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AGGRESSION 66: Aaron Jones vs. Darkness vs. Kendall Codine


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Jan 1, 2000
[LOCATION: Sandy Springs, Georgia….roughly about 12 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia.]

[Scene: Gold’s Gym….specifically the men’s locker room, where an older gentleman can be found sitting on the bench after completing his workout. Based upon his aged face and peppered hair, upon which the white streaks are prevalent, the man is presumably in his 40s. Upon the floor is wrestling attire that obviously has not been used in years. A pair of black tights, with purple trim sits at the man’s feet. A pair of heavily worn wrestling boots, complete with purple laces is thrown about on the floor. In the man’s right hand is a knee brace with signs of rust on the metal hinges and in his left hand is a letter.]

[The camera zooms in to capture the heading of the letter, which reads….”Ultratitle 2012 Invitation”.]

[As the older gentleman blankly stares at the letter, a younger, well-built man in his early 20s walks in to the locker room.]

Younger Man: Dad….

[The older gentleman continues to stare, as it seems he is within a deep trance of thought.]

Younger Man: Dad….

[The older gentleman seems startled as his attention is now captured by the younger man, who is evidently his son.]

Younger Man: Dad….are you ready?

[The older gentleman looks at his son and begins to think, then looks back at the letter that sits in his left hand. A smile stretches across his face, as he looks his son in the eyes and utters his first words.]

Older Gentleman: I’m not….but you are son.

[The younger man looks at this father with a bewildered look, when suddenly the awkward silence is interrupted by a cell phone ringing in the father’s gym bag. The older gentleman reaches into the bag, grabs his cell phone, and answers.]

Older Gentleman: Hello….

[There is a silence, as the person on the other side of the call responds.]

Older Gentleman: Dan!! It’s great to hear from you. Have you put any thought into my proposal?

[Another moment of silence passes, as the person responds to his question.]

Older Gentleman: Darkness and Aaron Jones….a triple threat match.

[The older gentleman pauses for a moment and takes a look at his son, smiles, and then continues the conversation.]

Older Gentleman: Dan, you have a deal. I will see you in Chicago!!

[The older gentleman closes his phone, as he addresses his son who is eagerly awaiting a response.]

Older Gentleman: Well son, we’re heading to Chicago.

[With a look of excitement upon his face, the son embraces his father with a hug and proceeds to address him.]

Younger Man: I knew you could do it dad. I knew you could do it!!

[The older gentleman breaks the embrace, places his hands on his son’s shoulders, looks him in the face, and offers his final words.]

Older Gentleman: It’s time for the wrestling world to be reintroduced to the name….KENDALL CODINE.



New member
Mar 6, 2012
South Carolina
Here we go...again...

"Here we go...again..." uttered a deep raspy voice.

The man known as Darkness to the world and Cooper to his family sits in front of a computer. The room is set up to be an office with a cherry wood desk that he sits at. On the wall behind Cooper is a "wall of achievement" you could say. Various pictures of him with other people carefully strode about the wall. On the same wall are five title belts hanging, three on one side of the wall and two on the other . The view focuses on the belts to the left. One reads SCW World Championship, the second SCW Tag Team Championship. The view now focuses on the three belts hanging to the right. Each one reads SCW Hardcore Chamiponship. The view focuses back to Cooper sitting in front of the computer.

"...Aggression 66..." Cooper utters in a somewhat dreading demeanor.

"What have I gotten myself into? It's been over ten years since I have been inside of a ring. Now I have to face not one but two people in Aaron Jones and Kendall Codine."

Cooper stands up from the desk. For his age his body seems to be fit. The years of tables and chairs have left its mark though. From scars to cracking joints. Copper makes his way to the single window in the room and peers out at the sunny day.

"Kendall Codine..."The Blade". It's been a while since I heard that name. Once a fierce competitor. Wonder how the years have treated him. Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?"

"We will see I suppose."

"Guess I am gonna have to do my homework on Aaron Jones...don't know much about him."

