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Alex Miami

League Member
Dec 28, 2004
(Fade in to Steve Johnson sitting outside the arena near an ambulance on a chair being looked over by a few EMT’s. His nose is filled with cotton swabs that have turned red from blood. His nose looks like it has been hastily put back into place after having had his face smashed numerous times by Wells. His right arm is currently hanging limply next to his body. The EMT’s are trying to tend to his shoulder holding a variety of tapes, slings, and bags of ice. He uses his left arm to try and push those people near his shoulder as he sees a camera approach. His blue eyes look exhausted.)

Steve Johnson: Tonight I did something that countless others before me have tried and FAILED! For three years you beat jobbers like Thirteen, drunks like Mike Lane, and icons like Iron Lion. You not only won those matches but you beat those men. You used chairs, threw people off boats, and tonight you found ways of using a ring bell that its manufacturers had not intended. But yet after you have beaten every man in front of you, you somehow stumbled on year 2 day 359 not only did you stumble….. but you lost the belt that you had made into the most prized title in the company.

Now however is not the time to gloat. I still have one more match to go and one more belt to win. Wells you just kicked my ass all over the ring, you beat me, slammed me, and (with a lock of shock) used an armbar….. an f’n armbar to try and make me tap out. You did everything you could do and sacrificed every part of your body, to keep your belt and continue your impressive streak.

Wells I know you don’t give a **** about me, but at the end of the day I respect you. I learned more in wrestling you twice than I learned during an entire collegiate career. From my defeat and my victory, I learned what hardcore is. It is more than just weapons and closed fists, it is about soul. You have to really love what you do night in and night out to defend this title. Now no matter how much I dislike you or disagree with your lifestyle, I do want to thank you for showing me in your own way another path to loving what we do. Despite my fundamental disagreements with your style of wrestling, you perform for the fans and they appreciate it. From the fans in the upper deck to this guy in the back you have proven why WFW is bad ass!

I have seen in the history of WFW how this belt has a way of changing people, it makes men into Gods, and Gods into myth. Tonight even before Jean and I go to try and make history as the first tag champions, I know that no matter what anyone says, I have already become part of the legend of WFW hardcore .

Tonight I proved to the world that technical wrestling and hardcore wrestling can coexist. Tonight I proved that someone who spent their time honing their trade rather than jumping on mattresses in their backyard can be successful in the insanity that is WFW HARDCORE. I have come a long way in the time I have been here, and let it be known that (points to the camera with his left hand) THAT I WILL NOT BACK DOWN from any of you out there looking to take my prize from me. Bring your chairs, your tire irons, or whatever tool you think will immortalize you, because in the two cards I took more than that from the man who made WFW hardcore.

(Uses his left hand t point to the camera and begins to raise his voice)
Let this be a notice to all those back there as green as me or veterans here from day 1,
YOU WILL NOT CREATE YOUR LEGACIES AT MY EXPENSE. You will need to bring a lot more than a spirit of hardcore and your best to beat me.

(Despite the state of his right shoulder, wrapped in ice bags and ace bandadges he lifts his belt and points to it with his left hand. Simultaneously he begins to smile and his eyes well up.)

To my friends back home I just have one thing to say…………..

(Begins a passionate yell)


(Fade out on Johnson’s hands holding and pointing to the belt)

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