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"ADD" Derrick Allen/Jake Evans vs Cecilworth J. Farthington/Johnny Niles


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
"ADD" Derrick Allen and Jake Evans vs Cecilworth J. Farthington and Johnny Niles

Normal RP rules.

Winning team advances to main event in a three way tag match. Main event winners receive Emerald City Title match on Chain Reaction 12.

Deadline: Sept. 30, 2012 11:59 pm EST

Johnny Niles

League Member
Mar 5, 2012
Re: "ADD" Derrick Allen/Jake Evans vs Cecilworth J. Farthington/Johnny Niles

[Our shot opens somewhere in Seattle, sometime in the early hours of a sunny afternoon. Near a park, only a few random passers-by appear until the camera catches sight of a blond-haired man stolling down the park. As the camera gets closer the man in question is revealed to be the IWF's Johnny Niles, who apparently is unaware that he is being filmed. With a look of depression in his eyes, he continues on his walk before a kid - who appears to be 9-10 years old - approaches him with a pen and notebook in hand.]

Kid: Mr. Niles, can you sign my notebook?

JN: Sure kid. To whom should I sign it?

Kid: Jerry...

[Johnny signs the notebook and gives it to the kid, before saying goodbye and walking off.]

Jerry: Wait, Mr. Niles...

[Johnny turns around - slightly confused - and asks the kid what he wanted.]

Jerry: So, um... Mr. Niles... when will you win a match?

[Those six words hit Johnny like an express train. Before Johnny was just slightly depressed, now it looked like he had lost all his money on stocks. With a hint of anger in his eyes, it looked like he was going to do something that he'd very much regret... But then he calmed down and patted the kid on the head.]

JN: Soon, kid. Soon...

[With that Johnny walked away, even more depressed then before. Thinking back to his recent matches against the likes of Spooky Doom, The Minstrel, and Derrick Allens, he realised there might be a hint of truth to what people were saying about him - that he wasn't as great as he thought he was.]

JN: What happened? I used to be great, winning championships in every company I was a part of. Back then everyone agreed I was the best, that there was nothing I couldn't do. Then why is everything different now?!

[Johnny takes a moment to think about what he'd been doing in his matches, but realised that that wasn't the problem. He then remembered that he had a match at the next Chain Reaction, where he'd team up with Cecil Farthington against Jake Evans and his most recent opponent, Derrick Allen.]

JN: So, I'm in a tag match. If I win I could get a chance to compete for the Emerald City Championship. This could be my best chance to prove I am what I say I am, to actually win something. At Chain Reaction 11, I will win that match, and I'll go on to win the Emerald City Championship, and then I'll finally prove that I truely am THE BEST... IN... THE... WORLL...

[Johnny pauses, looks up at the sky, shaking his head and lets out a sigh.]

JN: Who am I kidding? I've been saying that ever since I got here, and what has it got me? Nothing... nothing but losses... So what am I supposed to do come Chain Reaction 11? I guess I'll just go and at least try to win, as if it's going to change anything...

[As he finishes his monolouge, Johnny finally notices the cameraman filming him. At first he seems to ignore him, but then he becomes angry about the fact that his whole speech was caught on camera, and proceeds to walk toward the cameraman.]

JN: So, you like filming people, huh? Well then I'll show you what you can film...

[Johnny proceeds to take the camera, ignoring the cameraman's protests, and throws the camera across the road, where it's last shot is a car coming at it at high spee*STATIC SOUNDS*...]
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Apr 12, 2012
Re: "ADD" Derrick Allen/Jake Evans vs Cecilworth J. Farthington/Johnny Niles

"Looks like the kid finally gets it!"

[The grizzled veteran Jake Evans is seen watching the video of what Johnny Niles had to say, and he nods in agreement as the static is shown. He reaches up and pushes the button, turning the television off.]

"He finally understands ya can't run 'round the place tryin' to act like somebody else.

"It's all 'bout bein' an original.

"If you ain't yer own man, then you ain't shit...and that's been yer problem, John."

[Jake moves away from the television viewing area and walks over to a table where his gear is packed up. He is obviously preparing for the trip to Chain Reaction 11.]

"I learned that at an early age.

"Everyone wanted me to be like my Daddy. Expectin' me to wrassle like him, talk like him, act like im. Hell, they even wanted me to take his damn ring name too! I said no, I am who I am. I'm a Red Mountin, North Carolina redneck that has wrasslin' in his blood. I don't need to act like anybody else 'cause that'll be good 'nuff.