The sound of a cell phone is rings out from the faded blue jeans Cooper is wearing. He digs into the pocket and pulls the phone out pressing the answer button.


"yeah that's right...Darkness will be making his return"

"Do I have any comments on my opponents?"

"You're a smart reporter so all I will say is this..."

"...Aggression 66...Chicago, Illinois...Darkness falls on the EPW."

"Yeah no problem."

Cooper hangs the phone up and slides it onto the desk. He makes his way for the exit.

"Here we go...again..."


League Member
Jan 1, 2000

[LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia….September 18th, 2007]

[Scene: Phillips Arena….EPW’s Russian Roulette II]

X-TERMINATOR!!!! OSAKA STREET CUTTER!!! He planted him right in the middle of the ring with that vicious X-Terminator! He hooks the leg…




[SFX: Bell rings, crowd EXPLODES]

TF: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match…




[CUE UP: “Public Service Announcement”. Bryan Weatherby grabs the belt from ringside, and hands it to a shocked Triple X, who holds it in the air triumphantly before falling to his knees and looking at the title, basking in the cheers of the crowd.]

[Cut To: As the crowd explodes, the camera pans to a solitary figure that is sitting in the last seat of section 314. The figure is dressed in a pair of tattered work jeans and a black t-shirt which reads “NBK” across the chest in neon green letters. His gray hair is long and flowing, resting upon his shoulders. He appears to be the only fan in the arena that is not cheering at this point, as a look of depression sits upon his face. Suddenly, a younger man, in his early teens nudges the older man and attempts to awake him from his trance in order to join in on the excitement taking place.]

Young Man: Dad, dad….isn’t that you friend Sean? He just won the world title!!

[The young man continues to jump up and down with excitement, joining in with the elated crowd, while the older man continues to stare with a look of bewilderment upon his face.]

[Cut To: Present Day….Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Flights are being announced, as one in specific is boarding for Chicago, Illinois. Sitting in a chair, awaiting the announcement of his flight, Kendall Codine isolates himself mentally from the crowd and recollects of events from his past. He is abruptly awoken from his trance, as his son nudges him.]

Codine Jr.:Dad, dad….isn’t that our flight?

[Codine snaps out of his trance and looks at his ticket, before turning his attention to his son.]

Codine Sr.: Yes it is son, we need to make our way to the gate.

[The men pick up their bags, as Codine Jr. poses a question.]

Codine Jr.: What were you deep in thought about?

[Codine Sr. hesitates for a moment, collects his thoughts, and then answers his son.]

Codine Sr.: Missed opportunities son….missed opportunities. It’s time to go make things right again. Make things right….

[The father and son duo make their way towards their departure gate, as the scene begins to slowly fade.]



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Half The Man He Used To Be....

[LOCATION: mid-air over the continental United States]

[Scene: Flight 92, bound for Chicago, Illinois. Sitting in the coach section of the airplane, we find Kendall Codine and his son sitting side-by-side. Codine’s head is pressed against the window, as he stares into oblivion while his iPod plays. Meanwhile, the younger Codine can be seen reading the most recent edition of Pro Wrestling Insider. The headline of the magazine….Ultratitle 2012.]

Codine Jr.: Deacon….Cruise….Flair….Melton….Powers…Ryan…..we’re talking legends here dad. Men that absolutely revolutionized the sport.

[The elder Codine continues to stare out the window, failing to acknowledge his son.]

Codine Jr.: Not to mention the newer superstars like Jiles, Strife, and Tact.

[Codine’s son continues to display his manner of being star struck, while his dad’s only focus seems to be playing on the iPod that rests on his lap.]

Codine Jr.: I didn’t even get to Sean or Lint yet….what if you have to face one of them? Two of your best friends in this business.

[The younger Codine continues to read the article in awe, as the stewardess bypasses their seats with the beverage cart. This momentary passing is enough to break the elder Codine’s concentration, as he removes the headphones from his ears.]

Codine Jr.: What were you listening to that was so interesting?

