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AGGRESSION 69: Politicall Incorrect v. Paladin & Sam Turner, Jr.

Chris King

League Member
Apr 17, 2012
Welp here we goes over ta this new fed ta me call'd tha EPW, I rekon'at stands fer Emp're Pro Rasslin. I still dunno why its not EPR. Whatev'r, if'n they pay, I'll be'ere.

Im'a team wiff'is ole boy named...uh...well I forgot. I rekon it was sumth'n like. Cher, he only uses at ole one name kinda thang. I thank it sounds like valentine. My be his name was Paladim. I dunno, I don really care neithern.

We's gon'ta rassle some kinda tag team called Pol't'cally Ncorr'ct. I dunno who they is, so I's gettin tha ole corn cob up tha keist'r. Trus me it ain't fun as it sounds, not fer me an'way.

I nearabout din't even try ta do this here tag team match. I had a lil mis'ry in ma left wrist from diggin'em durn holes fer'at new danged fence we's puttin up fer tha pig pin.

But we's in need of at'ere pap'r money so I decid'd ta try it out. I figgur'd it could be fun.


Down on the Turner family farm in Harlan, KY we find Sam Jr. out in the barn lifting hay-bails with a pulley system (6 hay-bails with a crate of farm tools to add extra weight)as he tries to get in a quick workout between chores.

"...twent-one, twent-two, twent-three, an twent-four. Shew, em ole thangs get heav'er an heav'er atter a few minut's." Sam said as the sweat began to pour down his forehead and into his eyebrows.

Sam pulled out his trusty bandana from the back pocket of his overhauls and began to soak up the large droplets of formed sweat. He rang out the bandana and began to wipe again, after the second swipe he rang it out again and put it back in his pocket.

"Boy, ya bout re'dy ta get on'at pig pin?" Big Sam yelled from the porch steps.

Sam stepped out from inside the barn.

"Yea paw, I'm re'dy when you is." Sam replied.

"Good lets get goin. I ahmagin it ain't gon ta take us ta long, so lets kick'is pig." Big Sam replied.

Sam grabbed the posthole diggers as Big Sam grabbed a roll of wire and loaded it in the wheelbarrow with the posts.

Sam threw the posthole diggers in the wheelbarrow and followed behind Big Sam as he pushed the wheelbarrow.


After the day is said and done and both Sam's are worn out from there adventurous day. It's almost their favorite time of the day, dinner, or grazing time.

Sam's upstairs getting cleaned up and trying to figure out what he's going to do in EPW; however the power of the unknown is eating at him quite heavily.

Not knowing who he'll be teaming with or be facing kills him.

"I don rekon anythin goods gon ta come from'is here match."

To say Sam's a little worried is a major understatement. He's so worried he almost tried to find a number to call EPW and cancel. So basically, he's messing his pants.

The evolution from Defiance to EPW for one match or so could cause Sam to forget a lot.

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