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AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Anarky


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Anarky

Six Man Tag. Normal Rules.

Post all RP here.


King of Kings
Aug 24, 2010
Silver Spring, MD
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

"Let's talk about the reality of our present situation, gentlemen."

FADE: An abandoned warehouse.

Nah, just fucking with you.

You know how silly these big return promos can be, right? Big name returns. Big name returns in an abandoned warehouse. Big name returns, making all types of threats of shaking wrestling to it's very core n'shit from abandoned warehouse. It makes a big impact, sells t-shirts out the ass,yaddayaddayadda, blahblahblah, wash, rinse, repeat cycle.

If you haven't heard by now? That's not Sean Stevens … that's not what he stands for, that's not who he is. He was a trendsetter, before being a trendsetter was cool. He was an individual in a time when you could achieve better results in this industry by being cliqued up, and playing political games. You wanna know Sean's favorite movie? It's iRobot. …because when the rest of the wrestling industry walked aroundlike mindless drones, going with the grain, doing whatever the next man did to get over, he went against it, and prided himself on being the only remaining individual.

So, no …Sean's not going to cut his first promo since *thunder and lightning* shaking wrestling at it's very core two weeks ago, from an abandoned warehouse like the rest of you.

He's going to cut it from a really abandoned warehouse. Way more abandoned than everybody else's … and, this promo won't be good … it'll be epic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, tell a friend, to tell a friend that The King's back. ...and, he's coming for heads.

I can't say that I'm familiar with any of you, not even my partners. But, I'm smart enough to know that on any given day, someone can throw an unseen haymaker from left field and change any course."

Stevens wasn't dressed in your typical abandoned warehouse garb. Sure he had on the sleeveless white tee, gym shorts, and a towel draped over his head. But, unlike others …he had his fists aaaaannnnddd ankles taped.

Beat that, suckers.

TRIPLE X: That's all it takes … one moment of weakness, luck, in some cases skill, and all of the elaborate planning(a day and a half), all of the hoopla surrounding my return(none), all of the madness that comes along with being the greatest superstar in EPW history(he is I, and I am him) goes up in (figurative)smoke. This should be a very exciting time for you, gentlemen. You get my name, my past works, and my legacy for your mantle. You get the opportunity to say that you did, in one night, what no one could do in the two years that I reigned as champion around here. Not that any of that matters anymore(of course it does).

"And, again … outside of the fact that Anarky was one of my successors … I don't know very much about any of you, so I could be way off in assuming you'd attack my reign as King(not King as in crown bearer, King as in champion. Duh), and if I'm wrong, I'll apologize, but if I'm correct? Sure. Go for it. To that I simply say, there's not been a champion that has earned the respect, reverence, and acclaim that I achieved back in my day, and there will not be one again, until I reclaim my belt again, for an unprecedented third time – which I will, by the way … guaranteed.

"To that I say, ever since I left, my name has been mentioned in damn near every important promo by every main eventer, mid card performer, and curtain jerker, because no matter what they did, my shadow always loomed, because it paled in comparison to what I did, when I set the standard of what an EPW superstar should strive to be."

He cleared his throat. But, not like everyone else in an abandoned warehouse clears their throat … he … eh, screw it.

TRIPLE X: To that I say," The King shrugged. "To that I say, ultimately … who cares? This time, I didn't come back with a chip on my shoulder or to earn any respect, because I've already earned it. I don't need your approval, or acceptance. I have your attention, and I've had it the entire time that I was gone. I'm here because as much as I've accomplished, as much as I loved being able to say that I was one of the few that got out with all of my limbs intact, I love being a wrestler far more. I love putting my body on the line, I love the adrenaline rush, I love the interaction with the crowd, whether they're booing me or cheering, and as much as I'm making my personal life a target for idiots like The Stalker, or James Kattman … I don't want my child, or my fans remembering me as that foul mouth, dishonorable, disrespectful wrestler that I was. I want him to see that man that I am."

Trip smirked.

TRIPLE X: That man that I am? Have a field day with that one, boys. I gave you that gift for free. Besides … if no one punches, how can anyone counter? I'll see you all at Aggression. I don't expect any veteran, hall of fame, legend in the game respect. You guys shouldn't expect any ring rust, because truth be told, two weeks ago, I should've been your world champion.

"But, that's a different chapter for a different day."

The camera panned backwards. It wasn't an abandoned warehouse, a really abandoned warehouse, hell … it wasn't even abandoned. It was a set. Made of paper and cardboard. Just like EPW's top tier.

But, like Sean said … different story, different day that he'd deal with soon enough.


The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

(FADEIN: Eddie Burns standing in front of an EPW banner, he has on a Celtics green/black #5 jersey, with green shorts.)

BURNS: You ever feel lost, even in a place that should feel like home? That's how I've felt for the past couple of months, my whole world, my perspective of things changed when I left the TD Garden a loser...I thought about what happened to me over the course of all that time, and you know what I figured out?

Exactly nothing.

I really don't know where my head is at to be honest...I mean to get in the ring with Sean Stevens, the undisputed legend of EPW, maybe a few months ago I might have been to scared to do it, or even a few weeks ago I'd have seen it as an honor.

Now there's a lot of me that just feels like it's another match...And beyond that, it's a match where I'm partnered with two maniacs who want to destroy Sean Stevens company, and Sean really doesn't know about that or really about them, except that he seems to know Anarky's name.

If the legend of the company can't even be bothered to keep up with who's trying to end his company, maybe I should throw my lot in with those who seek to destroy it...Maybe I should want to see this company go up in flames as it were...

But I don't know that I want that either, I don't know if I want to see this company be destroyed just for my own selfish interests, and that truly is the issue here...

I don't know what I want...

So I can tell you what I do know. That I'm going to fight in this match, fight against the men who took my tag titles, fight against the great legend, ally myself with two monsters who seek the destruction of everything, I will do what is asked of me. And maybe, just maybe, I'll find what I'm really looking for.



Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

(FADEIN to a sound stage with a throne room backdrop. Elegant drapes cover enormous windows and gold etchings line the walls in the painted canvas behind Anarky, who sits upon a cheap, plastic throne. Across his waist is a colored piece of cardboard with the words scrawled across it: EPW World Heavyweight Anti-Champion. He relaxes and smiles.)

ANARKY: "The King? The King's dead, baby.

"Has been for quite some time now. What, about 25 years now?

“You, Sean... you’re no King. You’re just a man who learned a valuable lesson from George W. Bush: if you keep repeating something enough, sooner or later, people just assume it’s the truth.

“Have you repeated it enough that even you believe it, Sean? Does your bathrobe The King on it? Is that your dog’s name, too? You probably have some tiny adorable little dog named King Jr. or something. You probably pay someone else to clean up her sh*t, too.

“You talk about legacy, Sean. You talk about acclaim. Accolades.

“All of these things, Sean... all of these things that are so very, very important to you.

“All is illusory, my friend. Just. Like. You.

“A fraud. A fake. A punk.

“Just like The First. That’s all you ever are. You build your monument to yourself... you shine it and polish it and present it... is it good enough, Daddy? Is it pretty enough?

“Does it glimmer enough? Do you even think it matters?

“As far as I can tell, Sean, you’re just another guy who likes to run his mouth who hasn’t put these shoulders to the mat.

“See, while you were off doing whatever it is you do... finding your smile... I was here, finding the truth... I was exposing this league for what it was.

