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A new woman in charge!


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Jan 1, 2000
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(The press room was packed, but then again they usually are. They knew why they were there, Simply Stunning were due in any minute, the press officer said they’d spare a few moments of their time then they had to be going. It was always the same, the CSWA’s stars were always fully booked, they were always supposed to be somewhere else ten minutes ago. The hacks knew the situation, as did the photographers, as soon as Hardy and Wilcox walked through the door, mobbed by security, the flash bulbs went. Hardy and Wilcox were use to it, they tried not to glare at the extreme light as they made their way to the extensive array of mics that were on a table. As they sat down their PR cleared here throat and spoke.)

PR: Thank you, Simon and Michael will answer your questions now, no more photographs thank you.

(Simon smiled at Michael, their knew PR was a hottie. Her name was Jane Smithfield, a 26 year old from Los Angeles, they’d asked for their own PR and the CSWA had delivered. Her blonde hair was in a pony tail, she swished it back and forth as she strode over to where they were seated. As she sat down the boys tried not to look at her long legs, even though her skirt was knee length it still looked short on her. Their minds were snapped back to attention as the first question was fired at them.)

R1: Your next match sees you face the Professionals one more time, is this a feud you wanted or has it just occurred?

SW: I don’t think you ever deliberately go looking for a feud as you call it, the Pro’s seemed to want to prove something, and we were more than happy to prove them wrong.

R2: Its been suggested that your recent actions have been born out of concern that you can’t beat the Professionals through straight wrestling, your comments?

MH: That’s nonsense, we’ve gone toe to toe with every team we’ve faced since we entered the CSWA, never mind since winning the gold. We know that we can compete with any team out there, the deal with the Pro’s is that we wanted to prove something to them. We wanted them to know that we weren’t going to just sit back and wait to get them in the ring, they like the sneak attack, and we showed we’d do the same if needed.

R3: Are Shane Southern and Evan Aho a welcome distraction from your recent feud, or an unwanted menace in this match?

SW: You have to say they’re a menace, no question about it. You don’t look at the CSWA world champion and a tough character like Southern and be thankful you’re facing them!

R3: Do you think a good showing against Southern and Aho may get you some recognition and possible title shots in the singles division?

MH: Who knows? All we’re worrying about at the moment is hanging onto the most important thing for us, and that’s the tag titles.

R3: When you say ‘worry’, how much do you worry about losing the titles?

MH: I dare say no more than any other champion does. You put everything into winning a title, and as they rightly say, it’s a lot harder to win a title than to retain it.

PR: Another question please, time is ticking by.

R4: Is there any truth in the rumour that if you do lose the tag titles you’ll try your hands in the singles division for a spell?

SW: We never said that, although I won’t deny it either. All we do know is that while we’re the tag champs the tag division gets our 100% attention. If or when the day comes when we no longer have the straps, then we’ll consider our options.

MH: I will say this though, all our fans needn’t worry, we’re not splitting up!

SW: No, absolutely not.

R5: Where do you see this war with the Professionals heading? And how will it come to an end?

SW: Good question, I guess the ideal situation for us is that we continue to beat them card in, card out. Eventually they get sick of having their asses kicked and they leave us alone.

MH: Yeah, I have a feeling that’ll be sooner rather than later!

PR: Okay ladies and gentlemen, that’s all I’m afraid. Thank you for your patience and your time.

(Before any complaints can be muttered Jane Smithfield motions to security and they escort her and Simply Stunning out of the press room and into the waiting limousine as they make their way to the next destination.)

JS: Well that went well.

SW: Yeah, the questions weren’t too bad.

MH: Uh-huh, where we off to next?

JS: Umm, lets see, you’re advertising the latest card on a local sports station and then doing a quick interview session with questions being posed by viewers.

SW: Shouldn’t be too bad.

(Simon and Michael smiled as they watched Jane work, she sat on the other side of the limo, her briefcase and lap top either side of her. Her blue shirt matched her eyes nicely as they scanned the screen of her lap top, her long legs were crossed and despite the size of limo she seemed to take up little space. She seemed oblivious of the attention she was getting from the tag team champions. They pretended to read some wrestling magazines while she worked, Michael in particular scanned her from top to toe, taking in every detail and every habit. From the way she’d play with loose strands of her hair without realising it, to the way she’d tap her pen on the screen with the same rhythm as she moved her foot up and down. From the way she’d move her gold watch up and down her wrist as she read the itinerary to the way she’d continue to allow her court shoe to slip to the ends of her toes before shaking it back up and then letting it go again. In short he was besotted with her. Simon liked her, but he knew Michael had her bad. He didn’t want to stand in his way, it would be a bad thing for the tag camps to fight over one woman.)

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