[Ignoring his son’s question, Codine reverts back to his son’s earlier comments.]

Codine Sr.: Each man faces a crossroads in his life son. My life has experienced several as time has gone on and added wrinkle after wrinkle to my face. I respect each man that has the courage to step into that ring. However, when the time comes, one must ask themselves a single question….

Is it going to be you or is it going to be me?

[Codine hesitates for a moment, appearing to be a bit choked up as he ponders his last thought. Holding back his emotions, he continues on with his dialogue.]

Codine Sr.: There has only been one time that I haven’t chosen me in my life….

[Codine pauses once again, looking at his son with a sense of pride.]

Codine Sr: ….and I’ve never regretted it once. My time for redemption will come, as I face this final crossroads in my life. Someday, you’ll understand what I’m talking about and you too will choose….

Is it going to be him or is it going to be me?

[Codine stands up from his seat, leaving his iPod still playing in the seat in which he once sat. He begins to make his way to the restroom before offering one last thought to his son.]

Codine Sr.: Always choose you son….always choose you.

[The elder Codine makes his way towards the restroom, leaving his son to think about his last comment. Intrigued, his son picks up the iPod that rests upon the seat and he begins to listen to audio making its way through the headphones.]

[Taken aback a bit by what he hears through the headphone, the son of the former professional wrestling superstar listens to the following repeated track….]

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

Will he be the man he once was? Or will this just be a warm up?

[Over and over again, the same two sentences from an EPW promo cut earlier in the day repeat themselves. At this point, the Codines are at least an hour into the flight, leaving Codine’s son to ponder whether his father had been listening to the repeated track during that duration of time.]

[The younger Codine removes the headphones from his ears, offering a slight grin and one final comment.]

Codine Jr.: Darkness Falls….again….



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Re: Half The Man He Used To Be....

<i>(We fade in on a black-and-white shot of a dingy, worn-out-looking gym. It is distinguished primarily by a small ring, looking like it has seen better days, in the center of it. A few individuals are seen in various stages of exercise, but the camera is focused on one in the center – Aaron Jones, who is stretching and looks like he has just begun his workout. The video itself has no sound; we hear Jones talking in a voice-over)</i>

<b>Aaron Jones (V/O):</b> It seems like every wrestler’s origin story begins with “I always wanted to be a wrestler.”

It’s not a bad thing. It just strikes me as funny. Because I didn’t.

Growing up the son of a referee, I was exposed to wrestling at every turn. I was luckier than a lot of kids who had to idolize their favorite wrestlers from afar – I was right there in the locker room, getting to talk to the legends and beg them for autographs. There was a lot about it that I thought was really cool.

But it was never something I wanted to do as a career.

I didn’t admit it to everyone, but the only aspect of the business I ever wanted a part of was refereeing. I wanted to be like my dad, just like every other kid, I guess.

He didn’t want that to be my only goal, and neither did I. So I focused on education, went to college, studied things that made more sense as a career path. I wanted to referee, but I needed to have other options.

I still followed the wrestling business closely, of course – especially EPW. I knew I could count on my dad to put in a good word for me over there, and if I got that chance, I needed to be ready. So I watched every show, read every bit of news, kept up on the things the wrestlers were involved in.

And that was how everything changed.

<i>(The shot fades to another shot of Jones jumping rope)</i>

<b>Jones (V/O):</b> I was signed up to get updates – e-mails, social media, that sort of thing – from a lot of wrestlers, and one of them was Copycat. He figured out who I was and who my father was, and he decided I’d be useful for the long con he was running. He convinced me that if I wanted to be a referee, like my dad, I needed to help him save the wrestling business.

You all know how that story ended.

The way Copycat left things, I can’t follow in my father’s footsteps. After the things I allowed to happen under Copycat’s reign of terror, nobody in EPW – or any other wrestling league – would trust me to referee a match. Nor should they.

Nor do I.

With the right training, I’m sure I’d be capable of the basics. But you can’t succeed as a referee if you don’t have the trust of the wrestlers and the management. And I have no right to that trust.