“Exposing these men and their weakness. Their shame. Their endless need for self-gratification.

“I felt their envy upon me. They coveted what was mine. And they loathed me because I didn’t even care. It meant nothing to me. The title? The title is just a symbol. Just a beacon. Those who seek it don’t deserve it. They’re children vying for a little toy.

“I am not a child. I am a motherf*cking warrior. I wear my warpaint proudly.

“And there is a coming war, my friend. But the winners won’t be counted in gold and acclaim. They’ll be counted in violence and vengeance and all of the pretty little things in my beautiful ring.

“Can you not see, my marionettes? You are my playthings... and worse yet... you deserve it.

“Each and every motherf*cking last one of you. You deserve it. For the sins you commit against yourself and your pride. For your shame. For your denial of your own humanity.

“It is one thing to be proud... but no. In this place, pride takes on new meaning.

“We cannot even be flawed. We cannot even admit a simple mistake. An ounce of humanity. We are too busy running in circles to prove what hot sh*t we are we deny our very nature.

“Not me. I’m flawed, my friends. Sean... Otaku... Karl...

“I am a flawed man. Maybe broken.

“But I am dangerous. In that ring... I am...

“... I am the inevitable. The Anti-Champion. The need for justice.

“It all begins at the next Aggression. You all are but walking, talking cadavers...

“Whether you can pin my drugged partner or not... it means nothing. You have defeated nothing.

“The truth is between the lies... between the pins... between the small pieces of gold you so desperately cling to.

“We have only begun to evolve. We are just the first iteration of the next step. We are the future...

“Eddie Burns... for all I care you can get f*cked... you’re just another warm body. Someone to serve as the sacrificial lame. I don’t know you or your deal. I know you’re all pissed off at First because he bailed on you so he could hatch some elaborate scheme to get the title he couldn’t earn back around his waist...

“I suppose I should be angry, too.

“But I’m not. I mostly feel sorry.

“Sorry that a man who once thought he stood for something... would sink so low... would defy everything he thought he was... for a piece of metal around his waist.

“I feel pity. Because he’s already lost everything. His desperation... his need for validation... his insecurity...

“... it always wins in the end for men like that. Because nothing lasts forever. The ebb and flow...

“... they are temporary... like most things...

“Even me...

“...so don’t worry, boys... when the bell rings... and you come to know me... to truly know my wrath... to feel my bitter truths...

“... it won’t truly be forever...

“.. it’ll just feel like it.”



King of Kings
Aug 24, 2010
Silver Spring, MD
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

"The King is very much alive, Anarky."

FADEIN: A noticeably shorter pony-tail draped down the back of EPW superstar, 'Triple X' Sean Stevens' neck, as he faced the camera. No frills, no cutesy sets or lighting, just the man, his iconic baby blue gaze, and his words.

TRIPLE X: But, let's not mince words … I started this thing off by freely admitting that I knew absolutely nothing about you, other than the fact that you were the harshly criticized individual given the unenviable task of carrying this promotion on your shoulders after I stepped down, and that you failed. This company needed a leader, a new face ... something … anything … to usher them into its next arc, and ultimately, you gave them nothing. You were given the ball, and you fumbled.

"And, now … after meeting you, it all makes sense."

The 'Blue-Eyed Badass' smirked, as he continued.

You fumbled because you never cared to grip it, because you never wanted it to begin with. The main event scene went mediocre pretty fast, after I left, and being in the right place, at the right time allowed you to stumble on being champion. From then, you stood on the highest soapbox, and beat it into each of your opponent's heads that you didn't want the honor that your average in-ring ability afforded you, and plotted your escape route the entire, what(?), year-and-a-half you held it. You were a champion, who didn't care about actually being champion, because being a champion is something you never wanted to be.

"Wait, what?

"Do you have any idea how incredibly dumb you sound?"

A look of confusion surfaced on Triple X's face.

You do know that you could've forfeited the title, and resumed your role as resident bad ass during dark matches, if you didn't want it, right? You do know that you could've allowed people who, oh, I don't know, give a crap about earning our industry's highest honor the opportunity to wrestle instead, don't you? I'm so sick and tired of you high-and-mighty, against the grain, so called tough guy wrestlers talking about prestigious titles like they're trash, that I could stick my fingers down my throat and puke.

"But, I won't … instead; I'll just use my fists to reconstruct your face.

"The stuff that passed as acceptable while I was away won't fly anymore, Anarky. Your BS, your excuses, your stories? …you'll have to put a little more thought into them now that I'm the person you'll sometimes have to tell them to. You want to know the truth, Anarky? As good as you think you are, and as much as you think you're smarter than the rest of us ... You're not a warrior. You don't present any new danger that no one has never seen before. You're not even in my top five list of EPW concerns. You're really nothing more than a dime a dozen, with a sense of entitlement that you haven't earned. And, truthfully ... I've seen guys like you come in with your chest puffed out, and leave with a foot shoved up your ass more times than I care to remember.

"You held onto the EPW Championship for as long as you did, because you loved the feeling that came with being the best in our industry, and that title gave you validation. You created that nonsense about not wanting it as a defense mechanism, because you saw The First crash and burn, and felt the heat, and tremendous presence of my shadow.

"Yet, I'm a fake? Fraud? Excuse my language, kiddies, but as far as I can see … You're the phoniest wrestler on our roster, you little bitch. Punk? Here's another fact, little boy. You don't know a goddamn thing about me, outside of my name, and eye color, but you get your chance real soon to give your punk theory legs.

"Good luck with that.

"And, now … you're the next person in line to try to destroy this company from within."

The King yawned.

Play me an episode of something I haven't seen eleventy-billion times already. I know how this soap opera ends. Want a spoiler?

"Besides, considering the fact that you spent well over a year devaluing and crapping on the title that I made the most prestigious in wrestling, when EPW had it's foot on the rest of the wrestling world's neck … I'm not at all surprised. You've been acting like a spy from New Frontier Wrestling from the moment I left, so I really wouldn't even be shocked if it were revealed that Craig Miles was the brain behind your operation. If he's alive of, of course. I really wouldn't know.

"What I do know is this, whatever you had planned? Cancel it. The King's back, and I run shit. I'm a firm believer that you can speak things into existence, Anarky. So, if I decided one day that I wanted to wear fancy robs, crowns, give my cat regal names, and call myself King, I have that very right. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy. I earned these stripes, but who in the hell are you, that I'd have to validate anything? You have questions? I have answers. You like to fight? So do I. I'm the King around here, you're not…

"…and, at Aggression, if you need further clarification, I'll explain myself in a manner that'll leave you curled up underneath a turnbuckle in the fetal position.

"You'd be wise not to play with me, boy."



Jan 1, 2000
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

(CUE UP: "Firelung" by the Lions of Tsavo.)

(The shot opens up within the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, focused on a large glass display case showing two massive and maneless stillform lions within an African setting. After a moment, the notorious force of suffering and destruction known as REZIN steps into the frame, smiling as he approaches the display case and looks deep into the eyes of two of the greatest predators in existence.)

Beautiful... aren't they?

(He turns around to face the camera, bearing the goat-like smirk of a madman.)

I've always had an affinity for the natural world. Out there... out in the WILD... the only law and order is "survival of the fittest". Chaos in its purest form... no justice, no limitations, no happy endings... and yet, there's a strange sort of balance holding it all together.

