that corporate tree
(Now you're flying) I'm told I'm going places - who can say?
(Really flying) I might arrive but I'll be gone the very next day.
I must be on my way
A thousand miles away.”

*She couldn’t help but look at her father, sitting in the drivers’ seat as they snaked their way to the Townsville International Airport. A man of twenty-two years in age and now looking at retirement. He was old after all, she guessed. His eyes seemed to wander from time to time right now, though. He kept them on the road, mostly, but every now and again she saw him take a look at some old building with a small but content smile as they drove past.*

“Promised to myself someday I'd take the time and try to make sense
Out of all those opportunities I've lost from trying to sit on the fence
(Now you're flying) But right now I've got no time for yesterday
(Really flying) Yesterday's a thousand miles away.
A thousand miles away.”

*They began to make their way into the Airport carpark. That’s when Nikki saw them. It finally made sense why such a big city like Townsville looked deserted today, they were all here. Each and every one of them here to see her father Jordan King, better known as his in ring persona “The Cyclone” JK, as he made his way towards his final match at the Battlemania event. They exited the car, the sound of the fans deafening to say the very least. Jordan smiled, but his eyes still looked sad somehow. He gave the people a wave and a nod of appreciation as they started to chant “JK! JK! JK! JK! JK!” over and over again. As they approached the terminal, he made a turn and went straight to his fans. Her mommy followed him with Jimmy in her arms. She followed at the rear, shyly hiding behind her mother. That didn’t stop Jordan from reaching down and picking her up before the gathered masses.

“Wave to them, kiddo!” he said to her, that same sad smile on his face. She did just that, but shyly and slowly. They gave her a nice little clap. She looked up at her father and saw something that she had never in her five years alive seen him do before. That was the first time she had seen him crying.*


*A picture of Australia with the Channel Nine logo emblazoned in the middle drapes the background of the news set. The twenty-something anchor sits at the news desk as the make-up crew put the final touches on him, making sure that his short sandy blonde hair sits perfectly in place, that his teeth aren’t the wrong shade of white, just making him presentable for the camera in general. Today he will be taking a break from the usual local news reports of bake-sales and community events to cover a story from the Wrestling world. He had been told that this particular report was being played in all rural sectors of Australia, and he didn’t plan on making himself look like a colossal twit in any sense. He went over the lines on his pieces of paper one more time to make sure he had everything right. Where to put emphasis, where to name drop, it all had to be immaculate if he was ever going to get a chance at the national news.*

Stagehand: Five seconds, Kian.

Kian: Thanks, Murphy.

*Murphy the stagehand counted Kian in from behind the camera. The nine news theme began to play, accompanied by the pre-recorded voice over.*

PRVO: This is Nine’s WIN News at six with your Anchor, Kian Greggor.

*The red light above the camera flashes on, Murphy points towards Kian. Showtime.*

Kian: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to WIN news. Our top story today takes the place of our regularly scheduled local stories in a vast number of townships around Australia. Australian-born wrestler Jordan King has today departed for the United States to take part in what will be his final ever match, the international invitational battle royal known as Battlemania. Thousands lined outside the airport in his home town of Townsville in North Queensland to say goodbye and good luck to a true Australian Icon. Joanne Hargreaves has more.

*A cut to a montage of early wrestling matches from the junior division in the old Townsville Wrestling Alliance, all of which feature the eight year old JK. A woman’s voice over can be heard playing over the top of these clips, one can naturally assume that this is the voice of Joanne.*

Joanne: From humbled beginnings to international superstardom, Australia has not seen such a storybook career from one of its wrestlers since the days of the great Mario Milano. From the start of the controversial “Juniors Division” in the TWA, many noted the youngster Jordan King as a talent to watch out for. However, as Mr King himself has stated previously, it never felt like anything came easily for him.

*A cut to a clip from a JK DVD. The caption underneath the footage reads “Excerpt from ‘Storm Warning: the Rise of ‘The Cyclone’ JK’ available on the UGWC network”. JK sits in a big brown leather chair, surrounded by numerous bookshelves filled with various wrestling-related books and DVDs.*

JK: I have fought for every little thing I have today. Every single time someone said to me ‘No, you can’t do that!’ or ‘You’re too young for this.’ I would simply turn around, look them dead in the eye and say ‘Watch me.’ and now I’m here. I’ve been all around the world, I’ve seen sights I never thought I would see and it was all because I refused to take no as an answer.

*A few more clips from his time in America play. His Bushfire match for the Cross Hemisphere title being the most prominent. Particularly the shot of JK pulling himself away from the rusted car shell with blood pouring down his face.*

Joanne: For many, JK exuded the true Australian mantra. A never say die attitude coupled with a sense of level headedness that saw him emerge as our cream of the crop overseas. However, to many of his fans outside his home nation he is known as the innovator of one of the most horrific stipulations in existence, the Bushfire match. Steel cages, live fire and various rusted metal weapons, this match quickly found itself banned in most wrestling companies around the world. Of course, as its creator, he found himself with the best winning percentage inside the stipulation, winning seven out of his ten appearances.

