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AGGRESSION 55: Dallas, TX - 11/24/10


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX

[Pyro goes off as the camera swings around to show the menacing steel cage that hangs above the ring, the crowd cheering loudly as we cut to the broadcast booth where Dave Thomas, Dean Matthews, and Mike Neely are seated.]

DT: We are live in Dallas, and man tonight promises to be a huge night, the man who says he’ll save EPW, Copycat, gets ready for a showdown with Sean Stevens by fighting a very determined Michael Bastard!

DM: Bastard in some people’s minds should have just forced EPW’s hand and been awarded the Intercontinental championship, but he and the Amazing Logan have agreed to wait until Unleashed to take on the ailing champion Shawn Hart, momentum for both men is at stake tonight.

DT: Plus the man who’s caused all kinds of problems, Stalker gets in the ring with a very determined Donovan Astros in what I’m sure will be a violent and brutal affair.

MN: Which means it’s a fight Stalker’s born to win, he drags people down to his level of sadistic evil and crushes them, and Astros is not going to escape Stalker’s World tonight!

DM: All that and the former EPW World Champion Sean Stevens fights Karl Brown, and Triple X has made it clear that the Dragon will be made an example of tonight.

MN: The man who should STILL be champion will wipe the floor with the bumbling Brit, it’s not a question of win or lose for Stevens, it’s a question of if he lets it go 5 minutes or not.

DT: And the main event, a match filled with controversy even before we ring the bell, as Anarky, who’s fought his way into the finals of the King of the Cage, now fighting Layne Winters, a last minute replacement for Erik Black, who should have been in the finals, but now faces criminal charges.

DM: Stalker’s meddling in the King of the Cage took an unexpected turn, when it appeared his calling the DEA on Erik Black would advance Black to the finals with a controversial win over The First, but as you said, Dan Ryan made the decision to put Erik Black on the sidelines due to the legal issues The Dopesmoker is facing, and now Layne Winters has gotten himself the chance of a lifetime, in the finals of the King of the Cage, with a chance at becoming King and getting a shot at the EPW World Title!

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by the Birthday Massacre. The crowd pops as The First steps through the curtain and stands on top of the ramp. First’s face painted white with the Eye of Horus symbol covering each eye, he’s wearing an ‘Outcast Hero’ T-Shirt, black gi pants, as he walks to the ring.]

DT: And it appears we’re being joined by the EPW World Champion, as the First has brought this crowd to it’s feet.

MN: Ugh, do we really have to call him the champ? I thought an injunction had been filed against him or something.

DT: No you’re wrong as normal Neely, although The First isn’t wearing the EPW World Title Belt as he enters the ring.

DM: You will recall Stalker spat on the belt and threw it in a trash can to end our last show, in yet another disgraceful act.

[First circles around the ring, a “First” chant breaks out.]

FIRST: Thanks Dallas! [Pop!] I came out here to talk about four men…Two in my past, two in my future…Anarky and Layne Winters…One of you is going to earn the right to fight me at Unleashed for the EPW World Title…Now the three of us…We were in HOPE…We had some fun, beat up Anthology a bit, all those good times, but now well, it’s business…

It’s business that Anarky runs me down every chance he gets, says I’m not humble, says I’ve made EPW a cult of personality…That he needs to do this company and this sport a favor and kick my ass…Well you know what Anarky, that’s the fun part about this business, you win tonight, you get the shot to do just that…And well…Good luck with that, cause you’re going to need it…

And Layne…Well Layne, I know that if I ended up fighting you with the EPW World Title on the line, having that belt there would be like dangling red meat in front of a hungry lion…I know how much you want to be champion…It’s kind of scary to me Layne, because a lot of times when I think about it…I see that same determination you have to be the champ…In me…And you’re a dark, scary guy Layne…And I sometimes worried about myself where I was going, what I was doing when I was on my path to winning that belt…

And in a way I’m glad I lost at Black Dawn…Because HOPE was a scam, a short cut, a way to get myself to the top quick, just like it was to be for you…Maybe I needed to have my eyes nearly ripped out of my head to really get earn a title shot…Maybe I needed to find out if I was willing to strangle Sean Stevens half to death to win the title…Maybe that was the path I had to walk…

So well, good luck to both of you…And I’ll be seeing one of you at Unleashed…

And that takes me to my past…Erik Black…We had our issues…And we fought, and well, I don’t think either one of us was happy about what happened, but you won, that’s how it went down…So Erik, I don’t care if I still got the belt by the time your legal issues are settled…Be it the show after Unleashed, or 5 years from now when you get out of jail…I wanna fight you again to find out once and for all who the better man is…

And Stalker…All your antics…All your stunts…Are cheap, bush league garbage…You’re not worthy of the EPW World Title…And you certainly have no right to throw that belt in a trash can…But when I was looking down into that can, looking at the big spitwad you put on the belt…I thought to myself that while that was THE EPW World Title Belt…It wasn’t…MY EPW World Title belt…

[A ring, like one used in ladder matches suddenly lowers from the rafters, on it is a belt that has white gold on a black strap, the headplate has a large ankh, beneath the words “EPW World Heavyweight Champion] the two sideplates reading “EPW” on them with two smaller sideplates having ankhs on them like the headplate. First unhooks the belt from the ring and throws it over his shoulder.]

FIRST: This is MY EPW World Title belt…And if anyone wants to try to take it from me…If anyone wants to try to deface it…Well then they better get ready for a war, because nobody, but NOBODY is taking this from me without paying a toil in blood, sweat and agony, I promise you that!
[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by The Birthday Massacre, as The First holds his new belt aloft.]

DT: Well The First sure has a lot to say, and he’s come up with a rather interesting way of dealing with what Stalker did at the end of the last Aggression.

MN: Interesting?! No other EPW World Champion ever made a personalized belt, this punk hasn’t even won a title defense, he’s an egomaniac, he should be locked up in a rubber room!

DM: I’m sure he’s deeply concerned with how you feel about him Neely.

DT: We’ll be right back with our opening match after this!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
DT: Get ready for a clash of styles, EPW fans, because that’s what you’re about to see in just a moment here.

MN: Yes, an epic clash between the brutal style of Stalker and the getting-the-crap-beaten-out-of-him style of Donovan Astros.

DM: We all know you don’t much care for Donovan Astros because his tendency to not be a conniving sneak in the ring, Neely, but there’s no doubt Astros is hungry here in EPW and has scored some big victories since his debut, including one over the EPW Television Champion in a non-title match at Aggression 54!

MN: I still think that match should have been for the title.

DM: So you’re saying you want Donovan Astros to be EPW Television Champion right now?

MN: Yes, so Stalker could take the title from him!

DT: Should have seen that one coming, Dean. Let’s head down to the ring for the introductions.

[CUE UP: “Did My Time” by Korn. The fans jeer as Stalker pushes through the curtains and slowly heads down to the ring, all business as he does not even acknowledge the crowd]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following matchup is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring now, from Parts Unknown! Weighing 224 pounds, Stalkerrrrrrrrrrrrr!

DM: No surprise here – Stalker has about as much interest in the EPW fans as they have love for him, which is to say not much on either count.

MN: Stalker has more important things to worry about than what these pinheads think of him, Dean!

[Stalker slides under the bottom rope and enters the ring. Standing him, he quickly head-fakes referee Emilio Gomez to get him to flinch, then settles himself in the corner. He shoots a contemptuous look at the audience, then brings his gaze back to the entrance ramp]

DT: I don’t know that I’d completely echo your sentiment, Neely, but you’re right that the fans are low on Stalker’s priority list these days. He’s been singularly focused in recent months on becoming EPW World Heavyweight Champion, and though that title has changed hands from Sean Stevens to the First since Stalker vowed to capture it, his focus has not wavered.

DM: The title may be his stated goal, but from his actions, I think his real goal may just be chaos. How many times has he interfered in matches that didn’t directly concern him?

MN: Stalker will interfere in as many matches as he has to, Dean! It’s all part of his master plan, which I wouldn’t expect you to understand.

DM: Well, we’ll see tonight just how far that master plan gets him against Donovan Astros.

[CUE UP: “Worldwide Suicide” by Pearl Jam. Donovan Astros heads through the curtain and stops at the top of the entrance ramp to limber up, eyes on the ring. The crowd pops big for Astros, and he acknowledges their cheers by pointing out at them from the ramp. That done, he starts toward the ring, drinking in the crowd response and psyching himself up for his match]

TF: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California! Weighing in at 237 pounds, Donovaaaaaaan Assssstroooossss!

DT: Donovan Astros, Dean, as you pointed out, has been on a roll lately, and tonight, he’s looking to keep rolling right over Stalker.

MN: Anybody who tries to roll over Stalker is going to come out of it with a lot of punctured tires, Dave!

[Astros rolls into the ring, clearly trying to strike a balance between enjoying the crowd’s adulation and not getting distracted by it]

DM: Neely, you’re right about one thing: Bringing down Stalker is no easy task. There’s little this man won’t do to walk out of the arena triumphant, and Donovan Astros is going to find him an opponent quite different from the others he’s met here in EPW.

DT: Especially when you consider that Astros’ last two matches have both seen him tie it up with Karl “The Dragon” Brown, a man whose technical acumen is similar to Astros’ in-ring style. If there are any similarities between Karl Brown and Stalker – besides the fact that they are both EPW competitors – I’ve yet to see it.

DM: Well, we’re about to find out just how Donovan Astros deals with an opponent who approaches things in a completely different way.

[Gomez gives the timekeeper the signal]


DT: Astros in the center of the ring, expecting a tie-up, but Stalker still leaning back in that corner.

DM: Astros looks confused here. I'm sure he didn't go into this match expecting an opponent who thinks conventionally, but he still expected his opponent to, you know, actually <i>do</i> something.

DT: Stalker now out of the corner – and he just walks right past Astros to the other corner!

DM: What is Stalker's game here?

MN: That's the twisted mind of Stalker at work! He's throwing Astros off balance without even throwing a punch!

DM: You won't get any argument from me on the topic of Stalker's twisted mind, but I fail to see how this is getting in Astros' head.

DT: Astros approaching Stalker now, and Stalker heads in his direction again – and again just walks past him! Astros, exasperated, turns to the referee, trying to figure out what's going on here--

DM: And a kick to the midsection by Stalker!

Crowd: [Boo!]

MN: What did I tell you? Stalker was waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and he found it!

DT: Stalker now hammering away at the back of a doubled-over Astros! An elbow strike to the head drops Astros to a knee!

DM: Stalker grabs Astros by the hair and sends him face-first into the top turnbuckle!

MN: He's not going to give that sucker Astros as much as a chance to breathe!

DM: Stalker now laying into Astros with kicks to the midsection, and now a hard shot to the face! Stalker is relentless as he stomps Astros to the ground in the corner!

DT: And now Stalker is driving his boot right into the throat of Astros! Emilio Gomez is up to three, four and Stalker breaks the hold!

DM: And now he goes right back to choking Astros with the boot, and again a break at a long four-count! And look, once again, Stalker acts like he's going to take a swing at Emilio Gomez, just to make him flinch!

MN: Hey, it isn't Stalker's fault Gomez is such a scaredy-cat! You ever see him in the locker room? He once got spooked by his own reflection!

DM: How would you have even seen that? You're out here at the broadcast position all night.