It's long been said the the lion is the KING of the jungle. But these two big bastards... they represented a different kind of royalty. There's an interesting story behind it.

The year was 1898, and the place was the Tsavo river in Kenya. British colonists, intent on covering every last square inch of the wild African continent in an effort to further milk the land of its resources, were in the process of building the Kenya-Uganda Railway right in that spot. But something started interfering with their work...

More specifically, a number of workers started to go missing in the night... dragged off from their tents by two rogue cats... with a wholly uncharacteristic taste for man-flesh.

Unusual behavior, especially for male lions, who are more used to sleeping all day and letting their bitches do all the work. These guys didn't belong to any pride, though. Despite being the most dangerous and daring beasts in the wild, they didn't live like KINGS...

(He turns back to the lion carcasses, smiling in admiration.)

They were KILLERS... to the muthafuggin' core.

And before they were finally stopped, they allegedly claimed the lives of some 135 men during a period of absolute terror where nobody felt safe. An entire EMPIRE'S attempt to expand was stopped dead in its tracks, and all because of two rebellious lions... TRUE agents of chaos.

(Rezin turns around to face the camera again, leaning on the glass so that the face of a killer looms just over his shoulder. He pulls out his one-hitter to puff on some putrid black pudding, which we can safely assume is NOT allowed in the museum.)

Amazing what fifteen minutes on Wikipedia can teach you... and yeah, I might have watched "The Ghost and the Darkness" over the past week. But this ain't no movie with Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas. Right now this Empire of Pro Wrestling has its own two lions of Tsavo wreaking havoc... in the form of 'Nark and myself. He's the Ghost... I'm the Darkness... and every dumb bastard in that locker room is there for us to feed upon.

We have no goals... no aspirations... our motivation is drawn solely on an instinctual and primal thirst for blood and carnage.

I'm not stupid enough to believe that this will last forever. Eventually, somebody will step up to hunt down the hunters when the damage has become to great to ignore... and eventually, through perseverence and practice, that person MIGHT just put a stop to our chaos. But at what cost? How many bodies will stack up before it's all said and done? How many LIVES can be destroyed and DREAMS shattered before it's all over?

(He smirks in such a manner that would make anybody want to punch the bastard in the face right then and there.)

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

(Chuckling with an evil twist of humor, he takes a resin hit and hacks up a lung.)

I myself have been waiting a LONG time for the right time and circumstances to appear. Everybody else ignores the signs... but I see it all building up to something big. Something... people will REMEMBER. Anarky and myself are in a prime position to take this Empire by the throat and make it beg for mercy.

A pitiful request we will defiantly refuse to honor.

Our actions at Aggression 65 will pale in comparison to the reign of terror that awaits this federation. What we did to Cameron Cruise, we did to show everyone that mere words won't make us go away. We did it to send a message... that those who talk shit...

(He holds up a couple fingers from his left hand, which are black and sticky with so much handling of melted pipe residue.)

...will EAT shit... and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're the World Champion, the former World Champion, or the NEXT World Champion... you are fucking PREY to the likes of us.

And this week in Chicago, the hunger will call once again... and a new message will be delivered. The Animezing Dragons are on the plate for us once again, and this time, they've got a KING in their corner. I guess that makes it a royal feast.

(He drops his shades to bear his bloodshot eyes to the viewing audience. Once cocky, he's now flipped emotions in a way that says he's through with fucking around.)

Hot Karl... Otacky... I sincerely HOPE that you don't let that last victory go to your head. You got my shoulders to the mat for three counts... but don't bullshit yourself into believing for a single moment that wasn't anything more than an act of luck. That night back in Detroit was simply a night where the sequence of events didn't really build up in my favor. Having babbled to no end about the unpredictable nature of this universe, I understand better than anybody else that sometimes, you gotta be the one that takes the fall. Such is a part of life.

The odds were already in your favor, being the reigning Tag Team Champions and having a longstanding partnership. 'Nark and I... we are not a tag team. We have never considered ourselves to be partners, and we probably never will. We're just two badasses with a common enemy... and right now, a you guys happen to be that enemy... because no matter how much we rough you two bastards around, you still just won't give up and fade away into the void like good little lambs SHOULD.

There's one thing you should know about me when I lose, though: It pisses me off... and when I get pissed off, I don't make mistakes; I make misery.

(He takes a step closer toward the camera, and for now, we can be thankful that we can't smell through our televisions. Up close, Rezin looks downright hideous.)

Listen closely, you Rising Sun Runt... EYE am this federation's high-flying sensation. ME -- not you. When I go up top, it's ALL business... not some flippity-floppity-floop gymnastic crap! My aerodynamic asskickery is an ART... and when you interrupt the awesomeness that is my moonsault, and do your tacky little falling star flips, you INSULT my art! Try anything like that again, and I will ram these fingers so far down your throat, you'll feel them scratching your asshole!

And as for you, Puff the Magic Dragon? The spinning heel kick is MY goddamb move! You kick like a fucking pussy, anyway! You think you can be the Kung Fu Master of this Empire? THINK AGAIN, bloke! Your Dragon-style has NOTHING on my Shadow-style! You are Ralph Macchio, and I am a Sith Lord Ninja! Maybe I should personally remind you of that by KICKING YOUR HEAD OFF this week...

(He backs up and puts the shades back on, regaining some of his cool.)

Lastly, before I cut out of here, I guess I should address our returning "king"... "Triple X" Sean Stevens.

Forgive me, Trip, if I don't come right out and take a knee before your throne. You see... you didn't put any crown on your head at my expense. You haven't earned my praise... so you probably shouldn't expect me to give it to you.

I can't say I'm all that surprised that you don't remember me. After all, a few years ago, a younger and much dumber Erik Black was probably thankful to jerk the curtains if it meant saving himself the fate of a superkick to the face. With all the important things that one has to give his attention when being "greatest professional wrestler in existence" or whatever, I guess there wasn't enough time to notice some punk-ass stoner goat bastard stinking up the locker room.

Did you ever even go IN the locker room, Trip? Or did you just stay in your private dressing room, away from all the unimportant riff-raff?

It wouldn't have mattered if you knew me then or if you've forgotten me completely in the time you've been out fucking a Batman villainess... because in case you haven't noticed, this is not the same kingdom you walked away from a couple years ago. Erik Black smoked all his dope... and unfortunately for you and the rest of this Empire, something REZINOUS was scraped out of the dark corners of his mind.

And yeah, the World Heavyweight Championship has become mediocre. Look at the guys in the main event! The First? Biggest pussy alive... had to hide behind a mask to get his belt back. And Layne Winters. Seriously, LAYNE WINTERS! Who's DICK did he have to suck to get a title shot!?

How does this surprise you? A person of your ego should have realized as soon as you left that there would never be a person that could possibly fill your shoes. I mean, come on... look at these feet...

(The camera pans down to get a glimpse of Rezin's bare feet. When was this last time this guy wore shoes?)

THESE are not the proud feet of a "king". These are the feet of a lowly peasant... a creeper through the mud and the dirt... and unimportant serf, with no value and no money. Not everybody in the world can be born into royalty... but hey, they get me to where I need to go. I'm just happy to HAVE feet!

All the same... I'm going to guide these feet into your handsome and perfectly royal face, Trip. Doesn't matter if you're a king or a peasant... a prince or a pauper... a man is a man, and a man can always bleed...

Get that camera back up here...

(The view rises back to its original position.)