*A cut to Joanne standing in front of a departing throng of fans. Her wavy black hair gently moves along with the wind. Her dark complexion complimented by her red dress in the afternoon North Queensland sun. A few of the more Bogan fans photobomb the shot by poking out their tongues and waving their hands about. Joanne ignores them.*

Joanne: Unfortunately, due to the large crowd that turned out to see JK away, we here at Channel Nine were unable to secure an interview with the man of the hour himself. We also have reason to believe that no other news station managed to get an interview either. Instead, we offer you his final address to his hometown fans, shot at the Townsville Football Stadium this past Tuesday as part of TWA’s Tuesday Night Fyre event.

*A cut to a wrestling ring in the middle of a Rugby League field. ‘The Nosebleed Section’ by the Hilltop Hoods is slowly fading out from the speakers. Or possibly the fans are simply shouting it down with their cheering. Either way, the important thing is the music is dying off slowly. Jordan King stands there in his blue converses, black denim jeans, a Rolling Stones T-shirt and a thin tartan over shirt. He twirls the microphone in his hands for a little bit as he waits for the cheers to die off. Slowly, he raises it to his lips.*

JK: Long time, no see. How are we tonight, Townsville?

*He thrusts the microphone into the air as the fans continue to go nuts. He smiles, twirls the stick in his hands again and begins to pace the ring. The fans die down, so he can continue.*

JK: It’s kind of crazy to think about, isn’t it? Everything that has happened to me, the championships, my new family, just about all of it came from my fourteen year long career in the industry that I love. Now is as good a time as any to announce this, I reckon, you guys will be able to see me fight one more time. I’ve heard your requests, I took them to heart and I’m going all in. This year will see the return of ‘The Cyclone’ in the extravaganza known as Battle *bleep*ing mania!

*Again, the crowd goes into an absolute frenzy! a spattering of the usual “Aussie” chants go out, a couple start singing the chorus to the song Holy Grail by the Hunters and Collectors which provokes a bit of laughter from Jordan.*

JK: Hold up guys, you didn’t let me finish. Yes, 2015 will see me get back into the ring and wrestle, but it’s a one-time gig.

*He lowers the mic, trying to think of the best way that he can word this. A few fans up the back have cottoned on and begin to boo.*

JK: After talking this over with my wife Jasmine, I have decided to call it a day on my storybook career. The clock will strike midnight upon the moment I exit that ring at Battlemania, whenever that may be. I am incredibly grateful to have gone along for this ride with you all, but all good things must come to an end at some point and with two young children in my life, I need to put their best interests ahead of my own wants. If that means I have to stop before I end up in a wheelchair at thirty, then that’s that.


JK: Come on, guys. This is killing me too. Either way, I tell you all this because I wouldn’t have ever had a career doing what I love if it wasn’t for each and every one of you guys here at the arenas, watching at home, maybe even sitting on a train watching your tablet or mobile. I want to give you my heartfelt thanks and my undying gratitude for supporting me through all my ventures. From here, to the world to Battlemania it has been one *beep*ing hell of a ride. Thank you sincerely for sharing it with me every minute of every day, every day of every week, every week of every year you get the point.

*They cheer for him again, the announcement really seems genuine. He has no stage hand telling him to wrap things up, no cues on the prompters. He really seems to mean every word he’s saying. He starts pacing around the ring a bit more.*

JK: This is why I wanted to have my last bout at Battlemania. Of course the TWA will always be my spiritual home…

*Again they cheer, he pauses to let them.*

JK:…Of course the UGWC will always be the place where I achieved the most notoriety, but this is about more than where I grew up or where I got myself known. This is about exiting my career the very same way I entered it to begin with. Taking on all comers, and going out in a blaze of mother *beep*ing glory! Throughout my career, I have never once baulked at a challenge and I do not plan on starting at my careers end. A few names I have heard of, and one I have had the pleasure of competing against under the name Red Fusion. Dave Rydell, Eden Morgan, MJ Bell, I like what you guys can do in the ring, but don’t think I’ll roll over for any one of you.

*He turns out towards the fans and gives them one last giant grin.*

To all of you who have stuck with me so long, once again, I really do thank you guys. For everything. I can only ask that you guys stick around to see me off in what will be my biggest challenge to date.

*His music hits, he drops the microphone and climbs up the turnbuckle. The fans again start chanting ‘PLEASE DON’T GO!’ as they continue to cheer him on. It could just be the shine of the light, but it looks as if he is tearing up, thinking about how this truly is it. The scene fades to him and Jasmine on the plane bound for LAX. Jasmine places a hand on Jordan’s shoulder to reassure him. He looks down at her slender hand and places his own on top of it.*

JK: Do you really think I’ve made the right decision, Jas?

*She smiles.*

Jasmine: Jordan, in our six years of marriage, I have never known you to make a mistake.

*JK offers a weak smile back and receives a kiss on his lips. This was the beginning of a new chapter in his life.*

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