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A New IWF?


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Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Nov-08-03 AT 03:18 AM (EST)]I hate to post this without Scott's permission first, but as I have IMed him and gotten no response he must still be quite busy.

For a few months I have been deciding on the details of a new IWF, and while I am not sure how strictly I want to stick to the plan I have formulated, since FW seems to need another serious league with the GLCW gone, but I'll leave that up to the response. I realize I have been throwing this idea around for months, but now that I can see I am able to juggle FW, college and writing for Servo Magazine I think it is time to make a serious attempt at a new IWF.If you'd like to see something more like the IWF that existed from 99-03 let me know, but the plan for an IWF II is as follows.

The new IWF would be set up as a Back Yard wrestling version of the old IWF, except of course holding matches a BYW federation never could. I just think it's really amusing to hold it in the owner's backyard, then I can make a bunch of Rob Poole jokes no one will ever get. Heck, I'll probably have Rob Poole be the president of the league instead of Chris Horowitz. Until the real Rob Poole finds out and sues us.

Completely inane and unrealistic characters along with more traditional ones. If you want to RP a traditional wrestler, go ahead. But I want to bring back the way the old IWF would have just completely bizare wrestlers.

For example, we egged Paul Miller into RPing a wrestling bear if this league takes form. At first I just wanted to see someone use a wrestling bear. But eventually we agreed he'd be an Iranian Sympathizer bear, managed by the Iron Sheik, or Jesus, I forget. I don't care if you RP the reincarnated corpse of Vince McMahon Sr, or whatever. Just make it funny, and be original. Or don't be original and just RP a solid game. Parody characters (of real, or FW personalities are NOT a problem.)

Completely inane and stupid gimmick matches including the return of softcore. Wiffle ball bats on poles, wading pools, slip and slide matches, completely retarded ideas which make no sense, and done just for our own amusement.

And hell, lets run some more Japanese death matches. Might as well follow up the Foam Singapore cane match with a exploding cage death match.

No World title. Well, actually we may have a world title, but just as a joke for someone to carry around but never defend. The title structure will likely go

1. Entertainment Title (To be defended in stupid Vince Russo like gimmick matches with screwjob finishes, until I get sick of doing that and just write regular matches)

2. Mexican Title (The original IWF Softcore Title)

3. Tag Team Titles (These probably won't actually end up being a Tag Team Title, but it will certaintly confuse the hell out of whoever does that FW ranking thing.)

Got an idea for another title? Go ahead and use it as your own personal Million Dollar title, until every single person in the league has one, and the real belts are completely devalued.

As you can probably see by now, this isn't a serious league. Yes RP will still be judged on quality, and good RPers will be rewarded, but really FW needs a giant kick in the pants right now. I'm not looking for a huge time commitment from anyone who wants to RP in this league, I'm not looking for card writers, I'm just looking for some people with a sense of humor (and some without) to have some incredibly immature fun.

And yes, I realize this is the dumbest idea, EVER. If you'd like to be apart of it, reply. Feel free to include whatever gimmick you want to use. If you think it is too stupid, or too serious IM me at IWFOffices on AIM. But if you come up with something that isn't allowed in this league... Man, you are one messed up SOB.

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