I'm going to MAKE you bleed, King... or try to any way... and the reason why is because...

(this is going to sound familiar now)

...because I CAN.

(Not being able to afford thunder SFX, our fanfare to this statement is limited to a growl from the Goat Bastard's stomach.)

And because I've ALWAYS wanted to kick a King right in the face!

I mean, is there any action that would be considered more defiant? Is there any better way to say "fuck you" to the people that think they hold all the power and authority in this world?

Everybody still remembers how when you came to this company, you were a head-strong rebel fighting against the powers in charge. Now here we are, years down the line... and you've declared yourself king and become the very thing you once denounced. Anarky and I? We're the rebels now... and unlike you, we don't take paychecks from New Frontier.

On that subject, I doubt Anarky has any love for Craig Miles. If it weren't for that man putting his coin into the pocket of Ice Tre, it wouldn't have been Marcus Westcott you were defending your title against.

(See, SOMEBODY knows his history around here...)

Anyway, lets conduct a quick experiment here. Name five people -- FIVE, Trip... that's one hand -- who openly attempted to destroy this company from within. I mean, hell, you've seen it happen all the time, that should be no problem, right?

But maybe I've just burned away too many brain cells over the years, because when I put my mind to it, I can't think of anybody...

The guys in Anthology wanted to take this federation over... not destroy it.

Stalker's always been a destructive time bomb of douche-baggery, but he's always been clear that he wants to be at the top of the dog pile.

Turns out Copycat was only ACTING this whole time, you can't count him.

And Miles? Well... he doesn't really constitute as "from within", does he?

(He shrugs.)

I dunno, Trip... I'm drawing a blank... and this is coming from a guy that's spent more overall time in this company than you. I mean, I may not be in the Empire Pro Hall of Fame... but I at least understand that this business is not and has NEVER been a one-man show. I've never been a World Heavyweight Champion, and I'm perfectly comfortable with the possibility of never being one...

You might think jobbers like me are just a dime a dozen... but there aren't many out there like me that can say we remember what it was like back in '04. I've been with this company a lot time. I've seen a lot of people come through the hallowed archways of the Empire... probably more than you, because bottom-feeders like me are good at noticing things that Kings never had the attention span for.

If ANYONE has ANY say as to whether this ship sinks or floats... it's ME, not you... because while I've never been the star attraction of the show, I've always been here to jerk the curtain, do my part, and let the show go on.

I hope you understand, Trip... this isn't a knock on who you are. You want to be Planet Earth's Champion? Knock yourself out. Just don't expect guys like 'Nark and me to give a shit... cause no matter who you are, like you said yourself, anybody can thrown an unseen haymaker and royally fuck up your day.

And while you've made a habit of avoiding that -- MOST of the time -- the two of us are untested opponents. As proud and confident as you choose to be, even you cannot admit you know exactly what's going to happen... especially in an environment of CHAOS, which is exactly what a six-man tag can fall into given that many clashing egos thrown together in one ring.

In CHAOS, Trip... Kings are no different from other men.

(He knocks on the glass of the display, where the two lions gaze everlasting upon prey that our eyes can't see.)

It's survival of the FITTEST that separates the men from the bitchez... and 'Nark and me? We may not be kings... but we DO know how to survive in a scrap.

Can't wait to see you in the ring, King. Can't make any promises as to how much of I challenge I'll give you... but I CAN promise, either way, I'll keep it interesting for you...

(He lets out a dastardly laugh and takes one last hit off his one-hitter before slipping back into the murky shadows, leaving only noxious resin smoke in his wake. On the image of the two lions, our image slowly fades to BLACK.)


King of Kings
Aug 24, 2010
Silver Spring, MD
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

FADE:</SPAN> The scene opened up, strangely enough, zoomed in on an eye. Angelic in color, and mesmerizing, but, an eye nonetheless. It looked familiar, iconic even, like something you, the viewer had seen somewhere before. And, when he spoke, you soon realized that you were correct. You knew him very well.</SPAN></SPAN>

</SPAN>hat really you, Erik?” The instantly recognizable voice of Triple X inquired.</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

Trying his best to hold the video camera still, and failing miserably, created a shaky, unprofessional, old school ECW-esque(no no? I know. But, he’s The King, if anybody gets a pass, it’s him) opening scene. Stevens handed it back to the cameraman, allowing him to do what he does best and be great. The cameraman propped the camera back up on its tripod, and panned backwards revealing exactly where they were, and what it is you were supposed to be seeing.

The real scene was on the rooftop of the blue-eyed badass’ palatial Miami, Florida palace. Stevens, in soaking wet, red with white trim Hugo Boss swim trunks(no shirt) slowly exited his Jacuzzi tub, taking slow, measure steps toward the edge of his home, looking down at the rest of Millionaire’s Row.

Waving and winking slyly at Beyoncé, as she entered her home(He hit that back when he was a bad guy, of course, and did bad guy shit like that.), causing a momentary day dream session, the blue-eyed badass quickly snapped out of it, returning his focus back to the task at hand.

</SPAN>Can’t be. I mean, I suppose it can, but all of this? And, for what exactly!? Help me understand, Rezin, because I’m struggling over here. </SPAN></SPAN>

“See, here’s the thing that you guys don’t seem to fully understand… When Copycat sat me down, and injured me, I had a lot of time on my hands. Time to think, time to reflect; time to see the error of a lot of my ways. So, when I healed up, and it was time to talk about returning, and I decided against it? That was real. It didn’t stick, but in my mind, at that time, I thought I was done. I didn’t watch you guys, I didn’t care about your depression, your identity crisis, because a.) I didn’t like you ungrateful bastards … and, b.) I never had reason to. As far as I was concerned, I had accomplished every goal I set out to achieve and the things that were most important to me shifted to other things. It became less about competing, and more about being in the lives of the ones that love me most.

“So pardon me if I missed your metamorphosis… Excuse me if I want a better backstory as to how the butterfly became the ugly, angry caterpillar.”

“Sean, baby… spaghetti’s all done. Shannon’s not eating unless you’re here.”
</SPAN>Poison Ivy’s voice echoed off camera, in the background. Trip raised a hand in the air, signaling one moment, and continued.</SPAN></SPAN>

</SPAN>But, even if I was here for it, my opinion would be the exact same that it is today. You’re nothing more than a poser, Erik Black. I don’t care what your name is, I don’t care what your newfound motivation has you believing you are, and I don’t give a flying fuck what you think is going to happen. Here’s what I know…</SPAN></SPAN>

“The last time you and I competed under the same banner, I was the best wrestler on that roster, and you were a footnote, and outside of your new wristbands, tights and boots … fast forward two years later … I am the best wrestler on this roster, and you’re still just a footnote, in a shiny new suit.

“And, I guess, if I were trying to create an issue to be angry with you and Anarky that would be it. He walks around here, all high and mighty on his high horse talking like he’s better than the very company, the very title that I gave my blood, sweat, tears, and reputation to defend… and, I take that very personally.

“You waste all of this energy, creating a name, a persona, and a reason why you’re mad at the world, when in reality; the only person you should be angry with is yourself. You didn’t take your craft seriously. You half-assed it, opening the show, smoking doobies, and figuring out shortcuts to success, not the rest of us. Even in my worst days, and Rezin, I had some days where I was a very bad person, I took pride in knowing that I was champion, because I was the best. All of that other stuff, was mere fluff. When that bell rang, and I locked eyes with my opponent, they knew full well what they were in for, and I held the EPW championship for two years, beating everybody this company placed in front of me by myself.

