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After X-Perience Goes Off The Air

Mr Main Event

League Member
Jan 1, 2000
State of Confusion
("Zero" by Smashing Pumpkins fires up over the PA and Dan Ryan and Randy Cobb step through the curtains to a chorus of loud boos. Both are in street clothes, and stop on the ring apron to face the crowd
and soak up the disdain. Both step through the ring ropes and grab

RC: You know things are picking up here in the fed....I'm in Team
Phenom, the rest of us are on top of the
world and we're moving towards bitch-slapping all of Dupree's "hired
help". We're the ones that have been
true throughout the years, we're the ones who spilled blood for this
fed. We're the ones that brought the ratings,
we're the ones that brought the fans, and for us to be treated like
second rate jobbers is a load of crap.
There are a lot of people that have bled with us and against us, people
like Marcus Johnson. He was always
a little off-centre, and we all know what his real plans are now that
he's joined up with Dupree. That's the
XTC Marcus Johnson, the "People's Champ", not that "hero" BS. He's the
Marcus Johnson that I knew, the
MJ that ran with me back in the day. You're doing me proud.....you're
doing Team Phenom proud......

DR: That he is. And you know I hope that one man in particular is
paying close attention to what's going on. JT Savage, Randy here tried
to point you in the right direction last week. You know deep down what
Marcus Johnson is up to, and so does everyone else around here with half
a brain. The writing's been on the wall.....the way he slipped his way
into a world title shot after you had worn Kevin Powers down. The way
Dupree went out of his way to help him win the title but didn't lift a
finger for you. The way he threw out his little promo...."Aw shucks, I
was just lucky I figger...ain't never meant to hurt nobody, but by darn
I sure am proud to be yer champyun!". Let me clue you into something
else. Marcus Johnson could come running fast enough to Team Phenom and
beg to be let into the group. And yes, I admit after the way he used you
and Dupree to get the World Title for yourself, the time was right to
make the jump. But can we really trust you? Can we really know your
motives are virtuous? That's why we've brought this all to light out
here tonight. It's time to see what you're made of. It's time to see if
the actions fit the talk. Consider tonight your tryout. And as for you
Savage....sorry.....you've been duped again....

("Zero" starts back up and both men head back up the ramp to the back)

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