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Aggression 74 POSTED + FEEDBACK


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Jan 6, 2005
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Match of the Night: I liked Rezin/MJ2 most of all.

Face of the Night: Castor? As odd as it sounds? Acting as Dan Ryan's liason after the two beat the shit outta each other for two years is insane. But seeing him in EPW? I could see him getting the huge pop he does.

Heel of the Night: Rezin. Sneaky slimey Rezin. This was his "I'm a made man now" show after his partnership with Anarky crumbled.

Moment of the Night: Rezin wins the TV title. Been a fan of Rezin for a while now. Although it should be the Rez Hit, in my estimation.

Open Ended Comments: Boogie shined like a champ going into the battle royal. He's gonna get the Diesel / Kane treatment there.
Rezin gets a moment to shine, and turns the "heel gets slopped" trope on it's head. I like his reign already, and a feud with MJ2 is perfect.

First/Pulse is just what I expected outta them, pure wrestling feud. First is a dick, blames Pulse for something that's not his fault, and now the two are headed for a collision course.

Castor showing up to announce the battle royal is a damn surprise. I'd honestly love it if he wrestled Aaron Jones and lost just before the big show. Would be hilarious and really give Jones a rub, whenever he DOES get a chance to win.

Like the new blood. Hope they stick around / really give the battle royal their all.

Colin, with DDP, keeps his team most relevant for a rematch while not having to write more than an rp. I envy him.

Also, this is late, but fuck it, it's something. And eventually we'll do EFG so I'll be more in depth.

Also Billy, Team VIAGRA has been around since 2001 actually, dating all the way back to the fed I eventually ran, IWO. I had a good run in PRIME from '07-'09 with 'em after I put them on the shelf when joining FWO in '03. Then in NFW, they just don't really fit with the character, so I brought 'em to EPW for a change of pace.

I'm glad you've enjoyed the work I've done. I just hope I get the chance to do more of it.

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