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AGGRESSION 67: MAIN EVENT: TV TITLE MATCH: Larry Tact (c) vs. Anarky


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to an empty gym of some kind. People have long since left and the lights are dimmed. The equipment is generally pretty old and appears to have been unused for at least a decade. The camera pans over and finds Anarky standing next to a heavy bag. He runs his hands across it for a moment in a way that resembles almost a gentle caress.)

ANARKY: “There’s something beautiful about simplicity, wouldn’t you say, Larry? The stripped down nature of it. No moving parts. Nothing to break down. Just a big bag full of mass. Something to hit. Something that exists only to BE hit.

“It isn’t trying to be something it isn’t. Like me pretending to be a real World Heavyweight Champion, old friend. You can dress me up, but you can’t take me out. You can go through all the motions. But you can’t be anything but what you are.

“So the question came down to one thing, Larry. Who the f*ck am I? The grizzled veteran with sixteen years of in-ring experience? The violence, sadistic sociopath who is likely to destroy anybody for any reason? Am I truly a man hell-bent on destroying Empire Pro? Or just a washed up punk who couldn’t handle the pressure of the crown... ?

“If you believe the media... if you believe the announcers... if you believe First... heck, if you believe Rezin... these are all my truths.

“But reality... reality is so unlike this bag. It’s complicated. Nuanced. Difficult.

“They think I want to destroy Empire Pro. I think Rezin may even want that. It’s hard to say, really. I think all Rezin really wants is to get high and get some vengeance on those who have taken him lightly.

“You know how he feels, Larry. You’ve been where he is. You’re not so different than us.

“A man seeking respect he so richly deserves. And you think the title will give it to you. Because that’s what they tell you to believe. That’s what they sold you.

“You have both been taking lightly for too long. And why? Why is it that your opponents... your so-called peers.. sneer at you? Because you didn’t sell out everything you believed for a piece of leather and gold? Because you wouldn’t desperately claw out the face of your own mother if it meant a title shot?

“Their desperation is ugly. Their need for validation... deserves to be punished.

“My enemy is not the Empire. The Empire is just the home of those that deserve my vengeance. Those who deserve my retribution.

“Their egos will be crucified. Their pride... left for dead.

“I am sorry, Larry, that it must begin with you. It is not my intention to punish you. But it is time you realized that it is not the title that defines you. The TV title is just a carrot they wave in front of your face to placate you... to hide their lack of respect for you.

“You leave it all out there on the floor and meanwhile First is giving title shots to Layne Winters and acting like a tough guy? This is justice? This is what it means to be a Champion, Larry?

“You’re twice the man he is. You grind it out and you don’t cry about it.

“Maybe there can be a place for you with us, Larry. Maybe you and I want the same things.

“But first, Larry... first you must be reborn in the fire. First you must give birth to the Empire Pro Television Anti-Champion. We must begin somewhere. Somehow.

“In the end, Larry... it is inevitable. We must evolve to survive.

“I don’t need the EPW Television Anti-Title... it needs me.

“It must be defined and defended from those who would wish to win it. From those who think they need it.

“I wish there was another way, Larry. Because I like you. And I’ll take no pleasure in doing this to you.

“Or at least...

“... very little pleasure.”

(FADEOUT to his crooked smile.)


Diva Tree
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to a decently-sized, well manicured backyard. Anarky is standing next to a grill cooking with a beer in his hand. He has a Kiss the Chef apron on.)

ANARKY: “I ain’t a patriotic man, per se. I don’t own a flag pin for my blazer. I don’t buy American cause I don’t really give a sh*t.

“But a nice, sunny day, a smokin’ grill, and a cold beer? There are worse things.

“Like the disappointment of false promise, Larry. I’m sure you know all about it.

“After all, this is your legacy. A lifetime of wasted potential and missed opportunities. A career of almosts and just-barely’s.

“I had such high hopes for you, Larry. Thought maybe you could be one of us.

“But the truth is, Larry... this world is cruel. And I am an opportunist. I do not know or care for mercy.

“If you think you can bring this weak sh*t and walk away with that symbol around your waist, you’re going to learn very differently, my friend. You make a mistake... you will pay and pay again. I don’t give second chances.”

(He stops puts a burger on a bun and takes an enormous bite, washing it down with a swig of beer. He sits down on a lawn chair, seeming to enjoy himself.)

ANARKY: “You tell yourself that you deserve it, Larry. That you earned that belt around your waist. That the only thing separating you from me is chance... luck. The chaotic swirls of the universe crushing you beneath their weight.

“It’s easy to lay blame, Larry. But the truth is simpler than that.

“I breathe this business in and out of my soul. It consumes me.

“The breathtaking violence. The call to honor. The allegiances formed and broken. Betrayal and honor. Deception and deceit.

“The truths left out there on the canvas. They are lovely, Larry... can you not see?

“And I worship them. I am a testament... a monument to them. I am their result.

“While you rest at home with your family... while you live the life I show you now...

“... I wait... for the next moment... when I can stop going through the motions... when I can stop wasting my life in this bullsh*t half-existence outside of the ring.

“Outside of the ring... people like Impulse and First and Cameron Cruise can spill their lies... they can wander through life, spreading their half-truths and egomania out like billions of little seedlings, salting the Earth with the bile from their mouths.

“While I wait. And watch. And prepare.

“Because I am the equalizer... I am the one for whom all truths must eventually come to rest. It matters not what glories you have achieved, not your confidence or your talent...

“In the ring... I make all men the same. I show them their weakness. Their missteps. Their smallness.

“I remind them that they are me... and I am them.

“Most men... do not like what they see. So they put their bubble back up and they vanish back into the world they know and love... where they are the glorious center and all is meant to worship them.

“But they know. And I know.

“In that moment, we found truth.

“Do you want truth, Larry? Do you want to know my truth? Do you want to remember what you have forgotten? To feel my passion where you cannot?

“It matters not, my friend. What you want is irrelevant.

“Because I want what I want.

“And the funny thing is...

“... I usually get it.”

(FADEOUT as he raises his beer glass to the camera in a mock salute.)

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