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AGGRESSION 68: Wolves of the Sea v. Sons of Tradition


New member
Nov 16, 2003
Nottingham, England
[FADE IN to the sound of the open sea, waves gently breaking against the hull of a wooden vessel. The camera is focused straight ahead to the horizon, the sun high in the late morning sky, with only a gentle scudding cloud and a few gulls for company

CUT TO: The stern of the vessel, where two crew members stand gazing across the waves. The smaller is humming a sea dittie and leaning his chin on his forearms across the wooden beam. The larger man is leaning back against the same rail, his face turned towards the sea. They are Jameson Murdock and Syd Morgan respectively, also known as the Wolves of the Sea]

SM: It’s been a while, ain’t it, matey?

JM: Aye. Too long since we’ve sailed tae foreign lands in search of treasure! Why, it must be nigh on eight months!

SM: But our Cap’n, he’s given us the chance, the opportunity tae sail again an’ this time, oh this time it’s fer a far greater treasure than we could’ve dreamed! It’s not the treasure locked away in a chest an’ buried deep, deep in the forgotten realms of the past… it’s the treasure of an Empire!

JM: Just the thought of it… all tha’ treasure… it’s enough tae make me wanna grab it right now!

SM: Aye, but we’ve gottae be cafeul, Jameson! Don’t get ahead of yerself. This treasure’s guarded by more than bad weather. It be guarded by dragons and demons and freaks of nature so hideous, so vile and deformed to behold that just one look will scare the living daylights out o’ any an’ all sane men!

Who’m I talkin’ abou’, you ain’t any saner than me.

JM: I’m just as sane as ye! Saner, mayhap!

SM: Who in their right thinkin’ says mayhap? Cannae yae no speak English proper?

JM: I be tryin’ tae get intae the mindset o’ our opponents, Syd, matey! They’re Sons of Tradition, ye ken.

SM: Aye, I ken. What I donnae ken is what tae expect, but that be nae disadvantage tae us!

JM: Aye! We’re used tae not knowing what’s going on, goin’ where the wind blows an’ the sun sets.

SM: … the sun sets in the west!

JM: Not when yer so drunk on rum yer fallin’ off the floor!

[Syd ponders this deeply, nodding in agreement]

JM: We’re also no strangers tae movin’ quickly in life or death situations! No matter how much they’re Sons of Tradition, I’ll wager they’ve never been in a storm so vicious, so turbulent tha’ friends have been washed overboard, out tae sea, never tae be seen or heard from again! I’ll wager they’ve never had tae man the sails and the oars tae get through troublesome waters when the sea was calm seconds ‘fore!

I’ll wager they’ve never been down Nancy’s!

SM: Not many can survive a trip tae Nancy’s, I’ll give ye that.

JM: We’re ready fer this, Syd! We’re gonnae go straight through them, up the cage walls because nobody can cage us! We were born fer this kind of fight! We… are Wolves of the Sea!

SM: Aye. An’ there be plenty o’ treasure an’ plunder an’ wenches in the Empire just ripe fer the takin’!

JM: Ye had me at wenches…

SM: Nancy always does.

JM: Oi! Ye scoundrel!

[Jameson aims a quick kick at Syd’s head, but the larger man shows stunning agility, avoiding the kick and monkey flipping Jameson into the water!

PAN TO: Jameson spluttering in the sea

CUT TO: Syd laughing at his crewmate]

SM: An’ don’t ye ferget it!

JM: Bastard!

SM: Aye! An’ proud o’ it!

[Jameson joins in the laughter as he starts swimming toward the ship as Syd throws him a rope. FADE OUT]

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