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Adrian Willard


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: “The Prophecy” Adrian Willard
AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 6’4”
WEIGHT: 285lbs
ALIGNMENT: Tweener (leaning heel)
APPEARANCE: Adrian Willard is a very muscular man, he looks like a professional body builder but instead he is a professional wrestler. He wears tights that are white and have “The Prophecy” written on the back of them in black with tribal designs around it. A few tattoos on his arms and back. Adrian has shoulder length black hair, his eyes are blue. Very strong fellow, he takes to the gym quite often.
PERSONALITY: Adrian is a beat them and break them heel. Not caring for any rules or the direction of the referee he will use any means to beat an opponent. More of a punch for punch wrestler he would rather beat an opponent clean than cheap. But, if drastic times call for drastic measures he will cheat if needed. Adrian has no liking for weapons; he is a wrestler at heart even if his morals are misguided. Adrian is more of a realist, he calls himself “The Prophecy” because he believes that there is only one Prophecy to be fulfilled, him as a successful athlete and professional wrestler.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Adrian Willard grew up in Chicago, IL a son of a carpenter he took to the streets very quickly on the south side of the city. Growing up with a neighborhood white gang he was a problem child. His father in order to keep Adrian from going into prison forced him to join his Middle School wrestling team. A legend was born. From this simple sport Adrian began to excel, proving his skills were not on the streets but on a wrestling mat.

After winning the Illinois State High School Wrestling Finals four years in a row and excelling in school Adrian received a full scholarship to Iowa State where he pursued his wrestling career winning the NCAA Championship twice.

He graduated Iowa with honors and while a student was introduced to his now good friend Jerry “The Freak” Adams who is an intense professional wrestling fan. After many hours of discussions and talking about professional wrestling Adrian decided he wanted to embark on a journey into professional wrestling.
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Genesis” by Justice
RING ENTRANCE: CUE UP- “Genesis” by Justice. The start of the song pulses through the arena as the lights switch from white and blue with each pulse. A light flash of white phosphoresce at the entrance, this happens for about thirty eight seconds. Then as the beat hits Adrian enters the ringside area, both his arms out as he raises them slowly and looks up at the ceiling then slam his foot and throws his arm violently, light pop of pyrotechnics at the ramp.

The crowd boos loudly as Adrian walks down the ramp slowly checking his gear. Adrian now stands in front of the ring grabbing the bottom rope and climbing up the side he then enters the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle, small taunting to some fans as he gets off of it.
WRESTLING STYLE: Brawler / Power

1. Power Slam
2. Stalling Vertical Suplex
3. Sidewalk Slam
4. Shoulder Breaker
5. Running Powerslam
6. Belly to Belly Suplex
7. German Suplex
8. Snap Suplex
9. Gorilla Press
10. European Uppercut
11. Camel Clutch
12. Flying Clothesline
13. Back breaker

SETUP MANEUVER: Kick to the gut or Firemans carry takedown
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