I arranged for the temporary disappearance of a man’s young son, for God’s sake. And the whole time, I believed what I was doing was right.

I know I have no right to complain – the victims of that scheme, and his countless others, were hurt more than I was. Yet it still makes me sick to know I was part of it.

<i>(Another fade; Jones is now doing push-ups)</i>

<b>Jones (V/O):</b> This is how I begin to rebuild the trust I lost as Copycat’s ally.

I will show the wrestlers in this business that I can be one of them. And although I know they won’t trust me at first, I will prove myself over time.

Maybe my training has prepared me; maybe I’ll embarrass myself out there. Maybe I’ll be an unbelievable success story; maybe I’ll spend my in-ring career losing to the lowest this business has to offer.

The odds are against me.

I don’t have as much training as I should. I’m not in the condition I should be in. I don’t have much in the way of moves or strategy. And a lot of what I do have, I learned from Copycat – whose moves I can’t use, because he’s twice my size, and whose strategy I won’t use, because he was a monster and I won’t stoop to his level.

But it doesn’t matter. This is something I have to do. And if I have to overcome the odds to do it, so be it.

I never intended to do this, but now it's the only thing I can do.

I may not be prepared – but I’m ready.

<i>(The shot fades to Jones stepping into the ring. An opponent – not anyone we would recognize, is in the opposite corner. Jones makes a gesture to the camera, and it slowly moves closer, clearly handled by an awkward camera man. Jones leans on the ropes and looks into the camera as it zooms in on his face. Ambient noise suddenly becomes audible; we’re now hearing the sound from the live shot)</i>

<b>Jones:</b> My name is Aaron Jones. And this is my redemption.

<i>(Jones turns to face his opponent in the ring as we fade out)</i>


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Jan 1, 2000
The Road Less Traveled

[LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois….April 20th, 2012]

[SCENE: This is not a formal segment, as we see an aerial view of the windy city. The camera pans the area from a great distance, as a somber tune sets the tone playing in the background.]

[As the music plays in the distance and the panning of the city continues, a voiceover begins to add commentary to the scene.]

Codine: Every man faces a crossroads in their, sometimes it takes place in multitudes over a lifetime. The definition of that man is based upon the road they choose. It’s a simple choice of “a” or “b”….”up” or “down”….”left” or “right”….”right” or “wrong”. Despite your best efforts to choose the best road, there will always be critics….doubters….people that condemn you for your decisions.

[Verbal silence, as the camera bypasses Soldier Field.]

Codine: Once again, I came to the aforementioned crossroads and I will be forced to make a decision. I have made decisions in my life that have defined me as a wrestler….





[Verbal silence, as the camera bypasses Sears Tower.]

Codine: I have made decisions in my life that have defined my peer relationships….

Sean Stevens

Mason Xavier

Lint Douglas


[Verbal silence, as the camera bypasses Wrigley Field.]

Codine: I have made decisions that have displayed my personality in this business….

The UnHoly

The Natural Born Killers

[Verbal silence, as the camera bypasses Millennium Park.]

Codine: I have made decisions that have encompassed by being on this planet….

My career….


My family….

[Fade to Black.]

Codine: In each of those cases, I made those decisions alone and had to choose a road to travel. During my prime, I chose the road less traveled when it comes to people in my business….

The tables have turned and now a rare second opportunity presents itself….

The difference this time is that there are two roads and two people that can travel each road….

[Fade to archived footage of Kendall Codine’s son tirelessly working within a ring to perfect the craft of professional wrestling, as his father watches from the corner with a sense of pride upon his face.]

Codine: One road leads to Chicago, where one journey will begin….

[Fade to a shot of the infamous Ultratitle belt that rests upon a shadowed background.]

Codine: One road leads to home, where the other journey ends….

I fail to abide by the old cliché that I have given my life to this business….

But rather I like to view it as my life is this business….

This is my life and I pity those that attempt to alter my path, as there is only one that that I know to be certain….

For my career….

For my opponents….

For me….



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