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AGGRESSION 57: Pensacola, FL - 4/4/11


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
[Scene opens backstage where Lesbian Siegel is standing in front of Anarky's locker room.]

Lesbian Siegel: Folks we are here waiting to have a word with EPW's World Champion. After what transpired with his KOTC trophy at last Aggression's ceremony, I am sure he has a lot on his mind.

[Before she finished the sentence, Anarky's locker room door opened up and he walked out, greeting Lesbian Siegel with a nod.]

Lesbian Siegel: Anarky, your fans want to know just how do you plan on responding to Stalker's delusional behavior regarding your current title reign.

[Just as Anarky is about to answer, something catches his attention in the distance. The camera changes focus to where Anarky is looking and catches a glimpse of Jason Reeves walking down a hallway about fifty feet away.]

Anarky: STALKER!

[Loud rushes of movement are heard and Anarky is back on camera as he is running down the hallway after Jason.]

Lesbian Siegel: FOLLOW THEM TOM!

[Tom, the camera man, starts running to catch up with Anarky just as he cuts the corner. Before the camera reaches the turn point shouts and thuds can be heard clearly in the distance as they have already begun fighting. Lesbian is in tow as her high heels can be heard clicking down the concrete floors. The camera finally catches up to a swung open locker room door, that Jason Reeves is quickly exiting. He turns and notices the camera.]

Stalker: Get the hell out of here!

[Lesbian, out of breath, comes to a screeching halt after running to catch up with Tom the camera man.]

Lesbian Siegel: Where is Anarky?

Stalker: I said GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! Go to the ring now! You got a better interview anyways.

Lesbian Siegel: I'm not scheduled to have an interview.

Stalker: You are now, with ME! Now get to the ring NOW!

[Lesbian Siegel looks at the camera and they turn down the opposite end of the hallway and start heading towards the ring area. Just as the turn the corner, the camera turns for a brief second and catches a glimpse of Stalker putting a padlock on the door.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Intro - Devil in Blonde Hair

[“Imperial March” reverberates throughout the arena and a video package flies by on the screen.

Lindsay Troy unmasking as Dis, holding the EPW World Title up for all to see.

The First hitting the Cut The Thread on Cameron Cruise

Impulse, leaping onto Olvir Arsvinnar and Ivan Dalkichev from the top rope

Stalker, perched on the ring apron with a barbed wire baseball bat, then diving down onto his opponent on the outside.

Donovan Astros clotheslining Michael Bastard over the top rope.

The Heirs of Wrestling stalking to the ring with the EPW World Tag Team Titles around their waists.

“Triple X” Sean Stevens hitting multiple superkicks to Marcus Westcott, The First and Shawn Hart in succession
Anarky, barely able to stand, holding up the EPW World Championship

And finally…. A desk with a high backed leather chair and Dan Ryan sitting front and center, leaning back and staring right into the camera.



The stage is illuminated by a veritable bonanza of booming pyrotechnics as the camera pans over the crowd, cuts to the ring from a wide angle, then concludes its journey with a smash cut to the broadcast team.

The opening pyro for Aggression goes off on the top of the ramp, the crowd cheering loud as the camera pans around the arena.

CUT TO: The broadcast table to show Dave Thomas in a gray suit jacket, white shirt with a silver trimmed tie. Next to him is Dean Matthews in a black suit jacket, white shirt, tan tie. Mike Neely wearing only a button up blue shirt, no tie.]
DT: Welcome to Aggression 57! We are live in Pensacola, FL! With me as always are Dean Matthews and of course, Mike Neely.... and tonight, not only does the King of the Cage: Tag Team Edition... roll on into the second round... with the World Tag Team Titles ON THE LINE... but we have a huge main event as Karl "The Dragon" Brown looks to turn his losing streak around... but must do so against the World Champion, Anarky... and his nemesis... Copycat.

DM: It's a huge show tonight, Dave, and I've heard some rumblings about there only being three advertised matches, but I think this is a good move by management, since all three of these matches could go long minutes tonight, and we only have a two hour time slot after all...

MN: It'll take Copycat five minutes to dispose of Brown and Anarky, tops.

DM: Are you high, Neely?

MN: Not yet...

DT: Well after what happened at the top of the show backstage between Stalker and Anarky, Lesbian Siegel, the new do-it-all staff member hired by management a few weeks ago is now in the ring... and I think we're going up there now...

MN: I must admit, I like her tits and I cannot lie.

DM: What the....

Lesbian Siegel: Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a special interview planned for tonight. May I present to you the one and only.... STALKER!!

["Did my time" by Korn blares on the PA. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. Stalker steps out from behind the curtains, grin on his face, and walks casually to the ring. Fans make rude gestures to him as he makes his way to the ring steps, climbs up them and gets in the ring. The music comes to a quick halt and Stalker moves inches from Lesbian's face. She is clearly nervous.]

Lesbian Siegel: So... umm... Stalker. What's on your mind tonight?

[Jason's grin gets much wider and he moves away from her towards the timekeeper who has a mic for him.]

Stalker: Well, Lesbian, as you know tonight I have a very important match. After weeks of back and forth trash talk, I'm finally ready to step into that ring tonight and make sure The Heirs of Wrestling don't walk away champions.

Lesbian Siegel: That's a bold statement to make. I'm sure the fans would also like to know what have you been thinking with your recent delusional rants about controlling the fate of the World Championship.

[His face turns from a wide grin, to a stern look of rage. Stalker slaps the mic out of Lesbian's hand and orders her out of the ring. She quickly agrees and exits the ring quickly.]

Stalker: Alright you morons. Listen up. As I have stated, repeatedly other these past few months. YES! I have been deciding who gets to wear that world title for years now! YES! The First came to me like a sad little girl needing help and I DID help him. But now, a champion who I DID NOT ASSIGN, is wearing a belt he does not DESERVE! To prove just how much of a no good punk this new champ is I will do what any man with balls would do. ANARKY!!!! I AM CALLING YOU OUT! RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! If you are truly worthy of that damn belt you carry around your waist then get your ass down here and prove it!

[Loud chorus of boos fill the arena. Stalker, readies himself in the ring for the arrival of Anarky. He stares down the rampway as the fans booing grow louder as Anarky's music doesn't queue up.]

Stalker: Come on punk! Get out here and face me like a god damn man. You wanted to get in that ring so bad last Aggression, to get your hands on me, and now I'm out here, CALLING YOU OUT! So get down here now!

[More boos and now the fans are starting to throw trash into the ring. Stalker starts laughing as the PA system remains silent.]

Stalker: I thought this guy was hardcore, but apparently I was wro.....

[“Death Is This Communion” by High On Fire bursts onto the PA. Fans are silent at first until the video package of none other than ROCKO DAYMON plays on the EmpireTron. The fans erupt in loud chorus of cheers, Stalker's face is absolutely surprised. He stares at the screen in disbelief, the fans cheers grow louder and louder, the arena almost starts shaking.]

Female Voice: Well... well... Jason. You haven't changed one bit.

[Caitlyn Daymon emerges from behind the curtains. The fans, a bit surprised themselves, continue cheering. Stalker on the other is laughing in the ring, almost hysterically.]

Stalker: Are you kidding me? Caitlyn get the hell out of here, I sent your husband's ass out of this damn company for good. What do you think you are going to do to me? Talk me to death?

[Caitlyn, looking as good as ever, is sporting her usual tank top and baggy jean attire. Her hair, formerly brown is now a dyed bleach blonde. She stares down the rampway directly at Stalker.]

Caitlyn: Quite the opposite, Jason. In fact, as you so well put it, you did end my husband's career here in EPW. Now... it's time for yours to be over.

Stalker: HAhahahaha. What you plan on wrestling me? Again? Hahahaha. That didn't work so well the first time you tried it, *****!

Caitlyn: No, Jason, you won't get another opportunity to beat up a female, at least not while I'm around. My plans, well, I have a lot of them. You honestly think you are the only person in this world that can play god damn mind GAMES? You are such an arrogant tool, that you can't see the simple fact that you are an ABSOLUTE NOBODY! You cling onto these silly delusions of grandeur, as if you are someone important. But the fact remains is you are a PYSCHO!

Stalker: That...

Caitlyn: I WASN'T FINISHED! You ruined my god damn marriage, you ruined Rocko's career. So you know what? It's time I returned the damn favor. STARTING TONIGHT!

Stalker: How you gonna do that, chick?

[Caitlyn's stern look turns to a smile as she reaches into her pocket, pulls out a padlock and shows it to Jason. His laughter stops.]

Caitlyn: Seems I ran into someone who is not too happy with you right now.

[The fans erupt in another loud chorus of cheers, as Anarky, coming through the crowd, hops the guardrail. Grabbing a chair from the timekeeper, he slides in the ring with Stalker completely unaware. Just as Stalker turns he is met with a face full of chair!]

Caitlyn: YES!

[Anarky doesn't stop there, he nails Stalker with two more chair shots. He opens the chair in the middle of the ring, pulls Stalker up by his hair, hooks him and hits him with a CHAOS BREAKER into the open chair!]


[Again, Anarky lifts Stalker up, hooks and hits him with ANOTHER CHAOS BREAKER into the busted chair. This time the chair shatters into two pieces. Caitlyn comes down to the ringside and is cheering Anarky on. Anarky can be seen saying something to Stalker but the words can't be made out.]


[The fans cheering is practically drowning out Caitlyn's cries. Anarky puts his boot to Stalker's throat and starts choking him, blood is pouring out of a cut above Stalker's eye. Paramedics rush to the ring to try and aid Stalker. Anarky barks at them to back off as he stares down at the struggling Stalker.]

Caitlyn: You deserve your career done with, Stalker! DONE WITH!

[Anarky's eyes dart towards Caitlyn and then to the paramedics in the ring. He lets his foot off Stalker's throat, says something again to him and walks out of the ring.]

Caitlyn: What! Come on!

[Caitlyn drops the mic and rushes after Anarky as he quickly exits up the rampway. The medics attempt to tend to Stalker's aid, but he pushes all of them off and sits up halfway breathing hard, with blood dripping down his face. The medics try to approach him again but he screams at them and they quickly exit the ring as we fade to commercial.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
KOTC: Tag Edition - 2nd Round: Otaku & Bastard (c) vs. Astros (c) & Cruise

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a second round match in the King of the Cage Tag Team Tournament!

[CUE UP: The opening theme to the show “Jushin Liger”.]

[As the opening drone builds, the lights are cut. As the first bars play, various scenes from anime shows flash up on the big screen, until the lyrics kick in, when Otaku himself steps through the curtains, smoke rising around him. He poses for the fans, before walking to the ring, playing up to the fans as any face would. He climbs the ring steps, vaulting over the ropes.

TF: Introducing first… from Neo Tokyo Tower… weighing in at 230 pounds… OTAKU!!!

[Crowd: POP!]

DT: Well folks, call it a second round match, call it the semi-finals, call it what you will, the winner of this match will be going on to the finals of the King of the Cage tournament next week!

MN: And my pick is for the opponents! I am NOT a fan of Otaku!

DM: Are you a fan of anyone, Neels?

MN: Mostly supermodels and adult film stars…

DM: I couldn’t have suspected less.

[CUE UP: “All Secrets Known” by Alice in Chains.]

