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AGGRESSION 22: San Antonio, TX - 1/16/06

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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Backstage at the SBC Center….
A crowd is gathered around a TV monitor in the main area of crew staging as Onslaught ends out in the arena. The crowd is still roaring Mike Evers’ name, as a couple stagehands and crew members look on in amazement.

Crew #1: “I can’t believe the reaction this kid is getting.”

Crew #2: “No kidding. The kid’s good, but I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The others nod in agreement as Evers stands on a turnbuckle on the monitor soaking in the reaction, Wisconsin Bill standing smiling in the ring.

Just then, EPW Television Champion Adam Benjamin walks by.

Crew #1: “Did you hear the way they were hanging on his every move?”

Random jobber watching: “Well you can tell the kid was trained well. He knows his stuff.”

Benjamin frowns, curious. He walks over and looks on to see Mike Evers in the ring.

Crew #1: “Heya champ. Dig the kid in there?”

Benjamin: [frowning, then rolling his eyes] “You guys kidding me? He’s a scrub.”

Crew #2: “I dunno, man. The fans are eating it up.”

Benjamin: [Walking off] “Even more proof he’s a scrub. You guys wanna see a real pro? Watch me wipe the floor with Karla Starr later on. Stop wasting your time on curtain jerkers…”

The guys around the monitor shrug and turn back to see Evers leave the stage as we cut to the garage.

In the garage area, a long black limousine arrives. Nothing unusual as we've seen this a thousand times before, but this particular limousine has a front license plate with three green dollar signs on it. As it comes to a stop, a rather large man emerges from the driver's side and makes his way around to the back of the car. He opens the door, and the camera picks up a pair of alligator shoes stepping out. The camera pans up along the seam of a well-cut Armani suit. Pulling back, we see the face of Richard Farnswirth. Richard stretches up to his full 6 foot, 5 inch frame as he looks around the garage in disgust. While doing that, he absent-mindedly fiddles with the golden ring on his right hand.

Farnswirth's driver, otherwise known as Mr. Fikes, gathers his employer's bags from the trunk while Richard looks on. The financial power behind the Highland Park Social Club takes two steps toward the arena door before stopping abruptly as another black limousine pulls up right in front of him, cutting him off from proceeding. This limo's driver steps out, gives Farnswirth and Fikes a disgusted look and walks to the rear of the limo. Opening the door, the sweet smell of perfume and champagne fills the air before a pair of jeweled metallic Manolo Blahniks grace the pavement. The chauffeur offers his hand and the limo's occupant steps out into the open wearing a Vera Wang Beaded Tulle Dress and a smirk on her face.

"I'm sorry, am I in your way?"

Richard chuckles as a small smile graces his face. "Only because I haven't yet asked Mr. Fikes to remove you."

"Always the gentleman, Richard...having Fikesy do your work for you," Lindsay Troy remarked as she smiled sweetly at Fikes, who grunted in response and looked away.

"Ah yes, always one to bat your eyes toward the ones you know will fall prey to those tactics. Believe me, I am more than capable of taking care of the work that needs my personal touch. There are simply some things ... or PEOPLE ... that do not require that level of attention."

Troy allowed herself a scoff as she pulled her gear out from the inside of the limo. "Don't flatter yourself, Richard. You can't even carry your own bags let alone get your hands dirty, which is why you keep your present company around." She adjusted the strap on the duffel and cocked her head to the side. "But I'm happy to know Fikes has the ability to be charmed."

"Having the ability to carry my own bags doesn't mean it's necessary to do so. Take, for example, the fact that I could snap my fingers and have you and your precious little duffel there removed from my sight. I could do it, but I choose not to."

"Y'know...." she said, putting her left hand to her chin and staring off into space for a moment. "I've missed this between us. The little quips and snide comments..." She looked back at Richard and walked over to him, the heels of her sandals putting her two inches above the top of Farnswirth's head. "That's why you choose not to. Not because you're lazy or indifferent, but because doing so means that you can't get under my skin and I can't get under yours."

Richard stretches up for a second to look her in the eyes before slipping his heels back down on the pavement. "Ah yes, you never were the modest one. Always had to believe you were the center of attention and the one on everyone else's mind. Sorry to disappoint, but you've been a happily forgotten memory for quite some time now."

"And you're still a wonderful liar." Troy smiled, almost genuinely, before continuing. "But whatever memories of me you may have suppressed...and I'm sure there are many...let me take this moment to remind you that, currently, you're on my turf."

The smile disappeared.

"And I'm not forgetting myself, if that's what you're thinking. I know that Dan owns Empire Pro and for all intents and purposes it's his turf but...I am the Empire Pro World Champion, in case that memory slipped in-between the cracks somewhere. And whether you like it or not, Richard, you're going to be seeing a lot of me. So whatever memories you had, you'd better make sure you're damn well square with them, because I'd hate for you to have to ring in the new year with all the ghosts of the past floating around your head."

"You know as well as I do that I don't show up anywhere without having done my homework. You referencing that title of yours, despite the eloquence of it being superb as always,” Richard rolls his eyes, “hardly comes as a surprise to me. Just as I'm sure it is no surprise to you that I have a very similar one back in my office, and I didn’t even have to go under a mask to get it."

Troy bristles ever-so-slightly, then smirks. “No, it is of no surprise to me. But then again, this certain someone in a mask actually outlasted the rest of her competition in a #1 Contenders Tournament and then beat the champ for the belt on the first try. Tell me Richard, how many chances did you get?”

It was Farnswirth’s turn to bristle before he sneered at Troy. "It was lovely, as always, to see you, but I’ve got better things to do than compare belt sizes with ilk like you. So what's say we cut this little reunion a little short and get about our business?"

“You’re right,” she replied, “I've got to get warmed up for the main event and you've got a curtain to jerk."

"Sure, make your jokes for now. Just don't blink, my dear. You know as well as anyone that the Highland Park Social Club does not stay at the bottom of the card for long."

Richard snaps his fingers and Fikes follows him with his bags, giving Troy a small smile as he walks past her. She and her chauffeur watch them enter the arena, Fikes holding the door open for Farnswirth, while the A1E World Champ storms inside.

“Old acquaintance, Miss Troy?” the chauffeur inquires.

“Yes, Derek...but he shouldn’t be forgot, as the song implies,” Troy answered, before the scene cut to the inside of the arena.

[CUE UP: "Imperial March" - Rage Against the Machine. A video montage plays, featuring smoke-wreathed images of various wrestlers, some of them leaving blurred trails as they move.
CUT TO: Beast nailing the Absolution on Adam Benjamin.
CUT TO: Karl Brown coming off the ropes with a Quebrada.
CUT TO: Steven Shane standing victorious in the ring.
CUT TO: JA delivering the Karelin Driver to Ron Artest
CUT TO: Adam Benjamin delivering a Shining Wizard to Karl Brown.
CUT TO: Joey Melton, mugging for the crowd.
CUT TO: Boogie Smallz lighting up a blunt.
CUT TO: Lindsay Troy dropkicking Beast.
CUT TO: JA and Sebastian Dodd locking up in the middle of the ring.
CUT TO: Troy Windham, mugging with the Entourage.
CUT TO: Dan Ryan sitting sedately in a chair, staring into the camera.
CUTTO: With a clash of metal, a logo slams across the screen, its edges flickering.]

[Cut to the ramp, where a wreath of pyro explodes around the EmpireTron and several bomblike, smoky explosions ripple about the entry way. The camera zooms in on the screen as the pyro finally peters out, then blurs to roving shots of the roaring crowd as a small banner in the corner briefly appears to proclaim that EPW is broadcast en Espanol.]

[We cut to the broadcast booth where Dave Thomas, Mike Neely and Dean Matthews sit.]

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the SBC Center in San Antonio, Texas and Aggression 22!!! We’re here, the crowd is rockin’, and we are LIVE!!! I’m Dave Thomas and here with me as always are Dean Matthews and of course…Mike Neely!

DM: Big night tonight, Thomas! We’ve got some matches here in San Antonio that could headline most companies as we see JA take on The Epitome Troy Windham, we see Joey Melton take on the #1 contender to the World Championship, Beast….and in the main event champion takes on champion in a non-title affair as World Champion Lindsay Troy takes on Intercontinental Champion Karl Brown!!

MN: But before that we get to see one of my new personal favorites, the Highland Park Social Club take on Sensationally Perfect and Big Daddy English himself….the Television Champion Adam Benjamin wipe the mat with Karla Starr!!

DT: Let’s go up to the ring and get this thing underway! Take it away Tony!

TONY FATORA: Th’ following tag team contest is set for one fall.

[CUE UP: “Ride of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner]

TONY FATORA: Introducing first, at a total combined weight of five hundred and nine pounds… Chip Friendly… Richard Farnswirth… HIGHLAND PARK… SOCIAL CLUB!!

DT: I’ve heard a lot about these two. Both these men are highly skilled in the ring, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they get on here in Empire Pro Wrestling.

[CUE UP: “Damn” by Fabulous]

TONY FATORA: And they’re opponents… “Sensational” Steven Shane… Ken Cloverleaf… SENSATIONALLY… PPEEEEEEERRRRRFFFFFEEEEEECCCCCTTTTTTTT!!!

DT: I can’t believe what I’m seeing here - at Black Dawn these two were tearing into each other, now they’re teaming again?

MN: You heard them - they had unfinished business, and can now work fine again.

DM: It’s going to be interesting to see if they can keep it together as a team here today - it’s been a while since they tagged last.

DT: And there’s the bell, as Cloverleaf and Farnswirth step to the outside. Friendly extending a hand to Shane, who’s simply staring at him. Both men circling now, and there’s a collar and elbow tie-up. Both men pushing against each other – neither able to gain any advantage.