“Truthfully, I knew exactly who you were. You were a hustler then, and you’re still one now. Same guy, different garb, bigger publicity stunt. But, none of that matters at Aggression, because you’re not dealing with any old wrestler. You’re dealing with Numero Uno.

“… and, the very first time you step in my face, disrespecting the EPW – my home – with that nonsense of destroying it, I’m going to slap the shit out of you, knocking you back into your bad habits, convictions, dope smoking and hedonistic, party boy lifestyle.

“I don’t know what in the hell has gone on while I was away, but things are about to change. This isn’t a chair-tatorship … This is a chair-ocracy, and each and every member of EPW had better get the fuck off of my throne, before I shove my foot so far up your asses, my toes tickle your prostate.

“That’s not a threat, Rezin … that’s a guarantee. You’ve been warned. Make your next move, your best move, and stay out of my way.”

The camera faded on a parting image. Triple X standing at the edge, foot propped up comfortably, looking down on his kingdom below.



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Jan 1, 2000
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

(FADEIN to a small bar we have seen countless times before, surrounded in Hartford Whalers and UConn Huskies paraphernalia all over the walls. The entire bar is empty, except for Anarky, who is standing behind the bar with a bottle of Jameson half-emptied next to a small, half-full glass. He takes a sip and puts it down before looking into the camera and smiling.)

ANARKY: “Failure.

“It’s kind of a funny word. And one that has gotten thrown around quite a bit in my direction in the last year or two. The First... Rich Mahogany... Impulse... Cameron Cruise... they all shared this very vocal opinion about myself.

“As I’m sure you’re all aware... I was deeply, personally offended by their accusations.

“After all... these men are all such captivating philosophers on what it means to succeed and fail in this business, and they’re opinions are filled with such subtle nuances...

“To The First and Sean Stevens... failure is simple. Anything but holding the precious title around your waist is failure. Doesn’t matter if you lie, cheat, and steal to win. Doesn’t matter if you pay off the ref. Doesn’t matter if you pull someone’s tights. Doesn’t matter if you pretend to be something you’re not.

“All that matters is the gold. Not being the better man. Certainly not being tougher or a better fighter. All that matters is a small fashion accessory.

“To men like Impulse... failure isn’t just about the belt itself, but the idea of the belt, and the pride that comes along with it. It is not enough to simply be the best. One must also be proud of one’s self. One must shake hands and kiss babies. One must parade one’s greatness around.

“Anything less is failure.

“In fact, it seems to me that fundamentally... failure to these men is essentially... being anything but them. Every day I wake up Not Sean Stevens... I have failed. Every day I am not hatching elaborate plans to keep the title... I am a failure to The First.

“Every moment I don’t spend regaling you all with all of my virtues and greatness... I have failed in the World of Impulse.

“Except, of course, that it never occurred to any of these children that I don’t really give a f*ck what they think.

“Why would I want to impress you, Sean? Why would I want to be you? Don’t you already talk about you enough? Why on Earth would anybody ever need to spend another 30 minutes listening to anybody talk about how great they are? You’re already the very best at it.

“You’ve got this adorable little theory about why I am not a egotistical braggart like you and it’s all very cute and I’m glad your therapist helped you come up with it, but... no. I really, really don’t need the validation.

“What else do I have to prove? I’ve already beaten the living sh*t out of almost every single wrestler in this entire league. While everybody was around me practically begging for a title shot, I was so f*cking tough I earned it WITHOUT EVEN TRYING. And then I took it. Just like that. All of First’s planning, worth nothing. So crushed by this... he followed your cue and ran. That’s what children do. You get used to it, you know.

“Think about that.

“All your shameless self-promoters out there going on and on and on about how f*cking great you are, and I didn’t even have to say a motherf*cking word about myself. I just entered a tournament. And won. And kept winning.

“And I don’t mean winning the way you mean winning. I don’t mean it the way First means it. I mean it the way I mean it. Man to man. Blood and bones and broken thoughts... desperation and fear... this is victory.

“And I kept exposing hypocrites like you, Sean, so well, that eventually... I just... became Champion. There was nobody left.

“See, if you hadn’t run away like a sniveling little coward, perhaps you would’ve known that. But no. You make excuses about how you’d already proven everything. Like I’m going to buy that sh*t. I can’t even remember how long I’ve been wrestling and winning titles from primadonnas like you, and you think I give a sh*t that you think you’ve done it all?

“So you ran and hid. Congratulations. That’s the ONLY thing that’s protected you from me.

“And men like Impulse and Mahogany went on and on and on about how they didn’t approve of me. They wanted me to be more proud. They wanted me to be like... well... them.

“Because in the end, that’s all that success is to them. It’s measured in the mirror. The more like you I am, the more you love me. How nice.

“Look at The First. On and on and on he droned about being a fighting champion. About how things should be different. How I should be a greater man.

“And then he proved he could never be that mean. And now?

“Now he’s defending the title against people who have done nothing, earned nothing, been nothing... and this is supposed to be an improvement? Where the f*ck is Layne Winters? Who gives a f*ck about Cameron Cruise?

“Oh yes, we have surely entered a new era.

“But luckily you’re back to save us, aren’t you, Sean. You’re going to make it all right and we’ll all go back to worshipping at the Church of Sean Stevens. You’re going to restore dignity to the belt, like you did when you were here, by being the plaything of some other league’s champion. Oh yes. Tell us more about how much you meant to the Empire. You really changed the game, didn’t you.

“Sean... I don’t need the title. The truth is... I am the Empire. I don’t need to destroy it... it already belongs to me. If I wanted the First to drop the title... he’d already have lost it. If I wanted to prove I could kick Impulse’s ass... I would’ve challenged him.

“But I do whatever the f*ck I want whenever the f*ck I want...

“And what I really want, Sean... is MY version of success.

“It begins with those of you who have sinned against My Empire... those of you who have paraded your egos out here for too long. You have put yourselves before the Empire, because you think you are bigger than it. You think you are the gold standard.

“Just. Like. Everyone. Else.

“Mindless sheep for the slaughter. You deserve this.

“You keep callin’ yourself the King, Sean. It suits you. In a business of egomaniacs, you’ve always been a cut above. You make the First look downright humble.

“But I’m not impressed, Sean. Not at all. No matter how many times you beat First. Or connived your way into escaping with your precious title against Lindsay Troy or Marcus Westcott or the countless other nobodies who all eventually took the stink of failure with them.

“You talk a pretty good game for somebody who’s never gotten into the ring with me, Sean. Just like all those who came before you, and those who will come after you.

“You never defended that title against me. You never showed me how tough you are. You never showed me how great a wrestler the King really is.

“I’ve been looking forward to this, my friend.

“Rezin may want to destroy Empire... and it may make a good talking point to lump me in with him... but we are not the same man. He doesn’t speak for me.

“We are merely allies in a greater war. He thinks this Hell can be destroyed. I know it cannot. This disease is permanent.

“But that’s okay. I don’t need to end you or the Empire.

“I don’t even need to prove anything to you.

“I’ll settle for a brief few moments in that ring when your precious ego can’t protect the King... when all your self-aggrandizing has faded away and all that’s left is your humanity... and mine... stuck in the middle of that ring... together.

