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Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Aggression 69, with night two of the King of the Cage: Tag Team Edition tournament is posted and can be read by clicking this link.

As always, if you've peeped the show before the posting of this note, go back and start over. I did some serious editing to the format to get it into the proper shape, including adding a last minute match write-up.

Also, leave feedback below.

Match of the Night:

Face of the Night:

Heel of the Night:

Moment of the Night:

Open Ended Comments:


The best handler ever since 2012: He is a gem
Jul 12, 2007
I'ma read along and ramble again!

- I feel oddly like the reinforcement of the commentary teams names at the top of the show was a learning aid for myself. I appreciated it though!

- Dark matches weren't overly surprising in any fashion. I think Ben is a superb writer, especially digging in to FW so quickly and recently. I look forward to seeing what MJJ brings for the next round and especially hope the pairing kinda sorts itself out.

- Ah Bill and Ted, Brunk, you're a man after my own heart.

- Fun opener, even if it did provide evidence as the deep seated ploy to reveal Brunk's stealth racism. It's funny, I didn't even remember or realise until I was looking over for of my old FW stuff recently. I seem to have won the TEAM FFA title off of Tact at one point, I can only assume through a series of tragic accidents for every other person in the field and I thought I'd never interacted with EPWites before. I mention this to point out that I once actually won a match. I suppose the story of the night was the tension within some of the teams and the trouble the random draw brings. Certainly it was a consistent theme and this match kicked it off. Certainly done a great job of putting Shane over as a fighter given the circumstances at the end of the bout.


- WLTT segment again building up the common theme of the night, partners with issues. Normally you'd expect that more from the Lethal Lottery teams that you would an established team but hey, I suppose that's the power of the service Jimmy Mylde provides.

- Jimmy Mylde is everything Dirk Dickwood should aspire to be, that man is slick as all hell. I think out of all the matches in the tournament, this one certainly matched up with the situation that the RP period brought and really told the story of that contest. Again, the match told a good story, I think really showing a wily Rich going up against the more inexperienced Dreamstealers and indeed taking advantage of that fact. Of course, that's why Jimmy Mylde is around to make sure that all rules are honestly and fairly imposed. Not sure if the end of that match will be leading to either anything in EPW or as a story in Defiance, still though, a lot of avenues to explore there.

- OH BOY! I GET TO GO FROM STANTON AND SIEGEL TO BILLY! Truly I've be granted a reprieve! Seriously though, I was quite excited to find out that I'd be given the "lucky loser" slot as it were. I've known for a few weeks but I'm amazed that I managed to bite my tongue for so long, especially given how much I ramble on EFG. Still, again, it's another match that's going to push me and really, this is a long term benefit for my new guys, they're getting fleshed out and pushed to deliver really quickly.

- Glad Turner and Alexander got teamed up, it would've been crappy to see two talented guys try to drag along no-showing partners and lose not because they didn't put up a fight but that they had no one to fight with. Certainly a team to keep an eye on moving on.

-This just reminds me, every time First shows up, I imagine this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYgPb8tpyI0 to be his theme. Now, I'm not going to stand here and explain my childhood crush on Claire Grogan but if it's good enough to Dave Lister, it's good enough for me.

- And we reach my match of the night. Again, continuing to follow the theme of partners at war against a more cohesive unit. I think out of all the partner tensions we've had to date, this match done the best job of showing exactly why the alliance was breaking up in-match. Two guys never on the same pace still trying to get the job done growing ever increasingly frustrated with each other, on the other side we have a firm unit with one partner willing to die for the other. As an outsider in this tournament, this match managed to do a great job putting over Boogie/Rezin and Anarky, it really gave my a reasonable grounding in all three of the guys characters and the dynamics there in. I don't even think it hurt Dentari that much. Still, absolutely loved this match.

- I'll be honest on the Daymon front, I recognise the name but I can't quite place it. The build from 68 and the announcement here however certainly makes this seem like a major deal and a big time moment.

Overall, great back to back shows and I think we're going to see a very, very competitive RP period thanks to Brunk's sorting out of the brackets. I can't wait for my second challenge, even if I did fail at my first.


Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
Thanks for the kind words, Colin! It was a pretty nice luxury to try out a brand-new character against essentially jobbers. Next round is the real trial-by-fire with Anarky and Rezin, both of whom are just awesome. I know GARTH will bring it with Aaron Jones, and it'll be a fun thread!

Match of the Night: Anarky/Rezin def. Smallz/Dentari. This mirrored the RP thread a ton...Anarky and Rezin working as a unit, having a shared vision, where Smallz served as a one-man wrecking crew for his team (which he had to do, considering Alceo only put forward the one RP in comparison to the handful everyone else brought). Interesting post-match to see the continuation of Rezin-as-Anarky's-biggest-fan idea, I remember that being explored in the RP.

Face of the Night: ...wow, there are a lot of heels on this card, aren't there? I half want to give it to Rich Mahogany just based on the circumstances, and for how he took out Whealdon post-match. But, gotta give it to Pedro of the Mexi-CATS. Laughed hard at the "double-armed leg screw bar knee lock".

Heel of the Night: Rezin, who is off his rocker in the best way.

Moment of the Night: Revealing Rocko Daymon's return. Don't know much about him due to my short time here, but the reveal made it look like "this is a hugely important person and you should be freaking out right now". And, I love any and all references to The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Glad to see Dirk Dickwood Presents get another shot, and some of the no-showers given the righteous boot. Looking forward to round 2!

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