TF: Introducing his partner… Accompanied by The Amazing Logan… From Flint, Michigan… Weighing in at 228 pounds… He is the Empire Pro Intercontinental Champion… Michael BASTARD!!!

DT: Well, these guys were able to advance last week by defeating the Masked Violators in quite a match.

DM: Indeed it was, as they proved that they deserved to be in this match here tonight.

[CUE UP: "All These Things I Hate [Revolve Around You]" by Bullet For My Valentine.]

[Crowd: BOO!]

TF: And their opponents… Introducing first… From Jacksonville, North Carolina… Weighing in at 263 pounds… Cameron CRUISE!!!

[CUE UP: “Worldwide Suicide” by Pearl Jam.]

TF: And his partner… weighing in at 237 pounds… from Los Angeles, California… he is the Empire Pro Television Champion… Donovan ASTROS!!!

DT: And I’m certain that this is going to be one hell of a match, as we’re featuring HALF of EPW’s champions right here in this very match!

DM: Absolutely right, Dave! Both of these teams earned their way here tonight. We already discussed how Otaku and Michael Bastard got here, but Cameron Cruise and Donovan Astros might have had an even tougher road by defeating Karl Brown and Beau Michaels to get here tonight.

[SFX: Bell ringing.]

DT: And we’re wasting little time here as the referee has already called for the bell and this match is going to get underway!

MN: Thank God, because I’ve got a hot date right after the show!

DM: Can’t the girl and the air pump wait for all this great action to play out though?

MN: Oh! You’re hilarious, Mathews!

DT: Break it up, guys! We’ve got a match to call, and it looks like Bastard and Cruise are going to get this thing started here!

DM: And there might not be more of a disparity in techniques here. Bastard, a definite brawler. Cruise, a steady technician.

MN: And you, an unsteady bawler! Say, did you remember to get your Prozac filled, Mathews?

DT: Well, the two men step to the middle of the ring and lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Cruise gains the advantage, as he pushes Bastard into the ropes. The ref calls for the break…

DM: But he doesn’t get it, as Cruise SLAPS that knife-edge chop across Bastard’s chest!

[Crowd: WOO!]

DT: Bastard leans over and clutches his chest. Cruise closes the gap again, grabbing Bastard by the arm. There’s an Irish whip…

DM: And a high back body drop by Cruise!

DT: Big time maneuver there by the biggest man in this matchup. Cruise doesn’t waste any time as he steps up behind Bastard and locks in a rear naked choke!

DM: And it appears as though Cruise is going to take advantage of that slight size mismatch as he’s trying to wear down Bastard right off the bat here.

DT: Bastard works his way back up to his feet, forcing the choke into a side headlock. Cruise tries to keep the hold on, but Bastard is able to press him off and into the ropes…

DM: But a big shoulder block by Cruise to send Bastard back to the mat!

DT: That size advantage coming back into play again there! Cruise bounces into the adjacent ropes. He jumps over the fallen Bastard. Rebounds off the opposite ropes…

DM: And a leapfrog by Bastard! Cruise into the ropes yet again…

DT: And a big flying clothesline by Cruise! Cruise goes for the cover…




MN: Was that a three? I think Cruise just advanced in this tournament!

DM: JUST missed it, Neels. Cruise is definitely on top of his game, though, here tonight as he is really taking it to Michael Bastard to start this match!

DT: Cruise gets back up to his feet and now lays several boots into Bastard. Now he drags the Intercontinental champion to his corner where he tags in Donovan Astros!

DM: Watch out now. Cruise hasn’t left the ring yet.

DT: Cruise with an armwrench. Astros to the second rope…

DM: And a big double axehandle across the shoulder of Bastard!

DT: Cruise and Astros working very well together here through that first tag. It would certainly seem as though they may have had some conversation over the week.

DM: They’re certainly looking like something that could possibly form into a very formidable tag team by the end of this tournament should they be able to move on here tonight!

DT: Astros with an armwrench of his own now, keeping the torque on that shoulder. Bastard tries to swing at Astros, but there is just WAY too much distance between the two for that.

DM: And if he’s not careful, Bastard may be out of this match before his partner even makes it into the ring!

DT: Well, Bastard trying to pull Astros towards the ropes. He may be up to something here. Let’s see what his plans are…

DM: And Michael Bastard just ran up the ropes to scale the cage and twist his way out of that armbar!

DT: Astros tries to trail Bastard, but Bastard ducks a right hand from Astros! Bastard with a boot to the midsection! He reaches down and grabs Astros…

DM: Car Crash! Michael Bastard with that running snake eyes right into the corner! The tide could be reversed here!

DT: Both men are down here! Bastard from the beating he’s been taking, Astros from that Car Crash from Bastard!

MN: Oh man! This is like a race between Matthews’ last two girlfriends! The only difference is that these two guys have all four limbs!

DT: Both men are nearing their corners now. They reach out…

DM: And tags for both men!

DT: Look at Otaku go! Right hands are flying! Cruise is reeling here! Otaku bounces into the ropes…

DM: And a flying back elbow from Otaku!

DT: Otaku runs to the adjacent ropes…

DM: Springboard splash! There’s a cover…




DT: Otaku is on fire here! He runs over to the near corner…

DM: And a springboard back kick to Astros, who still hadn’t made it out of the ring!

DT: Otaku turning his attention back to Cruise now. There are several more right hands as he backs Cruise into the ropes. Otaku whips Cruise across the ring. Cruise rebounds…

DM: And a spinning heel kick from Otaku!

DT: Otaku back up again. He waits on Cruise to get back up…

DM: And a big Russian leg sweep! Donovan Astros just snuck up behind the unsuspecting Otaku and caught the high flyer with a beautiful Russian leg sweep!

MN: This referee has got to restore some order here!

DM: Well, it looks like that blow on Otaku might have been the last straw.

MN: Who cares about that? That was retaliation! I’m disturbed by the shot on Astros!

DM: He was in the ring illegally! It was as much his fault as anyone’s!

MN: Like you know anything about in-ring action!

DM: And the same to you!

MN: Bah!

DT: Back to the action in the ring, guys! The ref has things cleaned up now as Cameron Cruise and Otaku are racing to their feet. Cruise is up first and makes his way to Otaku. He gives him a boot to the midsection, followed by a front facelock…

DM: And a vertical suplex!

DT: And now Cruise looks to his corner. Wait! He takes off running!

DM: Cruise is scaling the cage! He’s trying to escape!

DT: And Donovan Astros heaved him up onto the top of the cage! Cruise is halfway out! Surely we’re not going to end up with an Erik Black and Impulse occurrence again!

DM: Don’t be too disappointed, Dave! Cruise is reaching down to pull Astros up with him!

MN: What teamwork!

DT: But there’s Otaku! He’s got Astros in a rear waistlock!

DM: German superplex! Donovan Astros was just DRIVEN into the canvas!

DT: Cruise leans over trying to yell at his teammate to get back up!

MN: Just go, Cruise! Save yourself!

DT: Cruise is still reaching out his hand!

DM: But there’s a headbutt from Michael Bastard!

DT: Cruise should’ve listened to Neely and just retreated to the outside of the cage! Now, he’s a sitting duck for whatever Bastard can dream up! Bastard is climbing to the top of the cage with Cruise…

DM: But Cruise shoves him off! Bastard just took a nasty spill as Cruise was able to capitalize on Bastard’s imbalance and shoved him CRASHING to the mat!

DT: And now Cruise is standing on top of the cage!

MN: He’s going Snuka!

DT: NO! Otaku just came flying back up and crotched Cruise on top of the cage! Otaku now pulls Cruise down to the top rope…

DM: Hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle!

DT: Otaku with a great offense here! He could be looking to end it! He hops back up to the top rope over the fallen Cruise…

DM: NO! Otaku missed the shooting star press as Donovan Astros was JUST able to roll his partner out of the way!

DT: And now Michael Bastard is the only one even close to standing here! He’s leaning against the ropes, trying to pull himself all the way up. He sees the slowly rising Astros. He rushes toward him…

DM: Oh my God! Donovan Astros just back body dropped Bastard into the cage!

DT: Astros pulls Bastard up and through the ropes. His legs are draping over the middle rope…

DM: Concussion Cannon! Astros just hit Bastard with that horizontal DDT!

DT: But there’s Otaku! He charges into Astros, driving him into the corner!

DM: And there’s Cameron Cruise! He’s rolling over onto the fallen Michael Bastard!

DT: There’s the pin!




[SFX: Bell ringing.]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen… here are your winners… the team of… Donovan Astros and Cameron CRUISE!!!

DT: And we have half of our finalists for the King of the Cage tournament!

DM: And Otaku inadvertently HELPED them pick up the win when he pulled Astros to the opposite corner!

DT: But what a match, Dean! These men all went flying from the top of the cage or damn close! I can’t believe anybody is still walking here!

MN: Well, they’ll be walking next week… Straight into the finals!

DT: Absolutely right, Neels. Astros and Cruise will be in the finals next week! I can’t wait to see what happens then!


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
You Don't Know What It's Like........

[Camera catches up to Caitlyn as she is chasing down Anarky.]

Caitlyn: Anarky, wait! Please! Wait!

[He stops, turns around and stares at her.]

Caitlyn: Why didn't you finish him? You could've ENDED HIS CAREER RIGHT THERE! He freaking deserves IT!

Anarky: It's not my business to concern myself with what men deserve. It isn't my place to punish them or judge them. But since he can't seem to stop himself from needlessly wasting my time with his constant bullsh*t, well... you saw what happens in that ring. He'll probably never learn. But that's not my problem.

Caitlyn: But he ruined Rocko's career, he is a psychopath! He needs to be put down before he ruins yours TOO!

Anarky: He wouldn't be the first person to try. But I don't lie awake at night worrying about whether or not Stalker is going to be the one to end my career. Every night could be my last night out there. That's what it's all about. If he wants to play with the big boys and take credit where none is deserved, he's going to end up on his back more often than not. But you want me to what, cripple him? Put him in a wheelchair? I'm not your f*cking mad dog. If he wants me, I'll be ready, just like always.

Caitlyn: He won't STOP! And neither will I. I am telling you now, if you don't end his career he will not stop until he destroys yours. And I will do whatever I can to make sure he is done with in EPW! Even without your help!

[With that Caitlyn storms off and Anarky continues his way back to his locker room.]


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Triple Threat: Copycat vs. Karl "The Dragon" Brown vs. Anarky (c)

[CUE UP: “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden. The fans give a nice pop as “The Dragon” steps from behind the curtain. He salutes the fans from the top of the ramp before making his way to the ring]

TF: The following contest is set for one fall and is a special TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! Introducing first, from Nottingham, England. He weighs 211 pounds…


MN: Loser!

DT: Will you stop?

MN: When he stops losing, yes.

DT: The Dragon off a tough tag team match last Aggression, he’s looking to bounce back in a big way, and again he’s up against some of the true greats of this business.

MN: He’s the cannon fodder! Everyone knows that! It’s a thread on the Empire Pro fan forum!

DM: Really? I was on there earlier, I didn’t see it.

MN: Well…

DT: You don’t get to compete against the World Champion and a man of Copycat’s stature without being talented yourself. Tonight could very well be the night Karl picks up the win, he’s beaten damn near impossible odds time and time again in Empire Pro.