"But, at my core I'm angrier and meaner than my Daddy or Grandpappy ever were. I came to peace with it. I made my name because of it, both good and bad. I don't walk out claimin' to be sumthin' I'm not. Ya need to change that, John. I see it ragin' inside yer bones now. I see that always losin' is affectin' yer bein'."

[He looks up with a very small grin on his face.]

"Ya see, many of us can try to change and act like we are better or diff'rent. Ya see it all the time. Criminals who leave jail and try to avoid robbin' again or killin' again. In the mountains, we always had 'Shine Runners' that would make deals with the cops and claim they wanted to do sumthin' less dangerous. They would get work at a feed store or start changin' tires and pumpin' gas at the fillin' station on the corner.

"And after awhile, it gnawed at 'em to not be doin' what they really enjoyed. They wanted the feelin' of adrenaline when yer gettin' chased by the cops at high speeds in the back roads and any turn could lead to a major accident. They couldn't give up the criminal life no matter how hard they tried.

"It was in their blood. It's who they are and given enough time, any man will ALWAYS revert to their most base, true self."

[He sighs and continues packing his gear bag.]

"I have seen ya pull out all the stops since ya arrived in IWF. Ya have tried harder and harder to convince everyone of yer worth, and I think recently ya have been tryin' to convince yerself more than anyone because of how things are rollin' fer ya in the ring. Ya talk a good game, not great, but good. Ya came up short and probably should have been that retarded masked midget, but it just didn't happen.

"In yer case, Johnny, that losin' just may be what your core is about.

"Don't be ashamed, kiddo, the world needs lightweights too.

"Just be who ya are and stop panderin' to the masses. Make the losin' streak a chip on yer shoulder and have it motivate ya. It is the only chance ya got against me and Allen, I will gauaran-damn-tee ya that."

[He zips up the bag and looks up again.]

"Of course yer partner could be a problem. Not fer me, by any stretch, but fer you. I have heard of guys born with silver spoons in their mouths, but this guy looks like he was born with a brass stick up his ass.

"I dunno, perhaps he likes hard things up there..."

[He chuckles.]

"That reminds me of a story from my Shootfire days....I walked in the locker room one night and found Larry..."

[He stops himself from continuing because he bursts into laughter. Once his chuckles subside, Jake is back to his serious glare and he doesn't even finish his sentence.]

"Cecil, me and you have not had any reason to mix words or fists. Ya kinda stayed on yer side and dealt with yer stuff the past couple of shows, and I have too. That just means we haven't properly been introduced. You haven't stepped into the ring with true fear and anger.

"But that is changin' at Chain Reaction.

"Ya might wanna be preparin' for yer last night in IWF. Not because I'm angry at ya, or because I think yer sumthin' to be scared of. Just because people that tend to get in my way, end up smashed up and out of commission.

"Just ask Waltz."

[He takes the strap of the bag and puts it over his shoulder. He has packed up and opens a door from the large room to what looks like a garage. The camera quickly moves to stay in frotn of him and keep him in focus.]

"And I do want to win.

"Most of the time its 'nuff fer me to go out and just stomp a mudhole in someone's ass and cause them discomfort and pain. I'm happy with that more often than not, but this time is diff'rent. I'm at the stage in my career when I gotta start thinking about my legacy.

"And I'll be damned if it will say that I lost to a rag tag group of trash like you two. I don't like to lose. I can accept it if it is a by-god honest fight and I just got out done. But that don't happen often and hasn't happened in years.

"I want to win..."

[As he clears the opening in the garage, he stops taking steps and his stare gets even colder.]

"...and I'll do it by myself if I have to, Derrick."

[He walks up to a truck with mud all over the side. He opens the driver's door and tosses his bag inside.]

"I don't usually play well with others Derrick. I'll carry ya right along with me to that title match, but if you cross me, don't expect me to be very oblidgin'.

"I'm comin' to Chain Reaction to win...

"And no partner, opponent, fan, management, or even fuckin' traffic jam is gonna stop me from layin' everyone out with a Light's Out and takin' a title shot home."

[He climbs into the truck and slams the door shut. He looks through the open window before he starts it up.]

"After this show, IWF will begin to fully understand what I mean when I say that sooner or later....everybody will...




[He turned the key and the engine revs loudly as his window rolls up. He puts it in gear and takes off, spraying mud everywhere, eventually sending a stream of the nasty stuff toward the camera, blacking out the scene.]


The best handler ever since 2012: He is a gem
Jul 12, 2007
Re: "ADD" Derrick Allen/Jake Evans vs Cecilworth J. Farthington/Johnny Niles

We find our hero Cecilworth J. Farthington, millionaire playboy and all around renaissance man pacing up and down in front of his army of trainers. He looks rather red in the face and almost breathless as his trusted team of advisers all look a little bit taken aback.