MN: Hey, I've got my sources! Don't act like I don't!

DT: Another kick to the head for good measure by Stalker, and now he whips Astros to the opposite corner! Stalker charges in and a hard clothesline to Astros!

DM: Coming out of the corner now, a bulldog by Stalker! He rolls Astros over for the cover, and – wait a minute, he's not covering him, he's just taking the opportunity to choke him some more! A minute into this match and Stalker is already breaking the rules left and right!

MN: You call this breaking the rules left and right? Have you never seen a Stalker match before, Matthews?

DM: Now Stalker starts laying into Astros with right hands! He's just been overwhelming his opponent here in the early going, and it's all thanks to that cheap shot that started the match.

MN: Stalker always has a plan, Matthews!

DT: Stalker with Astros to his feet now, sends him into the ropes and a back elbow catches Astros right in the jaw! Drags him to his feet again, and off the ropes again!

DM: Astros this time ducks the back elbow, off the ropes from the other side and floors Stalker with a clothesline! Off the ropes, and another clothesline by Astros brings Stalker down! Astros dragging Stalker to his feet!

DT: And a thumb to the eye by Stalker! Stalker now lifts Astros up and a backbreaker! Stalker now, shaking the cobwebs out, and he whips Astros to the buckle! A reversal by Astros, charges in and gets a faceful of boot from Stalker!

DM: Stalker hops up to the second rope now, waits for Astros to turn around and puts him down with a big shoulderblock! Stalker now into a cover – no, once again, into a choke! And he breaks it just a half a second away from a five-count!

DT: You have to wonder how much latitude Emilio Gomez is going to continue to give if Stalker keeps this up.

MN: He'll give Stalker as much latitude as Stalker wants! You've seen the way he shrinks away from him – he's not about to get on Stalker's bad side!

DM: I think you'll find as this match goes on, Neely, that Emilio Gomez isn't quite the meek wallflower you make him out to be.

MN: I'll believe that when I see it!

DT: Stalker bringing Astros back to his feet again, and Astros with a hard shot to the midsection! And another! Astros battling back to his feet!

DM: And Stalker with a shot to the throat! Stalker off the ropes, and Astros with a kick to the midsection! Astros grabs a front facelock and hooks the arm! He could be going for the Slingshot Effect already!

Crowd: [Pop]

DT: But Stalker slips out and rolls to the outside!

Crowd: [Boo!]

MN: Stalker's too smart to fall into that trap so early! He's going to take his time picking Astros apart!

DM: Stalker still on the outside collecting himself as Astros beckons for him to get back in the ring. But I think we all know Stalker isn't about to play by anybody else's rules here.

MN: About time you started paying attention, Matthews!

DT: Stalker now rolls back into the ring – and rolls right back out again to break the count!

DM: What does Astros have to do to get Stalker to fight like a man?

MN: Stalker is a bigger man than Astros will ever be, and you'd better not let him hear you talking that way, Matthews! He won't go easy on you just because you're a commentator!

DM: I think Stalker has more important things to worry about than me right now, Mike.

DT: It looks like Astros has had enough of Stalker hanging back, because he just rolled out there right after him! Stalker goes around the corner of the ring and rolls back in, Astros on his heels, and Stalker catches Astros coming into the ring with a stomp to the head! And another!

DM: And Stalker has just retaken control of his one, it looks like.

DT: Stalker drags Astros up to his feet and a Russian legsweep! More stomps to the head now, and one to the stomach for good measure! Stalker grabs a leg, pulls Astros to the center of the ring, and it looks like he's going for an STF here! But can he get it locked in?

DM: No! Astros kicks him away. Stalker right back over, and Astros kicks him away again. Astros has gotten back to his feet now, Stalker's right back after him and a hard right hand from Astros! Another one!

DT: Stalker pushes Astros back into the ropes, looking for an Irish whip, reversed by Astros! Stalker off the ropes, ducks under a clothesline, coming off the other side and biiiiig back body drop by Astros!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Astros off the ropes and drops Stalker to the mat with a clothesline! Stalker hauled to his feet and a scoop slam now by Astros! Astros sends Stalker to the ropes again, ducks the head and Stalker nails him with a kick right to the chest!

MN: That's it, Stalker! Don't let him gain any momentum!

DT: Stalker off the ropes now and he runs right into a powerslam by Astros! Astros has the cover!



And Stalker gets the shoulder up!

DM: Astros picks him up, and now a sidewalk slam! Another cover by Astros! The leg is hooked!



And Stalker kicks out!

DT: Astros is starting to rally here! This is really his first chance to get in any major offense since Stalker took advantage in the early going.

MN: Early going? You mean the entire match!

DM: Astros, feeding off the crowd's energy, picks Stalker up and drills him with an atomic drop! Stalker goes face-first into the turnbuckle, staggers back and a German suplex by Astros! He holds the bridge!



No! Stalker manages to escape again!

DT: And he again rolls to the outside!

DM: But Astros isn't about to give him another chance to rest! Astros follows him right back out there, grabs Stalker by the hair and slams his face into the ring steps!

DT: Astros normally has a more mat-based style, but he also approaches things psychologically, and I'm sure he realizes by now that it will take more than mat wrestling to beat an opponent like Stalker.

MN: It will take more than anything Astros has to beat Stalker! He's just prolonging the inevitable!

DM: That's not quite how I see things here, as Astros now slams Stalker into the apron! And again! Astros now scoops Stalker up onto a shoulder, and he could be about to send him into the ring post!

DT: But Stalker slides down the back! Stalker slowly backing away from Astros, Astros charges toward him and--

DM: Stalker with a drop toe hold that sends Astros crashing face-first into the steps! That one looked ugly!

DT: Astros his down, clutching his face! It looks like that one scrambled his brains!

MN: What little brains he had, anyway! If it were Stalker, he'd still have plenty of brainpower left to go around!

DT: Stalker now rolling back into the ring! And after all that action on the outside, the referee's count is already up to seven! Now to eight! Stalker may win this one by countout!

DM: Gomez is up to nine!

DT: But Stalker shakes his head “no,” and he's back out to restart the count!

MN: He isn't done with Astros, not by a long shot!

DM: Astros is slowly regaining his feet, but Stalker's right behind him and he kicks Astros' head right into the ring steps! And he's not letting up, as he brings a dazed Astros back to his feet and slams him into the barricade!

DT: The fans are close enough to get in Stalker's face now, but he pays them no mind as he slams Astros into the barricade again! Hooks Astros up and nails him with a suplex on that thin padding!

DM: Astros is hurting here, Dave! He's going to have a much tougher time recovering from this beating than from the one earlier! And Stalker isn't helping things, as he hurls Astros headfirst into those steps from the other side!

MN: Now Stalker's rolling him into the ring! I think he's had enough!

DT: Both men back in the ring now, Stalker in control! Astros is still trying to shake off those blows to the head, but Stalker's not about to give him the chance as he hooks him up for a Russian legsweep – it connects!

DM: Stalker still holding onto Astros, brings him up and another Russian legsweep! Brings him up a third time, and a third Russian legsweep! Three more blows to the head for Astros!

DT: And Stalker pulls him up into position yet again! This time, a forward Russian legsweep! Astros is out of it! Stalker could be looking for a cover – and yes, this time, he's going for it!



No! Astros has his foot on the rope!

DM: And Stalker just rolls his eyes! I don't think he's all that upset that he has to keep beating on Astros!

MN: I don't think Stalker would be upset about having to keep beating on his own grandmother! That's how dedicated this man is to violence!

DT: Stalker with a scoop slam! And now he's heading up to the top rope! Astros isn't moving!

DM: Frog splash by Stalker – connects! The referee into position for the count, but Stalker gets off him before even a one-count! What is he thinking?

MN: He doesn't want to win this one by pinfall, Matthews! Look – he's going for the STF again!

DT: And I don't think Astros has the strength to kick him off this time! Astros is struggling, but Stalker – gets the hold! He's got it locked in!

DM: Astros is still half-conscious, but he's conscious enough to feel pain! Stalker is wrenching in on that STF, and there's some distance between Astros and the ropes!

MN: It's all downhill for Astros from here! Mark my words!

DT: Astros is in pain and his skull has been rattled, but it looks like he's still got something left in the tank and he's reaching for the ropes! But they're a long ways away!

MN: He'll never make it!

DM: Don't be so sure! Astros is inching forward, bit by bit, and Stalker doesn't look too happy about being along for the ride! He's closing the gap between himself and the ropes!

MN: But look at Stalker! He's tightening the hold! Astros can't possibly hold out until he makes the ropes!

DT: Astros reaching out – he can't quite make it! He's fading! He's got the hand up – this could be it!

MN: Tap! You know you want to!

DT: Astros is just about finished here! The hand is up! Astros – reaches the bottom rope!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Astros has saved himself, and Stalker can't believe it. Emilio Gomez is counting, and Stalker breaks the hold at a very long four!

MN: But Stalker's about to go right back to work on Astros! He won't be able to hold out much longer!

DT: Stalker hooks Astros up from behind and – reverse suplex sends Astros face-first into the mat! Stalker with a kick to roll Astros over, and now he's headed up to the top rope!

DM: It looks like Stalker is going for a moonsault! It's a risky maneuver, but if it connects, you can say “good night” to Donovan Astros!

DT: Stalker on the top rope! Moonsault – misses!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Astros rolled out of the way at the last possible second and Stalker hit nothing but mat! Both men are down! The referee starts the count!

MN: That can't possibly be it for Stalker! He'll be back to his feet before Astros, just you wait and see!

DT: Gomez is at two! Stalker is stirring, but Astros isn't moving! Now three!

DM: Astros is stirring now! Stalker is slowly picking himself up! Up to four! Stalker can see Astros moving, and he's trying to regain his footing before Astros gets any more chance to recover! Five!

DT: Gomez up to six now, and Stalker is on his feet! Stalker is up! Astros is getting close, and here comes Stalker to put him right back down!

DM: No! A stiff shot right to the breadbasket by Astros! And another! Astros on his feet and he sends Stalker reeling with an elbow! Stalker backed into the ropes, Astros charges--

MN: And Stalker backdrops him over the top to the outside! It's Stalker's match again!

DT: You could hear the air being sucked out of this arena when Astros hit the floor!

DM: Stalker follows Astros out and lays into him with stomps! Pulls Astros to his feet, and a whip sends him crashing into the ring steps yet again! Stalker is – oh no.

DT: Stalker is right out in front of us, and he's clearing off the announce table!

DM: Don't do this, Stalker!

MN: Don't listen to him, Stalker! The table is a small price to pay for taking out that idiot Astros!

DM: And he's not done! Stalker heading over to the timekeeper's table, and he shoves the timekeeper to the mat! He's got a chair!

DT: Stalker is now laying the chair on top of our broadcast table! What has he got planned? He's dragging Astros over here now, and he rolls him on top of the table!

DM: My God! He's going to give him the Evenflow on the chair and through the table! That is totally unnecessary!

DT: Emilio Gomez is out on the floor, warning Stalker not to do it, but he isn't listening! He's got Astros hooked up in a front facelock!

MN: Do it, Stalker! Put him out of my misery!

DT: No! Astros with shots to the midsection! Astros trying to fight Stalker off! Astros trying to slip out, but Stalker still has that front facelock!

DM: Astros lifts him up – and throws him off, face-first to the floor!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: And that's a long way down! Astros collapses on the announce table!