[The lights go out for a second before flickering on and off as “The People That We Love” by Bush begins. For the song's opening seconds, the video monitor shows only a flashing siren. When the drums first kick in, the monitor shows a sped-up version of Copycat running Dan Ryan down with his car. When the drums drop back out, the siren -- now with Copycat's dead eyes layered over it -- reappears. When the drums kick in again, the video monitor changes to the typical in-ring highlights as Copycat comes through the curtains. Copycat slowly walks to the ring, not acknowledging the crowd on either side of him, eyes fixated on the ring]

TF: Weighing 280 pounds… he comes to us from Kalamazoo, Michigan… he is the Smartest Player in the Game…



DT: The man sent a novice out to do his work last Aggression! In a cage match! How can you applaud that?

MN: Aaron’s a grown man, and secondly, it was a test. And Anarky failed. Like he’s going to fail tonight.

DT: Copycat’s a great talent but what he’s been doing is utterly reprehensible!

[Copycat slides into the ring, his eyes fixed on Brown. CUE UP: “More Human than Human” by White Zombie. Copycat leaves the ring as the lights pulse, and the crowd go BALLISTIC as Anarky, steely eyed, steps from behind the curtain, the World Title glimmering on his shoulder. He walks to the ring before throwing his jacket on the floor and sliding in, springing to his feet and taking a step toward “The Dragon” – Brown doesn’t move, and Anarky stares a hole in him, turning his gaze quickly to Copycat as the Cat slinks back into the ring]

TF: And their opponent… from Hartford, Connecticut… he weighs 231 pounds… and is the reigning Empire Pro Wrestling WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…


DT: Listen to this reaction for the champ! I bet he can’t believe it!

DM: I don’t think anyone would have thought Anarky would get this kind of reaction. The fans love his attitude though, go out there and win.

DT: We’re in for a real treat tonight. Anarky keeping his eyes on Copycat, Brown keeping his eyes on Anarky, Cat glancing back and forth between the two, what a match we’ve got in store, and look at the eyes – Anarky has vengeance on his mind.

MN: Vengeance is second rate.

DT: There’s the bell, Copycat is standing back in the corner, Anarky in the middle of the ring, The Dragon keeping an eye on both men.

DM: Anarky doesn’t want to get into a position where he has his back to either man.

DT: Neither do Cat or Brown.

DM: True.

DT: Cat with a step towards Anarky, the champ went to a defensive stance but Brown with a kick to the back and into a side headlock take down.

DM: That’s why you don’t want to have your back to anyone. Copycat comes in and stomps on the gut of Anarky, Brown still with the headlock.

DT: And Cat drops the elbow.

MN: We saw last time out Anarky can’t beat two guys at once. Didn’t Beast beat two guys at once? In a dress? Anarky smanarky.

DT: It’s still very early going, Neels. I don’t think Brown and Cat are going to work together all match.

DM: Copycat backing up, Anarky trying to roll Karl over but the Dragon has his weight firmly centered

DT: Told you, Mike.

MN: Nobody likes a show off.

DT: Copycat with a boot to the face of the former TV champ breaks up the hold. Brings Brown to his feet, Irish whip is reversed. The Dragon with a leapfrog, drops down, Anarky with a hiptoss!

DM: Cat blocks it.

DT: Anarky with a shot to the midsection doubling Cat up but he gets taken down with a standing drop kick!

[As Copycat shakes off the shot to the ribs and Anarky hits the mat, the Dragon glances at both men. Seeing Copycat on his feet, the former TV and Intercontinental champion launches a stiff kick straight at the ribs followed by an elbow to the jaw. Copycat staggers and Brown sends him off with an Irish whip, but the veteran grabs the ropes. Brown charges in as Anarky stands back in the corner, Cat dropping down and sending the Dragon to the outside, leaving Copycat and Anarky in the ring. The fans cheer as Anarky clubs Cat from behind, stomping away on him as he tries to get to his feet or at least defend himself]

DT: This is what the fans wanted to see!

MN: I knew nobody wanted to see that wimpy Englishman any more.

DT: Anarky grabbing Cat, yanking him back to his feet. Forearms to the jaw, hard into the corner with the follow-up!



Kickout by Anarky! Never count The Dragon out!

DT: There’s no count-outs in this match but I know what you mean. Brown nearly picking up the victory from behind, sidesteps Anarky and a dropkick sends the World Champ



I was saying, sent the World Champ into Copycat, head to head and another roll up!

[The Dragon stalks Anarky, but his attention drawn he misses Copycat, who takes him down with a bulldog. Rather than press his advantage, Copycat rolls out of the ring and narrowly avoids getting his head taken off by the World Champ. Anarky yells at Cat, but Cat merely smiles as Anarky turns his attention to Brown with a boot to the head, followed by an atomic drop]

DT: Who knows which way this is going to go! Copycat had Brown in a bad position, but rolls to the outside and lets Anarky take over.

MN: He’s testing to see if Anarky’s gone soft.

DT: I don’t think anyone can accuse Anarky of being soft. Right hand to the kidney, he brings Brown to the ropes, rakes the face of The Dragon.

DM: Trying to tie him up in the ropes, the referee trying to intervene – Brown with a kick to the knee!

DT: Anarky holds the knee but a clubbing blow from the champ there. Shoves Brown throat first onto the middle rope, trying to choke him with the middle rope!

DM: He’ll do whatever it takes to keep his belt. He’ll do whatever it takes to win.

MN: He just likes hurting people!

DM: That too.

DT: The referee up to a four, Anarky breaks the hold – and steps towards Copycat as he tried to sneak in!

MN: He was just going to… I dunno… but he wasn’t going to attack!

DT: Like he didn’t attack earlier when Anarky was in a headlock?

MN: He was trying to keep him awake. Yeah.

DM: Copycat with his hands raised, Anarky turns back to The Dragon. Irish whip off the ropes, BIG powerslam!!



Right shoulder up, Copycat didn’t even make a move!

MN: He’s been around long enough to know that wasn’t going to put Brown down. Why waste energy?

DT: Anarky has his forearm pressed across the throat of the Briton, keeping a close eye on Copycat. Cat comes in, Anarky quickly back to his feet in a defensive pose but Cat with a foot to the face of The Dragon!

MN: This could be an easy non-loss for Anarky. Two on one, just what I like.

DM: So that was you the other week with Beau and the greased up monkey.


DT: Copycat with Brown hooked, snap suplex! Floats into a cover, but Anarky with the quick save. Copycat trying to defend himself, Brown rolls to the ropes, Anarky has Copycat hooked – Copycat with a shortarm clothesline, Anarky was going for the Chaos Breaker but Cat spun out.

[Copycat looks around and sees Brown down on the ring apron. Deciding to stick with what’s nearest to him, he brings Anarky to his feet with a wrist lock into an arm wringer. Applying pressure to the shoulder, he leans Anarky forward and brings him to a knee with a foot on the back of the knee – and punts Anarky square in the chest. The World Champ holds his chest as Copycat brings him back to his feet before dropping him with a scoop slam]

DT: Million Dollar fist drop by Copycat, into the cover


Kickout at two by Anarky. Copycat with a handful of hair, yanks the champ to his feet – and hurls him to the outside!

DM: Anarky down on the outside, Copycat quickly drags Brown into the ring, elbow to the sternum.

DT: Doesn’t go for the cover though. Brings The Dragon to his feet, rake of the eyes and a nice STO!

MN: You know, maybe we should call him the lizard. Or the gecko. He’s not a dragon.

DT: Mike!

MN: I’m just saying.

DT: Copycat with Brown up, wrist lock applied. Arm wringer on the young man, winds up – wrings the arm again.

DM: The muscles and tissue in the shoulder is not meant to be spun like that. Copycat goes for it again

DT: Brown reverses it! Grounds Copycat, leg drop on the arm!



MN: He knew where he was.

DT: Nearly a three count for the Dragon, Copycat was stunned for just a moment from that counter! The Dragon well rested it looks like.

DM: He’s got Copycat in his sights – somersault neckbreaker as Cat tries to get to his feet!

[Instead of going for the cover, Brown stalks Cat, staying behind the veteran. As soon as Cat gets to his feet, he’s taken off them again with a release German suplex, The Dragon nipping back to his feet as Copycat holds his neck. Brown charges past Cat, and on the rebound takes him over with a flying headscissor, keeping the actual hold applied on the canvas until he spots Anarky getting back in the ring on the far side. Not wanting to leave the World Champ out on the fun, Brown moves across and rocks him with a right to the jaw, hooking the head and bringing him back in with a vertical suplex. Copycat has gotten back to his feet, and Brown drops him with a flying forearm for good measure]

DT: Very good burst of speed, The Dragon’s brought these people to their feet!

DM: He’s always been good at that, plays to the crowd – and gets taken down with a chop block from Anarky. Rookie, rookie move.

DT: From someone who’s been around as long as he has we wouldn’t expect it, but it happens to everyone. Anarky with a flurry of rights to the inside on the right knee of The Dragon, Copycat on the outside.

MN: Time for a quick catnap then.

DT: Anarky with Brown’s leg on the bottom rope – no! Misses! Brown rolled out of the way, Anarky in with an elbow just catches the side of the ribs.


Shoulder up.

DM: Drives a knee to the ribs and back of Brown. Anarky might perhaps be the most brutally efficient champion we’ve had, there’s not much wasted effort. No real finesse either but it’s effective.

DT: Has Brown up – big scoop slam.

MN: Cat’s back!

DT: Copycat in the ring, goes right after Brown, he’s trying to tell Anarky they should finish Brown off.

DM: I honestly don’t know what Copycat's game is… it’s hard to figure anything out about the man.

DT: Anarky wary, brings Brown to his feet. Double Irish whip, clothesline by Anarky and Cat with… well would you believe that! Clothesline as Anarky turns around!

DM: Who’d’ve thunk it.

MN: It’s smart. See if ‘Nark can deal with this, if he can’t he’s no champ. Cat with ‘Nark, drives the knee into the face, quick boot to the head of drags-on, hoists ‘Nark up on his shoulders and a nice Samoan drop. Reminds me, I need to get take out later.

[As Dave and Dean try to fathom what Mike’s on about, Copycat moves back to The Dragon, Anarky down near the middle of the ring. A kick to the knee and a right to the jaw stun the Brit before Cat takes him down with an overhead belly to belly suplex that inadvertently lets Brown deliver a leg drop of sorts on the World Champ. Anarky rolls toward the ropes as Brown arches his back in pain and Copycat amuses himself with his handiwork for a moment – but the veteran is too smart to take long. He brings Brown to his feet and drives his head into the top turnbuckle]

DT: Knees up into the midsection by Copycat. Irish whip across the ring, follows him in hard with a clothesline!

MN: It’s just a matter of time.

DT: Copycat with another Irish whip, Brown hits hard. Cat hoists The Dragon up to the top rope, follows him up – SUPERPLEX!!



Anarky in for the save!

DM: Pretty quick paced for a triple threat match.

DT: Anarky grabs Copycat, Cat shoves him off, Anarky in with a forearm to the jaw, Cat shoves him, ducks the clothesline, and to the outside.

DM: But Anarky follows him!

MN: IDIOT! You’ve got Brown down inside, why not go after him?!

