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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Simply Stunning sat watching TV in their hotel room, it was late early evening and in a few hours Jane Smithfield would arrive to go with the to a film premiere. Both guys were in sweats with ‘Sensations of a Generation’ T-shirts on, despite them not having their tag titles anymore they refused to be downbeat.)

MH: It sure feels weird, this’ll be the first card in ages where we’ve competed without being introduced as the tag champs.

SW: I hear you, it almost became part of our name.

MH: It’ll hurt even more when we do see the belts again, this time around the waists of the Pro’s.

SW: Its just a matter of time man, take it easy, we’ll get a title shot sure enough.

MH: It just feels strange, I mean, we’re not even #1 contenders anymore, MoA have that privilege.

SW: Maybe they are, but the tag ranks aren’t that big, we’ve just got to get back on the winning track and we’ll get what we want.

MH: I heard that the CSWA offices are looking at the tag ranks, the word is they’re going to try and bring in more teams, they reckon that’s what the fans want.

SW: Good, the more competition the better.

MH: Don’t you mean, the more competition the harder it is to get noticed?!?!

SW: We’re multiple time tag champs, we’ve just held the titles for the second longest time in CSWA history, and our overall record is top notch. Any new team will have to work to earn their shots here, just like did when we first entered.

MH: Uh-huh, we’ll just stick to kicking the ass of the Hip-Hop Express!

SW: Too true, did you hear those losers the other day?

MH: That I did my friend, sometimes I can’t make out if they are parodying themselves or if they really are that stupid!

SW: I think you have to say they really are that stupid!

MH: Asking why we always pick up their OC’s, isn’t it obvious?!?! When you come off a loss you want an easy match to bring you back into the winning habit, and that’s what you get with those potheads!

SW: Damn straight, it’s a well down fact they are the b*****s of the tag ranks, well and truly f****d by every team they face!

MH: Yup, screwed all night long until the other team’s had enough!

SW: And then to make matters worse they start looking to start wars in the singles ranks, maybe they figure seeing as they can’t cut it in the tag ranks they’ll try their luck in singles.

MH: No matter what they turn their hand to those losers will always suck at it. Once a loser, always a loser.

SW: I reckon we owe them a beating anyway.

MH: How do you come to that?

SW: Well, they lost to MoA at Fish Fund, its their fault that MoA are the #1 contenders!

MH: I get you, at least if Express had won we could have kicked their asses and claimed the #1 contendership for ourselves!

SW: You’re following the same lines as me.

(Michael switched the TV channel over and waited for the sports news to start.)

MH: What time’s Jane coming over?

SW: About 7pm I think.

MH: Si, what do you make of Jane?

SW: She’s good.

MH: Good?

SW: Yeah.

MH: Good in what way?

SW: Good at her job, in her appearance, as a person, just, good.

MH: Oh, yeah.

SW: Why do you ask?

MH: No reason, I just wondered if our views were different.

SW: You ‘like’ her don’t you?

MH: What?

SW: I can tell, they way you look at her, they way you behave around her, the questioning you give me.

MH: Bah, maybe, but what’s the harm?

SW: Let’s just concentrate on getting our titles back first, matters outside the ring have to take a backseat.

MH: I never said they wouldn’t.

SW: No, but I was just saying that to make sure.

MH: I know my job Si.

SW: Women bring trouble and complications to your life, especially when you’re a pro wrestler.

MH: …………..

SW: …………..

MH: …………You like her don’t you?

SW: What?

MH: You like her as well don’t you?

SW: No, not really.

MH: Not really? That’s why you were warning me off.

SW: Just drop it Mikey.

MH: Jeez this is just great, shortly after we lose our titles we find out we’ve got the hots for the same girl.

SW: It’d be best if neither of us pursued this, its unprofessional could cause friction.

MH: Yeah, and Jane may not like either of us in that way.

SW: No.

MH: No.

(The pair watched the TV in silence.)

SW: I’m going in the shower.

MH: Okay, don’t use all the hot water, I’ll use it after you.

(The scene fades, both men go their separate ways, each in deep thought about the same subject.)

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