DT: Gomez checking both men! He's back in the ring now, and he's starting the count! Will either man make it back into the ring before he gets to 10?

DM: Gomez to two! Now three!

MN: Get up, Stalker! What's wrong with you? Astros has absorbed way more punishment!

DM: But Astros isn't the one who just took a good seven, eight-foot fall right on his face! Gomez at four! And Astros is stirring! He's getting down from the announce table! Gomez is at five!

DT: Astros is down to the floor, and he's wobbly, but he's staying up! Gomez at six! Astros grabs Stalker! Seven! He's trying to roll Stalker into the ring! Stalker is out of it! Eight!

DM: Stalker's in! Astros is in! Gomez stops the count! How much can these two men have left?

DT: Astros covers!



Thr—No! No! Stalker stays alive!

DM: Astros can't believe it! Stalker hadn't shown any signs of life since he hit the floor! Astros hauls Stalker up, and a rake of the eyes by Stalker!

MN: See? There's plenty of life left in Stalker!

DT: Stalker with a right to Astros, and Astros returns the favor! Another shot by Stalker, another by Astros, and the two men are trading blows!

DM: Astros blocks a shot by Stalker and fires off on him! The crowd is behind Astros all the way, and he's feeling it! Irish whip by Astros, Stalker off the ropes and a big belly-to-belly suplex by Astros!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: This crowd is coming alive for Donovan Astros!

DT: Astros now brings Stalker to his feet, Aztecan suplex sends Stalker to the mat! Astros covers!



No! Stalker kicks out!

DM: Astros brings him up again! A whip face-first into the turnbuckle, Stalker stumbles back and a butterfly suplex now by Astros! He's got the bridge!



No! Another kickout by Stalker!

DT: Stalker's been taken off his game! He hasn't got any mind games for Astros now, and Astros has got him reeling!

MN: Just for now, Thomas! Stalker's still got a plan! He has to have a plan!

DM: Well, it's not working out too well for him at the moment, I can tell you that! Astros has Stalker back to his feet, goes behind and hooks the arms! He's looking for the Astrocide! He's got it turned over – but Stalker shoves him off into the ropes! Stalker lowers the head, but Astros catches him and – gutbuster!

DT: And Astros is on Stalker now! He could be about to – yes! He's got the Martyr's Cross locked in! Stalker didn't even have time to react before Astros got the hold applied!

MN: But look how close Stalker is to the ropes! He'll have no trouble getting out of this one!

DM: Maybe if it were an STF, like Stalker had on Astros earlier, but it's tough to escape a hold that doesn't allow you the use of your hands, and Stalker is clearly feeling the pain!

MN: No, look, he's got his foot on the rope! I told you he'd escape!

DM: That may be, but Astros is still in complete control! Astros looks out at the crowd, and he says this one's over!

DT: Astros sets Stalker up on the top rope! He's looking for the Concussion Cannon! He's got Stalker hooked up!

DM: But Stalker just grabbed Emilio Gomez and pulled him in between himself and Astros! I can't believe it! Is there no low this man will not stoop to?

MN: Hey, it's kill or be killed in there, and Stalker is doing what he has to do to survive!

DT: And Astros breaks the hold! Gomez extricates himself, and Stalker nails Astros with another thumb to the eye! Stalker now drops to the apron and out to the floor!

DM: Stalker's just grabbed that chair he left on the announce table! He's going to get himself disqualified!

DT: Gomez is warning Stalker about the chair, but Stalker just ignoring him as usual! Astros has got his back to Stalker! Stalker's got the chair at the ready!

MN: Do it! Take his head off!

DM: Turn around, Astros! Turn around!

DT: Stalker loads up and – Gomez just grabbed the chair away from him!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Stalker is <i>livid!</i> He can't believe it!

MN: I can't believe it, either! Gomez should know better than to cross Stalker!

DM: Cross him? Gomez is the referee! His job is to enforce the rules, and Stalker was about to break them!

DT: At any rate, Stalker looks like he's about to kill Gomez! Stalker rears back and – rollup by Astros!



Three! No, wait! No! Stalker got the shoulder up! That was a heartstopper!

DM: Stalker misses with a clothesline! A kick to the back by Astros and – Astrolabe! The Astrolabe connects! Astros with a cover and a hook of the leg!



Thr-No! Stalker barely manages to kick out again!

DT: It looks like Astros is ready to end it! And this crowd is feeling it!

MN: Come on, Stalker! You can't go out like this! Think about how Emilio Gomez disrespected you! Get mad!

DT: Astros brings Stalker to his feet and he's hooking him up for the Slingshot Effect! Astros lifts him up – and Stalker slides down the back! Drops to his knees and--

DM: Low blow by Stalker! Right in front of the referee! That's got to be a disqualification! And Gomez calls for the bell!


Crowd: [Boo!]

DM: After all that, a disqualification! And this crowd is not happy about it!

MN: Well, they’re going to be even less happy about what happens next!

DT: Russian legsweep by Stalker! And now he’s rolling out of the ring!

MN: And I know just what he’s looking for!
DT: Stalker’s got that chair Gomez just took away from him, and he’s headed back into the ring! Stalker with the chair and – drives it into the back of Astros!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DM: Gomez is pleading with Stalker to stop, but Stalker’s not listening to him!

MN: Why should he? What’s Gomez going to do, disqualify him again?

DM: Stalker with the chair and – no! He’s going to hit Gomez! No, thank goodness, he pulls back! Hasn’t he done enough to try to intimidate Emilio Gomez?

DT: Stalker now dropping the chair on the mat, and he could be looking for an Evenflow on the chair! Front facelock on Astros – but Astros slips out and rolls to the floor! Astros trying to get out of dodge, and who can blame him with a chair-wielding Stalker in the ring?

DM: But Stalker isn’t finished! Stalker following Astros out of the ring! Grabs Astros from behind and launches him headfirst into the barricade!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DT: And Stalker is just soaking in the boos of the crowd! He has no regrets about what he’s done!

MN: Why should he have regrets? He’s the one still standing! He’s the one walking back to the locker room triumphant!

DM: If he thinks he’s triumphant, he’s not going to like what he hears next!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, as a result of a disqualification: Donovaaaaaaaaaaan Asssssssstrooooooos!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Stalker may have gotten the upper hand, but it’s Astros who has been declared the winner tonight!

MN: But look at Stalker’s face! He doesn’t care! He did what he came to do: inflict punishment on whatever opponent EPW puts in front of him!

[Stalker storms over to the time keeper's table and grabs a mic.]

Stalker: You see this?

[He walks over to the fallen Astros who has just suffered a brutal assault after an even more brutal match.]

Stalker: You see him? First? THIS is your fault. It will continue to be YOUR FAULT. As long as you hold that belt, claim yourself as champion and without acknowledging that I AM the reason you have it on your waist. People like Astros will suffer at my hands... all because of YOU.

[Fans begin to litter the ringside with trash and debris as a chorus of boos almost drown out Stalker's voice.]

Stalker: He is just the first to suffer as long as you ignore what is the truth. And it will only be a matter of time before I reach someone much... much closer to you.

[A grin crosses the face of Stalker as he pounds a few more kicks into the fallen Astros. Dropping the mic he spreads out his arms to another chorus of boos and walks up the ramp.]

DT: At any rate, stay tuned, EPW fans! We’ve got more Aggression for you coming right up, including tonight’s main event: the King of the Cage tournament finals, pitting Anarky against Layne Winters! Don’t go anywhere!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Cat's Paw

<i>[The camera cuts to a poorly lit room backstage. The only thing the dim lighting illuminates is Aaron Jones, who looks directly into the camera]</i>

<b>Aaron Jones:</b> Tonight isn't just about the King of the Cage tournament. Tonight isn't just about watching Him prove the mortality of Michael Bastard.

Tonight is about the man Dan Ryan has chosen as his personal knight in maintaining the status quo, as his general in his battle to keep EPW on its downward trajectory. A man who is only too happy to further the destruction of this business as long as his efforts to do so will put him back in the spotlight that veered away from him when he lost the EPW World Heavyweight Title.

Sean Stevens made a mistake when he decided to oppose Him, when he chose to believe over indisputable evidence to the contrary that it is He who is the true threat to EPW and this business as a whole. Sean Stevens is willfully neglecting his own role in the degradation of this business. And tonight, He will send a message to Sean Stevens to alert him to this and further failures

Tonight, Sean Stevens will see just how far he has fallen – and just how far he has yet to fall.

<i>[Jones walks past the camera and out of the room. A few seconds later, Copycat appears out of the darkness at the back of the room, his dead eyes not meeting the camera, and follows Jones out of the room, leaving it empty]</i>


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Karl "The Dragon" Brown (c) vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens - Non-Title

TF: The following is a special NON-TITLE CONTEST set for one fall!

[The arena lights CUT OUT.

CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden. The crowd gives a nice pop as the guitars blast, green and white lights flickering across the arena with a green spotlight focusing on the entrance way. As the vocals kick in, “The Dragon” appears wearing his full-length green leather coat with a dragon piped in black across the back, the TV title around his waist. He hi-fives some of the fans as he makes his way to the ring, vaulting up and over before posing on the second rope and saluting the fans]

TF: Weighing two hundred and eleven pounds, he hails from Nottingham in England, and is he reigning Empire Pro Wrestling Television Champion…


MN: What a loser.

DT: You’re calling one of the longest reigning champions in the company’s history a loser?

MN: Yes. Because since he came back he’s won, what, one match? He sucks!

DT: He’s certainly had more losses than wins since his comeback at Aggression 50, but he’s never been one you can count out. He narrowly lost to Donovan Astros and accepted the loss gracefully.

MN: Who does that? It made him an even bigger loser.

DM: A loser who was challenged by Sean Stevens to a match.

DT: These two crossed paths at Unleashed in 2006 but that was part of a six way elimination match. This is the first time they’ve met one on one.

[“Rainmaker” fades as we CUE UP: “King Back” by T.I. The crowd ERUPTS in a chorus of boos as “Triple X” Sean Stevens casually makes his way from behind the curtain. The former World Champion doesn’t even seem to care about the verbal abuse he’s receiving from the fans as he strolls leisurely, stopping and smirking at some of the anti-Stevens, pro-First signs in the crowd. When he finally makes it to the ring apron he wipes his feet and calls the ref over to hold open the ropes]

TF: And his opponent, weighing two hundred and forty three pounds… he hails from Orlando, Florida, and is a two time former World Heavyweight Champion… The Blue Eyed Badass and SAVIOUR of Empire Pro Wrestling…


MN: Now this is an entrance!

DM: Compared to the entrances we’ve seen from him lately this is very tame.

MN: Hey, this is great. Sean Stevens putting the fans and the referees in their place.

DT: We haven’t seen him in action since he lost th

MN: [interrupting] He didn’t lose! His feet clearly touched the floor first!

DT: Since he submitted to The First and finally lost the World Title. He’s still looking in great shape tonight though.

MN: Of course he is! He’s the best and he’s going to show it again by making The Dragon extinct.

DM: Speaking of Brown, he looks singularly unimpressed by Stevens. Is he taking a nap in the corner?

DT: He’s done this before to people, hopped up onto the top rope and appeared to fall asleep. Stevens isn’t fazed by it though.