“In those moments, Sean... I will already have won. Because you will be what I made you.

“Weak. Flawed. Desperate. Human.

“Just like me.

“This is the new Empire, Sean. Welcome home.”



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Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

[FADE IN to a small, sparsely furnished room with a low beamed ceiling. A table and single chair sit in the middle of the room, while a small shelf has been screwed to the far wall next to the open doorway. Through the window to the left of the shot we can see Otaku practicing karate, moving through kata with crisp swift moves. We can hear a fridge door closing, and walking into the shot is “The Dragon” opening a bottle of water before sitting in the chair]

Karl: Sean Stevens… that’s a name I knew I’d see again. Not really surprised what I heard from him. I had to calm Otaku down a little since he thought Sean was dishonouring me and Empire Pro, but you know what Sean’s like. I doubt he’ll need a reminder of what happened when we wrestled. The only thing about him is I’m surprised he took so long to come back. I lost the pool on that one.

But, hey. Some you lose, some you win. You never know until it happens.


Karl: That was almost philosophical. Hm. The way this match is shaping up, we could just grab a few chairs, park them in the ring and have a roaring debate. Between Anarky, Rezin, Sean and myself, we’ve got a veritable Monty Python sketch in the making.

I bet you never thought you’d hear me say people should quit the philosophy and just get on with it. Well, neither did I. I guess I’ve changed more in the last few months than I thought. But since it wouldn’t be me without a slice of thought, here’s one for today.

In this match, Sean, Otaku and I have nothing to lose. I’ve wrestled against Anarky twice now, and I’m still here. Physically and mentally just as well off as before. I’ve faced Rezin, and I’m fine. I faced Eddie Burns, and he’s the only one of the three who’s actually done something – temporarily blinded me in one eye. Problem for him is the eye’s better now.

But Anarky, Rezin and Eddie – they’ve got plenty to lose. The thing with the whole “destroy the company” bit is you need to be taken seriously, so you need to prove, in the ring, you can get it done. Not prove through video you could have gotten it done earlier in your career, not laid out opponents after the match, but actually gotten it done, in the ring. Destroyed the opposition, left them laying, and beaten them. Picked up the win and walked away with your opponents praying to never face you again.

Maybe Rezin and Anarky wanted to do things differently. Maybe they wanted to come after people who would give it everything, every night. Maybe their plan is that Otaku and I will fight for so long, and they’ll do so much damage to us, we’ll be forced to quit and then, then, Anarky and Rezin will be able to say “We’re badasses! Look how mighty we are!”

I’m not surprised that Anarky’s gone down the whole “walking, talking cadavers” route. It’s one of the last refuges of the common school playground bully that he’s become. The parody of himself he has become. Where once there was someone who you truly believed didn’t care and just wanted to beat people up, I now see a man playing at being himself. Playing at not caring. Because as we discovered last time we looked at him, as Sean says – if Anarky had been what he said he was, there were options. But his ego wouldn’t let him take that option. In the same way the The First threw away any sense of honour people may have felt in him by entering the King of the Cage despite saying he wouldn’t take another title shot, every time Anarky said he didn’t want the title, he could have laid the belt down and walked away.

Trust me. I know how tempting that is. Almost two years with the Intercontinental Title. But I managed to do something that took Sean a long time to undo, and I was proud of doing it.

I made that title of equal standing to the World Title. I did that despite spending almost a year hoping someone would beat me. And I kept that gripe mostly private. But in an attempt to show what a badass he is, Anarky kept going on about not wanting to be champion, to the point that the championship defined him. Now, walking around without it, he’s a man with no identity, desperately clawing and trying to grab another one.

That of destroyer.

If I was Sean I could say something about seeing the former champion wanting to destroy a company somewhere else. It was certainly more entertaining.

We should fear. I bet he’d say that anyone with half a brain cell would fear Anarky and Rezin. But why should we fear them? What are they going to do that’s different to what Troy Windham tried? Different to what Sean himself tried?

No offence, Sean, but I think we’ve got a bigger ego than you in the making.

[He takes another sip as we spot Otaku entering from the doorway, breathing heavily]

Otaku: Dragon-domo! You were meant to tell me when they got here!

Karl: And yet you tell me not to interrupt your training.

Otaku: Details, schmetails!

Karl: Do you actually remember who we’re up against this week?

Otaku: Nope.

Karl: Anarky, Rezin and Burns.

Otaku: Burns-baka?! Again? Didn’t we beat him?

Karl: Yes.

Otaku: And Anarky-baka and Rezin-san?

Karl: Yes.

Otaku: Maaaan. There’s loads of same matches! I was hoping we’d revitalised the tag team division!

Wait… that’s three people! Handicap match?

Karl: No, we’ve got Sean Stevens on our team, remember? You were railing against him not remember me?

Otaku: Oh yeah! Stevens-baka!

[Otaku moves to the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water for himself]

Otaku: So, I know you’ve been talking, who’ve we gotta talk about still?

Karl: Rezin and Burns. The crew hasn’t been here long.

Otaku: Rezin-san! He used to be cool. Then he turned nasty and stuff. Baka.

Karl: You don’t like him?

Otaku: I mean, we had such a great match! It didn’t matter what happened, we weren’t trying to destroy anything, just see who the better man was and on the night it was sooo cool! Such a great match! I really enjoyed it, the spirit of competition, the power of youth! And he had to go and ruin it by getting all dark and moody and serious and destroyer-y. I blame Anarky-baka. I bet he spiked the water or something.

Karl: How is this Anarky’s fault?

Otaku: Because he’s going on and on and freakin’ on about destroying, beating people like they’ve never been beaten before. It’s ridiculous! He’s poisoned Rezin-san so he’s now Rezin-baka!

Karl: Wow.

Otaku: What?

Karl: No anime reference yet. I’m surprised.

Otaku: Oh, there’s a subtle one, but the anime hasn’t caught up to the manga really so Sasuke’s change to being totally mean and hate-filled after hearing Itachi’s story wouldn’t really mean much. Although it is a popular manga…

Karl: Forget I said anything, you’ve lost me.

Otaku: Yay!

[“The Dragon” shakes his head, sighing]

Otaku: I mean, besides, Rezin sounds almost exactly like Anarky-baka. “Make you bleed because I can!” “Odds were in your favour already!” “When I get pissed off I make misery!” How corny and cliché-villain can you get? It’s not like we’re gonna expect them to roll over and let us win, it’s not like I expect to walk over, but still. Rezin-baka used to be good. Now he’s Anarky-lite.

Karl: Meh. Rezin’s always been malleable. Either he’s one of the most honest people there is, or he’s one of the most insecure, but either way I wouldn’t expect him to change that malleable part of his personality. He goes from deep to furious in no time flat.

Otaku: That’s the part I hate the most! He used to have some respect but now! Grrr!!

Karl: Careful. You crush that bottle, you’ll have to clean up.

Otaku: What grade are you, anyways?

Karl: What in?

Otaku: Taekwondo! I wanna hear who’s better, you or Rezin-baka!

Karl: What martial arts has to do with anything I don’t know, but I count as a master. Fifth dan, going for sixth in two years when I’m eligible. What of it?

[Otaku shrugs, smiling to himself as if to say “Knew it, you’re better!”]

Karl: That leaves Eddie.

Otaku: Meh, I stopped caring about him when we beat him and Winters-baka. He’s nothing any more. I’m more worried about Stevens-domo.

Karl: Sean?