DM: And they break apart. All these men know each other very well, so it’s going to be hard for any to get a discernible advantage.

MN: Discernible?

DM: Here’s a dictionary. Look it up.

DT: Friendly and Shane circling each other again as their partners look on. Back into the tie up, and Friendly with the quick go-behind. Shane with the reversal, but Friendly stops him locking the hands, taking him down with a modified drop-toe-hold. Floating over for a headlock, but Shane rolls away. Both men back to their feet, and Farnswirth’s clapping.

DM: All four men are highly skilled technicians – though I would give the edge to Farnswirth and Friendly in that respect. Though Shane and Cloverleaf do have a strength advantage.

DT: The two legal men circling again, going for another tie-up, but Shane with the knee to the gut. Hard clubbing blow to the back there, and a quick stomp. Friendly getting to his feet, but Shane meets him with a scoop-slam. Pulling the Chipster up by the hair, a hard Irish whip off the ropes, and takes him down hard there with a clothesline. Picking him up again, and the whip into the corner and a hard follow up!

DM: Hard punch there by Shane and the referee’s telling him to back off. The ref’s admonishing him for a closed fist, and wouldn’t you know it? Ken Cloverleaf from the outside with a chinlock, pulling back on Chip Friendly.

DT: This match should be a favourite of yours, Mike – none of these guys likes to play by the rules.

MN: Rules are for suckers, Dave.

DT: Cloverleaf with the tag now, and he and Shane have the upper-hand as they doubly kick Chip Friendly in the gut, and there’s the double suplex. Shane to the outside, as Cloverleaf picking up Friendly by the hair, but Friendly with a right hand to the gut! Hard European uppercut there, followed by a side-headlock takedown! Cloverleaf trying to fight out of the hold, but Friendly spins over into a hammerlock. Ken Cloverleaf trying to roll out of it, but Chip Friendly having nothing to do with that as he keeps the hold locked in.

DM: Cloverleaf trying to get to the ropes now, but Chip Friendly positions himself between Ken and the ropes – but that gives Cloverleaf the chance to rolls his body and get out of the hammerlock. Nicely done there, as he gets to his feet with Friendly still with the wristlock on, but Cloverleaf forces him off the ropes and a hard shoulder block takes him down as Richard Farnswirth is applauding there!

DT: Farnswirth and Friendly used to team with Cloverleaf, so there’s got to still be some respect there, and as you heard from Farnswirth and Friendly they still admire their former colleague. Chip Friendly now backing into his own corner, tagging in Richard Farnswirth.

DM: This is going to be very interesting – Farnswirth and Cloverleaf had a war of words coming into tonight.

DT: Farnswirth and Cloverleaf circling each other – and already you can see Farnswirth talking to Cloverleaf. Ken shrugging it off though, as they go for a lockup, but Farnswirth instead with a double-leg takedown, floating over into an arm-bar, but Cloverleaf quickly gets to his feet and goes in with a waist-lock. Cloverleaf going for a German suplex, but Farnswirth blocking it.

DM: Nice switch there by Cloverleaf, letting go of the waistlock and instead taking Farnswirth down with a belly-to-back there.

DT: Cloverleaf with the cover, but a kickout at one by Farnswirth. Ken Cloverleaf though looking to continue the advantage, hard Irish whip off the ropes and an armdrag takedown there. Farnswirth trying to fight out of it, but Cloverleaf wisely stepping over the body of one of his former partners there, blocking a lot of escape routes there.

DM: Absolutely – good to see that my time here hasn’t been completely wasted.

DT: Well, it has on Mike.


DT: Back in the ring though, Farnswirth still trying to fight his way out of the armbar of Ken Cloverleaf. Now he’s trying to inch his way over to the ropes, but he’s having no luck with the way Cloverleaf has positioned himself. Ken though choosing to stand up, picking Farnswirth up and WOAH! HUGE display of power there by Cloverleaf, picking up Richard Farnswirth in a wristlock and slamming him down hard to the mat! Farnswirth now holding the shoulder as all his weight was pulling on it for five or six seconds there, but Cloverleaf’s staying on top of him as he sends him off the ropes and takes him down HARD with the clothesline!

MN: And if you look to the entrance way it looks like we’ve got company.

DT: What on earth are they doing here?

DM: At the moment, standing there. They are the tag-team champions after all.

DT: Ladies and gentlemen, Ken Cloverleaf forcing Richard Farnswirth back into the corner and tagging in his partner as Blitz have come out and are standing at the top of the rampway with their title belts. In the ring, Shane and Cloverleaf sending Farnswirth off the ropes and a BIG double hiptoss there, followed up quickly by a double-elbow drop. Steven Shane now picking up Farnswirth, and drops him down with a standing side walk slam there. There’s the cover


No! Kickout there by Richard Farnswirth as Chip Friendly looks on.

DM: It’s going to take a lot more than that to beat the HPSC.

DT: Nevertheless, with the tag team champions presumably scoping out the competition, Sensationally Perfect are in the drivers seat. Shane picking Farnswirth off the canvas, but Farnswirth there with a thumb to the eye, following it up with a DDT! And there’s the tag to Chip Friendly, as Farnswirth rolls to the outside holding the shoulder.

DM: Chip Friendly in quickly, taking down Shane with a kick to the side of the head, and he’s pointing over at Cloverleaf! Chip Friendly now, picking Steven Shane off the canvas, and sends him into the neutral corner over there, following it up with a NICE mokeyflip, beautifully executed there. He goes for the cover


Kickout there just after two by Steven Shane. Chip Friendly looking to press the advantage for his team, dragging Shane over by the leg to his corner, and there’s the tag to Richard Farnswirth. Farnswirth with a fistdrop, and Steven Shane is in trouble here.

DM: It doesn’t take much to swing the advantage in a match – Farnswirth and Friendly are very experienced at gaining an advantage quickly, and they’ll look now to isolate Shane.

DT: Richard Farnswirth now with Shane by the leg, wrapping it round in a standing leg-lock. Shane’s shouting in pain here as Farnswirth’s calling over to Cloverleaf.

MN: He’s simply letting Kenny know that his current partner’s not as good as his old team.

DT: Be that as it may, Farnswirth no dropping the elbow hard on the inside of Shane’s leg, and again. Richard Farnswirth now laying across Shane’s leg, wrapping the leg round and really wrenching on it in the middle of the ring. Shane’s trying to fight out of it, but Farnswirth’s got a tight grip on.

DM: Shane’s trying to fight out of it though by grabbing the hair of Farnswirth.


DT: You didn’t mind when he and Cloverleaf attacked Beast last time!

MN: That was Loafy – you can mess him up all you want, but not Farnsy’s hair.

DT: I don’t know why I bother sometimes. Back in the ring, Farnswirth is back to his feet, still holding the leg of Shane and dragging him to the corner. There’s the tag back to Chip Friendly, and both men now stomping away on the left hamstring there of Steven Shane! The ref gets Farnswirth to the outside, and Chip Friendly goes right back to work on that leg, dropping the knee straight onto the inside of the knee there!

DM: It’s a very common ploy for a lot of people – a man can’t walk, he finds it a lot harder to fight.

DT: Chip Friendly now with Shane up, and takes him down hard with a short-arm-clothesline. There’s the cover.



NO!! Kickout just before the three count there! He’s breathing hard and holding the leg here, as Chip Friendly switches tracks and drives a knee hard into the ribs there!

DM: He obviously feels like Shane’s leg has taken enough damage that it won’t be useful again this match, so he’s going to try wearing another part down.

DT: Friendly with Shane up, sends him off the ropes, and a STIFF dropkick to the knee there, follows it up with a quick series of elbow drops to the small of the back there! Was that three or four elbows, Dean?

DM: Whichever it was, they were quick, and well executed. Steven Shane has to get over to his corner and make the tag, but so far, the Highland Park Social Club members have kept him firmly in their half of the ring.

DT: Steven Shane trying to drag himself to the ropes as Friendly talks trash to Ken Cloverleaf, but Friendly turns his attention back to Shane, planting a knee firmly in the back there! Shane arching back in pain, and…oh come on!! Chip Friendly pulling back on the nose and face of Steven Shane!!

MN: Smile!

DT: Chip Friendly breaks the hold as the referee gets to four, and he’s dragging Steven Shane over to Richard Farnswirth. There’s the tag, and Friendly now picking Shane up, wrings the arm and Farnswirth DOWN off the second rope with the elbow right across the arm of Shane!

DM: Like them or not, so far the Highland Park Social Club have functioned better in this match than Sensationally Perfect as a team. I’m sure that Blitz are taking note of this.

DT: Richard Farnswirth now taking Steven Shane over with a snapmare, locking in a reverse chinlock on the canvas. Slowing the pace down even further, and really making Shane suffer.


DM: I thought you hated technical matches?

MN: But this is cruelty to Steven Shane! That’s almost as good as watching Loafy get beaten in a dress!!

DM: You’re into that kind of thing are you?


DT: Leaving those two for a second, Farnswirth is really cinching in that hold, shouting over to Ken Cloverleaf, who’s merely looking on. It’s all he can do, as for the last several minutes, it’s been all HPSC. Ever since that thumb to the eye and DDT earlier in the match.

DM: It may not be sporting, but it was effective.

DT: Richard Farnswirth now dropping Shane down. He releases the hold, floats over.



THRNO!! KICKOUT there by Steven Shane!! You’ve got to think he hasn’t got a lot left in the tank after the way Chip Friendly and Richard Farnswirth have been targeting him.

DM: And the way Farnswirth’s still targeting him, changing the hold now and going for a straight-jacket on the canvas as he wraps Shane’s own arms around Shane’s own neck, driving the knee in between the shoulders and really pulling back. Not only does this hold reduce oxygen to the brain, it damages the shoulders, and the way Farnswirth’s twisting the wrists slightly adds even more pressure.

