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A night of drama and rewards.


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Jan 1, 2000
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(Simply Stunning stood without their usual cheery smiles, they appeared to be all business. The tag titles they had held for an age were strapped tightly round their waists, separating their jeans from their red “Sensation of a Generation” T-shirts. Wilcox and Hardy looked like they had something they wanted to spill as the camera rolled.)

SW: A lot of fans have been asking us about ANNIVERSARY, asking us what was going on in our heads when we made our challenge. The CSWA fans aren’t used to CSWA champions going out of their way to prove a point, to take a huge risk in order to prove their worth. Then again, no other champion here in the CSWA is a part of Simply Stunning.

MH: Yeah the fans are right to say we were a bit rash in what we said, but we stand by everything that we uttered. It seems like there’s a lot of tag teams that have entered the CSWA that claim to be God’s gift to the art of wrestling. They seem to think that because they have a history and a couple of prize scalps at home that we should drop the titles on the floor, drop to our knees and start giving them ****.

SW: But you all know that isn’t the Simply Stunning way, yeah the teams that have entered the CSWA are good, in fact they’re damn good. The thing is, we have these gold belts around out waist that say ‘CSWA Unified Tag Team Champions’, and from what I understand until we don’t have these little beauties anymore we are technically the best tag team here in the CSWA. And as far as we’re concerned, if you’re the best in the CSWA, you’re the best in the God **** world.

MH: That’s the reason for ‘House of Pain’ match at ANNIVERSARY, we figure that if we can beat the top three contenders all at once maybe we’ll get a little respect in the tag team division. Maybe the other teams are jealous because we’ve had it all at such a young age. Not everyone can boast to be two time CSWA tag champions at the tender age of twenty two, however like the old saying goes, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

SW: We know that the ‘House of Pain’ match won’t favour us, we know its not suited to our style of wrestling, and we agree with some fans that we’re severely handicapped in this match, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t want ‘gimme’ matches every night of the week like certain champions, we want to be stretched to our limits and be made to improve. We know we haven’t reached our potential yet, and that should be a worrying thought to all opponents out there.

MH: We’d like to think that ANNIVERSARY would be something of a crossroads for Simply Stunning, as a night where we showed the wrestling fraternity just what we were made of. Of course we’re aware that this whole scenario could blow up in our faces, but unless you’re prepared to take risks you can never fully reach for the forbidden fruits. We’re not anxious about the match, we’re relishing the opportunity to show the world what we can do, ANNIVERSARY is a stellar card here in the CSWA and a bumper crowd will be tuned in to watch. That’s when Simply Stunning really come alive.

SW: ANNIVERSARY…..HOUSE OF PAIN……4 TEAMS…..2 TITLES…..1 ULTIMATE WINNING TEAM….the rewards are too great for us too lose….trust us….WE WON’T.

(Fade to black.)

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