[As the referee calls both men over, Brown exaggerates waking up. Stevens simply smirks as the two veterans meet in the middle of the ring, the fans building in anticipation]

[SFX: Ring bell]

DT: Quickly into a collar and elbow tie up! I didn’t think they’d go for it so quickly, neither man able to get an advantage. Stevens is the heavier man but Brown’s got tremendous explosive strength – they break.

DM: I expect there’s going to be a feeling out process. Both of these men know the other is a serious competitor, they’ve both had tremendous success.

MN: Brown HAD success. Now he sucks.

DT: They circle each other, they were joking to each other a moment ago but it’s all business. Collar and elbow, Brown with the go behind but Stevens blocking the waist lock attempt.

[Keeping a tight grip on the TV champion’s wrist, Stevens quickly spins into an arm wringer before applying a hammer lock. The Dragon tries for a snap mare and a leg trip with no success before he manages to reverse the hammer lock. Switching to a side headlock, he’s forced off the ropes by Stevens]

DT: Shoulder block takedown by Brown. Runs the ropes, Stevens ducks down, leap frog, turns – Brown stops on the ropes.

DM: He saw Stevens was looking for a clothesline this time. Smart move.

[Stevens smirks at Brown, mock-clapping him. For his part, Brown nods his head as the two once again being circling each other. They tie up again, this time Stevens going behind with a waist lock into a take down, but as he tries to spin round into a front face lock Brown counters into an arm wringer and arm bar on the mat. Stevens reaches out a hand and grabs the nearby ropes, forcing the break]

DT: Some fast counters in the early going from both men.

MN: This is boring me. I wish Sean would just finish him already.

DT: Back to a tie up once again, this time Stevens manages to over power Brown, forces him back into the corner. Are we going to get a clean break – chop to the chest by Stevens.

DM: That hard to smart! Stiff chop, Stevens with an Irish whip, Brown reverses, holds on and chops Stevens down to the mat! The force of the whip straight into a stiff chop sends Stevens down, but he rolls out of the way of the elbow drop follow up.

[Both men quickly get back to their feet, Stevens diving in with a double leg take down which catches Brown unaware. Grounded, The Dragon tries to spin out of it but Stevens quickly grabs his right leg, grapevining it and applying torque to the knee]

MN: Now we’re getting somewhere.

DT: Stevens with a leg lock applied, Brown trying to fight out of it.

DM: Look at the way Stevens grapevined the leg, though – keeping it tightly locked, not letting Brown twist out of it. An excellent wear down hold.

[Feeling Stevens’ grip tightening, Brown stops struggling, propping himself up on one elbow just to stop the pin being counted. Slowing his breathing, he forces himself to a seated position, then rocks forward. Stevens keeps the pressure on the right knee, but Brown starts rocking back and forth, finally managing to stand]



Stevens has to release the leg lock! What a counter!

DM: Brown with a running knee to the face, that was an impressive move, standing whilst in a leg lock and forcing the pin attempt.

DT: Brown with a right forearm to the head, face lock – BIG vertical suplex! Floats over, Stevens quickly with the shoulder up. Brown with a right hand, brings Stevens back to his feet. Irish whip off the ropes, back body drop, Stevens lands on his feet, side headlock take down!

DM: These two are certainly evenly matched.

MN: Evenly matched? Stevens is going to mop the floor with him!

DT: Mike, these are two of the best in the business.

MN: One of the best, and one who’s overrated.

DT: Brown trying to switch into a headscissor, Stevens switching track and bringing Brown to his feet. Go behind, hammerlock, switches to a front face lock – suplex attempt is blocked, right to the gut and a swinging neckbreaker from Triple X.

DM: He hit that brilliantly. Brown holding the back of his neck, Stevens scoops him up – big body slam!

[Grabbing the leg again, Stevens lands two hard kicks to the hamstring before wrenching the leg, yanking it as if trying to pull it from the socket. He repeats this, before dropping an elbow on the inside of the knee]

MN: Smart strategy!

DM: Not really, he’s focusing on the right knee.

MN: So?

DM: It’s Karl’s left knee he’s had problems with. Sean’s making this harder for himself.

DT: Stevens into a spinning toe hold, steps through



Woah! Just like that The Dragon almost steals it!

DM: See, Mike?

MN: He didn’t get the pin did he? It’s all good.

DT: Stevens looks a little put off by that, staying in the corner, Brown’s got a smirk on his face.

DM: Both these men are known for playing possum, Brown definitely caught Stevens unaware.

[Brown flexes his knee out as Stevens slowly gets to his feet in the corner. The two men start circling again, but rather than going into a tie up, Brown steps in quickly with a knee to the mid section followed with an elbow to the back of the head and a side Russian leg sweep]

DT: Brown off the ropes, somersault leg drop!



Left shoulder up by the former world champ.

MN: REAL world champ.

DM: Former. Like you’re a former person.

MN: Har har.

DT: Brown bringing Stevens up to his feet, Irish whip. Stevens up and over, Brown slides under the bottom rope, grabs Stevens by the leg


[Looking round at the fans for a moment, Brown ignores the referee and yanks both Stevens’ legs, crotching him against the ring post. The crowd cheer, although the referee is less forgiving, threatening to disqualify Brown. Ignoring the ref, Brown vaults in and connects with a splash for a two count]

MN: He should be disqualified for that!

DT: Stevens thought he had the advantage but Brown saw him going over, slid under the bottom rope and… well… I hope Stevens doesn’t want kids in the near future.

DM: Brown grabbing the left leg of Stevens, drops a knee on the ankle, and another one.

DT: Not much showboating from either man tonight, it’s definitely all business.

[The Dragon steps back, stalking Stevens who’s still feeling the effect of being crotched on the post. As he gets to his feet, Brown charges, but the former world champion shows why he is one of the best in the business; stepping out of the way at the last minute he avoids a stomp to the head, hooking Brown in a waist lock and DRILLING him with a high angle release German suplex. Brown lands hard on the back of his neck, flopping to the mat. The ref quickly checks him before Stevens comes in, dropping a knee to the back of Brown’s head]

DT: Stevens back to his feet, off the ropes – what elevation on that knee drop!



THWoah. I thought Brown was out of it.

DM: He’s definitely stunned, he landed hard.

MN: What is it with Brown’s matches and neck injuries?

DT: Stevens walking a little gingerly, has Brown up in the corner, chop to the chest. Another chop, hoists Brown up to the top. Stevens follows, hooks the head – suplex from the second rope.



Kickout by Brown.

[Sensing the tide has well and truly turned, Stevens grabs Brown by the back of the head and the jaw, twisting his neck like a chiropractor after you’ve annoyed them. The referee asks Brown if he wants to give up, but the television champion refuses to quit. Stevens changes his plan, grabbing Brown in an inverted face lock and drilling him with a reverse DDT]

MN: Ha. I knew Brown didn’t have what it takes.

DT: Stevens is in control, but we’ve seen Brown come back before from the brink. Stevens being very methodical, brings him back up. Double underhook – Brown blocks the suplex attempt but Stevens with a knee to the face, off the ropes and hard lariat.

DM: Brown’s still looking a little glassy eyed.

DT: Stevens waiting on Brown to get back to his feet, charges in, Brown with a forward roll under the clothesline, ducks another clothesline, hurricanrana!

MN: Damn him!

DT: Stevens quickly back to his feet, Brown with a right to the jaw, Irish whip – BIG back body drop!! The Dragon with a couple of big offensive moves, rolls his neck to loosen it up. Kick to the gut, sprints past Stevens, bulldog on the rebound.

MN: Get out of there, Sean!

DT: Brown up to the corner – double axe handle! Brown ducks behind, school boy roll up



Kickout by Sean!

MN: A school boy isn’t going to beat Sean.

DT: Stevens back up quickly, turns but Brown’s behind him. Knee to the back and Stevens takes a spill through the ropes.

[Stevens lands well but still heavily and it takes a couple of seconds for him to regain his bearings. Karl, meanwhile, glances down at his opponent and then around at the fans, turning to almost face the opposite ropes. With a last glance over his shoulder, he sprints to the far side and hits the ropes]



DM: NO! Stevens ducks out of the way but Brown held onto the top rope!

DT: Stevens thinks Brown’s hurt, turns around – kick to the head by Brown! What agility!

DM: Takes a look at the fans, at Stevens staggering, ASAI MOONSAULT!! ASAI MOONSAULT ON THE OUTSIDE!!


Crowd: THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap* THAT WAS AWESOME! *clap clap clapclapclap*

DT: The Dragon taking his life into his own hands, Sean Stevens thought he’d avoided a plancha but Brown landed on the apron, kicked him in the head and hit a beautiful Asai moonsault to the outside. Brown hi-fiving fans, Stevens sprawled on the arena floor – I can’t believe what we just saw!

[With a final wink to a fan, Brown scoops Stevens off the floor and bounces his head off the guard rail. Stevens flounders as he tries to get away, but The Dragon rolls him back into the ring and follows closely behind. Stevens begs off to try and catch his breath, and as Brown moves in, Stevens reaches up and rakes Brown’s face]

DT: Almost a desperation move by the former world champ but an effective one, Stevens with a right to the jaw and a pendulum back breaker.

DM: Brown made a huge mistake in not following straight up after the moonsault. Stevens with a choke hold on the canvas.

MN: Breaks waaay before five.

DT: You mean only just! He knows just how far to push it.

[Stevens stomps on Brown’s head as the referee admonishes him for the choke hold. Stevens reminds the ref he was crotched on the ring post earlier, “…so shut it,” and peels Brown from the mat. He drops Brown on the middle rope, then forces his opponent’s throat down, breaking again just before five. He grabs The Dragon by the hair, hurling him back into the corner, where he elevates him high up to the top rope]

MN: And a picture perfect superfishermansplex!



DM: And Brown barely getting a shoulder up. The one problem with a fisherman’s, but Sean’s straight in with a rear chinlock.

DT: Sean’s really trying to wear The Dragon down and he’s quietened the fans after that moonsault.

DM: Brown’s always seemed to feed off the energy of the crowd, so Sean’s definitely doing the right thing, locking in that rear chin lock. Look how he lifts himself up and drops to the mat, it forces Brown not only to carry all Stevens’ weight for a couple of seconds but also forces more air out of Karl’s lungs when he lands.

MN: Sean can also tighten his grip and stop Brown from breathing almost.

DT: The ref checking to make sure it’s not a choke hold, if that’s what you’re getting at, Mike.

DM: No, Mike makes a good point. The longer Sean stays with the chin lock, the more he can restrict the blood flow to the brain and at the same time through his body positioning keep Brown from taking deep breaths, the more likely Stevens can pick up the victory.

DT: The referee checking Karl’s arm, it doesn’t drop. I know there’s no titles on the line but you’ve got to think Karl desperately wants the win.

MN: Of course he does. Everyone wants a CLEAN win over Stevens! But nobody can do it. Nobody!

DM: Well you do keep saying First is a nobody, so I guess that counts.


DT: The referee checking Brown’s arm again, this time it drops.

Checking again… no, doesn’t drop!

DM: And Stevens has had enough of waiting.

DT: Brings Brown to his feet, standing headscissor – CRADLE PILEDRIVER!!

MN: That does it!

DT: Stevens not going for the cover, he’s taunting the fans!

DM: Big mistake.

MN: Why?

DM: The fans have things they can throw. And some of them are deadly accurate.