DT: Steven Shane is really hurting in there!! The referee asking if he wants to give it up, but Shane shaking his head as best he can! KEN CLOVERLEAF IN TO BREAK IT UP!! Ken Cloverleaf in with a hard boot to the head of Richard Farnswirth there, as he looks like he’s had enough waiting!!

MN: About time. Jeez, if he really wanted to team with Shane, he’d’ve come in sooner.

DT: The referee forcing Cloverleaf back to his corner, as Richard Farnswirth shaking the cobwebs, looking at Ken Cloverleaf in some disbelief! Now with the tag, and back in comes Chip Friendly. Farnswirth and Friendly now sending Shane off the ropes, and a double back elbow takes him down!

DM: Richard Farnswirth back to his corner, as Chip Friendly has Steven Shane up. Irish whip into the corner, and Friendly in with a running shoulder to the gut, doubling up and winding Steven Shane.

DT: Chip Friendly now with a stiff forearm to the face, and he’s positioning Shane on the top rope! Shane very groggy as Friendly fires off another forearm to the face, following him up. Chip Friendly hooking the head in a frontfacelock, standing on the second rope… SUPERPLEX!! That has to be it, as Chip Friendly with the cover.



THR NO!!! KEN CLOVERLEAF IN AGAIN TO MAKE THE SAVE!! The referee forcing Cloverleaf back into the corner, as Chip Friendly tags in Farnswirth. Both men now with Shane backed into the corner again, Irish whip across the ring. Chip Friendly now being whipped across the ring AND MISSES! STEVEN SHANE MOVED OUT OF THE WAY AND TAKES FARNSWIRTH DOWN WITH A RUNNING LARIAT!! Chip Friendly winded but coming across the ring BUT STEVEN SHANE MEETS HIM WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!! STEVEN SHANE IS DOWN! RICHARD FARNSWIRTH IS DOWN! CHIP FRIENDLY IS DOWN!

DM: And Ken Cloverleaf is calling for the tag!

DT: Steven Shane still down in the centre of the ring, as Chip Friendly is rolling to the outside, and Richard Farnswirth trying to get to his feet, holding the ropes! The referee’s up to six, and there’s Farnswirth now to his feet. Shane starting to get up, but he’s met with a boot across the face by the HPSC member.

MN: Isn’t HPSC a bank?

DM: No, Mike, that’s HSBC – Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

MN: Huh?

DT: Richard Farnswirth, still feeling the effects of that running lariat, sends Shane off the ropes. Shane ducks the clothesline, ducks under again AND CATCHES FARNSWIRTH WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN AND STEVEN SHANE IS ONLY A FEW FEET AWAY FROM HIS CORNER!!

DM: The crowd are really starting to get behind Shane now as he’s starting to crawl over. Farnswirth trying to grab hold of the boot of Shane.

DT: BUT THERE’S THE TAG! KEN CLOVERLEAF IS IN AND HE TAKES RICHARD FARNSWIRTH DOWN WITH A SHOULDER TACKLE! Chip Friendly in, but he gets met with a right hand and a scoop slam for his troubles! Farnswirth back up, and DOWN thanks to a discuss punch! Ken Cloverleaf is really feeling it in there!

MN: And he messed up the Farns’ hair!

DT: Ken Cloverleaf now targeting Richard Farnswirth, takes him up… BRAINBUSTER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!



THRNO!! Chip Friendly JUST manages to break it up!! Steven Shane coming in now, and Sensationally Perfect look to be in control, as Shane hammers on Friendly with a right hand! Shane takes Friendly over the top rope with a clothesline there! Cloverleaf with Farnswirth off the ropes, takes him down with a drop-toe-hold, and there’s a legdrop by Steven Shane onto the back of the neck of Farnswirth! Shane goes back to the outside, but gets tagged back in by Cloverleaf. Ken Cloverleaf holding Farnswirth, and there’s a right hand to the exposed ribs!!

DM: Oh how the tides can turn so quickly in tag team wrestling.

DT: Shane taking Farnswirth down with a snap suplex there.



NO!! Richard Farnswirth AGAIN manages to kick out!! Shane picking Farnswirth up off the canvas, and Farnswirth trying to fight back but Shane just clubs him across the back! Shane sends him off the ropes.

DM: Blind tag!

DT: And a HUGE powerslam there by Steven Shane!! The cover… but Chip Friendly off the blind tag to break up the pinfall!! Chip Friendly with a hard kick to the back, as Farnswirth rolls to the outside. Friendly picking Shane up, BUT SHANE WITH THE RIGHT HAND! FRIENDLY WITH THE RIGHT! SHANE! FRIENDLY! SHANE! Steven Shane now getting the upper hand!! Shane backing Friendly against the ropes, sends him off but it’s reversed! Shane taken down there with a hard dropkick to the face AND RICHARD FARNSWIRTH JUST PULLED KEN CLOVERLEAF OFF THE APRON!

DM: Cloverleaf looks pissed, but Farnswirth’s backing off – he’s apologising!

MN: What a class act!

DT: Don’t believe it for a second. As Cloverleaf’s dealing with Farnswirth, Friendly with Shane against the ropes now. Irish whip… FROWN BUSTER!! FRONWBUSTER!! CHIP FRIENDLY JUST HIT THAT TILT-A-WHIRL FACEBUSTER!! THERE’S THE COVER





[sfx: dingdingdingsing]

TONY FATORA: Th’ winners of the match… Chip Friendly… Richard Farnswirth… the HIGHLAND PARK…. SOCIAL CLUB!!!

DM: I don’t think that went according to plan at all!

DT: I’d say not. Ken Cloverleaf got a little sidetracked outside with Richard Farnswirth and could get in to break up the count in time.

[Cut to a shot of Cloverleaf kneeling over Steven Shane as the HPSC walk slowly up the ramp.]

DT: We’ll be right back after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[Cut to: Paul Freeman’s office. A knock is heard on the door, and moments later “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott comes in and Freeman looks up.]

PF: What can I do for ya, Frankie?

FS: [sighing] Is there a reason why Dan’s never in his office when I wanna talk to him?

PF: I’m sorry?

FS: Don’t play dumb with me, Paul. I’ve been trying to talk to Dan ever since I came back in and ever since I lost my match with Sergeant with him on the ramp and every time I go to find him, he’s not available. Then tonight on Onslaught I let myself get distracted again, and it cost me yet again. Now….where the hell is he?

PF: Well, I don’t really know, Frankie. He could be anywhere, but he IS here somewhere.

FS: [annoyed, but leaving] Fine. If you hear from him tell him I’m looking for him.

[Cut back to the booth]

DT: We’re back, as Frankie Scott’s search for the boss continues.

MN: Clearly the boss is avoiding him.

DM: Well I think it’s hilarious.

DT: Oh?

DM: Well yeah. Clearly Dan Ryan is in Frankie Scott’s head and he hasn’t done anything but avoid the guy. I find that hilarious.

DT: Well regardless up next we have the Television title match as our champion Adam Benjamin takes on Karla Starr.

DM: Karla has earned her shot but she’s gonna have her hands full tonight with Big Daddy English.

TF: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the Empire Pro Television Championship!

MN: Tee-Vee Title time can only mean one thing. Big Daddy English stomping that prissy woman back into the kitchen.

DM: O rly?

MN: Yes, really.

DM: You did it wrong, Neels.

MN: I did what wrong?

DT: Stop it you two.

MN: Stop what?

DM: *sigh*

[Cue up "Maps," enter Karla Starr, mixed reaction from those who aren't sitting on their hands.]

TF: Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts, the challenger... Karla... STAAAAAARRRRRR!!

DT: Anyway, I'm not so sure this is going to be the stomping you expect. Adam Benjamin is probably a little spooked after being taken to his limits for his title by a rookie in only his second match.

MN: What? You can't be serious! That country bumpkins Evers was summarily dismissed by our Television Champion.

DM: Were you even watching the same match as we were last week, Neels? Evers was battling like he just drank a whole six pack of Red Bull energy drink. Red Bull, it gives you wings!

MN: *slaps forehead*

[Cue up "Lose Yourself," enter Adam Benjamin, TV Title slung over his shoulder, to MASSIVE heel heat.]

TF: And his opponent, hailing from the United Kingdom... he is your Ee-Pee-Dubyu Television Champion... "Yours Truly..." Adam... BEEEENNNNNNJAMMMMIINNNNN!!

DM: Neels, don't hit yourself.

MN: But you keep shilling... y'know what, nevermind, I'm just going to sit here and watch Big Daddy English dismantle lips, legs, breasts and ass much in the same manner he did to the bumpkin last week.

DT: Well, we'll see how accurate that prediction is, both of them are in the ring and we're ready to go.


DT: Benjamin wants to lock up, test of strength. Karla looks like she's gonna... no! Kick to the breadbasket of the Television Champion.

MN: Low blow! Low blow! Are you sure she's not related to Lorena Bobbit?

DM: Please Neels, that was in the solar plexus and she wasn't even close to cutting off his nads.

MN: I don't know, did you check her boots before ring time?

DT: Please, she wasn't going for the groin. Benjamin doubled over, Starr was scouting him, now runs up, knee lift and a beaut. Benjamin to the canvas, Starr follows with a stomp to the Champion's head.

DM: Well, not the dismantling you expected, Neels.

MN: Still early, you shilling dou...


MN: Douby-douby doooo...

DT: He has a point. Still very early in the match, and Benjamin has excellent stamina and conditioning. He's built for the long haul. Starr, however, has him up to his feet and... big DDT! Back down the canvas and now a cover...


...no, kickout, not even a two count here.

MN: You can't put Big Daddy English away that easily.

