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A tragedy

Dr Curiosity

League Member
Aug 28, 2004
A man walks down a hallway, holding a bunch of slightly wilted flowers. He checks doors that have numbers on them, but this is not a hotel, it is an expensive private hospital.

"Excuse me," says the man to a passing nurse. "Do you know where Room 27b is? I'm here to see Chris Goodman."

The woman's face becomes pale.

"I'm... it's... you'll have to ask someone else."

She flees down the corridor, as the man, known to the wrestling world as Eegor, looks on in surprise.

His walk continues, passing by door after door until he reaches Room 27b. He enters, but finds nothing within it other than a well made bed.

"What's going on?" he mutters to himself, turning around.

"Sir, can I help you?" asks a doctor.

"Yes, my brother was in this room. Where is he now?"

"Oh sir, I'm so sorry. His injuries were too great, and he died this afternoon."


"The head trauma was too much."

"But he seemed fine."

"I know, but there was a build-up of pressure on the brain, and it caused a massive stroke. We tried to save him, but with the damage already sustained there was nothing that we could do. I'm sorry for your loss."

Eegor drops the flowers and just starts to walk. His world is numb, having lost his brother, the one remaining member of his family that he really cared about. To have him be taken away like this after finally achieving something in NFW... it is too much. He drops to the floor and sits in the corridor, tears streaming down his face. The doctor sees this and calls for one of the counsellors to come and speak to him.

Eegor sits there, frame convulsing with sobs, knowing that he is now empty.

"Vhat ze hell are you crying about, you pathetic little wretch?" asks a voice in a familiarly poor German accent.

Eegor looks up and sees a man sat in a wheelchair. He has one leg stuck out in front in a plaster cast, his ribs are taped up heavily, he has two black eyes and over twenty stitches in his face. He is in bad shape, but he is Doctor Curiosity, and he is alive.

"They told me you were dead!" exclaims Eegor, scrambling to his feet.

"Zen zey vere wrong! I am alive and vell... vell, not too vell. In fact I feel faint. Get me a drink."

"Of course," says Eegor, his entire being suffused with happiness.

"NOW!" shrieks ze Curious One.

Eegor scoots off in search of drinks, while Doctor Curiosity sits, in pain, wondering when he might be fit to fight again.

"And I have no idea vhat he vas doing here, and not in my room... 27g..."

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