DT: Anarky wants to hurt Copycat after what happened last Aggression. The champ blocks the right hand, rake of the eyes, smashes Copycat’s face against the ring apron. Spins him around, drives him back first into the apron – drop toe hold against the barricade!!

DM: Now that’s innovative! Sends Cat chest first into the top of the barricade with a drop toe-hold!

DT: The Dragon’s up, holding his back on the inside, Anarky rolls Cat back into the ring. Follows him in, into the cover, but Brown in to break it up before the count.

MN: And Anarky slugs Brown.

DT: Anarky grabs Brown by the hair, right to the jaw. Back up, Irish whip, ducks the head and Brown against the ropes.

[Yelling at the champ, Brown positions himself against the charge, FLOORING Anarky with a jumping spinning side kick to the head! The champ crumples to the mat as Brown springs into a cover, only for Copycat to leap to the rescue at two. The former TV champ glares at Copycat and shoots a left jab out, stunning Cat just enough for Brown to get to his feet first, duck behind Cat and take him down with a belly to back suplex. The referee checks on Anarky after the hard kick as The Dragon grabs Cat almost by the scruff of the neck, and drops down into an inside cradle]



Kickout by Copycat, close to the three.

DM: Brown almost had Cat in the cradle.

MN: That’s so unoriginal, Dean.

DM: It’s also written on your crib sheet.

MN: I don’t have a crib sheet!

DT: Brown has Copycat, up – brainbuster!!



Anarky with the save! I thought he was out!

DM: A kick like that sends you loopy, for sure.

DT: Anarky with a shot to the back of The Dragon, Brown retaliates with a right to the jaw. Grabs the champ – now that’s an original Russian leg sweep! Straight onto Copycat!

DM: I’m not sure how much damage that would do to Anarky, but Copycat’s definitely winded.

DT: And Brown has Anarky by the hair, standing head scissors, Anarky is fighting it – back body drop by the champ onto Copycat!

DM: He’s definitely winded now.

DT: Copycat being used effectively as a crash mat by these two! Brown slow to get to his feet, Anarky breathing heavy, he’s been dishing out HUGE shots tonight.

DM: Might as well forget about Cat for a while.

DT: Anarky knocks Brown to the outside, into the cover on Cat



THNo! Left shoulder up off the canvas quickly.

[Frustrated, Anarky slams a fist into the mat, covering Cat again with the same result. He yanks his prey from the canvas, hooking him in a front face lock, but rather than going for the Chaos Breaker he hits an implant DDT and drags Cat over to the corner. Mounting the second rope, Anarky hits a knee across the temple, but the cover again only gets a two count. These near falls have given The Dragon a chance to regain his bearings, and he charges in, hitting Anarky with a dropkick to the back that sends the champ shoulder first between the top and second turnbuckle]

MN: That’s gotta hurt!

DT: The Dragon with a smart move there. Brings Anarky out of the corner, high angle back suplex right on the shoulder!

DM: Doesn’t go for the cover though. That could cost him.

DT: Brown with a stomp to the back of Anarky, Copycat stirring in the corner. Brown with the champ, knee to the midsection. Irish whip attempt, reversed no, thumb to the eyes by Anarky and a swinging neckbreaker!

MN: And all the while the Cat gets a rest. I love this part of the match.

DT: All three men are down, they’ve been hitting some hard shots all match. Copycat still looking winded, Anarky’s holding the shoulder, Brown’s breathing heavily – and Cat’s the first to make a move, lashes out a boot to The Dragon.

[Copycat moves slowly as he peels The Dragon off the canvas. He rattles the former IC and TV champ with a kick to the chest before whipping him chest first into the corner, but as he follows in, Brown sidesteps and hoists Cat onto the top turnbuckle]

DT: The Dragon looking for revenge for the superplex earlier perhaps?

DM: Possible.

DT: Right hand to the jaw, follows Cat up, but Copycat blocks it!

MN: Anarky’s up.

DT: Brown with a shot to the back of Copycat, Anarky – what strength! Electric Chair position, has Brown on his shoulders…

MN: Not as impressive as I remember it that one.

DT: BLITZKRIEG! Copycat with a somersault neckbreaker, we haven’t seen that move in a while!

DM: And Anarky yanking Cat off Brown as he went for the cover. Brown is out!

DT: Copycat shoves Anarky, Anarky shoves Cat – BIG RIGHT BY COPYCAT!

DM: And a bigger right by Anarky!

DT: Anarky and Copycat trading right hands in the centre of the ring! Big shots, right hand, right hand, Copycat swings, misses, Anarky with a reverse DDT!



Kickout! Kickout barely before three!!

[With a sick look in his eye, Anarky pulls Cat to his feet and shoves him back into the corner. A quick right to the jaw rocks Copycat, as the World Champ moves back to the prone Dragon, yanking him roughly from the canvas. He sends Brown across the ring with an Irish whip, but Copycat side steps and moves along the ropes. Anarky charges Cat, but tumbles to the outside as the rope gets pulled down, and Cat instinctively grabs The Dragon in a full nelson with a twist]


DM: But Anarky’s back in! He landed on his feet

DT: Copycat sees Anarky, lets go of Brown and straight to the outside!

MN: He didn’t want to get blindsided. Would you?

DT: Anarky saving the match there, the Cat’s Claw was locked in tight and Brown was maybe just seconds away from tapping!

DM: Anarky grabbing Brown though, powerbomb!!

DT: ONE!!!



DM: And Copycat did nothing to stop the count.

DT: Anarky with Karl up, hooks the head – CHAOS BREAKER NO!!



[Brown slumps to his knees as Copycat sneers at Anarky. He leans forward, yelling at the World Champ that it’s not that easy, yanks him to his feet and hurls him into the corner before he turns his attention to Brown. The Dragon is rocked by a boot to the face, but manages to reverse an Irish whip attempt only to be taken down by a shoulder tackle. Cat goes straight for the cover, but Brown rolls the shoulder]

DT: Copycat is looking peeved!

DM: He’s got The Dragon up again – LITTERBOMB!




DT: ANARKY SAVED BROWN AGAIN!! That’s TWO finishing moves from Copycat that Anarky has saved The Dragon from!

DM: Copycat lashes out at Anarky


MN: Not that time!

DT: Copycat with a rake of the face, hooks him – BACK BODY DROP! Anarky turns, smashing kick to the head, grabs Copycat CHAOS BREAKER! CHAOS BREAKER!!

DM: But Brown’s back to his feet!

DT: Anarky sees him, boot to the midsection, Chaos NO!! Brown reverses, LIGERBOMB!!




DM: That’s the resilience of the champion.

[The Dragon holds his head in his hands for a few seconds as Copycat rolls out of the ring. The Brit grabs Anarky, dropping him near the corner with a Russian leg sweep, and signals for something off the top rope]

DT: Brown’s signaling for a 450! This must do it!

DM: But Copycat sliding a chair into the ring

DT: The ref sees it, 450!! 450!!



MN: There’s no referee, genius!

DT: The referee arguing with Copycat, The Dragon had this match won!

DM: Brown sees Cat with the chair, gets in his face as the ref grabs the chair



DM: And the referee didn’t see it! He was too busy getting rid of that chair!

DT: Copycat is laughing at The Dragon, he’s got this one in the bag. Boot to the midsection, lifts him up




DM: He brings Brown back to his feet





[SFX: ding ding ding ding]

TF: The winner of the match… by pinfall… the Empire Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion…


DT: Anarky with a HUGE win!

MN: He picked up the pieces Copycat left him! This is a travesty!

DT: Copycat blinded Brown and hit the Litterbomb but take nothing away from Anarky! He toughed it out and won an impressive triple threat match!

DM: Anarky celebrating in the corner

DT: What’s Copycat doing?! Dragging Brown to the outside, he just laid him out with a chair!!

DM: I guess he didn’t like the way Brown lost?

DT: He was laid out by a Litterbomb! Copycat wailing away with right hands on Brown, Anarky still celebrating in the corner, Brown rammed into the ring post – LITTERBOMB ON THE OUTSIDE!! Right hands from Cat, ANARKY SEES IT!! ANARKY QUICKLY TO THE OUTSIDE, and look at Copycat getting out of there!

DM: The damage is done though. Brown’s taken two Litterbombs and a Chaos Breaker in a couple of minutes, and a beating from Copycat – that’s a message.

MN: Yeah, that Copycat is the SAVIOUR of WRESTLING!

DT: Anarky standing at the foot of the ramp as Copycat backs away, that was insane! Full credit to Anarky, stopping the attack.


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Getting It Right - Masked Violators Special Challenge Match

[CUT TO: Backstage... Mojo Massey is flanked by two masked performers. On one side is a chiseled, tan grappler wearing a red mask trimmed with blue and a broad smile beneath. On the other is a shorter, stockier, less polished, more intimidating masked man wearing a blue mask, red trim. Mojo exudes professionalism, as always.]

MOJO: Here I am with the Masked Violators; two men who are fairly new to Empire Pro Wrestling, who made their debut at our last televised event in the Kings of the Cage tag tournament, losing a close contest against the unlikely pairing of Otaku and Michael Bastard. Two men who, I am told, don't necessarily get along all that well themselves and who--

MV#1: Pardon me, Mr. Massey, if I may interject for just a moment.

[Mojo seems slightly taken aback, but quickly recovers.]

MOJO: This is your moment...

MV#1: Thank You, Mr. Massey and Thank You, Empire Pro Wrestling!!!

[Lukewarm pop, camera cuts to tight shot of Masked Violator #1.]

MV#1: At Aggression 56, the world saw the Best Kept Secret in Professional Wrestling, the Masked Violators, in action on a major stage for the very first time! We thought that was our chance, our shot, our MOMENT to shine! Myself and Number Two, we came ready and eager to perform! That night, against Bastard and Otaku, was NOT our moment... But THIS, as you say, Mr. Massey, IS! We stand before you... two warriors of the ring without a match tonight. And we want to change that!

[Suddenly, Masked Violator #2 wrenched the microphone [and Massey's hand with it] away from #1 and towards him.]

MV#2: We wanna do more than just "change it", Hojo! We are calling out every pansy and piss-ant in this stinkin' joke of a lockerroom. There ain't a team OR single man worth a damn in this entire promotion, from top to bottom! Whether it's the Tag Team Chumps or we get the chance to take on schlubs like Otakgoo and Mickey Bastard again. I don't care if the EPW World Heavyweight Champion himself, whoever the f___ that is, accepts our challenge... or if you, Hojo, decide to get in the ring with us. It won't matter. The result's gonna be the same. We're going to kill you. You're going to die. And I'm going to enjoy it.

[Number One is clearly uncomfortable with the direction this is going. Massey seems oddly entertained. Number Two is frothing at the mouth.]

MV#2: So all of you scumbags and weasels can consider yourselves put on notice... Which one of you freaks likes the idea of me shi**ing all over you in the middle of the ring tonight? Who wants some?

MV#1: What my unfriendly friend is implying is... We, the Masked Violators, are issuing an OPEN CHALLENGE! To any two men, living or dead, past or pending, who possess the fortitude necessary to stand against the combined might of They Who Wear Masks. The steel cage remains above the ring for tonight's event... and we shall put it through its proverbial paces! This is OUR night, OUR moment! And whomever accepts our challenge TONIGHT will be a part of history. We may have debuted at Aggression 56, but 57 belongs to The Masked Violators!