DT: I think that's the gist of what I've been saying.

MN: No one cares about you, Dave.

DT: *sob*

DM: Oh Dave, that's not true. Here, have a cookie.

DT: Yay! *munch*... heyyyy, wait a minute!

MN: *snicker*

DT: Alright, alright, let's get back to the match here. Starr bringing Benjamin to his feet. She leaps up for the hurric...


DT: ...nope! No rana! Benjamin counters with the HARD powerbomb!

DM: Ouchies.

MN: YES! Go Big Daddy English!

DM: Hey, at least try to be objective here.

MN: Screw you, Phyllis Shiller.

DM: Burn... sike.

DT: Guys. Benjamin shakes the cobwebs out, and Karla Starr... isn't really moving a whole lot.

DM: Well, that *was* a big powerbomb, even if it was out of a counter.

MN: Seriously, I'm telling you. Not much longer.

DT: Benjamin finally to his feet, and now he's dragging Starr to her feet. Front facelock up into suplex position, holding her there.

MN: What strength by Big Daddy English.

DM: Hey, if he's going to do that move, he better be able to do it to someone he outweighs by more than a hundred pounds.

MN: Hey. Shut up.

DT: Shades of the late Davey Boy Smith here and crashing down the canvas! All that blood rushing to the head and then being jarred like that.

DM: Well, I'm sure whoever she's banging is going to have blue balls tonight, cuz that's a headache for sure.

DT: Colorful way of putting it.

[Faint chant of "Evvvverrrrs! Evvvverrrrs!" in the crowd starts up.]

DT: Benjamin covers...



...Karla Starr kicks out after two. Benjamin yanks Karla up to a seated position by her hair and... what the, he's stopped to look around.

[The chant gets louder.]

DT: What in the hell is he looking at?

DM: Not looking, but noticing. Do you hear that, Dave?

DT: Yeah... this crowd is chanting for Mike Evers!

MN: Idiot rednecks! Shut up! Shut up! Mike Evers got his ass handed to him last week!

DM: Apparently, the Tee-Vee Champ doesn't believe that, or else he wouldn't be getting rattled right now!

DT: I think you're right, Dean. Benjamin looks livid! And now he rips Starr to her feet, kick to the thigh and... SHINING WIZARD! The Shining Wizard! This one's gotta be academic now... cover...



...thr... NO! Karla Starr kicked out! She kicked out after the Shining Wizard!

DM: I don't think it's because of a lack of impact on that move. I think Benjiturd's a little rattled here.

MN: Rattled my pale white ass, Dean. She's obviously on performance enhancers.

DM: Yeah, because she clearly has an adam's apple and talks like a man, Neels. Unless you think Midol gives you an edge.

DT: Either way, Karla Starr kicked out of that Shining Wizard, and now Benjamin just rips her to her feet again. She's barely stable... kick to the thigh... and ANOTHER Shining Wizard! Starr slumps to the canvas. Benjamin with the cover...



..thr... what?

[Benjamin lifts Starr's shoulder off the canvas just as the ref counts three. The crowd boos lustily and the Evers chants get louder and louder.]

DM: The prick!

MN: Yes! Brilliant!

DT: I think he's just sending a message to Mike Evers now. Benjamin rips Starr to her feet again, but she's too punch-drunk to stand on her own. Back down the canvas.

DM: Punch drunk? More like knee drunk.

DT: Semantics, Dean. Semantics. Benjamin grabs Starr into a standing headscissors.

MN: Squishify the little hussy!

DT: He's grabbing her by the waist and an old-school Memphis piledriver! Right to the canvas! If those knees to the head didn't take her out, that certainly did, unless he decides to prolong the match again. Cover...



...three! Finally, mercifully, this one's over!


[Benjamin rolls out of the ring and heads over to Tony Fatora.]

TF: Here is your winner, and still Emp...


DT: What the hell?

DM: C'mon, you can't do that to Tony Fatora!

[Benjamin taps on the mic. The Evers chants are almost drowning the arena out.]

AB: You bloody tosspots...


AB: You bloody want Mike Evers? Well, when you get to see me and him in that ring again, you're going to bloody well see what I just did to that trollop!

[Benjamin throws the microphone down.]

DM: Bitter a little, Benji?

MN: No! He's just putting these fans in their place! Mike Evers is not even in the same solar system as Adam Benjamin!

DM: Well, these fans don't seem to think so, and it's clearly gotten under his skin.

DT: That much is true. I don't think he's too happy about this crowd's reaction during the match. Mike Evers might have his number.

MN: Oh, that's nonsense. Adam Benjamin is going to make the Empire Pro Television Championship the premier title in the Eff-Dub circuit! No bumpkin can take that away from him.

DT: That remains to be seen, Neels. Anyway, more EPW Aggression, right after this break.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: Folks, this has certainly been one hell of a night here on Aggression already, and coming up next, we have what could be considered match number one of a double main event.

DM: World Champion versus Intercontinental Champion, but first, we have a grudge match between JA and the biggest surprise in EPW history, newly signed Troy Windham!

MN: Can we really call this match a main event if we already know the outcome?

DT: How do we already know the outcome, Neels?

MN: Because we all three know that Troy Windham is going to bring nothing but sheer pain to JA before he finally ends his misery and pins him to the mat for the three count.

DM: I highly doubt that something that drastic is going to happen here, Neels. Troy Windham is the CSWA Unified World Champion, but JA is no slouch between those ropes. He’s been rather close to a world title himself. He could just as easily win this match.

MN: Whatever, Matthews. Just keep rambling about irrelevant on-goings in other companies. Troy Windham is going to prove why he’s the driving force in EPW here tonight.

[CUE UP: “Beverly Hills” by Weezer. Laser lights pan the entire arena as “The Epitome” Troy Windham makes his way from behind the curtain to HUGE heel heat. August De La Rossi and The Mysterious Zoltan are not far behind. Troy makes his way down the ramp, and waves to the crowd, who quickly let him know of their disdain for him. He still continues as though their jeers were cheers.]

DT: This guy is certainly full of himself, isn’t he? He might be deaf, because I’m not sure if he knows these fans are booing him, rather than cheering him.

MN: Are you kidding me? Troy Windham is simply tuning out all the morons that are booing. If you listen closely, you’ll hear that there are a lot more cheers than boos going on right now.

DT: Well, my ears aren’t the most sensitive in the world, but I’m pretty damn sure the boos outnumber the cheers in this case.

MN: You might see an audiologist about that.

[CUE UP: “Eat the Rich” by Fozzy. JA then enters the arena from behind the curtain to a massive face pop. In the ring, Windham shrugs off JA’s intensity as he sends The Entourage to the outside right after some moral support handshakes and hugs.]

DM: I think that Troy Windham is taking JA as lightly as you were, Neels.

MN: Because that what he should do. This man is no match for the CSWA Unified World Champion.

DM: I thought you just yelled at me for using irrelevant on-goings in other companies.

MN: That I did. But you’re missing the keyword, which is “irrelevant”. Troy Windham is a World Champion! JA had a “shot” at becoming champion. Did he come through on that? Nope. That’s why Troy Windham is the easy pick here.

DT: Well, both men are in the ring now and the ref is keeping them apart. Look at the cockiness on Troy Windham’s face. He thinks he already has this match won.

MN: The only reason he hasn’t is because the bell has yet to ring, Thomas.


DT: Well, there it is now. Let’s see if Troy wins this one as quickly as you say he can, Neels.

MN: Watch and learn.

DT: Here we go. Both men are giving quite the stare here as they edge toward the middle of the ring. Here goes a collar and elbow…

DM: What? JA lunged forward, but Troy Windham just backed right out. What is he doing?

MN: His wrist tape isn’t quite tight enough. You can’t go into a match with loose wrist tape.

DT: And just what makes the difference?

MN: Do you want the man to sprain a wrist? Maybe even break it? That tape is extremely crucial to Troy Windham’s endurance of this match. He’s just simply preventing injury.

DT: Well, it appears that Troy has his tape tight enough now that he’s gripped it a little bit tighter. He’s telling the ref that he’s ready to get this underway again as the ref now steps out of the way. They step to the middle again…

DM: What now?

DT: Troy Windham just hit a knee as JA was lunging for that collar and elbow again. He appears to be looking all over the mat.

MN: I think his contact fell out. Can we get a rain check on this match? Troy Windham can’t compete without being able to see.

DT: This is ridiculous! Can we just get this match underway?

MN: Well, you’re lucky here Thomas. It appears as though Troy has found his contact. Lucky for him too. If he hadn’t, he probably would have missed out on this win after JA rethought what he was about to get himself into by facing Troy Windham.

DM: Alright. I believe that all wrist tape and eye contacts have been secured. We should be getting this one underway now. One more time now they move to the center of the ring…

MN: Wait! We’ve got an untied boot! That is an accident just WAITING to happen. Timeout ref.

DT: Are you kidding me? This is absurd! Troy Windham is obviously not prepared for this match!

MN: Can the man help it that nylon shoe strings don’t tie tightly? Can he help it that LensCrafters hasn’t made a permanent contact lens? This is, quite honestly, nothing more than an ironic turn of events. Troy Windham will not hesitate to beat JA all around this ring, but he cannot risk injury like this.

DM: Okay. Shoes are tied, contacts are secured, and wrist tape is tightened. We’re ready for action.

DT: Both men step to the middle of the ring…

DM: Wait. What is Troy Windham doing now? He’s actually asking the referee to check JA for any unfair advantages that he might have stored in his attire! Is this what it takes to become a world champion?

MN: I’m not really sure on that one, Matthews. Maybe you should ask Troy Windham. He is one, you know.

DT: For Windham to ask for a checking of JA’s attire is ludicrous! There’s no way JA would want to beat the hell out of Windham with anything but his own two hands.