DT: Stevens taking his time, drags Brown to the corner. What’s he planning?

MN: Something great.

DT: Up to the second rope, says it’s over… MISSES!!

[Stevens screams in pain as he hits the canvas, missing a leg drop as Brown rolls out of the way. The former World Champ tries to get to his feet quickly, but ends up having to hold onto the rope as his hamstrings throb. This gives the television champion time to regain his senses, and it’s Brown who stands first. Taking a few deep breaths, The Dragon charges at Stevens and connects with a running forearm. He repeats this a second and a third time before grabbing Stevens, throwing him into the corner, and hitting a Diamond Dust]

DT: The cover

The two

Kickout narrowly by Stevens!

DM: Brown took a lot of punishment with the chin lock and the cradle piledriver but he’s giving as good as he gets.

DT: Brown with a scoop slam on Stevens, off the ropes


MN: Oh snap!!

DT: ONE!!!


THREE NO!! No, Sean Stevens BARELY got the shoulder up!

DM: But barely is enough.

DT: Brown thought he had him, he’s got him up, Dragon’s

MN: Nope

DT: Sean Stevens spun out before Brown could lift him and just hit a BEAUTIFUL standing drop kick!

DM: But he’s slow to get up. Missing that leg drop from the ropes could have torn something.

DT: Stevens up to his feet, just ahead of Brown and connects with an elbow to the back of the head. Hooks him, scoops, Brown ducks over, superkick misses, Stevens misses, Brown charges. Sean under the clothesline, backslide



Kickout at two. Brown back to his feet, Stevens with a kick to the gut, sit out powerbomb!!



THREEEEENO! No, Brown BARELY rolls out!

MN: Dammit, Sean, stop toying with him!

DT: I don’t think he’s playing around any more, Mike. Stevens hooking him, X-Terminator time



Kickout by Stevens! God, I thought that small package might have done it!

DM: Stevens is up first, big knee to the face. Brown back up, DDT by Stevens!



No, Brown has his foot on the rope!

DT: And Stevens now is the one who can’t believe it!

MN: Come on, Sean, big move from the corner!

DT: Stevens dragging Karl to the corner, hoists him up. Could we be seeing a superplex?

DM: Could be. Stevens with Brown on the top rope, follows him up. He’s got him hooked.

DT: Brown blocks it, right to the gut by Stevens. Blocked again by Brown, Brown fires back! Right to the jaw, another right. HOLY COW!?!

MN: NO!!


DM: But he can’t cover. Stevens is hurting in the middle of the ring, Brown’s holding his neck by the ropes.

DT: Brown and Stevens both stirring, Brown in – sunset flip, Stevens rolls through



Left shoulder up! Brown almost got pinned.

[Stevens is up first, but as he tries to charge Brown, the Dragon manages to fire off a right snap kick to the ribs. This stuns Stevens long enough for Karl to fire off another kick to the ribs, then one to the head, which he follows with an Irish whip. As Stevens staggers from the corner, The Dragon charges in, up onto Steven’s shoulders, and into a victory roll near the corner]



NO!! How on EARTH did he not have him tied tight there?!

DM: If he hits this it won’t matter.

DT: Brown with Stevens up, hooks him front face lock, Stevens blocks, snap suplex! Floats over but Brown’s foot’s under the bottom rope!

DM: Stevens drags Brown, has him up, hooked, Brown with a smashing kick to the head! He shoved him off and just blasted him with that kick!

[Rather than going for the cover, Brown steps to the outside. He steadies himself, checking where Sean is, and launches himself in a flip]

DT: SENTON MISSED!! Stevens grabs Brown off the mat, schoolboy roll up






[SFX: Ding ding ding]

DT: I don’t believe it, the fans are yelling at the ref that Stevens had his feet on the ropes, Brown’s beside himself!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by pinfall…


MN: I saw nothing wrong with that decision.

DT: Were you not watching?!

MN: I was, and I saw Sean Stevens pick up the win. Like I knew he would.

DT: He needed to use the ropes to help him out!

MN: No he didn’t.

DT: Well I saw it and the fans saw it. Sean Stevens with the tainted win, we need to get these two in the ring again. What a match, ruined by a cheap ending like that!

MN: Cheap, shmeap – a win is a win..

DT: Only you would say that… wait, what’s this??

[The camera catches sight of Copycat and Aaron Jones climbing over the railing to the left of the announce team. Immediately, Copycat darts into the ring under the ropes, with Jones following him. Copycat dives onto Karl Brown and starts peppering him with lefts and rights before turning him into the Cat’s Claw.]

DT: My God! What are these two up to!! Cat’s Claw on Brown and Stevens… he’s only just now turning around and recoiling…. Is he gonna help??

DM: Good question.

MN: Not if he’s smart..

[Before we get an answer, Aaron Jones puts himself in between the actions and Stevens and raises a microphone.]

<b>Jones:</b> Take a close look, Stevens, because what you are looking at is your downfall.

Not just Him. Not just the Cat's Claw. But your own failings. Your mercy.

Though it is He who is trying to save EPW, you claim you will be able to save EPW from Him. But you don't have the passion, the raw intensity, you used to have, Sean. You've fallen too far to stand up to Him, and you've got a ways yet to fall.

You can stop that free-fall if you see what He sees, Sean. But if you choose to be stubborn and remain opposed to the cleansing He intends to bring, people will continue to be hurt, Sean, and it will be on you.

I know you have no love for Karl “The Dragon” Brown, Sean, but know this – if you continue this war, others will be hurt. People you care about. People who care about you.

Choose your next move carefully. Make the wrong choice, and you may yet get a second chance – but others may not.

[With that, Jones drops the mic and Cat releases Brown. Cat and Jones exits stage left, leaving Stevens to contemplate what was just said.]

DT: Well folks… Stevens leaving the ring now, looking back as Copycat releases Karl Brown finally… a cowardly attack by Copycat, but obviously he’s intent on sending his message.

MN: Brilliant is what it is.

DM: Brilliant?

MN: Sure, why not?

DT: [rolling his eyes] Well, while we get things under control in the ring… we’re gonna take a break. Copycat, fresh off of this… message… faces Michael Bastard… NEXT!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Copycat vs. Michael Bastard

[Quick fade to the ring as we come back from commercial...]

DT: Welcome back to Aggression, ladies and gentlemen! The main event to declare the 2010 King of the Cage is still to come... but before we get there, we’ve got a couple interesting match-ups on the way, including the one we’re about to see here!

CUE UP: “The People That We Love” by Bush

[The lights cut out, then begin flickering as the intro COPYCAT’s video package begins playing on the EmpireTron in sequence to the music. The Cat himself appears as the song enters its main riff to a chorus of JEERS coming out of all corners of the arena. With apathetic, hunter’s eyes slowly panning across the crowd, Copycat boldly makes his way down the ramp to the ring.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his way to the ring... hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and weighing in at 280 pounds... the SMARTEST PLAYER IN THE GAME... CCOOOOPPYYYYYCCAAAAATT!!!

[The crowd BOOS again. Copycat arrives at the ring, ascends the steps, and steps through the ropes as the lighting returns to normal. He promptly goes to his corner and loosens up.]

DT: These fans are definitely letting Copycat hear it tonight...

DM: Can’t really blame them, Dave. For the past several MONTHS, the self-proclaimed “Smartest Player in the Game” has plagued the Empire Pro backstage. He nearly KILLED the CEO and Owner Dan Ryan with a truck... turned senior official Pat Jones’ own SON, Aaron, to his will... and I don’t think he’ll be stopping any time soon.

MN: You’re right about that, Dean-O. The Cat WON’T stop... not until every miserable, worthless waste of space back in that locker room recognizes the great and revolutionary things he’s done for this company!

DT: Forgive me if I’m NOT seeing the big picture, Neely... but since Copycat came to Empire Pro, the most I’ve seen him do is criticize the talent and talk down to everyone like he wrote the book on professional wrestling.

MN: He DID write it! It was on the New York Times best-seller list for three straight months!

DM: Neels, I doubt you could read the New York Times at all, let alone anything on its best-seller list.

DT: Copycat may fashion himself as the savior of the sport, and he might have Pat’s boy on his side... but if there’s one thing I know, you don’t just pick a fight with “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan and EPW, and expect to walk away unscathed...

CUE UP: “All Secrets Known” by Alice in Chains

[Sans lighting or effects, a highlight reel of MICHAEL BASTARD viciously brutalizing one opponent after the next appears on the screen of the EmpireTron. The curtain in the entry-way is fiercely ripped aside as Bastard steps out onto the stage, looking pumped and rather unstable. The Amazing Logan is close behind him, talking up his talent while Bastard makes a quickly a defiant walk to the ring, eyes on his opponent.]

TF: And his opponent... accompanied to the ring by his manager, the AMAZING LOGAN... he hails from Flint, Michigan, and weighs in at 246 pounds... HERE IS... MMIIIIICCHHAAAEEEELLL BBAAAAAASSTTAAAAARRDD!!!

[Bastard slides into the ring and pops to his feet with such aggressiveness that Copycat immediately gets into a defensive position and tells the designated referee, Andrew Gardell, to keep him back. Bastard turns and paces impatiently in his corner.]

DT: Michael Bastard has carved a destructive path forward since he was first introduced to Empire Pro by way of the Amazing Logan... and he shows no signs of slowing any time soon!

DM: He’s certainly rough around the edges... but his ferocity and willpower alone have taken him far. He’s already earned a date with the Intercontinental Champion, SHAWN HART, at Unleashed... provided “The Phenom” is healthy enough by then to defend his title.

DT: Some would think that even if Hart WAS healthy enough to compete at the last Aggression in Kansas City, we’d already be looking at the new IC Champ! There’s been a lot of hype around this young man, and you know his manager and mouthpiece, the Amazing Logan, HAS to be proud of his own work!

MN: After a whole freaking week of listening to Aaron Jones and the Amazing Logan bicker back in forth... I have to say, I’m surprised both of these guys actually SHOWED UP!

DT: Well, they made it here, and Michael Bastard looks like he’s ready to RAMPAGE!

[The Amazing Logan climbs the apron and calls over Bastard for a few final words of advice. Gardell checks over Copycat, who is clean, and does the same for Bastard, although a bit reluctant to get close.]

DT: Looks like everything is checked out. Referee Andrew Gardell looks ready to get this underway, and he motions to the timekeeper...


DT: ...and RIGHT AWAY, here comes Michael Bastard steaming out of his corner with his fists up – OH! Copycat gets TAGGED right on the chin with the first shot, but deftly DUCKS the left hook and backs away!

MN: Bastard is like the freakin’ Tasmanian Devil in there!

DM: No surprise to see Bastard coming out swinging... and now, Copycat’s just trying to keep as much distance from him as possible! He no doubt knows what sort of damage those shots are capable of.

DT: But here’s Bastard, rushing forward... and a WILD FLURRY OF STRIKES hits nothing but air, as the Cat steps to the side! Copycat hooks the LEG from the side – and TAKES BASTARD to the mat!

DM: Nice takedown by the Cat! Bastard, trying to fan out and get to his hands and knees, but Copycat quickly switches around and slaps him into a waistlock to keep him from standing! He’ll definitely want to keep Michael Bastard on the ground and try to stop that energy and momentum, because very few can stand up to his fearsome striking game...

