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[A1E vs. MBE] Troy Douglas vs. The Spoiler


League Member
Oct 31, 2005
(The Spoiler imposes his being upon the camera.)

SPOILER: MBE versus A1E.

A war that's been burning in at least the minds of wrestling’s intelligentsia - if there can truly be such a thing - for the better part of the last six years.

At times it has burned cooler, at times hotter. Legends upon legends have been forged in its flame. And now, for the first time ever, it shall fully play out this week upon neutral ground when our respective, undefeated camps meet here on TEAM.

And who do I, the Force of Nature - the biggest Legend of them all - get to face in this Epic Encounter finally brought to the national stage?

Troy Douglas?

No offense, boy, but didn't you make you A1E debut a mere month or so ago on the exact same PPV Card that I, The Spoiler, won the final round of a month long tournament to be named the "BEST of A1E"?

Didn't I already prove myself superior to anyone your "home" fed has to offer? And in its very own ring, none the less?

Hasn't the Force of Nature spent the last nine months imposing his will upon the face of A1E in his pursuit of the one man there that might be able to compete with his Legend? And yet, when it comes down to the brass tacks of defending A1E's honor, I get faced with a man who has fought a whole four or five matches in the company.

Why do you think this is, boy?

Why do you think it is you that drew the assignment?

I mean, aren't there two former A1E World Champions and the current number one contender on the roster this week? Wouldn't it make sense to have one of them step into the ring against MBE's Perfect Storm?

Of course it wouldn't.

You see, boy. This week you have been selected to play the roll of sacrificial lamb. I willing victim place in the suicide seat to fight the one battle they all know they cannot win in the hopes of perhaps pulling at least one victory out of the other two matches to save a bit of face for the company.

This isn't a place of honor they have given you against my, Douglas. It shows how little they value your health and safety as a member of their team and their Federation.

Big Dog has faced me recently in A1E's ring, and he is obviously in no hurry to find himself against me again. Andrew Gilkison knows what's it's like to try and survive the full onslaught of the Force of Nature perhaps as well as anyone, and he too has chosen the better side of valor. And Beast has always been one of the most savvy competitors in the business when it comes to managing his career, and there was no way he would have even considered making the return from his most recent hiatus against the one man he knows he can never compete with.

So that left the ignominious duty to you, boy. The low man on the totem pole. The only one with perhaps little enough knowledge to think he might have a chance.

Unfortunately, this week in the Dupree Tournament, you get to be indoctrinated into the Second Level of the Secret Society of the A1 Circuit. That's the level where-in it is revealed that you have NO CHANCE of victory when you are scheduled to face the Wrath of The Spoiler. So you might as well just "turtle up" and pray for it to end quickly and with all your limbs intact.

Welcome to A1E, Troy Douglas.

When you have finished "carrying their flag" this week, I assure you that you will a lot less charitably about the opportunity that they have provided you.

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