MN: Can you really blame this man for protecting himself? He’s just making sure he and his title don’t incur some sort of fluke loss because of a cheating opponent or unfortunate injury.

DM: Well, he may be setting himself up for a bigger beating that originally planned. You can see the frustration mounting on JA’s face right now. He is going to lay into Windham if he ever gets the chance.

DT: Well, no objects were found. That’s relieving. Now, can we finally get on with this match?

DM: Now what’s he doing? What’s he looking at his wrist for?

MN: He’s obviously got an appointment that he’s supposed to be at. He didn’t think there would be this much pre-match shenanigans by that damn JA. This match should’ve already been over according to Troy’s plans.

DT: Troy Windham is actually leaving the ring! He’s telling The Entourage that it’s time to leave! Look at the look on JA’s face! He is filled with confusion!

DM: Troy Windham is marching right up the ramp! He really does not care about this match! He does not want to face JA here tonight!

MN: Eh, no need to waste his time.

DT: Wait! JA is leaving the ring and charging Troy Windham! He just leveled Zoltan! And now he and De La Rossi are going at it!

DM: But there’s Troy Windham with a low blow from behind! JA hits his knees!

MN: It’s all part of the strategy, Matthews. Troy Windham is too smart for JA.

DT: Well, De La Rossi and Z! are now rolling JA back into the ring as Troy Windham slowly follows him in. JA is up, but Windham quickly catches him with a stiff forearm. He backs JA into the ropes before whipping him across the ring...

DM: Huge lariat by Windham! JA smacked the mat like a pancake on a griddle! But Troy Windham isn’t following up! He’s just wiggling his tongue at some of the girls on the front row!

MN: There’s no rush. Troy can end this match when he wants. Post-match escapades need to be planned before he can actually end this.

DM: Well, that may have been a mistake waiting that long. He makes his way back to JA now though.

DT: Inside cradle by JA!



…kickout by Windham! It was a mistake, Dean!

DM: Both men bounce back up now. Windham charges JA.

DT: Spinning heel kick! JA quickly hits the opposite ropes…

DM: Lionsault! There’s another pin…



…kickout by Windham again!

DT: What about this offense, Neels?

MN: He’s toying with him, Thomas. He’s making the guy feel good about himself.

DT: Well, JA’s staying on the attack. He pulls Windham back to his feet.

DM: Thumb to the eye by Windham! JA is momentarily blinded!

DT: And that allows Windham to catch him with a boot to the midsection, followed by a DDT! There’s pin, but he’s not even hooking the leg! Simple lateral press…



MN: What the hell is going on? Doesn’t JA realize that he’s not supposed to have already lost this match! Someone tell him before he gets hurt!

DT: Well, Windham pulls JA back up again. But there’s a right by JA! Windham strikes back! JA stumbles, but he fires right back! Windham swings back!

DM: Ducked by JA! Windham whirls around to find the Anglo Luchador…

DT: Dropkick! Windham bounces off the ropes…

DM: Clothesline! Windham back up quickly. JA hits the ropes…

DT: Flying forearm! Windham hits the mat and quickly rolls out of the ring! De La Rossi is quickly there to pick him up! He and Windham are now embracing as the crowd rains down on them with some MASSIVE disdain!

MN: Shut up, you morons! Troy Windham is a World Champion! He doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment!

DM: You’re exactly right, Neels! Windham shouldn’t be allowed to take timeouts like this! He’s a World Champion!

DT: Lookout! JA just made a suicide dive right into Troy Windham and The Entourage! Everyone is spilled all over the floor!

MN: Can Troy get a timeout? I can’t believe JA is going to go and break the rules like that! Troy couldn’t have planned for this rule breaking!

DT: Well, JA is slowly back up to his feet and now he’s pulling Troy up too. It doesn’t look like he’s going to get that timeout that he so desperately needs.

DM: JA pulls Troy back up one more time. He backs him into the ropes as he gives him a hard knife-edge chop! And there’s another! JA now pulls Troy to the middle of the ring. Kick to the midsection. And now a standing headscissors…

DT: Butterfly suplex by JA! Amazing strength shown by JA there! There’s a pin…



…three-NO! Windham almost tasted defeat right there!

MN: He’s just using all the time he can to recover. He didn’t plan for this match to be longer than 45 seconds, but this damn JA still thinks he’s going to be able to pull out the impossible or something.

DT: Well, he’s certainly come closer to winning this match than Windham has.

MN: Only because that’s the way Troy wants it to be.

DT: Well, JA is pulling Troy back up here. Wait! Troy quickly slips out!

DM: SlackKnife! NO! JA just managed to slip out! But Troy Windham just said “Hey, it can be over just like that!”

MN: As I just said, Matthews.

DT: Windham quickly charges JA, but the Anglo Luchador ducks a clothesline. He’s got Windham by the chin! And now he drops back, sending the back of Windham’s head into the canvas! We could see a pin here…

DM: Wait a second! August De La Rossi is up on the apron!

DT: But JA sees him! JA catches De La Rossi with a right! And he now pulls him into the ring!

MN: Look out August!

DM: He’s stuck his nose in the wrong place this time!

DT: No! Z! has hold of JA’s foot!

DM: And there comes De La Rossi with a clothesline, sending JA over the top rope!

DT: Damnit! Get them out of here!

MN: JA started it! Disqualify him!

DT: Well, there’s not going to be a DQ, but the referee has just told The Entourage to hit the bricks! They have been banned from ringside!

DM: And De La Rossi does not like this at all! I can’t wait to hear what he says about this later.

MN: He’s going to say how this is a partial referee! This ref wants to see Troy Windham lose and that’s why he didn’t disqualify JA right there!

DT: Well, as the Entourage make their way out of here, Troy Windham has made his way back up to his feet. He heads over to the corner where JA is pulling himself back up.

DM: What is he doing? Troy Windham is lying down in the corner! What is going on?

DT: Well, JA is back up and sliding into the ring, but I’m not sure if he saw Windham get up and then lie back down.

DM: JA is now going to climb the turnbuckle here. He could be looking for a moonsault, but he doesn’t know that Windham isn’t really hurt!

DT: And now Windham gets up! He locks JA up…

DM: SlackKnife!

DT: No! JA managed to grab hold of the rope and hold on as Windham went crashing to the mat by himself! JA quickly turns back around…

DM: Guillotine leg drop from the second rope! There’s a pin…



…three-NO! Windham just got that shoulder up! JA cannot believe it!

MN: How can he not believe it? This is the CSWA Unified World Champion!

DT: Well, JA’s going to stay on the attack here as he pulls Windham back up again. He quickly catches him in a gutwrench.

DM: It may be the Karelin Driver…

DT: What the hell? Who’s that coming to the ring?

DM: That’s Steve Savoy! What the hell is he doing out here?

DT: JA drops Windham! He catches Savoy with a right, and another, and another! He backs Savoy into the ropes and now whips him across the ring. Savoy rebounds…

DM: Spinning heel kick! Savoy rolls out of the ring…

DT: SlackKnife! Troy Windham just came out of nowhere and nailed the distracted JA with the SlackKnife! There’s the pin…




[CUE UP: “Beverly Hills”]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner… “The Epitome”… Troy Windham!

DT: Are you kidding me? Troy Windham just saw JA give him one hell of a debut match, yet he still managed to sneak out of here with the win!

MN: That’s why he’s a World Champion, Thomas! He knows how to get the job done!

DM: And look at him! He’s walking around a sharpie, giving autographs now like he knew he was going to win the whole time! Those people don’t even look like they want his autograph!

MN: Of course he knew he was going to win the whole time! Who the hell is JA compared to Troy Windham, anyway?

DT: He’s the man standing in the ring, yelling at Troy Windham that he almost had him defeated.

MN: Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Thomas. That’s why Windham has a title and JA doesn’t.

DT: Well, JA is right there telling Windham just how close he was to- Look out!

DM: Savoy is back for some more! He just blindsided JA from nowhere! He now gives JA a German suplex! JA is down!

DT: And now Savoy is laying the boots to JA! JA is helpless! And look at that despicable Savoy trash-talking JA now that he’s down!

DM: Folks, we’ve got to take a break! Our main event is coming up next!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: Fans, we hope you stay tuned, because up- wait a second... what is that up there? In the stands on camera right now.

MN: Relax, it's just a merchandise vendor. Nothing to get worried about.

DT: Well, yeah, but that doesn't look like one of our shirts. I don't remember us having any that say "I auditioned for Cameron Cruise, and..."

DM: I'm almost afraid to ask what the back says.

DT: You don't have to ask, someone's buying one... "... I got WAY more than this T-Shirt!"

DM: Wait, he's got another one... "Ken Cloverleaf: Placid Orchestral Symphony"?!?! That doesn't even make sense! I mean, I get that it's a play on Perfectly Outstanding Superstar, but what kind of nut would think to put that on a t-shirt?? Can we get a better shot of this guy's face?

MN: Someone get security down there! This man is selling bootlegs at our own show, and I didn't think of it first!

DM: And there's another shirt... "Troy Windham Rejected Me for his Entourage"?!?

DT: Hold on! I know what that is! That's James Irish! That explains everything, that man's a few channels short of a basic cable package!

[James notices he's being watched, shouts "Hi, Dan!" at the camera, and makes a run for it, throwing the shirts to the crowd in the process]

DM: He doesn't have a contract here... does he?

MN: I hope not. It's bad enough we have to be thinking about the kind of kids Jerichoholic will have with Lollipop!

[Security begins to pursue him through the arena]

DM: Well, hopefully there won't be any more interruptions. We'll be right back.

DT: Well, we’re back again. After the craziness of that last match, the return of Steve Savoy or Shawn Hart….or whatever he’s going by nowadays…and a win by Troy Windham….we’re gonna switch gears and have a match that’s been brewing for some time.