MN: The Cat is EASILY one of the few... but right now, he’s going to wrestle this match on his OWN terms!

DT: Bastard is held down in the seated position by that waistlock, but now the Amazing Logan is telling him to make a move... here’s Bastard, working left and right, trying to get back onto his knees... OH NO, WAIT... LIFTED UP by Copycat – and SLAMMED DOWN AGAIN with force! What STRENGTH by Copycat!

DM: Bastard’s bulked up a bit since his debut, but the Cat’s still got almost forty pounds over him, and a sharp technical wrestling background! As much as I’d be inclined to give Michael the edge on his feet, I’d have to give Copycat the edge on the mat due to his amateur wrestling background and weight advantage.

DT: Bastard looks a little stunned after that slam to the canvas, and Copycat looks like he might be going for it again... lifting Bastard UP – OH NO, Bastard BITES BACK with an ELBOW shot to the face to break free from the hold!

DM: Copycat reeling... and Bastard follows through with a FEW MORE stinging elbow shots, backing him up to the ropes – and Cat jumps to the OUTSIDE before he can take any more of a beating...

DT: Bastard got back on his feet, and Copycat BAILED before he could do any significant damage!

MN: It’s cool, Cat. Clear your head, man...

DM: Bastard’s like a rabid animal whenever he’s in that ring! Copycat is complaining to the referee about the elbows, but Gardell can’t do anything about it – they were clean strikes!

DT: He needs to stop wasting time and get back in there...

MN: Give the man a minute to recompose himself, Dave! He thought he’d be coming into a WRESTLING MATCH... not a slugfest!

DM: Copycat tentatively getting to the apron... and now he’s back into the ring, but not before making sure that the referee is between him and Bastard. Now here comes Bastard for more... going for a TOE KICK – NO, THE CAT SAW IT COMING – and HE COUNTERS with a DRAGON SCREW!

DT: Michael Bastard got a bit too overambitious there, and now he’ll pay for the mistake as Copycat keeps ahold of that leg, drags him away from the reach of the ropes... and wraps him right into a KNEEBAR!

DM: Once again, Copycat keeps his opponent on the ground, trying to wear him down and gas him out with submission holds like the one we’re seeing. Cat is WRENCHING that leg, but Bastard doesn’t show any pain!

MN: Doesn’t show any LOGIC either, if you ask me, but that’s why he’s got the Amazing Logan looking out for him...

DT: Logan is slapping the mat, trying to incite his young protege into making a move... and now Bastard tries using his free leg to KICK AWAY at Copycat! He doesn’t have much of an angle to work with, though...

DM: Still, he’s getting some good shots with that HEEL right into Copycat’s arm, and the Cat realizes this may not be working out as well as he had hoped! Finally, he releases the hold and quickly scrambles to his feet! Bastard a little slow to get up himself...

DT: Copycat in the corner, waiting for Bastard to make a move... Bastard advancing again, but slowed down by an obvious limp!

MN: Doesn’t even look like he NOTICES!

DM: His mind might be ignoring the pain, but his LEG is certainly still feeling the effects of that kneebar! All the muscles are locking up right around that knee, and it’s not moving like it should...

DT: Copycat is just WAITING for him! Bastard LURCHES forward with a WILD right hand... but the Cat EASILY ducks under it... slips behind... wraps the arms up into a FULL-NELSON – OH MAN, WHAT A DRAGON SUPLEX BY COPYCAT!!

DM: He had GREAT form on that, and the sheer power nearly threw Michael Bastard from the ring! The Amazing Logan is LIVID!

MN: You think it would have killed him to teach this punk a wrestling move or two?

DT: Copycat quickly pulls Bastard to the ring and hooks the leg for the first cover in the match...



And Bastard kicks out!

DM: There’s still plenty of fight left in Michael Bastard!

MN: All he knows how to DO is fight...

DT: Bastard trying to make it to his feet, but Copycat gets him up before he can make a move. There’s a whip to the ropes... Bastard with a WILD SHOT – and the Cat DUCKS HIM AGAIN!!


MN: Check out THAT hang-time!

DT: Copycat is beginning to PHYSICALLY DOMINATE this match! Bastard can’t even get in a shot!

MN: And you just know this is exactly how he wanted this match to go down.

DM: Copycat did a good job of using Michael Bastard’s own wild and unbridled momentum back against him, completely shutting down the brawler’s striking offense. Now Bastard has to find a way to stay in this match while the Cat continues throwing him from pillar to post!

DT: The Amazing Logan is trying to get Michael Bastard’s second wind in order, but the Cat slips outside to interrupt things, peeling Bastard off the mat and rolling him back inside!

DM: He could go for the pin here, but he may have given Michael too much time to recover.

DT: The Cat follows him in, quick goes for a lateral press...



Bastard slips out the back door! Copycat may have put a bit too much power behind that suplex, otherwise he might have picked up a three count!

MN: Trust me, Dave... the man knows exactly what he’s doing.

DM: Bastard’s looking in bad shape, yet somehow, the Amazing Logan doesn’t look overly concerned at this point. Remember, Michael Bastard is an INCREDIBLY resilient athlete.

DT: That resiliency will be put to the test here tonight... Copycat getting him back to his feet now... and tosses him HARD into the corner!

DM: Bastard’s trapped against the turnbuckle now, and Copycat immediately sets the foot against the THROAT for a BLATANT CHOKE!!


DT: Referee Andrew Gardell giving him the counts... One... Two... Three... FOUR... and he FINALLY breaks it off at four point NINE! Gardell giving Copycat a STERN warning over that one...

MN: Ah, come on... if he doesn’t like it, he can count FASTER next time!

DM: Cat brushes by Gardell to continue the onslaught on Michael Bastard, who is now struggling to breathe after that choke. Copycat sets his arm out of the way to expose the chest...



DM: ...BIG knife-edge chop!

DT: Look at the cocky smirk on Copycat’s face!

MN: He knows he’s got this in the bag now...

DT: Copycat setting Bastard up again... NO!! Bastard STUNS HIM with a HARD forearm out of nowhere... and throws CAT INTO THE CORNER!!

MN: WHAT?! How did that just happen!?

DM: Doesn’t look like he’s got it in the bag anymore, Neels! Bastard with ANOTHER forearm... and ANOTHER!! He’s BLASTING AWAY at Copycat’s face!

DT: His opportunity to take back this match is finally here, and he’s giving Copycat some due PUNISHMENT for all the time he’s waited! Michael Bastard up to the second rope now, wailing away at the Cat’s head with pounding right hands!







“SEV – AWWwww...”

DM: And Copycat just HURLS HIM OFF THE second rope in desperation!

MN: FINALLY! Why couldn’t the referee do something about that SOONER?! Is he blind, or just STUPID?!

DT: Copycat taking a moment to rub the feeling back into his face, as Bastard gets to his feet... here comes BASTARD CHARGING THE CORNER – NO!! Copycat FLEW OUT OF THE WAY, and Bastard hit corner first!

DM: He’ll be hearing it from Logan tomorrow for that mistake! Bastard recoiling out of the corner now... Copycat ROLLS HIM UP from behind!

DT: Shoulders ON THE MAT!



NO! Bastard just kicked out!

DM: Both men scrambling to their feet! Copycat looking for the collar-and-elbow – but gets a SIDEKICK TO THE ABDOMEN instead!

DT: That doubled him over, and here goes Bastard now into the ropes... CONNECTS ON THE KNEE STRIKE WITH COPYCAT’S HEAD!! The Cat goes SPRAWLING to the mat!

DM: Bastard moving quick now... he can smell the kill... now he mounts Cat’s chest, and just GOES TO TOWN with relentless RIGHT and LEFT HANDS!!

MN: Come on, is anybody going to DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?!

DT: Referee Andrew Gardell has finally seen enough and has to PULL Bastard off of Copycat to keep him from doing any more damage! The Amazing Logan doesn’t like it, but Michael was clearly making liberal use of closed fists there...

DM: Good call by the referee, keeping this a clean match... but Michael Bastard almost immediately brushes by him as soon as he’s on his feet and goes back for more! Copycat SCRAMBLING to the ropes and telling Gardell to keep him off!


DT: The fans are letting Copycat hear their disapproval for his blatant cowardice...

MN: You’re going to call him a COWARD now?! There’s only so much a single man can take before something needs to be done! I like the Amazing Logan’s style and all, but that sort of sloppiness and lack of professionalism you see in Michael Bastard’s fighting style is the very thing Copycat is here to get RID of!

DT: Gardell warning Bastard about the closed fists, but Bastard’s giving him a little BACKTALK over interrupting his game! I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Michael!

DM: Copycat sees what’s happening, and... now he’s slipping outside and trying to make a move around to the other side of the ring! When the Cat sees an opportunity, you know he’s going to JUMP on it, and with Bastard distracted, his chance to make a move is now!

MN: Smartest Player in the Game... ‘nuff said.

DT: Bastard still jawing with the referee, and Copycat slips under the ropes BEHIND him! Wait, the Amazing Logan gets Bastard’s attention – BUT HE’S TOO LATE!! He turns around RIGHT INTO A RUNNING AXE-HANDLE SMASH from Copycat!


DM: He avoided being Pearl Harbored, but even the Amazing Logan blowing the whistle on Copycat couldn’t stop the self-proclaimed “Smartest Player in the Game” from making that attack of opportunity.

MN: Logan needs to suck it up and fork over the cash for some anger management therapy for that kid...

DT: Copycat stomps away at Michael Bastard as he lies defenseless on the mat! No doubt, Bastard’s caused him to lose his cool by this point.

DM: Copycat getting him to his feet now... hooks around the waist from the side... BIG BACKBREAKER!! Bastard is practically FROTHING as he fights the pain forcing his entire body to shut down!

DT: Copycat hooking BOTH LEGS for the pin attempt!



THR – NO!! Bastard kicks out yet again! All the pin attempts thus far have come from Copycat in this match...

DM: That may be true, but Michael Bastard seems like the guy who only looks to finish a match when he knows its lights out for the other man. Copycat bringing him back to his feet... no, Bastard with a SHOT to the mid-section... ANOTHER... Copycat STUNNED...

SFX: *POP!!*




DT: Copycat took that RIGHT TO THE JAW, and he DROPS TO THE MAT like a ton of bricks! You could hear that connect all the way up in the NOSEBLEED SECTION!

DM: This was exactly what I was just talking about... one hit, ONE COVER! And it looks like Copycat is KNOCKED OUT COLD!!




THR – NO!! Copycat may have been briefly stunned by that blow, but not quite out cold!

MN: So much for one hit, one cover...

DM: Well, it may not have been the desired result, but Michael Bastard knows he’s hurt Copycat, and the Amazing Logan is telling him to keep the pressure up! Copycat on his hands and knees, trying to crawl clear, but Bastard quickly jumps on his back for the mount...

DT: Bastard with some HARD SHOTS to Copycat’s head... sinking in his arms now for the rear-naked choked – no, wait a second, IT’S THE SPIKE!! HE’S GOING FOR THE RUSTY SPIKE!!

DM: Bastard, pitching to the right... rolls COPYCAT onto his back! He’s going for the Rusty Spike, alright, but he doesn’t have it in all the way! Cat’s got his hand up in the way, protecting his neck from having that THUMB dig right into his jugular!

DT: Oh man... I thought Bastard was moments away from a submission right there!

