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A retort from the Gent.


New member
Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Lawrence Stanley looked wearily at the camera, he had more important thoughts on his mind than cutting a promo. He rubbed his groomed head of hair with his hand before breathing out, his thoughts focused, he began to speak.)

LS: Tom Adler, we meet again, once more the Presidential title will be on the line, maybe this occasion you will not be so fortunate as before. Tsk, tsk, I chastise myself for my mockery, I am not a man to carry grudges, I prefer to look to the future rather than pontificate about the past. The CSWA has been hectic as of late, I find myself more concerned with the ingrates who are trying to take over the CSWA than my own personal career. I look away from the likes of Michael Plett and GUNS and find I am in the middle of a title match.

And so to you and I Mr Adler, I see you dislike my confidence in offering Deacon a shot at the Presidential title IF I win it, notice the keyword, IF. I was not so arrogant as to consider victory a formality, I merely offered the title shot as a throw away line at the end of my acceptance of the bout. You are very touchy, very quick to conclusions and very skitty, it is if you are nervous, but then again, shouldn’t you be?!?!

Look at who you’re facing Mr Adler, “The English Gent” Lawrence Stanley, a man who has previously shown he is more than a match for you, and as I have said I like to look to the future and do you know what I see? I se myself, “The English Gent” standing in front of a full length mirror, admiring myself as I stand with the Presidential title slung casually over my shoulder. Casually is the keyword here, 2003 will see the development of a more casual Lawrence Stanley, I will be more relaxed about my CSWA career. Through this new ideology I intend to still accomplish the goals I have always set, but the difference is I will let the opportunities come to me, rather than go chasing them myself.

Consider yourself fortunate Mr Adler, you will be the first match for me in 2003, you will be the launch pad, the beginning of a great new year for “The English Gent” Lawrence Stanley. I understand this will not benefit you in any way, but trust me, I will be indeed grateful to you! With you put to bed, and with the Presidential title in my possession I will use my newly acquired silverware to pursue those who will deface the CSWA with their actions towards it. A man as good as yourself would be a good ally to have and I openly suggest you join me in this war, but the question is, who would you rather aim your aggression towards, them or myself?

Goodbye to you Mr Adler, think long and hard about what I have said, there is no question that I will relieve you of the Presidential title, but that is no reason why we cannot fight on the same side against those who make a mockery of the CSWA. The fight against them will no doubt last longer than any feud or vendetta against myself, and there is a greater chance more bloodshed will flow. But in the end, the fight I speak of is more valid and more worthwhile a campaign than a futile scrap with my good self. Look inside yourself Mr Adler, do not follow the selfish path, choose the road which benefits yourself and your fellow wrestlers and CSWA fans. Join me in the fight against evil, just do not let our previous spoils infiltrate your thinking. Until we meet again, I bid you a good day.

(Fade to black.)


League Member
Apr 16, 2004
A retort TO the Gent.

First, Lawrence, let's establish that I don't care what you do. If you want to offer Deacon shots at a title you don't have, have at it. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not somebody who panders to trash talking and predictions. If I did, I wouldn't even have bothered to show up at Fish Fund.. an event that Bill Buckley insisted that I'd lose. Then again, Buckley has never had much respect for me, so I don't really expect much else out of him.

Nor do your future plans make me... what was the word you used... nervous? The fact is that no matter who you do or don't wrestle after our match, it won't change anything that happens IN it any more than my upcoming match with Windham should change your perspective. You have my attention, Lawrence. But then, everybody I wrestle has my undivided attention.

Now, maybe you think that because I called out Windham that our match is a throw away to me. After all, Windham never has and most likely never will beat me. If it were merely a matter of confidence, I wouldn't care if you walked out with this strap or not. It wouldn't be the first time I've dropped one belt to put myself in a better position to get another one.

But that, Lawrence, was another time.. in another place. And, quite frankly, the "I've got bigger things to do so screw the belt" gimmick has already been done to death around here as of late. And, I intend to save you the chore of restoring worth to a belt the champion didn't think enough of to defend.

No, Lawrence, if you want the priveledge of winning what is currently the only title that was ever won in any kind of RESPECTABLE way in this federation, you're gonna have to do what Southern didn't... actually BEAT the champion.

Well, either that, or wait for the tournament to fill the vacancy in a month or two... but that's an entirely different issue.

As for defending the CSWA... haven't you heard? I can't be trusted with that responsibility. As for what's best for the CSWA and the fans... they will get the same level of respect out of me that they have shown me over the years. Read into that whatever you want. But, rest assured, my level of respect is not directly related to my level of effort. Nobody can ever say that they watched a Tom Adler match with disapointment.


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