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Jan 1, 2000
(Fade into the MCW locker room. Seen sitting is "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin unlacing his boots. Too his left "First Class" Chandler Maxell is seen sitting in a towel.)



Chandler stops Adam in mid sentence....


"Sands who do you think you are? What you did tonight was just insane....

Adam looks towards Chandler and nods his head


"Yes Chandler it was truly a black eye for the sport."


John Doe tonight you were truly the better man. I learned a lot from our match tonight....


"What did you learn?


"That John Doe truly has the worse case of body odor I have ever come across....

Both men chuckle...


"McMillan tonight you did what many men have failed to do. Tonight you stood in the middle of the ring with the best and defeated me.

And all I can say is soak it in. Take the moment and hold it tight... Because it will never happen again.

I did something tonight that I have preached throughout my career. I took you for granted.

Adam shakes his head


"I looked past you and centered my mind on other issues. But I promise you this, if we ever step into the ring again, I will be centered in on you only...

So right now hold the moment...


"Now the time for "First Class" to take his game to a higher level.


"That is right Sands you may have taken my title away from me, but Chandler now is poised and ready to step up and become the Second ever MCW champion...

I will make sure of it! But now I am looking towards the PPV.


"I can see it now Adam. I go out and win the title for us, and you defeat Karl Brown live on PPV....


"Karl I know you are out there. Sands told me to find you and bring you to the fed and I would get my match.

So Karl I am asking you now to come for one night and face me. I know you are the almighty Dragon now and are busy.. However you owe this federation a PPV match vs. Me!

Karl I will wait for you to answer me. But one way or another I will get this match!

(Fade to black)

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