Otaku: Yeah, man! I mean, what’s to stop him from joining with Anarky-baka and Rezin-baka?

Karl: Not a lot. But I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.

Otaku: But

Karl: [interrupting] Seriously, why worry about it? Sean’s Sean, he’s out for himself first and foremost. The one thing you can rely on besides his skills is he’ll do what is in his interest.

Otaku: I guess. Still, I’ve got my eye on you, Stevens-domo!

Karl: Be more worried about the other team. You’d think you’d remember that. They will hurt you, Sean just could. Maybe. More than likely won’t.

Otaku: I guess…

Karl: Sometimes it’s like talking to a child.

Otaku: HEY!

[FADE as Brown shakes his head, smiling as Otaku mildly fumes]

Voice: Next time on Animezing Dragon…

Otaku: Hey, Dragonites! Otaku here with an announcement! Next time on Animezing Dragon, Dragon-domo and I are set to face foes from the past! The shadows of the past rear their ugly visages as we try and fight our way through the Caves of Doom! Will the shadows be too much for us, or will our new friend be there to help?

Tune in next time!


The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

(FADEIN: Eddie Burns standing on Boston Common. He’s in a blue button up shirt and blue jeans.)

BURNS: Everyone knows everything…Stevens is the best cause he’s always been the best, the Dragons know how great they are and how little Anarky and Rezin can do to them in damage, and Anarky and Rezin are scary evil men, just ask them and they’ll tell you all about it.

I look at it all and try to think about where I fit in, how do I matter in the grand scheme of things, Anarky called me a warm body…And I guess that’s true, but I’d like to be more important than that, but it doesn’t seem to me like Anarky or Rezin care match about having a third man help them, what with losing last time to the Dragons and now we’ve added a two time EPW World Champion on the other side and me on this side, one would think Team Dragons just got an unfair edge when they didn’t need one.

But you wouldn’t know it listening to my partners, Rezin is a lion, or a lion he saw on TV, I really couldn’t follow it that well, and he’s going to eat people, or at least do some damage before he’s put down himself. I guess that’s a noble desire, take a few bastards with you on the way out.

And Anarky just wants everyone to admit how stupid this all is and we should all just meditate on how dumb the quest for glory and fame is and then walk out to the ring and just beat each other’s brains out and then go out and get a beer.

Thing is, I’m sort of stumbling around like Aaron Jones is now without Copycat, I’m sort of lost myself, I listen to men talk about honor, talk about glory, talk about fame and if it matters or if it doesn’t and really I don’t know if I can say that any of them are right or wrong.

But when I think about it long and hard I think to myself that maybe I don’t want somebody else to be the one that tells me how I should think and feel, that maybe I have my own path to forge in this company and maybe I’ll just find that by doing what I need to do to make things go the way I want them to.

So maybe for the moment I’ll just follow the Anarky school of thought and just fight the man they put in front of me, and just tag in and out with the men that are in my corner, maybe I’ll just do what I need to do to win this match and see where things take me from there.

Because even a man who’s lost knows that winning is better than losing, and that listening to Karl Brown talk big about his life and his career after he dumped me on my head…Yeah I burned him, but he laid me out and put me on the sidelines…So Karl and I…We got a score to settle here, maybe I’ll settle it with fire, maybe I’ll just fight you straight up…But I do know that I’m very much in favor of hurting you and making it so that I’m once again ahead of you on the pain and suffering scale.

And as for your border-line racist Japanese stereotype of a tag partner, I thought Tonto was a more sympathetic portrayal of Native Americans than Mr. scraping bowing ‘san’ saying Asian man that is more Otaku. Seriously Otaku, you’re only hurting yourself with this pathetic groveling act. You’re a skilled wrestler, you got some talent you don’t need to be Karl Brown’s wacky Asian sidekick.

And then we got Stevens, the legend who is now doing things the right way for his kid to respect him…You might be the best EPW’s ever known, but one thing I know about people is that we’re all human and everyone can be beaten, everyone can be hurt

Everyone can be burned.

(Eddie throws fire at the camera, FADEOUT)


King of Kings
Aug 24, 2010
Silver Spring, MD
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

“You’re a good talker, ‘Nark… and, I see the point you tried to make… and, while, it served its purpose and added a pretty decent go-home line to your latest promo, this entire thing really is nothing more than an endless cycle. And, you’re too smart not to know that.

FADE: “Triple X” Sean Stevens’ Yamaha motorcycle screeched to a halt. He immediately hopped off; and began climbing the steps of the Sun Life Arena, in his second home – Miami, Florida – in search of section 400, aka the nosebleeds.

Clad in a wife beater, cargo shorts, sandals, and Ray Ban sunglasses… the blue-eyed badass removed his helmet, making eye contact with one of the building’s security guards, who spoke a command into his radio, and made his way to his destination. They gave him no problem, and even though it’s widely known that the blue-eyed badass was originally the property of Orlando, he was comfortable… and it was conveyed in his mannerisms, demeanor, and calm exterior.

TRIPLE X: Just like you’re too smart to believe half the garbage you force feed down the throats of anyone who will give you a platform to spew it. But, I’m not going to even waste any more time on that, because I’m smart enough to know that there’s nothing that I can say that’ll change you.”

Stevens continued, as he got of the escalator on the fourth level of the arena. Occasionally, he’d look back at the camera as he spoke, but for the most part, he didn’t. The footage looked grainy, shaky … and, renegade-esque.

TRIPLE X: But, it all started in the Garden of Eden, ‘Nark. God, the original King of Kings told Adam what he could do, and what he couldn’t. He told him where he could eat, and where not to, and while God stood over Adam, in a manner in which Adam could see, and understand… he fell in line, and did exactly as told. And, the moment Adam thought God turned his back? He disobeyed him.

“Fast forward a few thousand years … same typical behavior can be found in any household, across the world – except Japan. …because those bastards are just born disciplined. But, I digress…

“Daddy tells his kids what they can and can’t do, and they listen, and the moment they feel like their father is away, for a long enough period of time, they gather their friends, become bad asses, and begin going against the grain, and the rules that their father created until the day that daddy returns, and spanks them.

“You get where I’m going with this, Anarky?”

He stopped at second 430, walked through the curtain, as the camera panned around the gigantic stadium. From here on out, every word he uttered was followed by an echo.

TRIPLE X: This isn’t about a new EPW, this is about a bunch of bad ass, disrespectful, disloyal kids tarnishing my home that I helped build from the ground up. This place hasn’t changed… this is the same promotion *I* made the premier wrestling organization on the planet, and that’s not me being arrogant, that’s me being honest. I went from promotion to promotion, faced the best that they had to offer, walked in as the best, and walked out reputation intact. I wrestled everybody’s greatest superstars at their best was such a dominant champion back home, that this new school, this new generation EPW superstar – some of you were in the promotion at the time – wouldn’t have dared to bat an eyelash, let alone step out of line, or disrespect what I built, because you all knew better. You knew that the moment you pissed me off, I would’ve put each and every one of you over my knee, took my belt off, and beat your asses.

“…and, then I left. And, then you forgot.

“Well, I’m back now, Anarky… and, at Aggression, I’ll begin dishing out reminders starting with you.

Triple X sat down, propped his feet up on the seat in front of him, removed his sunglasses, and continued.