MN: Come on, Cat... FIGHT IT!

DM: Hand it to Copycat for showing great ring awareness, but Bastard isn’t giving up yet!

DT: Michael Bastard looking for the kill, but Copycat’s hanging on by a thread! Cat trying to roll over again now... he can’t get out of this situation on his back...

DM: No, he can’t... and he knows it! Copycat trying to roll again... on his SIDE now!

MN: Just a little bit more, Cat! You can make it!

DT: Bastard maintaining that leg-scissor around the ribs, but Copycat’s powering himself over... on his HANDS and KNEES now... and with Michael Bastard clinging to his BACK, he manages to make it up to his – WAIT HIS HAND SLIPPED!!


MN: Come on, Cat! Use your HEAD! You’re the SMARTEST, remember?!

DT: Copycat is AGONY right now as Bastard digs in with the Rusty Spike, but he’s still on his feet, staggering around!

DM: He won’t be staying up much longer as Bastard’s cutting off the blood flow to his brain! Those legs are looking wobbly...


DM: That was complete desperation on the part of Copycat... but what a way keep hanging in there, preventing Bastard from finishing him off with the submission!

MN: Phew... my heart skipped a beat there... but I assure, I KNEW Copycat was going to find a way out of that!

DT: Copycat, crossing the ring to get a breather... and Bastard gets back to his feet in the corner! Here comes MICHAEL BASTARD CHARGING OUT LIKE A LOCOMOTIVE –




MN: Say GOODNIGHT, Bastard!

DM: Michael got a little too overambitious there once again, running straight at Copycat, who was waiting for the counter attack! That tagged him right on the SIDE OF THE FACE, and he just went LIMP to the mat!

DT: He could be OUT! Here’s Copycat, WITH THE COVER!




DM: Bastard’s resilience saves him once again!

MN: That doesn’t matter any more! Looks to me like Copycat’s HAD IT with this match, and I don’t blame him!

DT: Copycat SCOWLING at the jeering fans and giving the signal... now he’s getting Bastard up to his feet... and there’s a HARD KNEE shot right to the abdomen to double him over!



MN: Doesn’t this kid know when to QUIT?!

DM: I can’t believe it! Bastard – on Copycat’s SHOULDERS – wailing away at his opponent’s exposed head! Talk about a never say die attitude!




DM: Bastard SPRAWLING to the mat... and there’s no doubt about it, Dave, Cat got the LOW KICK right between the legs to the family jewels, but I don’t think the ref saw it happen!

MN: Of course he didn’t see it... because it DIDN’T happen! You guys are obviously delusional! Copycat saw he was in a bad situation and was in the process of BAILING OUT!

DT: Andrew Gardell may not have seen it, but he definitely now SUSPECTS it, seeing Bastard crumpled up on the mat! The Amazing Logan is on the apron, and he is FURIOUS! This whole CROWD is furious, and Copycat is stalwartly DENYING he did anything!

MN: Come on, this kid’s crampin’ up! Remember how the Cat worked over his leg earlier?!

DM: Gardell getting into it with Copycat, now telling Logan to get off the apron... Michael Bastard’s trying to get up, but you don’t just take a shot like that and walk it off! It’s like he willingly IGNORES all pain...

DT: Are we going to get a DQ out of this? Gardell almost looks CERTAIN he knows Copycat did something!

MN: Nothing happened! You guys are just –

CUE UP: “Phenomenah” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs





[The camera cuts to the stage and zooms in HARD on the entry-way as “THE PHENOM” SHAWN HART bursts out to a MASSIVE reaction, fist-pumping with one hand and carrying the EPW Intercontinental Title with the other. The men in the ring immediately forget what they’re doing and turn their attention to he stage.]

DT: IT’S SHAWN HART!! The PHENOM – the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION – is IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT!! I thought he was still HOSPITALIZED from a serious illness!

DM: Well, seeing him here now, it looks like he GOT BETTER!

MN: AHA!! So the TRUTH COMES OUT!! He was FAKING his illness just to save his ass from getting BEAT by the Amazing Logan in there!

DT: Michael Bastard and the Amazing Logan are DUMBSTRUCK... and now HERE HE COMES!!

DM: Oh boy, it’s about to hit the fan!

[Hart comes STREAKING down the stage and within moments, he slides into the ring and pops to his feet, wielding the IC Belt like a weapon and standing off with Michael Bastard.]

DT: Hart is IN THE RING... and it looks like he wants BASTARD!!

DM: Bastard’s telling him to BRING IT ON!!

MN: Come on, ref! Get him out of there! Get some order in this match!

DT: Andrew Gardell trying to get Hart from the ring now... but Hart shoves him aside and LUNGES –






DM: And Andrew Gardell just cued the bell! Looks like this one is going to Copycat!

DT: After that LOW BLOW?! You’ve gotta be kidding me...

[Hart turns from the prone body of Copycat back to Bastard, gloating with a smirk as he again holds up the weapon while the challenger stares daggers into the champion. The Amazing Logan immediately bursts into the ring to argue his case with the referee, but Gardell is already deliberating with Tony Fatora on the result.

TF: Ladies a gentlemen... as a result of outside interference... Michael Bastard has been DISQUALIFIED! As a result... here is your winner of the match.... COPYCAT!!


CUE UP: “The People That We Love” by Bush

DT: A bitter-sweet victory for the Smartest Player in the Game...

DM: I almost figured the Intercontinental Champ would go after the upcoming challenger, but it looks instead like he just wanted to cost him the match and get under his skin!

MN: Hey, I’m all for helping Copycat pick up a WIN, but do you think he could have gone about it in a better way that didn’t involve cracking a BELT across his skull?!

DT: Bastard and Logan still arguing with Gardell over the decision, trying to convince him they had nothing to do with that interference... but I don’t know how much luck they’ll have in doing that. Shawn Hart came out and ROBBED this match from Michael Bastard...

MN: Seriously?! Copycat was still in control of things. Obviously, he was going to win it inevitably...

DM: This just leaves us to wonder... was Hart actually hospitalized by illness, or was it all a clever scheme to delay his match with Michael Bastard? Does Hart have more planned here, or –



DM: Looks like he was here to send a message AFTER ALL!!

[With mixed reactions coming from the fans, “The Phenom” Shawn Hart quickly rolls under the ropes to leave the ring with the belt, smiling proudly over his work as he backpedals up the rampway.]

DT: The Intercontinental Champion, “The Phenom” Shawn Hart, has come back to Empire Pro, and the statement has been made... he’s READY for Michael Bastard when the time comes to the two of them to meet with the belt on the line!

MN: He’s ready, alright. If this match proved ANYTHING, it’s that the Amazing Logan’s “wunderkind” isn’t so big and bad when some actual WRESTLING TALENT gets thrown his way.

DM: He may be brimming with smug confidence now, but Shawn Hart may soon realize that Michael Bastard is NOT the man you want to piss off...

DT: Soon enough, no doubt we’ll see a reaction to all of this... but for right now, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got more action on the way. We need to take a quick commercial break, but the finals to the King of the Cage are still to come, so stay tuned!

[In the ring, Copycat makes it to his feet, the joy of his arm being raised in victory sucked out by the pounding pain in the back of the head which he vainly tries to rub out. The Amazing Logan hovers over Michael Bastard, who pushes himself off the mat with burning, spiteful eyes directed toward the stage. Standing there is “The Phenom” Shawn Hart, again holding aloft the IC Title proudly and smiling as though he can’t be touched, before the camera fades out to commercial.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: KOTC FINALS - Anarky vs. Layne Winters

[FADEIN: The camera panning around ringside showing the steel cage that surrounds the ring, as we’re moments away from the finals of the King of the Cage.

DT: This is it folks, the King of the Cage finals, this tournament may have been filled with some controversial moments and events, but tonight the dust will settle and either Layne Winters or Anarky will be the new King of the Cage and move on for a shot at the EPW World Title at Unleashed.

[MUSIC UP: “Happy Birthday” by the Birthday Massacre hits. The crowd pops as The First makes his way towards ringside.]

DM: Speaking of the World Title, it looks like the champion is coming out here to get a bird’s eye view of this match.

MN: Who allowed this?! I don’t want that idiot sitting near me!

DT: You’re not the one that makes these calls Neely.

[After a moment we hear a headset being put on.]

DT: Welcome to the broadcast table First.

FIRST: Thanks, this is an important match, and well, I’d like to see it, and also see to it that nothing crazy happens. No Stalker, on DEA army, just two guys fighting for the right to be King of the Cage and have a shot at my title.

[MUSIC UP: “I Don’t Know Anything” by Mad Season, which draws a chorus of boos. Layne Winters walks through the curtain, right arm taped up almost from shoulder to wrist. Beyond that he’s in his standard dark green trunks and ring boots, with dark green knee and elbow pads.]

DT: And now we see the man who pretty much talked his way into this match, Layne Winters suffered a controversial loss at the hands of Erik Black, a man who has been put on the sidelines by our owner what with the criminal charges surrounding him.

DM: Winters might have talked his way into this match, but you know he has the talent and the will to win it, Anarky didn’t get a lay-up just because Winters is stepping up after Black stepped down.

TF: The following contest is the MAIN EVENT and it is the FINALS of the KING OF THE CAGE Tournament! Introducing first, from Seattle, Washington…He weighs in at 248 pounds…LAYNE!!! WINTERS!!! [Boos!]

[Winters enters the cage and shakes out his right arm a couple times before running the ropes and getting himself warmed up. After a few moments his music fades out and MUSIC UP: “More Human Then Human” by White Zombie plays. Anarky stalks out from behind the curtain. His face painted in his trademark skull make up. He has on his tattered black shirt with the Anarchy symbol, beaten up jeans and boots, the crowd cheering loud as he makes his way to the ring.]

DT: Anarky bringing this crowd to their feet as he makes his way to the ring. He’s been on a crusade to win the King of the Cage and bring back dignity and honor to EPW, and tonight he’s got his chance at the prize.

MN: What honor can anyone find in a face painted moron, and yes, I’m taking a shot at you too freak!

FIRST: Thanks Neely, Anarky’s a tough as nails guy, whatever he sets his mind to, he’s got a good shot at doing it. Winters might be one hell of a challenge, but I wouldn’t put it past Anarky for him to get the win tonight.

TF: And his opponent, hailing from Hartford, Connecticut…Weighting in at 221 pounds…AN!! ARR! KEY!!

[The two men stare each other down in the ring, the crowd buzzing and then after a few tense seconds the bell rings and they storm to the center of the ring and start trading punches!]

DT: Winters and Anarky going right at each other, nothing subtle about this, this is a FIGHT!

DM: Winters is the bigger man, but Anarky’s spent his whole career fighting bigger men, and he’s survived by just being tougher, more blood thirsty, I can’t say who a pure brawl favors.

MN: I can, it’s Winters! You all talk about how driven Anarky is, well Winters is practically out of his mind with the need to win, he’s got injuries all over his body, he can’t afford a setback in his quest for the title, he’s going to out maniac this maniac!

DT: Winters trying to power Anarky into a corner. Anarky drops down and tries to tackle Winters…Winters fights Anarky off his attempted take down and spins Anarky into a corner…Winters with a series of knees to the mid-section and now he sends Anarky to the opposite corner…Anarky hits hard and staggers out…INTO A CLOTHESLINE BY WINTERS!

