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A quiet Lance? YES!


New member
Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(As the scene opens up the shot shows ‘Good God’ Kevin Powers standing in front of a PLR backdrop.)

KP: Oh poor little Lance Liezure. Now he’s all big and bad and he’s gonna keep quiet because there is nothing to say anymore. And, what does this mean in true terms?

He can’t think of anything else to say that can make him believe he’s got one HUGE CHANCE IN HELL DEFEATING ME!

Now I don’t know how long you stood in front of the mirror trying to convince yourself that you actually had a chance, but since you seem to model yourself after that age old movie, Stuard Saves His Family, one can only imagine how many times you said ‘I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough and Doggone It, People Like Me!’ over and over again.

I mean you show up wanting to make a name for yourself. I beat you down … wrong place and wrong time mind you, but I do you a favor and that should’ve been that. You have a hissy and call me out KNOWING I was never gonna answer a pathetic freak like yourself. Then, at Fish Fund, you get all antsy and attack me during my match. So, AGAIN, I do you another favor and grant you your wish. Now, all the way leading up to Orlando, you call me too scared … drunk … choke artist … and say I have no chance against you?

Tell me this … how many times have you been hanging out with The Hip Hop Express? How much WEED did you actually SMOKE?

Let me put it this way for ya sparky. After Orlando you’ll have the chance to tell all your friends that, in your CSWA career, you got to face Eli Flair and Kevin Powers. Mind you you’ll never EVER get the chance to say that you WON … but you’ll get kudos saying at least you managed to compete. Hell son, if anything, I’m doing YOU a favor.

You should be on your knees praying every night to God saying, ‘Oh dear God. Thank you for letting me be famous at other people’s expense. I know I couldn’t do it myself … I know this, but because I learned how to talk tough from being a groupie for Metallica all those years I managed to get in the ring with people like Kevin Powers and have the honor of him beating the HOLY HELL TERROR OUT OF ME!’

I’m glad you finally faced it though. It doesn’t help you to talk anymore cause you’ve finally realized that you’re gonna get your ass handed to ya Double G KP style in Orlando. I mean … you ain’t good enough, you DAMN SURE ain’t smart enough, and doggone it, people think you SUCK!’

So, when you show up to Orlando, do everyone a favor and end it quick. Just get on your back like the little man-bitch that you are and take defeat quick and swift. Struggle one time and, well, I could say it, but I’ll just save that little action for you to see and feel.

Wow … Lance Liezure not speaking anymore. Is that possible?

Or is he just … busy …


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