MOJO: That may prove to be the case, but how do you respond to early criticism that you don't seem to gel as a team? It looked to me that your styles both in the ring AND out... clash! In your few weeks on the road with Empire Pro, you've gained a reputation of being Pro Wrestling's Oddest Couple, do you two see things differently?

[Masked Violator #1 folds his arms across his chest, widening his stance.]

MV#1: I believe I speak for the both of us when I say--

MV#2: Watch what you say, El Uno...

MV#1: --that I couldn't POSSIBLY speak for Number Two! Are we different? Absolutely! I would offer that our differing styles compliment each other! I will work my opponent on the ground. I'm technically proficient. I am not afraid to take things to the air. And above all, I play by the rules! I am a competitor, and athlete, and -- yes, a Scholar. My partner, on the other hand... is rough. He's a brawler. He is power personified. Anger given form. Is he dirty? Yes, he is disgusting. Is he underhanded and conniving? Indubitably.

MV#2: I'm blushing.

MV#1: But we ARE partners! We ARE brothers! We ARE the Masked Violators...

MV#2: Get some, *****.

MOJO: ...wow. You heard 'em, EPW. The newest tag team in Empire Pro has issued an OPEN CHALLENGE for later on tonight!!! Who will answer the call? Back to you guys!

DT: Alright, fans... You heard it.

DM: What an odd team.

DT: Well, with the main event scheduled next, word is coming to me that we're gonna do the special challenge right now. Apparently we've got some challengers already.

DM: Someone doesn't mind being violated. I bet Beau Michaels is involved.

DT: Ugh. Let's get ready for our next contest, a special tag team challenge match!

[CUE UP: "Secret Identity" by GHOSTS of SMOOTH tears through the PA system, the house lights strobe red, blue, and yellow...]

DM: Here come the newest tag team in Empire Pro--

MN: --and the oddest tag team in Empire Pro!

DM: That is to be determined... here come the MASKED VIOLATORS!

DT: They made their debut at Aggression 56 in a losing effort against Otaku and Michael Bastard and, not to be deterred, they came here tonight and issued an OPEN CHALLENGE to absolutely any tag team in the building! These two men are determined to make their mark in this promotion and they clearly feel that tonight is the night!

[Both masked grapplers step through the curtain simultaneously... The taller of the Violators, #1, seems full of energy; slapping the outstretched hands of fans at ringside, the other arm furiously pumping the air as he trots to the ring. The other, #2, walks with focused purpose, one hand massaging the taped knuckles of the other. His eyes trained on the ring, #2 takes a moment to spit near the feet of some front-row fans -- much to their horror and surprise.]

MN: What a couple of clowns!

DT: These two men, as I understand it, have a storied history; having wrestled on four continents, in nine countries--

MN: Dave, let's get real, here... We don't know ANYTHING about these two. We have heard the NAME before... We've HEARD of the Masked Violators, but THESE two guys? Who knows?

DM: What are you suggesting, Neely?

MN: I am not suggesting anything, simply pointing out that they're wearing masks! Who knows WHO they are?

DT: (sigh) The Masked Violators are in the ring... let's see who will step up and accept their earlier challenge.....

[CUT TO: Masked Violator #1 stands in the ring, microphone in hand... He gestures towards the curtain.]

MV#1: Ladies, gentlemen, and superfans of Empire Pro Wrestling... Earlier tonight my Questionable Companion and I made a startling challenge to the other esteemed members of the EPW roster. We asked the lockerroom to look within themselves and find the--

[For the second time this evening, #2 snatches the microphone from the hands of another. He snarls into it.]


[There is a momentary stillness in the arena as everyone waits... without warning, "Wild Side" by Motley Crue kicks in with full force!]

MN: Ummm....

[Two generic, bright-spandex wearing wrestlers explode through the curtain...]

DT: It's the Motor City Maniacz!!!

MN: ...who?

DM: The Motor City Maniacz are another young tandem trying to break into EPW. They were ORIGINALLY scheduled to debut at Aggression 56 to take on Otaku and Bastard, but travel issues prevented them from being there...

DT: And it was The Masked Violators that took their spot in the match at the last moment! Looks like the Maniacz are looking to exact some revenge on the team that THEY perceive took their chance!

MN: Didn't you just say there were travel problems?

DM: That's enough out of you, Neely.

MN: Fair enough.

[The Maniacz storm down the aisle with bluster and arrogance, they slide under the bottom rope and hit their feet in unison!]

DT: The Motor City Maniacz, Mikey P and Joey T! They seem ready for-- WHOA!

[Masked Violator #2 explodes across the ring and LEVELS BOTH Maniacz with an unpolished, blistering double clothesline! The bell sounds!]

DM: Looks like #2 is going to start things off against Mikey P and he is starting off with just a BRUTAL assault of fists! What a flurry of offense early!

DT: Certainly! #2 has Mikey in the corner and he is just dominating him with elbows, knees... simply unrelenting... Power slam in the center of the ring, like we said, it's been all Masked Violator #2 since these guys hit the ring... he TOSSES Mikey P into the Maniacz corner and ALLOWS Mikey to make a tag to his partner, Joey T...

MN: Ha... doesn't look like Joey is too eager to get in there! Wait a sec-- is #2 drooling?

DT: A little bit of slobber, yeah...

DM: Joey tags in and quickly springs to the top turnbuckle! Looks like he is taking to the air--

MN: #2 GRABS Joey's feet and YANKS him off the turnbuckle! The back of Joey's head just NAILED that turnbuckle pad on the way down!

DT: And I don't care care if it's padded; that STILL had to hurt like hell! #2 drags Joey into the center of the ring and hits the ropes -- RUNNING KNEE DROP across Joey's chest!

[Camera cuts to a tight shot of Joey simultaneously clutching the back of his head with one hand and his aching ribs with the other. He writhes on the mat in pain, yet MV#2 provides no respite.]

DT: #2 drops to his knees and, my word... He is repeatedly slamming Joey T's head on the canvas! AGAIN! Oh, AGAIN!

[CUT TO: Masked Violator #1 standing on the apron, pleading for #2 to show restraint and to tag him in... Concern is (somehow) etched on his bemasked face.]

DM: Violator #2 wrenches Joey T back to his feet, now... and it appears Joey is bleeding from the mouth--

MN: Here comes Mikey P, no tag!

DT: And Mikey is cut off by #1, from out of NOWHERE, with a springboard missile dropkick off the top rope! Mikey P makes a hasty exit, rolling under the bottom rope and Violator #1 is right behind him!

[CUT TO: Outside the ring, #1 brawls with Mikey P, much to the front row's delight. CUT TO: Back in the ring...]

DM: I have to say, Masked Violator #2 is a vicious human being! He hasn't shown any technical grace, just pure ferocity!

[CUT TO: MV#1 hops back on the apron and gingerly slaps the back of his partner, the referee notes a legal tag. #2 spins around, furious.]

DT: Tag made to Masked Violator #1 and he vaults into the ring--

MN: Deuce is PISSED! ...what kind of "team" ARE these clowns?!?

DM: #1 whips Joey into the ropes.... leapfrog... spectacular arm drag takedown into a single armbar by Masked Violator #1! Arm wrench... and another! Another irish whip sends Joey T back into the ropes... Joey T VAULTS over #1 this time, and BACK into the ropes... ANOTHER JUMPING ARM DRAG by #1! Both men are back up -- yet Joey is favoring that right arm -- and Masked Violator #1 comes in with a series of STIFF knife edge chops! Do you HEAR that?

MN: I can FEEL it!

DT: #1 has Joey worked into the corner! He hops to the second turnbuckle, straddling Joey T's shoulders... spins! LOOK at this!

[CUT TO: Tight shot of Masked Violator #1 perched on Joey T's shoulders. Joey staggers forward and MV#1 rolls forward, somersaulting into a pinning situation.]

CROWD: 1.... 2.....

DM: Joey T kicks out and #1 is staying on him, bringing Joey back to his feet by that aching right arm... whips him into the ropes-- OHHH!!!!!

MN: #2, on the apron, got his boot up and just BLISTERED Joey T in the face!

DT: The referee saw it -- it was in plain sight -- and is admonishing Masked Violator #2--

MN: And so is #1! They're hashing it out right here in front of us!

[CUT TO: Opposite side of the ring, Joey T has crawled to his corner, reached... and tagged his partner. Mikey P runs in, renewed--]

DM: Inside cradle from behind, he has #1's shoulders down!!

CROWD: 1................... 2..................... OHHH!!

MN: #2 just charged in and broke up the cover! Joey T is exhausted, but he springs to the top turnbuckle! He LEAPS!!

DT: Masked Violator #2 CATCHES Joey T and DRIVES him down with a Layout Powerbomb! Mikey P comes off the ropes and gets cinched into a half nelson by #1! Half nelson into a Russian Leg Sweep! #1 is quick to pull Mikey back to his feet... and he is signalling to the crowd...

DM: They seem into this tandem!

MN: They're as amused and confused as the rest of us. And look, #2 is back on the apron and this time HE is demanding a tag!

DT: #1 seems to brush him off as he sends Mikey P into the ropes--

MN: #2 is hopping in the ring anyway--

DM: DOUBLE SPEAR by the Masked Violators!

MN: They NAILED Mikey P from opposite angles!

DT: They call that move the MOVING VIOLATION!

DM: Both of them cover Mikey P... the referee is making the count--

CROWD: 1................................... 2................................ 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[CUT TO: The bell sounds once more, this time triumphantly. Center of the ring, both numbers 1 and 2 have Mikey P covered... the referee raises BOTH hands...]

DT: The Masked Violators have done it! And they have done it with ease tonight!

[The Violators reach their feet, slightly winded, eyeing eachother warily... They are clearly bickering at eachother, yet their voices can't be picked up on mic over the buzz of the crowd.]

DM: I don't think, despite their win, that the Masked Violators are PLEASED with how this went down. We heard #1 say earlier that this was THEIR moment, tonight... I don't think this is exactly what they had in mind!

[The finger pointing turns to yelling and without warning, they are at eachothers throats... and the crowd eats it up.]

MN: Would you LOOK at this?!?

DT: The Violators have fallen apart, here! They're tearing eachother apart! Can you believe this?!?

DM: Spilling out of the ring and up the aisle, now...

DT: You get the feeling they do this alot.

DM: I was thinking the same thing.

[CUT TO: Still locked up, #2 with a rake to the eyes, both men stumbled through the curtain to a brief and generous ovation from the fans.]

DT: What a spectacle.

MN: That's one word for it!
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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
MAIN EVENT: KOTC Tag Edition - 2nd Rd.: Stalker/Shane vs. Impulse/Black vs. Heirs (c)

DT: Well, here we are, EPW fans – tonight’s main event!

DM: Before we get to that, what do you think of the Masked Violators?

MN: Brilliant, pretty much.

DM: I say anyone who answers a challenge from those two should be careful. Men in masks cannot be trusted.

MN: Snazzy dressers, though.

DM: Well, up next the EPW Tag Team Titles are on the line in a unique triple threat steel cage match, the semifinals of the King of the Cage tournament! And this looks to be the greatest challenge the Heirs of Wrestling have faced since capturing the EPW Tag Team Titles from Anthology in May of last year!