DM: Beast and Joey Melton have had dealings for some time, but not nearly enough direct confrontation in the ring in some time. Of course, they met in the big three way dance while Beast was World Champion but since then it’s been mostly fought in the background.

DT: Let’s go to Tony Fatora for the introductions!

TONY FATORA: Th’ following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first

[CUE UP: “I Need A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler]

TONY FATORA: Making his way to the ring, hailing from New York City and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds - he is the “Sexual All American” - JJJJJJJOOOOOOOOEEEEEYYYYY…MMMMMEEEEEELLLLLLLTTTTTTOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!

DT: Melton’s been on a bit of losing streak of late, and I’ve got to think that gives the advantage to Beast here.

DM: Never count out Joey Melton, though - he’s no spring chicken but he can still go with the best of them.

TONY FATORA: And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and eighty seven pounds -

[CUE UP: The monks chanting before “Figure You Out” by Nickelback]

TONY FATORA: From Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, he is the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship… BBBBBBBEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTT!!!

DT: You know Beast’s going to look to impress Dan Ryan to speed up his title shot tonight.

MN: I still can’t believe what he did to Ryan - our boss. He should b done for assault with a deadly weapon!

DT: Beast and Melton standing eye to eye in the centre of the ring, and there’s the bell to start the match. They lock up, Beast with the go behind, but Melton ducks under. Beast reversing again, nice waist-lock takedown, floating over, but Melton ducks out.

DM: Both men back up quickly but there’s the shoulder block from Beast. Beast now trying to pick Melton up, but Melton with a wristlock on the canvas. Standing up now, still with the wrist lock, and Melton shaking beast there with the forearm. Melton’s experienced, so he knows he won’t be able to keep up with the power of Beast.

DT: Melton with the Irish whip off the ropes, but he’s taken down again by the shoulder of Beast! Melton looking up at Beast, who’s simply staring down at him.

MN: He knows he’s in the ring with greatness, Dave. Even Loafy can see that Melton’s a legend.

DT: He may be a legend, but at the moment he seems to be struggling against the power of Beast. Joey now getting to his feet, and both men quickly into a collar and elbow. Beast pushing Melton back with ease here, but Melton reversing it into the corner, pushing the head back as the referee now calling for the clean break. He gets it… No! Joey Melton dove in there but Beast ducked out of the way, hammering Melton now in the corner with the right hands!!

DM: Irish whip across the ring, charging in with the hard clothesline. Taking Melton down now with a hard belly-to-belly take down.

DT: The cover… just a one count there before Joey Melton gets the shoulder up. Beast now picking Melton up, and a scoop slam takes him back down again. Beast’s power really showing in the early going, as Beast drops the knee across the chest of the sexual All American.

MN: Joey’s just letting Loafy tire himself out, you’ll see.

DM: Melton’s a cagey wrestler, but Beast has shown time and again that he can keep going until the match is done. This is the same man who defeated Christian Sands inside a steel cage, after all.

DT: Beast with Melton back up, wrist-lock and an arm twist there – hard snap down there by the big man, taking Melton down to a knee. Beast with a clubbing arm across the shoulder there, and if Melton’s going to have any luck here tonight he’s got to get away from this hold.

DM: Easier said than done.

DT: Not with a thumb to the eye like that one. Melton now scoring with a forearm smash-uppercut there, staggering Beast, and a quick headlock take-down there. Into the cover…

Kickout before the count of one by Beast. Joey Melton now with a hard right hand as Beast gets to his feet, pushing him back into the corner and a kick to the gut. Melton with a stiff chop there to the chest, and another kick to the gut. Snap mare out of the corner, and Melton with a kick to the back of the head there.

DM: The thumb to the eye earlier was a smart move – it’s hard to fight someone if you can’t see them, and even if it’s just for a few seconds that’s all someone with Melton’s experience needs.

DT: Melton now with a headlock locked in, but Beast still too fresh able to push the arms away, spinning away and out. Melton up and charging in, ducks under the clothesline from Beast, and HUGE flying shoulder there! Melton with an elbow drop there, before picking Beast up, and a nice suplex there near the ropes. Cover…


And Beast easily kicks out there. Joey Melton with the advantage, a quick stomp to the chest, now pushing Beast to the outside under the bottom rope. Beast on the apron, as Melton now off the ropes… baseball slide into the ribs of Beast taking him down to the floor.

DM: Melton now following Beast to the outside, pushing him up against the ringside barrier, and a chop across the chest.


DT: And again there.



DM: You can hear Melton from here! That back’s going to be hurting him.

DT: Beast now pushing Melton back into the ring, follows him in and an Irish whip… HARD sidewalk slam there! Cover…


Kickout by Melton there. Beast picking the smaller man up, and throwing him back into the corner! Stiff right hand there


DT: It was an open hand, Mike. Another hard right hand there, picking Melton out of the corner and a shortarm clothesline takes him down. Beast picking Melton up again, and a belly-to-back suplex into the centre of the ring there. Goes for another cover… kickout quickly there by Melton.

DM: And Beast now trying to work over the back, as Melton tries to get to his feet. Beast with an elbow to the small of the back. Rolls him over again, and another quick kickout by Joey Melton.

DT: Melton trying to get to his feet, holding the ropes as Beast comes in with another hard shot! Whip off the ropes, Melton under the clothesline… HUGE powerslam! Beast not going for the cover there, instead he picks Melton up and applies an abdominal stretch,

[The crowd starts to murmur, several standing up and looking towards the entrance]

MN: Looks like we’ve got a visitor.

DT: What on earth is Dan Ryan doing here?

DM: The boss is walking down to the ring with a chair in hand.

DT: He’s already given Beast his word he’ll get a title shot, what more does he want?

[Dan Ryan walks around the ring to the side opposite the main camera, positioning the chair and sitting down as Beast finally notices the owner of the company]

DT: Beast shouting down at Dan Ryan!

DM: I wouldn’t if I were him. He’s letting up the pressure on the hold, and Melton’s getting some breathing space, which is all he’ll need.

DT: Beast now trying to cinch in the hold, staring right down at Dan Ryan, but Melton with a hip-toss takes him down! Beast looking surprised as he gets to his feet, and he’s met with a kick to the face by Joey Melton! Melton holding his back as he comes in now, dropping an elbow on the top of Beast’s head.

DM: Told you. Beast needs to focus on this match and not Dan Ryan – in a match for the worlds title you need to be able to focus. Maybe that’s what Ryan’s testing?

DT: But he gave him a title shot!

MN: Hey, he said he had a shot, not when the shot would be.

DM: He’s got a point. Melton now with an arm-wringer, snapping the arm down and keeping Beast on one knee. Melton now stepping over, bending the arm and applying an armbar in a good position. With his weight on Beast’s shoulder, and by pulling up at the same time, he’s amplifying the pressure.

DT: Joey Melton with the advantage then as Dan Ryan looks on. Joey Melton, the veteran, working over the arm and shoulder there.

DM: Beast though trying to get to the ropes, but Melton jumping up and slamming his weight right onto the shoulder. Smart move against a power wrestler, especially someone like Beast who needs both arms to use his preferred finisher.

DT: Melton now picking Beast up, still holding onto the wristlock. He backs him against the ropes, and NICE throw out of the ropes, has Beast on his back with the flip there and drops the leg straight across the arm. Going for the pin…


No! Beast getting the shoulder up there, as Melton continues to work the arm over. Joey Melton would like nothing better than to win here tonight and get out of the recent rut he’s been in.

DM: But you’ve got to know that Beast has the momentum going into this match, and we’ve already seen before when Dan Ryan’s promised someone a match and delayed it because of results – look at what happened to Troy Douglas.

DT: That’s true, Dean, but Beast has been on a roll of late. Beast trying to get to his feet, he’s up to a knee but Melton still has the arm-bar locked in. Beast now trying to push back the head of Joey Melton with the palm of his hand, forcing Melton to stand up and giving Beast a vertical base.

MN: You’ve got to know Lindsay’s loving this match in the back, her ex and her current in the same ring and all.

DT: Be that as it may, Beast is forcing Melton into the corner. The referee calling for a break, but Beast drives the knee straight into the gut of Joey Melton there, and a whip across the ring sends Joey Melton down to the canvas!!

DM: For older fans you might recognise that maneuvour from nineteen eighties British wrestling. Beast’s using it to get a quick respite for his shoulder, and Melton’s slow to get up as Beast charges in with a shoulder, driving Melton back into the corner!

DT: Beast now with a hard right hand, and another to the gut. Beast hooks Melton, and a BIG suplex there!! Beast now trying to gain momentum, picks Melton up and PLANTS him with a Russian Leg Sweep.



THR…NO! Joey Melton gets the shoulder up there. Beast picks Melton up, sending him into the corner again. Beast charging in but Melton with the boot to the face! Joey Melton with a right hand, but he’s shut down by a knee lift from Beast there! Beast now looking for something big, setting Melton on the top rope…

DM: MUSCLE BUSTER!! The drop-down neckbreaker has Joey Melton a broken wreck in the middle of the ring!!

DT: The cover…


THRNOO!! Joey Melton BARELY gets the shoulder up after that hellacious muscle buster!!

MN: Hellacious? You been at the barbecue sauce again Thomas?

DM: Dave’s choice of words aside that move is dangerous, and Joey Melton showed great tenacity to kick out there. That move can very easily break your neck.

DT: And Beast does not look happy. Beast picking Melton up, front face lock… hangman’s breaker!! Another cover, but Melton AGAIN kicks out before the three!! Beast is signalling for the end of the match!!