TRIPLE X: As far as me ducking you? Don’t flatter yourself, kid. When I was champion, the only reason I never faced, or defended the EPW title against you was because you weren’t good enough, plain and simple. I was the big fish; you were the small fry, two different levels of competitor on two totally different plateaus.

“I don’t need you to speak for me. Don’t try to brainwash our audience, creating illusions about who I am, and what I did to win the EPW World Heavyweight Championship, and keep it. Those people – my people – know far better than you ever will, who in the hell I am. You’re just a marginally skilled wrestler, in over his head, grasping at straws, tossing insults at the wall, in hopes that one sticks.

“Who did I lie to, to become champion? Which one of my opponents did I cheat to beat? Name one time I stole a victory? Go ahead… I’ll wait.

“…Exactly. …you can’t. So on that note, shut the fuck up while you’re ahead, because you have no clue what you’re talking about. It’s like you have bullet points, when you cut your promos. Fifty percent is explaining why you don’t care about a belt. Thirty percent of it, is spent looking down on your opponent for actually caring about the things that you deem unimportant, and the final twenty is spent trying to make people believe that you’re some tough guy, about a life, that you clearly know nothing about.

“You called me arrogant in your last promo? Tell me something I don’t know. But, I deal with facts, and the truth of the matter is this: I left this place as the best, I came back as the best, and if you’ve got an issue with it, I suggest you take it up with whoever your Creator is, because the skill set that I possess is God given.

“But, this is my last time addressing this and you, because ultimately, in the end, it’s all meaningless talk. I want to see what you, Rezin, and Burns are about in that ring. But, don’t be surprised if this new thing that you’re supposed to bring to the table ends up being something that I’ve seen a thousand times before. You little bitches are nothing more than my sons, but, I’m not coming for custody. I’m coming for your heads, I’m coming to expose you, I’m coming to prove to the world that what you guys presented to them as main event wrestling, was mere child’s play, and that The King – their King – is home to right all of your wrongs.

“Why? Because fuck you.

“That’s why.”

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Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
Re: AGGRESSION 66: Sean Stevens & Animezing Dragons (cc) vs. Eddie Burns, Rezin & Ana

(FADEIN to Anarky, standing outside on a hotel balcony, a can of Schlitz in one hand, a cigarette in the other. He's gazing out into the city, which we can't see. Quite a few empty Schlitz cans lies strewn on the ground, though he doesn’t appear to be drunk. He sighs in an overly exasperated way before he takes another sip)

ANARKY: "Some men drink to escape. Others to numb their pain. Some to fit in or socialize.

“Me? I do it to drown out the idiocy of men like Karl Brown and Sean Stevens. One can only listen to so much of this drivel before the urge to stuff myself full of booze and cigarettes takes hold. Don’t take it personally, though, boys. You’re surrounded by your equally oblivious peers.

“I really have tried to say it in as simple words as possible. But nobody seems to understand. Are they willfully ignorant or just too stupid to know better? I can barely be bothered to care.

“To think, it all came from a few little words. All I said was that I didn’t ask for the title.

“That’s it.

“I didn’t say I didn’t WANT IT. I didn’t say the title was meaningless. I merely said I didn’t ask for it.

“See, that’s the difference between me and the apparently braindead roster of Empire Pro Wrestling. I don’t have to beg for title shots. I don’t have to break my own arm patting myself on the back for everything I earned. I don’t have to act like nobody heard of wrestling before I came in and I changed the whole game.

“I live by my own code. I earn my own self-respect every time I get into that ring. The only lines I have to cross... the only limits left for me... are mine.

“And as much as I’ve disappointed people like Karl Brown... people who would BRAG about getting their ass kicked by me so well that he didn’t actually have to retire... I mean, REALLY, Karl? This is your big accomplishment? Not being broken and left on a stretcher?

“Well by golly, Karl, if I’d known your standards were so low, I wouldn’t have bothered.

“The truth is.. I’ve grown quite weary of having to constantly explain myself to the children I’m surrounded by. It’s not my fault you don’t get it. And it sure as f*ck isn’t my fault that you have some theory that I’m just pretending not to care because I’m apparently a parody of myself. Or some sort of fake tough guy. Like, y’know, I talk a pretty good game, but I didn’t just spend the LAST TWO F*CKING YEARS in that ring tearing it apart.

“But you don’t. F*cking. Get it.

“I care. I just don’t give a f*ck what YOU think. And I don’t give a f*ck about a title, because a title is only as good as the man holding it. It’s just a symbol. A shortcut.

“That’s what First doesn’t get. That’s what you don’t get. The title doesn’t define the man. The man defines the title.

“First defines it by showing the whole world what kind of man he is. A man who will take whatever shortcuts or hatch whatever schemes or do whatever it takes because the only thing that matters is whose hand is raised, not who earned it.

“Just like you defined the title as being all about you and your own glory, Sean. Arrogance is hardly strong enough of a word. You are in love with yourself. Which is fine. Just don’t expect me to care.

“It’s all well and good that you managed to beat a bunch of people who aren’t me and have this grand old legacy and you think I should kiss the ring, but there is only one thing that earns my respect in that ring.

“And I think you know ******* well what it is.

“See... I don’t need a title to prove anything. I don’t need to call myself the best. I don’t need the belt.

“The truth is as obvious as the day is bright.

“It’s the reason people like Karl Brown and The First As Dis and Impulse feel compelled to concern themselves with me. Why they’re so utterly obsessed with defining me. With trying to understand me. With analyzing me.

“It’s the same reason you virtually ignored both of my partners.

“You know. They know. We all know.

“You want to pretend I’m like all the others? That I’m just another? Go right ahead, Sean.

“But I don’t think you will. I don’t think you’re quite as stupid as you act. I think you remember ******* well what happened at the King of the Cage.

“You know who the f*cking King is, Sean. And. It. Ain’t. You.

“That... Sean... that is something to be proud of. That is something I care about. A mantle I wear proudly.

“Because in the cage, there’s no hiding. There is only truth. Swift, brutal truth.

“You remember, don’t you, Karl? The truth? The cold, terrible truth?

“Maybe you’ve forgotten. I have no problem reminding you. I want you to revel in your glory, Karl... I want you to hold that last match in you... I want you to cherish it forever.

“Because I am going to remind you that I am not a parody. I am not the shell you imagine me.

“Quite the opposite, my friend. I know my identify. It is you who has forgotten.

“So I will remind you, Karl. We will all be one again.

“Wins.. losses... talk... it’s all the same, boys...

“You think you know me. You think you understand.

“You do not.

“I am not Caeser... we are not conquerors.

“We are destroyers of something else.

“Of everything you believe about yourself and your destiny and your self-importance. We... are the truth.

“The truth you’re afraid to admit to yourself, Karl.

“And you, Sean.

“My new friend.”

(He smiles widely and raises his beer. He takes a long, slow chug and finishes it, dropping it on the floor.)

ANARKY: “You’re so precious. You’re so certain. So sure of yourself. So lovely.

“It’s.. always the very pretty ones.. I enjoy the most.

“We’ve only just begun to know one another, Sean. Why pretend.

“I know you want this. I can feel it. You... you need someone like me, Sean. The First? What does he have to offer you that you have not already taken?

“But I will give you something else, Sean.

“And that’s why I don’t care about the belt. Or what Karl Brown or Impulse thinks.

“Because I know it. And you know it.

“We will find a new truth in that ring.

“Exciting, isn’t it?”

(He smiles as we FADEOUT.)

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