MN: Ordinarily, I’d say the Heirs have this one in the bag, but with the likes of Stalker to contend with in this one, not to mention the anything-goes nature of the steel cage match, who knows?

DT: Let’s get to the ring!

SFX: Ding! Ding!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the following matchup is tonight’s maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain event! And it is for the EPW Tag Team Titles!

Crowd: [Pop]

TF: The matchup is a tag team contest that will take place under triple threat rules. The winning team will be the team that scores the first pinfall or submission, or whose members both escape the cage. However, the titles may only change hands in the event of a pinfall or submission!

[CUE UP: “Revolution Baby” by Queen V]

Crowd: [Pop]

Queen V: Left! Left! Left right left! Left! Left! Left right left! Oww!

[Impulse and Calico Rose step through the curtains as the song’s main lyrics kick in. Impulse gives the crowd a nod as he limbers up, then heads down to the ring, slapping the outstretched hands of the fans lining the entranceway]

TF: Introducing first, one of the challengers! Accompanied to the ring by Calico Rose, from New York City! Weighing in at 188 pounds, the Marathon Man, Iiiiiiiiiimpulllllllllse!

DM: Impulse is a decidedly scientific wrestler, but this is not going to be a scientific match! We’ll see how he is able to adapt his style for it!

MN: Are you kidding? He won’t have a clue what to do in there!

[Impulse hops up the steps, the cage once again lowered following the triple threat match just finished, and steps through the cage door and into the ring. He raises a fist in the air for the crowd, drawing another pop]

[CUE UP: “Holy Mountain” by Sleep. Fog billows out from the entryway. As the drums, bass and vocals kick in, Erik Black steps through the curtains, breathing out a plume of smoke and smiling goofily. Black, with “Geezer” in tow, begins his strut to the ring to the boos of the fans]

TF: And his tag team partner! From Indianapolis, Indiana! Weighing in at 221 pounds, Erik Black, the Dooooooooopesmokerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

DM: You want to talk about not having a clue in there, I have to think Erik Black is going to be even more confused than Impulse in this kind of match!

MN: No way! The Dopesmoker thrives on chaos! Uh, among other things.

[Black heads up the steps and into the ring. He ascends one of the turnbuckles and poses with “Geezer” as the cameras catch Impulse casting a skeptical glance in his tag team partner’s direction]

[CUE UP: “Did My Time” by Korn. The video monitor goes black as the music starts, but the entrance ramp remains empty, the boos of the crowd quickly giving way to murmuring]

DT: It looks like we may be short one competitor in this one! Where is Stalker?

[After a few more seconds of ambiguity, Stalker brusquely pushes his way through the curtains, bandaged up and visibly hurting from his encounter with Anarky earlier. Stalker stumbles down to the ring, trying to shake out the cobwebs]

TF: And from the other challenger team! Weighing 224 pounds, Staaaaaaaalkerrrrrrrrrr!

MN: I know Stalker can take more punishment than just about anybody out there, but this hardly seems fair! He can’t be expected to compete at 100 percent after the beating he took from Anarky earlier!

DM: Nobody forced him to provoke Anarky! If you ask me, he got exactly what he deserved!

[Stalker hops up the steps and staggers into the ring, then leans against one of the turnbuckles opposite Black and Impulse]

[CUE UP: “Power” by Kanye West. After 15 seconds of chanting, the lights go down and fountain pyro starts at the right side of the stage, moving to the left and back to the right. As the lyrics start, Steven Shane rises up out of the stage. With the lift finished, Shane heads down to the ring, acknowledging the cheers of the crowd]

TF: And his tag team partner! From Hollywood, California! Weighing 253 pounds, Sensationalllllllll Stevennnnnnnn Shaaaaaaaaaaane!

DM: Steven Shane showing determination, but with his tag team partner impaired, who knows what strategy he might have going into this one?

MN: Ordinarily, I would say his strategy is to stand back and let Stalker take care of these fools, but unfortunately for me, I may have to actually see him participate!

[Shane heads into the ring and poses for the crowd on one of the turnbuckles. Stalker doesn’t even really acknowledge him, instead keeping his eyes trained on Impulse and Black]

Voice/Over: I’M RICH, BIATCH!

[CUE UP: “The Sh*t” by Danger Mouse and Jemini. Red, blue and gold lights flash through the arena in tune with the music. Alexandria Malone steps through the curtains, heralding the entrance of the Heirs of Wrestling, who step into the entranceway with a spotlight on them. Ryan Gallway, Frank Pierce and Mack Brody head down the entrance ramp to the ring – Gallway trash-talking the fans, Pierce blowing off the boos of the crowd and Brody checking himself out in a compact mirror]

TF: And making their way to the ring now, accompanied by Alexandria Malone! From a quiet spring residence in Seattle, Washington! They are the EPW Tag Team Champions! At a total combined weight of 445 pounds, the Heeeiiiiiiiiirs of Wresssssssssstlinnnnnnng!

DT: I’ve been told it will be Frank Pierce and Ryan Gallway wrestling this one.

DM: But I’m sure they’ll have plenty of support outside the ring in the form of the 320-pounder, Mack Brody!

[Gallway and Pierce both hop into the cage at roughly the same time, prepared for any concerted attack on them, but they go untouched as referee Pat Jones keeps the competitors separated so he can explain the rules]

SFX: Ding! Ding!

DT: And here we go! Things are devolving into chaos already!

DM: I wouldn’t be so sure about that! There’s some order to this chaos – all four challengers have zeroed in on the Heirs of Wrestling! The champions are the immediate targets in this one!

MN: No surprises there! This kind of matchup stacks the odds against the champions! It’s hardly fair!

DM: Mike, just seconds ago you were complaining that this match wasn’t fair to Stalker.

MN: It’s not fair to any of the people who don’t disgust me!

DT: Gallway and Pierce are down on the mat, and Stalker, Dopesmoker and Shane are stomping away at them! Impulse participated in the initial attack, but he’s backing off now – instinct told him to target the champions, but I don’t think he likes the idea of a gang beating!

DM: And now Impulse grabs Stalker and spins him around! A hard chop, and Stalker goes down! Impulse dragging Stalker away from the fray, and slams him headfirst into the turnbuckle! Impulse now laying into Stalker with chops!

DT: Meanwhile, Black has decided to let Steven Shane continue the attack on the Heirs! He’s going after … he’s not going after anyone! The Dopesmoker is just walking away from the action!

MN: Now there’s a smart man! And you said he’d be confused in this one.

DM: But Steven Shane isn’t going to have any of that! Shane walks away from the Heirs – and levels Dopesmoker with a clothesline as he turns around! Shane now whips Black to the buckle, charges in and nails him with another clothesline! Shane sends Black to the ropes, and a biiiiiiig back body drop!

DT: Meanwhile, Impulse pulls Stalker out of the corner, hooks him up and there’s a snap suplex! Impulse floats over into a cover!



And Steven Shane pulls Impulse off the cover!

DM: Impulse turning his attention to Shane – but there’s Erik Black from behind, and he nails Shane with a knee to the back! Black with shots to the face of Shane, and now with kicks to the midsection! Shane catches a kick – and an enzuigiri by Black!

DT: Impulse, meanwhile, goes back to work on Stalker! Impulse wrenches the arm around, and again! But Stalker with a rake of the eyes!

MN: About time one of these guys remembered there are no DQs in a cage match!

DT: Stalker off the ropes, but he runs into an armdrag from Impulse! Stalker back up, and another armdrag! Stalker up again, misses with a clothesline, Impulse grabs him from behind and a neckbreaker! Impulse with a cover!



And Stalker is up!

DM: Over on the other side of things, Black is kicking and stomping away at Shane in the corner! Black pulls Shane up to his feet, off the ropes – and runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Shane! Shane covers!



And Impulse drags Shane off of his tag partner!

DT: Shane up to his feet now – and he’s staring down Impulse! Everyone else in the ring is down! And listen to this crowd! They want to see these two mix it up!

MN: Of course, they would want to see the two most boring fight!

DM: “Most boring?” You would have a tough time finding two more technically sound wrestlers on the EPW roster!

MN: Exactly! Boring!

DT: Impulse and Shane are circling each other, and this crowd definitely approves! Collar-and-elbow tie-up right in the center of the ring!

MN: And Stalker breaks it up with a clubbing forearm right to the back of Impulse! Ha! So much for that!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DM: And before Shane can react, there’s Black with a chopblock! Black now with stomps to Shane as Stalker chokes Impulse against the ropes! Pat Jones is trying to get Stalker to break the chokehold, but there are no disqualifications!

DT: Black off the ropes as Shane regains his footing, and there’s a spinning heel kick! Stalker, over on the other side, pulls Impulse away from the ropes, and there’s a fisherman buster!

DM: And now Stalker and the Dopesmoker are locking eyes!

MN: Now this should at least be interesting! The Fallen explodes!

DM: And Black just gives a “screw this” wave! He’s going to try to climb out of the cage!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DT: But Stalker’s having none of that! Black hasn’t even got a foot on the bars of the cage, and Stalker pulls him back into a Russian legsweep! Stalker floats over and lays a chokehold on Black! Pat Jones again admonishing Stalker, but he knows full well he can’t be disqualified!

MN: Doesn’t Pat Jones have anything better to do with his time than try to enforce rules that don’t apply to the match? Like, I don’t know, spend some quality time with his son? <i>Oh wait.</i>

DM: That’s low, Mike.

DT: Stalker hauls the Dopesmoker up to his feet, and there’s a knee to the gut! And another! Stalker with a standing headscissors on Black, and … big powerbomb by Stalker! Stalker holds it for a pin attempt!



No! Black able to kick out!

DM: But Stalker still has hold of the legs, and he could be going for a sharpshooter here! No, Black with a rake of the eyes! Stalker staggers away, Black off the ropes and there’s a bulldog! And Black, wasting no time, is back up to his feet, trying to get out of the cage! He’s climbing up!

DT: But Stalker stops him again! Stalker grabs Black – and slams him back into the center of the ring!

DM: Stalker with a kick to the midsection, and he hooks up Black for the Evenflow DDT! This could be it!

DT: No! Impulse pulls Stalker off from behind, and there’s a reverse DDT!

MN: Leave it to Impulse to ruin a perfectly good Evenflow!

DM: Black shaking the cobwebs out, but he backs up right into Shane – and there’s a reverse DDT from Shane! Reverse DDTs in stereo, and the Dopesmoker and Stalker are both down!

DT: And it looks like the fans might get their wish from earlier, as it’s just Steven Shane and Impulse standing now!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: Shane and Impulse circling, and another collar-and-elbow tie-up! Shane with a standing headlock on Impulse, backed to the ropes, pushed off and a shoulderblock by Shane on the rebound! Shane off the ropes, Impulse drops to the mat, off the ropes again, leapfrog by Impulse, Shane on the rebound and there’s a hiptoss by Impulse!

DT: This is not the sort of action I would have expected in a steel cage match, but left to their own devices, this is exactly the kind of match Steven Shane and Impulse would want to have!

MN: Well, at least I can take comfort in the fact that this action has a time limit!