DM: Beast with Melton in a standing head-scissors, tries to lift him

DT: BUT MELTON’S BLOCKING IT!! Joey Melton wisely grabbed hold of Beast’s leg and stopped the big man from hooking his arms!! Joey Melton just blocked the Absolution!!

MN: And Loafy’s starting to look peeved.

DT: Beast slugs away on the back of Melton’s neck. Picks him up, sends him into the ropes, and a BIG back body drop there. Joey Melton, who had such control with the armbar earlier, looks in really trouble here.

DM: Just like that, momentum in these types of matches can change. Beast firmly in control, sends Melton to the outside and follows him out. Whips him into the barricade, and he’s looking straight at Dan Ryan. I’d love to hear what he’s saying down there.

DT: Whatever it is, Ryan’s just sitting there with a smile on his face! Beast now with Melton by the hair, Irish Whip REVERSED!! BEAST JUST WENT SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE STEEL POST!!

DM: He wasted too much time with Dan Ryan there, gave Melton too long to recover.

MN: As stupid as you’d expect from Big Loafy Uncool.

DT: The referee now telling Melton to get back into the ring, but Melton’s looking tired out there, holding his neck as Beast holds the shoulder on the floor. Melton now wisely interrupting the referee’s count before going back after Beast with a kick to the shoulder. Joey Melton hammering on the shoulder with the fist, before pushing Beast back into the ring. Cover.



THRNO!! Beast this time barely getting the shoulder up!!

DM: Joey Melton huffing and puffing as he picks Beast up, takes him down with a headlock takedown, and another cover.


NO!! Beast still manages to stay alive!!

DM: Melton again trying to pick Beast up, scoring with a right hand, but Beast manages to retaliate with a right of his own! Melton with another right, but Beast replies again. Melton with a right hand, but Beast with another, staggering Melton. Another right hand, and a third – no way Melton was going to beat Beast in a slug-fest there. Beast with the Irish whip, and a BIG tilt-a-whirl backbuster!

DT: Beast holding his shoulder there, but still manages to get the cover.

The count…


THRNO!! SOMEHOW Melton gets the shoulder up!! Beast looking distressed here, as he’s done a lot but can’t seem to do enough to beat the legend!

DM: He’s got to keep his cool.

MN: Not likely with Loafy.

DT: Beast whipping Melton into the corner again. Melton staggering out of the cor GORE!! GORE!! GORE FROM BEAST!!








DM: Joey Melton with the presence of mind there to get the foot onto the bottom rope after that gore from Beast. Beast is REALLY looking mad at himself here.

DT: Beast going to the outside here!!

MN: There’s goes Tony.

DT: Beast pushing Tony Fatora out of the way, grabbing the chair from under him? What on earth’s he planning?

DM: Whatever it is, it’s bad. He’s back in the ring now, as the referee’s trying to get the chair off him. Beast looking straight at Dan Ryan now, dropping the chair near Melton.

DT: Beast now with a hard kick to the jaw of Joey Melton, dragging him to the chair!! He’s got Melton in a standing head-scissors over the chair!! Don’t do it!!








[sfx: dingdingdingding]


DT: What an amazing finish! Joey Melton pulls off a HUGE upset!

MN: Upset my ass, Thomas! Joey Melton is a legend and don’t forget it!

DT: Huge huge win for Joey Melton! We’ll be right back!!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Bending forward at the waist, Lindsay Troy sat hunched over her knees while her taped fingers threaded the bootlaces through their proper holes. Her curly hair hung wild and loose around her face, not yet restrained by the hair tie that would, eventually, come next in her pre-match preparations. The dress she had worn upon arriving to the arena and greeting Richard Farnswirth was draped across the back of an armchair, having been traded in for her trademark tights and custom T-shirt. Creatures of habit, even the ones who stared into full-length mirrors as a child, dreaming their reflections saw anointments as Princesses whose fair beauty and unrivaled diplomatic skills would slay Utopia in the name of equality, as more than fairy tales, and wistful thinking.

Ten years of this same routine and she hadn't yet grown tired of it. Her hands moved methodically from her left boot to her right, her eyes peering through the curly locks in front of her face to gaze at the EPW World Title. The newest addition to her routine would be the last preparation of the night. Too bling to be considered fashionable, the company’s belt was a second skin to Troy now. A film of validation and trust she loved shielding her insecurities with as the time to unfold her talents upon the masses arrived each show. Through the distant rumblings of an arena’s infrastructure and plaster, Lindsay could hear the primal echoes of the man’s world she’s obliterated in the last year, the muted calling for a second stake in the heart of an old-as-time belief that a man could always perform a skill job better. The ghosts were always there on the dumbstruck faces, and novelty act slurs thrown at her feet. Lindsay sat at the foot of her childhood bed and imagined her steps one day being lit with rose pedals. Never this. Never stealing vindication from the Beast only to realize it’ll never be enough.

And if it were, what would be left to do?

Troy savored the quiet moment alone, letting her mind wander and picturing the preparations toward World Title defenses to come: the strap affixed snugly around her waist as she stood, full of conviction and hunger to walk into the Lion’‘s Den where the volume of tradition and disapproval increased its climb into her ears the closer she stepped back into the office.

But this was not the scene for tonight. Tonight, the Queen’s quest would be taming a Dragon. Why should the knights of medieval folklore have all the fun?

Her hands were shaking as she continued lacing. Would she tremble before her tenth title defense? The thought called a smile to Lindsay’s face, as did the presence standing silently in the doorway watching.

“You’d make an awful ninja, Joey,” Lindsay chided as she finished tying the double-knot then looked up to see her lover.

“I’m past the point of caring if you know that I’m watching you.” Melton, ever the assassin, threw a smirk in Troy’s direction with pinpoint accuracy while letting himself inside, Lindsay’s last preparation’s be damned. Joey was fresh off his match with Marcus, the effects of which were apparent.

“You’re ready to admit now that you were God-awful in your ability to hide your feelings from me?” Troy stood, threw her hair back in a pony-tail and limbered up, the EPW title folded neatly on a coffee table in front of her. As the champ ordered the blood flowing, Melton remembered why he first fell in love. Nimble minx. Totally. Was Troy really a woman or a gift from the God Joey rejected once Randalls introduced him to the High Elder's inner circle...and beautiful, just-barely-legal daughters some ten years ago.

“Just that I hit on you shamefully.”

“Ah, I see.”

Melton stopped his measured walk a foot from the table; the EPW title lay as a medium between them. She was too focused to entertain his advances, and Joey knew the line between business and pleasure better than most. He just wanted to…see her as champ one more time.

It’s been a lifetime since a company chose Melton to front them. Too many years, but the role he plays now has paid him handsomely. One day Lindsay won’t be able to sniff the Main Event picture, let alone be a million dollar company’s repeating Employee Of The Month. He loves how she looks this second. Happy. In awe of where she stands, but aware of the hopes piggy backing on her soft shoulders.

“I guess its time,” Lindsay says, a joyful notch above a whisper. Her pink cheeks and dumb-luck laugh at herself break the stare between she and Melton. “Would you? I mean…” Troy fiddles with her hair, her knees buckling. “Do you mind, baby?”

“Never do,” responds Joey, laughing at her orgasmic mood change. “Every Queen needs her crown.”

He bends enough to reach the EPW World Title and slowly wake it from its slumber. Title in hand Melton reaches for Lindsay’s waist, his hands grazing the hips that continue to enslave him, and a championship earned is fastened securely.

Queen for a day.

Matter-of-factly Troy reaches for Melton’s neck, leaning in to kiss him. “Don’t get too comfortable, I’ll be back shortly,” said Troy as she threw her weight back, walked to the door and out to meet her doubters; the common thieves who still had to be won over. Made to buy the company line, or shot tragically and taken out with the rest of the trash.

“Be careful,” said Melton to no one in particular, perhaps himself, as he casually stares at the World Title’s imaginary imprint on the table.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[Cut backstage where we see Empire Pro Owner Dan Ryan rounding a corner and heading toward the catering area. Paul Freeman approaches as Ryan draws some water out of a large cooler.]

PF: Hey Dan, glad I caught up to ya.

DR: What can I do for ya, Paulie?

PF: Well, Frankie Scott was in my office earlier looking for you. He was a little frustrated that he can’t pin you down for a chat or something, I dunno.

DR: Oh? Well it’s not like I’m hard to find. I’m at every show.

PF: Well yeah, I know. But…well, anyway he said if I saw you to say he was looking for you.

DR: Well, tell him I’ll be in my office until the show’s over checking out the main event but I’m leaving right after so if he wants to catch me he’ll have to get crackin’.

PF: Will do, boss.

[Freeman walks off and Ryan stands there drinking his water. Ryan chuckles and walks off toward his office.]

[Cut to the broadcast booth]

DT: Well folks, this has certainly been one hell of a night here on Aggression, and now it all comes to culmination with our main event as the World Champion, Lindsay Troy, gets set to take on the Intercontinental Champion, Karl Brown.

DM: Definitely one that I’ve been looking forward to all night, but I’m not too sure if they can top what we just saw between JA and Troy Windham.

MN: Are you kidding? Troy Windham just put on a clinic. There’s no way a woman and some guy off his Prozac can top a world champion like Troy Windham.

DM: But Neels, Lindsay Troy is the actual EPW World Champion. You’re saying she can’t put on as good of a show as Troy Windham, who just had his first match here in EPW?

MN: Exactly.

[CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden. Karl Brown enters to a good pop with his I-C title wrapped around his waist.]

DT: Well Neels, I guess there’s only one way to find out if these two can top JA and Troy Windham, and it’s coming up right here in front of us.

MN: No, the real way to find out is to know. And I know that they will not top it.

DM: Neels, The Original Kings of Partial called. They can’t do the show without you.

