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AGGRESSION 67: Adrian Willard vs. Kendall Codine


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Jan 1, 2000
Stepping Stone

[LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia….May 28th, 2012]

[SCENE: The inside of the apartment in which the Codine father and son tandem currently share. The younger Codine is seen relaxed on the sofa, with his feet up on the coffee table and his eyes set upon the television.]

DT: This is an absolutely stunning turn of events in this match, as both his opponents were down from a double clothesline but rather than take advantage of it, Darkness has chosen to leave the match completely. In the ring Jones and Codine are getting up…Jones over to Codine, he’s firing away with rights and lefts but I don’t think they are doing that much damage. Codine with a knee to the gut he gets a go behind and LAUNCHES JONES WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! Jones crashing to the mat and Codine now feeling it he waves his arms in a ‘that’s it’ motion, and pulls Jones to his feet…Jones hooked for a Pedigree….THE FACE OF FEAR CODINE CALLS IT AND HE JUST PLANTED JONES WITH IT!!! CODINE COVERS!!




[Bell rings. MUSIC UP: “Fear” by Disturbed.]

TF: The winner of this match…KENDALL CODINE!!

[Codine hits pause on the DVR, as the victory in his debut match brings a smile to his face. Although he is currently taking this time to rest his body, Codine has now shifted his attention to his next opponent….Adrian Willard.]

Codine: My dad always taught me to be humble, so I want to commend Aaron Jones for his efforts in the ring. Darkness on the other hand, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. My father pointed out that you were once a formidable foe, but it’s obvious those days have passed, as you’re now nothing more than a coward. Unfortunately, your lack of courage was viewed by a national audience. And with that, you’ll never have another opportunity with me in the ring.

[Codine turns off the television and begins to put his sneakers on, as he now refocuses his attention to the next opponent.]

Codine: Adrian Willard….Ryan definitely didn’t wait long to throw me to the wolves.

[Codine smirks.]

Codine: In my second match ever in the squared circle, I will be facing the former EPW Television Champion. I have to say that I’m excited about the prospects. It’s funny because we come from similar pedigrees Adrian, with amateur wrestling being the backbone of our repertoires. I have to say that I’m impressed, especially with a victory over Cameron Cruise….

….but don’t get that confused with being intimidated because that’s a word that doesn’t fit in my competitive vocabulary.

[Codine laces up his sneakers and then proceeds to grab his gym bag that is located by the front door. Codine is on the way to the gym for his morning workout, as the camera continues to follow him out the door on this beautiful morning day.]

Codine: Here’s the deal Adrian, I’m here to continue a legacy that my father started. The Codine name helped build the foundations of the GXW, which opened the doors to the EPW. That’s why I’m here….to finish what my father started.

So as Dan Ryan lines them up one by one, I’m going to knock them down.


Aaron Jones.

Adrian Willard.

Consider yourself fortunate because some day, when people are looking back on my historic career, your name will be written amongst my long list of credentials.

[The camera comes to a standstill, as Codine continues to walk towards the horizon. Codine offers his lasting words, as the camera is fixed upon his back.]

Codine: I hope your back is strong Willard, as you were first a stepping stone for Rich Mahogany and now you’ll be one for me. I’ll see you in Denver Adrian!!

[Fade Out.]

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL


[Denver Airport, arrivals section as we get a glimpse of Adrian Willard who has been absent. He walks out of the terminal getting closer to the camera. Ignoring it he continues on his way, right to the Aviator's Club Smoking Lounge. He takes a seat leaning back in the high back chair, camera facing his right side he doesn't even bother to look at the lenses.]

Its mind boggling the way the tides change, just like the movements of those fans that sit in the seats, the ones I fought loyal for, the ones who turned their backs so easily on me, the ones who washed away just like the tide.

When I lost that match to Rich Mahogany, who then a week later lost that same title to Larry Tact, it was because I...how do you say it....was humble. I beat Rich like a pulp up and down the ring. I broke him, and pinned him.

And when he stood their on the floor demanding another shot, demanding a rematch, I did it for the fans, for honor, for valor, because I was humble. I didn't take much pride in my performance, I wanted to give the second shot. I wanted to be that figure.

And it cost me.

[He shakes his head in a soft manner]

It cost me a title, my patience, the fans have yet to utter my name even if it was them I was the martyr for! In the end, the effort was wasted, in the end I went the extra milestone to get kicked back to the base. To wrestle you, Kendall. That is not to say you aren't a worthy opponent.

Maybe, you are...just maybe.

Then again, the foundations of the Codine family are built on sand. They don't mean anything here. Your father, your teachings of life and humility. They are null and void. Whatever your father taught you unlearn it.

And unlearn it quickly.

I am not Aaron Jones, a shadow of Copycat, a valet who wants to turn wrestler.

I am not Darkness who wasted his life away in SCW and guess where he is now, Empire Pro. But trust me I would have walked out of the match also if I was him, WHY WASTE MY TIME.

[Adrian shrugs a bit his fingers tapping against the bar counter]

Now you sit ready to face me in that ring and you are excited about the prospects?

What prospects? There is only one outcome here Kendall, your shoulders planted on that canvass for three seconds. There is nothing more.

The prospects of me beating you, advancing you, out-wrestling you, overpowering you. Those prospects are more motivating to me than they should be for you.

Regardless, you can scratch my name off your history list of people you beat. Counting your chickens before the egg was even dropped.

[Adrian rolls his eyes as he is served a glass of water with a lemon.]

It all boils down to you thinking you know me, thinking that because you watched me topple Cameron Cruise that you have me down as some push over. My focus was too much dedication to very unworthy individuals who sit in those stands. It blinded me and caused me to lose my pace.

My dedication forward is pure pain. Like me, hate me, say whatever.

Bottom line is, I don't care. I stopped caring and I will never do it again. Not for the fans, not for my family, not for anyone but myself. Call me selfish, call me whatever it is you like but at the end of the day I am “The Prophecy”.

So consider this a rebirth, a radical change from what you were use to, consider this your lesson, the same lesson I gave to Cameron Cruise and several others, the lesson that pushed me to be one of the top competitors Hornet ever saw in that ring.

[He smiles and takes a sip of the water]

The same man that will work his way to The First and deliver payback for screwing me in A1E's Pier Six Brawl.

A stepping stone you consider me, Kendall? I suppose putting on your resume that you wrestled and were beat by Adrian Willard will add some bonus points. I guess in a sense losing to me would be a stepping stone other than winning over bums like Aaron Jones.

It's been envisioned.

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