DT: Shane is up, off the ropes again and another hiptoss by Impulse! Impulse keeps hold of the arm, and a standing arm grapevine! Shane back up to his feet, reverses into a crowbar! Impulse trying to break the hold – into the corner, and Impulse climbs up the turnbuckle and backflips over Shane! What a counter!

DM: And Impulse with a German suplex!



Shoulder up by Shane!

DT: Shane up to his feet, and there’s an inverted atomic drop by Impulse! Impulse off the ropes, and a high cross-body!



Kickout by Shane!

DM: Listen to this crowd! They’re going nuts!

MN: I’m with them – this is driving me nuts too!

DT: Impulse with Shane backed to the ropes, Irish whip reversed by Shane, Shane with a clothesline and Impulse counters into a crucifix!



No! Shane breaks free!

DM: Both men to their feet, and Impulse with a huracanrana to Shane! Impulse hauls Shane back to his feet, kick to the midsection, hooks the arms and there’s a double underhook suplex! Impulse into a cover, hooks the leg!



No! Shane gets the shoulder up!

DT: Shane getting back to his feet, and there’s Impulse off the ropes – right into a huge spinebuster by Shane! Shane shakes out the cobwebs, and there’s the cover!



No! Impulse with the kickout!

DM: Shane now pulls Stalker up to his feet, sidewalk slam – connects! Another cover by Shane!



And Impulse kicks out again!

DT: Shane getting back to his feet, but there’s Erik Black! Black nailing Shane with right hands!

MN: For a minute there, I was afraid everyone was afraid to throw a punch!

DT: Black off the ropes with a cross-body – but Shane catches him! Shane drops Black feet-first to the mat, and there’s the Westside Connection!

DM: Shane not going for a cover, though! He’s turning his attention back to Impulse! Shane hooks up Impulse, looking for the California Dream, but Impulse counters with a jawbreaker!

MN: Great. This again.

DT: Impulse turning his attention back to Shane, but there’s Stalker! Stalker with a shot to the throat of Impulse, and now a kick to the midsection! Stalker looking for the Evenflow DDT again!

DM: But Impulse twists the arm, counters out, and there’s a knee to the midsection of Stalker! Impulse hooks the head of Stalker and plants him into the mat with a kickswing DDT!

MN: And look at this! He’s not going for the cover either! He’s going right back to Shane! What is with these guys?

DM: Impulse grabs Shane in a cobra clutch – no! A cobra clutch suplex! What a move by Impulse! A cover!



Kickout by Shane!

DT: Shane back to his feet, and a standing dropkick by Impulse – caught! Shane looking for the California Clutch! But Impulse kicks him off! Both men to their feet, and Impulse with the Sudden Impact!

DM: No! Shane catches the foot, spins Impulse around, hooks him up – California Dream to Impulse! Shane now back to his feet and awaiting Impulse – he’s looking for the Sweet Chin Music! If he hits it, this one could be—

DT: And Shane is blindsided by Frank Pierce with a huge lariat!

DM: Ryan Gallway is up as well, and both Heirs of Wrestling are taking turns kicking at Shane! Have they been playing possum this whole time?

MN: Isn’t it obvious, Matthews? Their opponents took an unfair advantage of them, and now they have the unfair advantage with everyone else in the ring wiped out! I told you these guys were smart!

DT: Gallway with a standing side headlock on Shane, gets a running start and a bulldog onto the knee of Pierce!

DM: The Dopesmoker up to his feet now, and he walks right into a bearhug from Pierce! Gallway to the second rope, and he nails Black with a clothesline!

DT: Impulse up to his feet now, and he lays into Pierce with a chop! And another! But Gallway nails Impulse with a stiff kick to the back, and Pierce puts him down with a clubbing blow! Pierce over into a camel clutch, Gallway off the ropes and a dropkick right to the face of Impulse!

MN: I love it! They’re picking them off one by one!

DM: Stalker now up, and Pierce hooks him up for a Flatliner! Gallway with the standing enzuigiri, and – Coronation! Coronation by the Heirs of Wrestling! And the Tag Team Champions have just laid waste to all their opponents!

Crowd: [Boo!]

DT: Pierce and Gallway in the center of the ring, it looks like they’re setting up for something, and – oh, that’s just great, four middle fingers for all four of their opponents!

MN: They’re showing all of them just how effective their strategy was!

DM: What they’re doing is wasting time, Mike, that they could spend going for a pinfall or escaping the cage!

MN: Well, you’re about to eat your words, Matthews, because they’re climbing out of the cage now!

DT: Gallway and Pierce both ascending the cage, looking to get out of there before the challengers know what hit them! They’re already halfway up!

DM: They could be about to steal this one! And look at Alexandria and Brody cheering them on from outside!

MN: “Steal?” If this is how they win the match, they’ll be winning it fair and square! No DQs in a cage match, remember?

DT: But wait! Impulse is up, and he’s following the Heirs to the top! He’s not about to give up without a fight!

DM: Impulse has grabbed the legs of both Heirs, and they’re trying to kick him away, but they’ve only got so much leverage! And now Erik Black is climbing up after them as well!

DT: Black is up alongside Pierce, firing hard shots to the side, and Impulse is between the two Heirs, trying to pull both of them off the cage!

MN: The Dopesmoker is climbing even faster than the Heirs! Where is he getting his strength—oh wait, right.

DT: Black is almost on top of the cage, and he’s kicking at the face of Pierce! Impulse has turned his attention to Gallway, and Gallway is trying to hang on, but Impulse – Impulse pulls him off! And Gallway just landed groin-first on the top rope!

MN: Ohhhh, you hate to see that!

DM: For once, Mike, I actually agree with you!

DT: Black slams Pierce’s head into the cage! And again! And a third time! And the big man … tumbles back into the ring! A hard landing for Frank Pierce!

DM: And now Impulse and the Dopesmoker are in prime position to win this one! All they have to do is climb out of the cage!

DT: But what’s this? Black looking to go over, but Impulse is telling him not to! He knows that if they win by escaping, they won’t win the titles! Impulse climbing down the cage back into the ring!

MN: What is he thinking? He’s got as easy a path to victory as he’ll ever get!

DM: And what’s Black doing? Black is perched atop the cage! Black pointing to the ring – as Steven Shane is getting back to his feet! The Dopesmoker may have something suicidal in mind!

Crowd: [Pop]

DT: Black steadies himself on top of the cage wall and … climbs down the other side?

Crowd: [Boo!]

DM: That coward! I can’t believe it! Black is climbing down to the floor, and there’s no one to stop him! He’s out!

MN: Hey, he had to make an executive decision!

DM: But both members of the team have to escape in order to be declared the winners! Black just abandoned his tag team partner!

DT: Black is shouting at Impulse to follow him out, but to no avail! Impulse is back in the ring, and he’s refusing to win by escape!

MN: Does he realize he’s at a four-to-one disadvantage? He’s going to get killed in there!

DM: And Black just shrugs his shoulders! He’s walking out! What is he thinking?

DT: Impulse turns back to the ring, and Steven Shane is right there waiting for him!

MN: This again? Really?

DT: Impulse and Shane prepare to lock up, but no! Stalker out of nowhere drops Impulse with a big clothesline! And Stalker now stomps away at the downed Impulse!

DM: I’m not sure Shane knows what to do here! He doesn’t want to double-team Impulse, but he’s not about to turn on his own tag team partner, even if that partner is Stalker!

MN: <i>Especially</i> if that partner is Stalker!

DT: Shane now turns his attention to Pierce as Stalker hooks up Impulse – and there’s a reverse suplex! Cover by Stalker!



No! Impulse with the kickout!

DM: And over on the other side, Shane has locked in a figure-four on Pierce! If Pierce gives up, this one is over!

DT: Stalker pulls Impulse up and nails him with a front Russian legsweep! Another cover by Stalker! The leg is hooked!



Again, Impulse kicks out!

DM: Meanwhile, Pierce is trying to make it to the ropes – though I don’t know how much good that’s going to do, as it’s not like Steven Shane can be disqualified for not releasing the hold!

MN: Maybe not, but you can’t win by submission if your opponent is in the ropes! If he doesn’t release the hold, he can punish Pierce, but he can’t beat him!

DT: Over on the other side, Stalker with a bodyslam to Impulse, and he’s climbing to the top rope! Stalker off the top … moonsault! Stalker hooks the leg!



Th-no! No! Impulse hangs on! Stalker can’t believe it!

DM: He may not need to score the pinfall if Shane can get Pierce to tap out! Pierce is fading fast – and Gallway soars off the top rope with a flying legdrop right to the head of Shane! Where did he come from?

DT: Gallway covers!



No! Stalker breaks the pin!

DM: Stalker drags Gallway to his feet, but there’s a rake of the eyes by Gallway! Gallway off the ropes and drills Stalker with a flying double knee!

MN: It’s called the Tea Bag, Matthews. You can say it!

DM: I like my version better.

DT: Gallway now spots Impulse down over in the corner, and now he’s up to the top rope! Gallway off the top – Gates of Europa! Gallway with the cover!



No! Shane pulls Gallway off of Impulse!

DM: Shane hauls Gallway to his feet and nails him with a belly-to-belly suplex! Shane looking for a cover, but Gallway rolled over and got tangled in the ropes! Shane … Shane now heading for Impulse! Shane looking for the California Clutch – and he’s got it!

MN: This is the second time Shane has tried to win this one by submission! His only hope is that Impulse gives up quickly, and even I doubt that’s going to happen!

DT: But Shane was smart, and he’s positioned Impulse away from the ropes! I don’t know how Impulse is going to get out of this one! And Stalker is still down after that attack from Gallway! Impulse has nowhere to go!

DM: Wait! Pierce is up! Pierce off the ropes, and he nails Shane with the Sliding P to break the hold! What a shot by Pierce! Pierce grabs Shane and chucks him through the ropes into the cage!

DT: Pierce now turning his attention to Impulse, who hasn’t been able to garner any offense against this onslaught! Pierce with a half nelson – and there’s the Break-Your-Damn-Backbreaker! Pierce covers!



And Stalker breaks a pin with a kick to the head of Pierce! Stalker now off the ropes with a dropkick to the face of Pierce!

MN: Stalker’s dragging Impulse to his feet! Could we finally see it?

DT: <i>Evenflow!</i>

DM: Stalker with the Evenflow DDT to Impulse! Stalker covers!



Thr-no! No! Gallway dives in at the last second to break the pin!

DT: Gallway hammering away at Stalker with right hands! Gallway now off the ropes with a flying clothesline! Stalker up to his feet, Gallway with a kick to the midsection, but it’s caught by Stalker! Enzuigiri!

DM: No! Stalker ducked the enzuigiri and Gallway landed flat on his face! Gallway back to his feet – a kick to the midsection by Stalker and <i>Evenflow!</i>

MN: Number two!

DM: Stalker into a cover on Gallway!


No! Pierce pulls Stalker off Gallway into a gutwrench position! Pivots around and … <i>F-Bomb</i> to Stalker!

DT: Pierce covers Stalker! Hooks the leg!



Thr-no! Shane makes the save!

DM: Shane with shots to the back of Pierce, but Pierce knocks him away with a back elbow! Pierce off the ropes, Shane off the ropes from the other side, and a double clothesline puts both men down!