Farthington: So yah, I know that you know I'm pissed, I'm not going to stand here and work on seem kind of twisted recrimination process. That's not what a Farthington does. That's what associates of the Farthington family do. We really don't wish to waste our very, very valuable time doing dirty deeds when you can simply outsource that shit. Am I right?


Farthington: I'm right!

Cecilworth digs into his jacket pocket to produce some exciting form of mobile communication device, flipping gleefully

Farthington: Now, if we find ourselves in a situation similar to the one we found ourselves in on Chain Reaction 10... well... I might have to call in one of the guys on this little. They're all very chill dudes, unless you have the right amount of cash and I don't need to remind you fine studs that I do. I very much do. Brutal Bartholomew has a thing for tire irons... honestly, he's really create. You'd be lucky if I called him in, you'd be getting to see a true artiste at work. Still, onwards and upward eh guys?

C-Worth shoves his phone back into said pocket and notices the trainers having a bit of a problem with nervous gulping. Knowing the best way to deal with such situations, Farthington gives of his bevy a reassuring pat on the back and an almost terrifying wink.

Farthington: Don't worry big guy... big guyses... I'm not sure what the collective term is for a group of large gents. We've good our big chance coming up, it's time to enshrine the Farthington family name in the wrestling history books. Now sure, many dry, boring and no doubt insignificant books will be written about my dear father and his political legacy but this... this chance to get my paws on the Emerald City Championship, to let the record books reflects that a Farthington... hell scratch that... that Cecilworth Jamelia Farthington...

One of the trainers snorts and Cecilworth mimes digging back into his jacket pocket to

Farthington: ...That I was... is... are... a champion. Well that's going to be spiffy. Far more memorable than passing legislation to re-colour traffic lights because too many people feel the colour red is bad and how other colours feel red, amber and green have been given undue prominence or whatever the hell the old man is farting out these day.

Still, this night isn't going to be easy. Someone's decided the best way to decide who should be blessed to be my partner, to have the opportunity to buy in to all of this...

Cecilworth gestures to himself and the trainers.

Farthington: Is through a random drawing and I looks like I got buggered in the arse with a crumpet on this one. Johnny Niles, a man who admits his own failures and wallows around in self-pity, that's a shameful man. Taking your frustrations out on IWF's esteemed trained camera professionals is no way to recover your crushed soul. That's what C-Money is here for. You're more than welcome to pop on over to the ole pad any time you want and learn from the best the MY money has to offer. Hell, you might start seeing some wins here and there. The doors are open for you Johnny. Wide open. Just know that the training doesn't come free. I need to have some assurances from you. Those though, that's business chat. That's off camera chat. That's not for the prying eyes of the ill-educated who drool on the floor as they watch my stunning body glisten on their 14 inch television sets.

Cecilworth lifts up his shirt, indicating that he wishes to give the viewing audience "a taste" of "the new hotness"

Farthington: Now I'm sure after we get dear ole Johnny Niles on the road to recovery he'll make a fine meat shield for me. Did I say meat shield? I meant meat shield. Still, he needs to serve a grander purpose at Chain Reaction 11, as I said, his role at Chain Reaction 12 will be negotiated after our clear, unequivocal victory. That means that things aren't going to be so bright and rosy for the working class hero, Jake Evans, rootin', tootin', damn and blastin' all over the joint. It's all bluster though, isn't it Jake?

Now Jake, I want you to just listen to me for a moment. Just a few brief seconds before you chug down another beer, smash it over your infants head because he looked at you the wrong way and you've gotta beat him early otherwise he just won't learn. I don't very much like being threatened. Don't care for it, especially from a man of such... inadequate breeding. Your family's stock fell by the way side some time ago... if they had anything to offer this world in the first place. Maybe as kindling. Sadly man seems to have evolved into a position where it's no considering becoming of a man about town to ignite the poor but history will judge those who drove that mentality poorly.

You want to see true anger, true deep seated rage, come between a Farthington and his place in history. I dare you to stand in my way. You will not like the results. Brute strength isn't the be all and end all in this little industry of ours, hell, if you ask me, if you ask my guys, it ain't got a patch on proper training. That's the thing Jake, you come stormin' down to the ring and try and smash up the guy like he stole your last hot dog from the barbeque. You let emotion make your decisions and that's why you will fall to me and Niles. Niles is going to learn to be a cold, calculating decision maker if he knows what's good for him. That trumps a man as emotional as you every time.

So drag Derrick Allen down to the ring, try to do the work of two men Jake because sooner or later, it'll be my time to strike. It'll be Niles time to strike. At that point, you become... worthless.

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