DM: Winters used that very taped up right arm for that clothesline, I don’t know if that’s just force of habit or what, but he’s shaking out that arm now after landing that move.

DT: Winters now pulls Anarky to his feet and Anarky gets SLAMMED into the STEEL CAGE…Anarky crumples to the mat after being bashed into the cage.

MN: Anarky isn’t looking very chaotic he’s looking more like a gimp to me!

FIRST: I wouldn’t be worried about him, he doesn’t even get warmed up till he’s suffered something of a beating, and it will take a hell of a beating to get a win over him.

DT: Winters now slowly pulling Anarky to his feet…Anarky out of nowhere just bullrushes Winters and drives him into a corner…Anarky firing away rights and lefts to the body and now a headbutt! Anarky relentlessly throwing strike after strike into Winters and now WINTERS gets sent into the cage! Anarky now stomps away on that right arm, Winters trying to get some distance from Anarky, who grabs that arm and secures an arm bar, trying to force Winters back to the mat, Winters drops to a knee as Anarky wrenches that arm.
DM: It’s a bit of a shocker that the first real wrestling hold of the match is done by Anarky, and it’s an arm bar of all things.

FIRST: Well I can’t say it’s that shocking, when you have an arm that’s covered in all those bandages, you’re pretty much painting a giant bull’s eye on that limb and begging Anarky to try to damage it.

MN: This isn’t fair! King of the Cage should have been postponed for a few months to let Winters heal up, Anarky’s taking advantage of these injuries is cheap! This is an insult to the sport!

DT: I’m sure if Anarky was banged up you would feel the same way Neely. Anarky hammering the arm with punches now. Winters fights to his feet and Anarky catches him with a knee to the gut and a big elbow into the side of the head…Anarky now grabs Winters and drives him SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE CAGE!

MN: Just stop this match…Winters came into this match fighting with one arm and he’s given it what he could, but now this merciless thug is just gonna maim him, Winters doesn’t deserve to lose his career in the ring!

DM: I thought Anarky was toast a few minutes ago Neely.

MN: He was before we saw how badly injured Winters is! Dan Ryan should be sued for even allowing this match to happen!

DT: Anarky catches Winters coming back from the cage…DROPS HIM WITH A SINGLE ARM DDT! ANARKY WITH A COVER!




DT: Winters powers out! Anarky stomping away on Winters. Winters with a desperation eye gouge catches Anarky off guard…Winters DRIVES Anarky into the cage, both men down!

MN: This is like Willis Reed! This is one of the most heroic things I’ve ever seen in wrestling history!

DM: You’re pathetic Neely, really pathetic.

FIRST: Winters is a tough guy. I’ve seen him in the locker room after shows and he’s covered in ice and bandages, this is just another night at the office for him, he’ll fight till his body completely betrays him.

DT: Winters back to his feet and stomping away on Anarky…Winters throws Anarky into the ropes…Anarky caught…ELEVATED…SPINEBUSTER! Winters planted Anarky…Winters with the cover, leg hooked!




DT: Anarky rolls the shoulder off the mat at two. Winters gets a rear chinlock, and he’s using his right arm to do it, that seems kind of odd.

FIRST: Well it’s hard to re-learn moves with your weak arm, I’m sure he’s trying to just gut through the pain while wearing Anarky down.
DT: Anarky caught with the bigger man leaning down on him, putting all his weight on him, Anarky trying to fight to his feet…Anarky drives a series of elbows into Winters mid-section…Anarky lifts him…BACK SUPLEX…NO! WINTERS SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT AND LANDS ON TOP OF ANARKY! WINTERS WITH THE LEG HOOKED!!




DT: Anarky fighting with every bit of energy in his body to escape that pin! Winters drops a series of knees into the head of Anarky…Winters stalking around the ring now, he shakes out that arm…Winters waiting on Anarky, who gets to his feet…WINTERS RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE WINTERS WITH A COVER!




MN: Winters landed that clothesline with the right arm, Anarky’s tried to cripple that good arm of Winters and he failed. Look you little freak, I want you to promise all of EPW’s fans that you will fight Winters straight up and not go after that arm when he fights you at Unleashed! Have some honor for once in your life!

FIRST: Umm, he hasn’t won the match yet Neely, and who ‘s ever made it a rule to not go after an injury?
DT: Anarky in a world of hurt as Winters now backs him into the corner…Winters sends him to the other corner…Anarky hits hard…WINTERS CHARGES…NOBODY HOME!! Winters crumples to the ground and both men are down!

MN: I’m not to worried about it, Winters led with his left arm that time, so it’s no big deal.

DT: Both men slowly getting to their feet, and I think you might be wrong about that Neely, Winters is holding that left arm tight to his body, Anarky sees it and kicks his left arm! Winters howls in pain! Anarky gets that arm into an arm bar, and now a hammer lock…Winters SCREAMING IN AGONY!

DM: The tape job on the right arm was a trick! Winters lured Anarky into thinking his right arm was the problem, but it was his left, and now his subterfuge has been revealed! Winters is in a world of trouble!

MN: Ahhhh! This isn’t good, come on, fight fair Anarky, go back to the good arm!

DT: Winters furiously throwing back elbows and he catches Anarky with a couple to break the hammer lock…Winters off the ropes…RUNNING KNEE LIFT! Anarky dropped, Winters with a cover!




DT: Anarky out at two…Winters with another cover…Two and NO!...ANOTHER cover! Two only!

DM: Winters is in pure desperation mode, he knows his bad arm has him on borrowed time, he has to do something and do it quick to get Anarky out of this match…
DT: Winters with a couple more stomps, he’s calling for the door to be opened…First attempt at an escape for either man in this match…Anarky dives at Winters’ legs and gets him down! Winters thrashing, trying to pull himself through the doorway…ANARKY SLAMS THE DOOR ON WINTERS’ BAD ARM! AND AGAIN! Winters thrashing in agony, he rolls himself back into the ring to avoid getting hit with that door again!

DM: You would have thought escape would be the easy way out, but it turned out to be a nightmare of a situation for Winters as brought that door into play and Anarky was not shy about using it!

DT: Anarky dragging Winters into the middle of the ring…WINTERS KICKS ANARKY LOW!! WINTERS WITH A ROLL UP!




DT: Anarky pops out at two and a half…Winters couldn’t use that bad arm to really lock up the cradle…Winters pulls Anarky up…GERMAN SUPLEX!!

MN: Here it comes, the endless rolling Germans! Nobody survives this! Come on Layne suck it up and finish this guy, and you, you coward, I want Winters title shot delayed until he’s 100% you don’t defend that title against anyone till he’s ready to beat you for it!

FIRST: I’m pretty sure I’m fighting the winner of this match at Unleashed Neely. And are you off your meds? Half the time Winters has this thing locked up, the other half of the time you want Dan Ryan tried for War Crimes at the Hague for making Winters fight.

DT: You’ve noticed he’s a little bi-polar, have you First? Welcome to every night in the booth…Winters has Anarky up again…ANOTHER GERMAN…He grabs him and sets…A THIRD GERMAN…But he can’t hold for a bridge! Winter and Anarky both down…Winters throws his right arm over Anarky’s chest for a cover!




DT: JUST TWO! One has to wonder if that delay cost Winters.

DM: The delay, and also the fact that he didn’t get that waist lock maintained, normally that allows Winters to land as many Germans as he wants to, but tonight, three was all he could muster.

DT: Winters punching away at Anarky’s head with right hands…He’s beyond desperate at this point…WAIT!! ANARKY THROWS HIS LEGS UP…HE’S GOT A CROSS ARM BREAKER ON WINTERS BAD ARM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!! WINTERS THRASHING IN AGONY!!!

DM: Anarky not known for trying submissions, but clearly this is the moment to spring one, Anarky merely seconds from becoming King of the Cage, as Winters has no escape from this move!

MN: Shut up Dean! Winters will find a way out, come on Layne, fight it!

DT: Winters flailing like mad, he’s caught dead center of the ring and you know that arm was damaged before this match, and this cross arm-breaker might be the finishing touches…Winters rolls into the move…He’s back to his feet, but Anarky’s still hanging onto, and hanging off of, that arm! WINTERS PULLS HIS ARM FREE!
FIRST: Oh geez, I heard a pop!!

MN: NO!!

DT: I heard it too! Winters got his arm free but he’s stumbling away from Anarky with that arm hanging dead from his side…Anarky quickly on Winters…HE’S GOT HIM BY THE NECK…CHAOS BREAKER!! WINTERS IS OUT!! ANARKY THE COVER!!




[Bell rings, MUSIC UP: “More Human Then Human” by White Zombie. The crowd popping loud!]


DT: Anarky is the king of the cage! What a fight we had here, these two men gave it their all…WAIT A SECOND [Boos!] Oh dammit, Stalker just hopped the railing, he’s shoved aside the refs and he’s making his way into the cage.

FIRST: To hell with him trying to ruin this!

[We can hear a headset being taken off, but before anything can be seen on camera, or Stalker can get to Anarky, the lights go out!]

DT: What in the blue hell?! What is going on here!

MN: That little freak just lifted my wallet!

DM: Neely, I can see First standing about 10 feet away from us even in this darkness!

MN: He’s tricky! That’s what he wants you to believe!

[The lights come back on, and somehow, “Dopesmoker” Erik Black is in the cage with Stalker and Anarky. Both of whom look very confused by Black being in the ring.]

DT: Erik Black?! How did he get into the cage?! The man who so controversially won last week against The First and was then benched by Dan Ryan due to the criminal charges against him…

DM: Oh lord, here comes the army!

[A phalanx of DEA agents, led by a man with a drug sniffing dog charge towards the ring, right as they get to the door, the lights go out again!]

DT: Oh this is getting absurd, what is going on here!

MN: Maybe Copycat’s right, maybe this company can’t afford to pay the electric bill, I’m sorry I doubted you Cat! Save me, save EPW!

DM: Will you calm down Neely?!

[The lights come back on, and now Black is gone, as if he was never there, Stalker and Anarky are on opposite sides of the cage, Anarky waves Stalker on to fight him, when suddenly the drug sniffing dog tackles Stalker!]

DT: That dog just bowled Stalker over…Now the DEA is all over him…I THINK THEY FOUND DRUGS ON STALKER!!

MN: That’s a joke! Black planted those drugs on him, this is a set up! Stalker is being framed!

DT: Say what you will, but Stalker’s being cuffed and now dragged out of the ring by the DEA, who are hauling him to the back…After he snitched on Black last week, I think Stalker got what was coming to him!

DM: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander they say, it will be interesting to see what happens as it relates to Stalker and Black in the future, as that’s clearly unsettled business!

[Anarky watches Stalker being dragged off, then he turns and finds The First, and stares daggers at him, First returns his stare from outside the cage…First then quicky moves towards the broadcast table where he grabs his custom EPW World Title Ankh belt and stands on the table holding the belt over his head…Anarky smiles evilly at him then points at First “I’m going to take your little toy away from you.” He shouts.]

DT: First and Anarky staring each other down…Anarky is the King…First is the champion…What’s going to happen at Unleashed?! Oh man it’s going to be an all out battle, that’s for sure!

[The camera cuts between First and Anarky’s faces as the two men continue to stare each other down, finally ending on a tight shot of the headplate of the EPW World Title belt as we FADE TO BLACK.]

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