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Aggression 76 Lineup and Info


Sep 11, 1997
Katy, TX
Aggression 76 is live from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Castor Strife has announced that the Intercontinental Championship situation will be addressed on Aggression. Furthermore, after Eli Flair's request for a tag team championship shot for he and Aaron Jones at Wrestleverse, they will face the EPW World Tag Team Champions on Aggression 76, and if they should win they will receive that championship shot.

The full lineup will be:

EPW Television Title Match

Rezin (c) v. Malcolm Joseph-Jones

Non-Title Match

Animezing Dragons v. Eli Flair & Aaron Jones

Three Way Mixed Tag

The First (c) & Muse v. Impulse & Calico Rose v. Castor Strife & Haruka Warhead

MAIN EVENT - For the Final Spot in the World Championship Match at Wrestleverse

Rocko Daymon v. Cameron Cruise

The deadline will be Friday, January 24th at 11:59pm CENTRAL.

Threads have been posted.

Good luck. :cool:

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