[CUE UP: “Money, Power, Respect”. Lindsay Troy enters the arena to a much louder pop as she struts out with her EPW World Heavyweight Title lying on her shoulder. She gives a smirk to Brown as she makes her way down the ramp.]

MN: You’re telling me that she can put on a better show than Troy Windham? I’d wager that she can’t even beat Karl Brown. Let alone Troy Windham.

DT: Neels, she’s the EPW World Heavyweight Champion.

MN: But she cheated to get there. Didn’t you listen to Beast whining about that last week when Steven Shane threw it in his face that he couldn’t even beat a woman?

DT: She didn’t take the highest road, but she did defeat Beast.

MN: And who is Beast compared to Troy Windham?

DM: Are you getting paid to plug Troy Windham every two seconds?

MN: I don’t need to be paid to speak about greatness.

DT: You are, aren’t you!

MN: Guys, the match is starting.

DT: Well, we’ll cover this later, but as Neels says, let’s get to this match. Troy and Brown are both in the ring and the ref is calling for the bell.


DM: Troy is actually towering over Brown here, at least for a woman-to-man perspective.

DT: That’s not going to stop him from locking up with her in that collar and elbow though as he does manage to get the upperhand and back her into the ropes. Brown doesn’t want to give Troy any types of openings as he delivers a hard chop right there! And another as the ref pulls him off!

MN: A chop? Seriously, is that the best he’s got? Troy Windham would’ve…

DM: Brown stays on the attack here as he whips Troy into the ropes. I’m sorry; did I interrupt you, Neels?

MN: Actually-

DT: Arm drag by Brown! He now locks the World Champion in an armbar.

DM: But Troy is going to quickly utilize her agility and flexibility. She has her leg wrapped around Karl Brown’s head…

MN: What kind of wrestling match is this exactly? Should we be telling the parents to put the kids to bed?

DT: I don’t think so, Neels, as Troy has now managed to somehow reverse out of that armbar with a headscissors!

DM: But Brown quickly grabs the ropes as both competitors now get back to their feet after the ref calls for the break.

DT: Brown reaches at Troy, but Troy ducks and quickly grabs Brown’s arm, placing him in a hammerlock. But look at Brown as he reverses it into a hammerlock of his own! Troy is looking for a way out of this…

DM: Oh my! Lindsay Troy just ran right up the ring ropes and flipped over Brown’s head! Brown turns around, kick to the midsection…

DT: Spinning fisherman’s suplex! She’s holds for the pin…



…kickout by Brown!

DM: Well, what do you think of the World Champ now, Neels?

MN: A fisherman’s suplex? Are you kidding me?

DT: Regardless, Lindsay Troy is staying on the attack here as she pulls Brown back up to his feet. She gives him her own knife-edge chop as she backs him into the ropes. She now whips him across the ring…

DM: Spinning roundhouse kick right to the chops as Karl Brown hit the mat like a sack of potatoes!

DT: And now a standing shoot star press by Troy! There’s another pin…



…kickout! Man! That was a close fall here in the early going!

MN: Troy Windham would’ve had him put away by now.

DT: Like he did with JA?

MN: Who got the win, Thomas?

DM: I hate to break this party up, but Lindsay Troy has now pulled Karl Brown up one more time. She lines up for a kick to the midsection, but Brown grabs her foot!

DT: Enziguri-NO! Brown ducked that blow as well! He now has Troy prone on the mat with that leg still in hand!

DM: Half crab! He could easily pop that knee of the world champion right here and now! Listen to Troy screaming in pain!

DT: She used her flexibility to get out of a predicament earlier, but I’m not sure if there’s really anything she can do to get out of this one.

DM: Well, she prides herself on being one of the toughest on the circuit, but I’m not sure if even she can withstand this. Karl Brown is one of the best technical wrestlers we have here in EPW, and you can tell by the way he has that crab locked in!

DT: Look at the torque! Troy is in a ton of pain!

DM: She’s reaching for the ropes, but I’m not sure if she’ll be able to make it there.

DT: Her arm is outstretched, but I can tell from here that it is not long enough to reach those ropes.

DM: And now Karl Brown pulls her even further away into the middle of the ring! Troy has slumped to the mat! The ref is asking her if she’s alright…

MN: World champion my rear. Ring the bell!

DT: Well, the ref is checking her here. He lifts the arm…


DM: Wait a second! Karl Brown is taking it a step further now! He has just moved into position and locks Troy in an STF!

DT: She’s not going to be able to get out of this! The ref lifts her arm again…


MN: It’s over! No one gets out of this move from the middle of the ring!

DT: Well, if she doesn’t respond here, the ref will be forced to ring the bell. Here comes the last time…


DM: NO! Lindsay Troy is still alive in this match! Her hand was millimeters from that mat, but she sprung it up, and she’s still kicking here!

DT: Listen to this crowd! They are going nuts!

[Chants of “Lindsay! Lindsay! Lindsay!” erupt from all corners of the arena.]

MN: She still has to get out of this hold! She can just as easily let that hand hit the mat three more times because she has nowhere to go!

DT: Well, she’s trying like hell now, as she’s using those arms to carry not only herself, but Karl Brown to the ropes to break the hold.

DM: She is still so far away though! That arm is pulling her, but ever-so-slowly. I don’t know if she has enough gas to make it that far.

DT: The champ reaches out…

MN: She’s still not there! Ring the bell and let’s get a real champ back out here.

DM: She is not giving up though. You can see the determination on her face!

DT: Wait! She slumps to the mat again…

DM: But she’s quickly back up! She will not let this hold get the best of her! She gives another pull…

DT: YES! Lindsay Troy has made it to the ropes and Karl Brown must now break this STF that he has had on her for several minutes! What determination by both competitors!

DM: Brown has nothing to do but shake his head here! He can’t believe it either! He just gave her the time of her life!

DT: But he’s going to stay on the attack as he now picks her up off the mat by that leg before slamming it into the canvas! Troy screams out in pain! Brown now pulls her to the middle of the ring…

DM: Figure four!

DT: No! Troy pushes him off with her good leg! Brown rebounds off the ropes…

DM: Inside cradle!



…but Troy can’t hold on as that leg would not allow her to keep the full pressure on Brown!

DT: Brown bounces up. He charges at Troy…

DM: Low blow by Troy!

MN: Disqualify her ref! Strip her of that title!

DT: Well, he’s telling Lindsay she better tone it down, but he’s not going to disqualify her yet.

MN: This is crap! Karl Brown is getting screwed because Troy promised a favor to the ref if he didn’t disqualify her!

DM: I find that hard to believe, Neels.

MN: Believe whatever you want, but I’m just saying that’s what happened.

DT: Both competitors are slow to get up here as Troy still clings to that knee desperately. Brown is going to get up first with the help of the ropes. He walks to Troy, who gives him a shoulder to the midsection!

DM: Bulldog by Troy as she gains herself some time to get back into this thing.

DT: Troy is up as Brown slowly rises. Troy now grabs him from behind…

DM: Reverse underhook DDT by Troy! She’s going to go for the pin…



…kickout by Brown!

DT: Well, Troy gets back up here. Wait. What’s she doing?

DM: I’m not sure, Dave.

DT: Are you kidding me? I don’t believe this! Lindsay Troy, injured knee and all, is heading to the top rope!

DM: She’s going for the 720!

DT: No! Brown moved out of the way! Troy just SMACKED the mat! And this match has once again become a foot race!

MN: I’m going to give it to Brown if this is a race, because he has two legs.

DT: Come on, Neels!

DM: Well, he’s speaking the truth, Dave. Brown is now up while Troy is still struggling up here. Brown perches himself behind the rising Troy…

DT: Release German Suplex! Lindsay Troy just folded up like an accordion! Brown’s going for the cover…



…kickout by Troy! How did she manage to do that?

DM: I’m not sure, but Brown is really getting frustrated here. He now stands up and waits for Troy to arise one more time here.

MN: No Karl! Don’t go to the well one too many times!

DT: Troy is up…

DM: Dragon’s Bite! Karl Brown just nailed Lindsay Troy with the Dragon’s Bite! Here’s the pin…





DT: Did the bell just ring early? Karl Brown has his hands raised in victory.

DM: Wait, Dave. Tony Fatora is speaking with the ref here…

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the result of this match is a TIME LIMIT DRAW!!!

DT: Are you kidding? Karl Brown is beside himself! He cannot believe he was that close to beating the World Champion, and now the clock has defeated both of them!

MN: A draw? That’s like kissing your sister! I would not settle for this if I was Karl Brown. He defeated that wench right in the middle of that ring!

DM: Rules are rules, Neels. And this match just went over the fifteen minute time limit that was given to it. Karl Brown just needed to close it out faster. But you can’t take anything from the World Champion, because she did not allow him to do just that.

DT: Nonetheless, the Intercontinental Champion has made a hell of a statement here tonight, guys. Folks, we’re out of time here for Aggression this week! Don’t forget to tune in next time for even more action like what you just saw tonight!

[As the crew signs off, we cut backstage as a stagehand knocks on the door of “Phenomenal” Frankie Scott. Scott opens up the door and seems ready to leave, with his bags strapped over his shoulder and street clothes on. The crew member, however holds out a piece of paper.]

FS: What’s this?

Crew member: Mr. Freeman told me to make sure you got this before the main event was over, but I uh…kinda got held up. Sorry bro.

[The stagehand goes back down the hallways and Scott opens the note and reads. Frankie’s eyes go wide and he breaks into a dead sprint down the hall. In moments he arrives at Dan Ryan’s office in the arena and knocks on the door to no answer.]

FS: Come on…..come on….

[No answer….finally Frankie opens the door slowly. The room has been vacated already, no one home. Frankie slams his bag down in anger.]

FS: SON OF A *****!!

[The EPW logo flashes across the screen before fading to black.]
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