DT: Look at the mass of humanity in the ring! All five men are down!

MN: This is exactly the kind of beating Erik Black was wise to avoid!

DM: What are you talking about, Mike? If Erik Black were still in this match, he could cover any one of these men right now for the win!

DT: Wait a minute! Look at that! Look who’s stirring!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: I can’t believe it! Impulse is up! Impulse is back to his feet! He took a hell of a beating, but Impulse held on, and now he’s the only man standing!

MN: If he had a brain in his head, he’d say “to hell with this” and climb out of that cage right now!

DM: Impulse is in this one to win it, Mike, and he’s only willing to win by pinfall or submission! Gallway slowly regaining his own footing – <i>Sudden Impact!</i> Gallway is down!

DT: Stalker up to his feet, and a Sudden Impact for Stalker as well! Impulse is cleaning house! Impulse now spots Pierce getting up to his feet! Sudden Impact – no, Pierce ducks under it! Pierce with a kick to the midsection! Looking for the F-Bomb – but Impulse counters with a huracanrana!

DM: Impulse off the ropes! Pierce catches him, looking for a spinebuster, but Impulse spikes him right on his head with a hell of a DDT! And this crowd is loving it!

MN: Ugh, where were they when the Heirs of Wrestling were in control? Now that, I was enjoying!

DT: Impulse back to his feet – but Steven Shane’s got him from behind! Shane with a German suplex! He holds the bridge!



No! Impulse breaks free!

DM: Shane scoops up Impulse, but Impulse slides down the back! Impulse hooks the arms – dragon suplex!



Th-no! Shane kicks out!

DT: Impulse off the ropes and drops Shane with a swinging neckbreaker! Impulse with a running start, springboards off the second rope and an Asai moonsault! Impulse hooks the leg!



Thr-no! And again Shane is barely able to hang on!

DM: Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this, Mike.

MN: You can’t be sure!

DT: Impulse waiting for Shane to regain his footing – looking for the Sudden Impact! But Shane catches the foot, spins Impulse around! Impulse misses with a clothesline, and now Shane with the Sweet Chin Music!

DM: No, wait! Impulse ducks under it! Impulse kicks out the leg, and Shane drops to his knees! Impulse drops down with him – and locks in the Message!

DT: And that is not a good place to be! It can be a tough hold to apply, but once it’s locked in, it is very difficult to break! Steven Shane has nowhere to go!

DM: But I have to imagine he won’t tap out easily!

MN: Look at this, though! While those two are waging honorable combat or whatever, the Heirs of Wrestling are about to pull a fast one! Pierce has dragged Gallway over to the opposite side of the cage, and they’re both trying to climb out!

DT: Impulse is facing the opposite way – he can’t see them trying to escape the cage!

MN: Oh, wouldn’t it be glorious if they got out and won the match while those other two were busy worrying about submission holds?

DM: They could pull a fast one, Mike, but it’s a calculated risk – if Shane submits before they both hit the ground, this match is over and they’re no longer the Tag Team Champions!

DT: The Heirs of Wrestling are clearly willing to take that risk, as they’re both looking to climb out! Impulse and Shane can’t see it, and they have other things on their minds besides!

DM: Gallway is dragging after that Sudden Impact, but Pierce is almost at the top!

DT: Shane is hanging on in the Message, but he can’t have much left! Pierce is at the top, he’s got one leg over! Who will win this race?

MN: No one! Stalker is up!

DM: Stalker, with a stiff kick to the face of Impulse, breaks the Message! Stalker now over to the Heirs, and he yanks Gallway’s legs out from under him, guillotining him on the top rope! And now Stalker is climbing up after Pierce!

DT: Pierce is halfway out of the cage, and it looks like he doesn’t want to go back in! But I don’t think he’s willing to abandon Gallway like Erik Black abandoned Impulse!

DM: Stalker is now up to Pierce! Pierce kicking away at Stalker, but Stalker catches his leg and rams it into the side of the cage! Stalker climbing, and now he’s at the top as well! Stalker and Pierce are both trading blows, straddling the cage!

DT: Stalker is trying to push Pierce off the cage and back into the ring, but Pierce nails him with a headbutt! Pierce with an elbow to the side of the head, and it looks like he’s trying to knock Stalker to the floor! Another elbow, and Stalker slips to the outside of the cage, though he’s hanging on!

DM: Pierce now slams Stalker’s head into the cage! And again! A third time!

MN: Just let go, Stalker, and save yourself the beating! Let Shane fend for himself!

DM: Pierce rams the head into the cage wall once again, and Stalker loses his grip! Stalker falls – no, wait! Stalker caught himself on the side of the cage! And it looks like he’s trying to climb back in!

MN: I don’t think he’s trying to save Steven Shane, I think he just wants to beat on Impulse and the Heirs of Wrestling some more!

DT: Oh! Gallway with a running start just kicked Stalker’s legs out from under him through the bars of the cage! Stalker drops to the floor! Stalker’s out!

DM: Stalker’s not happy about it, but out is out! He’s got to rely on Steven Shane for the rest of this one!

DT: Pierce is climbing back into the cage! The Heirs of Wrestling have the advantage!

DM: Pierce drags Shane to his feet while Gallway picks up Impulse! Both Heirs are laying into challengers in the corners with kicks! Now a double Irish whip—

DT: But Impulse leapfrogs Shane! Impulse nails Pierce with a spinning heel kick, and Shane drops Gallway with a clothesline!

DM: Shane and Impulse just locked eyes – and I think they just got the same idea!

Crowd: [Pop]

MN: Oh, come on, Heirs! Don’t subject me to this! Do something!

DT: Impulse and Shane with stereo kicks to the midsection of Pierce – and a double vertical suplex! With Gallway to his feet now, off the ropes and a double back body drop sends Gallway crashing to the canvas!

MN: And there’s a hard right by Shane right to the face of Impulse! I love it!

DM: Impulse fires back with a chop! Another right by Shane, another chop by Impulse! These two fan favorites are trading blows in the middle of the ring!

DT: Shane with a European uppercut! Shane off the ropes – right into a dropkick from Impulse! Impulse with the cover!



Kickout by Shane!

DM: Impulse off the ropes without a second to lose! Sunset flip on Shane!



Shane kicks out again!

DT: Shane up to his feet, and nails Impulse with a kick to the midsection! DDT by Shane! Shane covers, hooks the leg!



No! Impulse gets the shoulder up!

DM: Shane scoops up Impulse! He’s looking for the Westside Connection! But Impulse slides down! Back suplex by Impulse! He’s got a bridge!



Shane rolls the shoulder out!

DT: Impulse is waiting for Shane to get up! I think he’s about to deliver that Sudden Impact he didn’t get to deliver earlier! Shane dragging himself up to his feet—

MN: <i>Ascension!</i>

DT: The Heirs of Wrestling out of nowhere with the Ascension to Impulse! Impulse was so focused on Shane that he didn’t see the Heirs sneaking up behind him!

DM: Shane is up to his feet, and the Heirs grab him and chuck him face-first into the cage! Shane is down! Impulse is down! And the Heirs of Wrestling are looking to make another “ascension” – out of the cage!

MN: Even your terrible pun can’t ruin my mood, Matthews!

DM: Pierce and Gallway on their way up the cage! Shane and Impulse aren’t moving, and this time, Stalker can’t factor in! But he’s certainly outside the cage, screaming at Shane to get up!

DT: The Heirs are at the top! Alexandria and Brody are cheering them on! All the Tag Team Champions have to do is make it over to the other side!

DM: But Shane is stirring in the ring! Shane is crawling – away from the Heirs? What’s he doing?

MN: He’s taken so many blows to the head tonight, he probably doesn’t even know!

DM: Wait, look! He’s crawling toward Impulse! If Shane pins Impulse before the Heirs reach the floor, the Heirs lose the titles!

DT: The Heirs are almost over the top! But Alexandria is screaming at them that Shane is about to win the match! Pierce and Gallway are now talking furiously!

DM: What’s their plan here? Pierce is still climbing down, but Gallway is … Gallway is steadying himself on the top of the cage! Don’t tell me!

DT: Shane throws an arm over Impulse! Impulse’s shoulders are down!


Gallway off the top of the cage with a Superfly Splash!

Crowd: [Pop]

DM: <i>And Shane moved!</i>

MN: No! I mean, at least he got Impulse, but no!

DM: Shane rolled out of the way at the last second, and the cage-top splash meant for both Shane and Impulse just flattened Impulse! Pierce is almost to the floor, and he’s climbing back up!

DT: No he’s not! Stalker just pulled him off the cage to the floor! Pierce is out!

DM: And inside the ring, Shane is looking for Sweet Chin Music! Gallway slow to get to his feet!

MN: And now Stalker and Mack Brody are having words on the floor! Brody’s not happy about Stalker pulling Pierce off the cage – and Stalker blindsides Brody with a kick to the gut! Stalker rams Brody’s head into the cage!

DT: Gallway to his feet inside the ring! Sweet Chin Music—

MN: No! Gallway with a low blow instead! That’s how you do it, Gallway! That’s how you win!

DM: Brody is down, but Pierce and Stalker are brawling on the floor! Gallway heads over to Impulse, who hasn’t moved since the splash! Gallway … applies the Precision Lock! This could be the end!

DT: Impulse is stirring, but barely! How much can he have left?

MN: Wrench that hold in, Gallway! Make him tap!

DM: I don’t think Impulse is going to tap, but he’s fading! And if he loses consciousness, this one is over all the same!

DT: Impulse isn’t moving! Pat Jones checks the hand! Once…

It drops! Twice…

It drops! Three times…

DM: <i>Shining Wizard by Shane!</i> Shane broke the Precision Lock at the last second with a Shining Wizard that took Gallway’s head off!

DT: Pierce and Brody have fended off Stalker for the time being, but they just saw what happened! They’re helpless to do anything!

DM: Shane with a cover on Impulse! Impulse is out!




SFX: Ding! Ding!

DM: New champions! Shane did it!

MN: And Stalker, too! Don’t forget Stalker!

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners – aaaaaand neeeeeewwwwwww EPW Tag Team Champions – Stalkerrrrrrrrrr and Sensational Stevennnnnnnnn Shaaaaaaaaaaaaane!

DM: The Heirs of Wrestling can’t believe what happened! They thought they had this one wrapped up!

DT: Stalker and Steven Shane are the new Tag Team Champions, but you have to give credit to Impulse, who did an amazing job of surviving after his partner ditched him early on!

MN: Impulse only deserves credit for one thing: costing the Heirs of Wrestling the Tag Team Titles by getting pinned!

DM: Stalker and Shane are being handed the belts, and the Heirs are too shocked to even react!

DT: I can tell you this: The EPW tag team division is sure to get a lot more interesting with this combination holding the titles!

DM: Maybe so, but it’s possible they won’t be holding them for long – remember, they still have to defend them against Donovan Astros and Cameron Cruise in the finals at Aggression 58! Not to mention, whoever comes out of that match with the belts will have to defend them against the former champs, The Heirs of Wrestling... at Wrestleverse IV!

DT: We’ll have to wait until then to see who comes out the Tag Team Champions and who is crowned King of the Cage! Folks, this is Dave Thomas, for Dean Matthews and Mike Neely – we’ll see you next time! Good night!
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