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Alexis Morrison


League Member
Feb 21, 2015
- Handler Name: Stephen
- Contact Info: DM me @WEWAntiStarlet on Twitter
- Current EFed (if any): World Elite Wrestling
- Are you representing that EFed with this character?: Yes
- Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? Not sure.


Character Name: Alexis Morrison
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125lbs.
Hometown: Salem, New York
Theme Song: "Night Shift" By The Birthday Massacre [Click to Listen]
Alignment: Heel
Wrestling Style: High-Flyer / Hardcore Wrestling / Submission
Strengths: Unmerciful, Extreme Nature, Mind Games, Suicidal High-Flying moves, Her Quickness
Weakness: Suicidal High-Flying Moves, Her Quickness

10 Favorite Move(s):

Pelé Kick
Double Deg Drop
Slingshot Bulldog
Reverse Franksteiner
Springboard Top Rope Cutter
Suicide Dive
Diving Hurricanrana
Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker
Spinning Heel Kick

5 Signature Move(s):
20 Eyes (Running Bicycle Kick)
Mark of Death (Running Single Leg High Knee)

Spider's Catch (Rope-Hung Boston Crab)

Apron Face Plant
Fisherman Neckbreaker

Set-up Move: Even Flow DDT
Finishing Move: Forever Night
Finishing Maneuver Description: Spinning Argentine Backbreaker Rack Dropped into a Reverse STO
Character Details: Gimmick; Alexis Morrison is known to have a sick sense of humor and overall enjoyment in torturing her opponents. Sometimes, even risking her own body in order to achieve punishing anyone in her path. Bloodlust also factors into Alexis' mindset, because she not only loves the sight of blood, she almost gets off on it like one would orgasm. Morrison even extends this further by inflicting cuts on herself to feel the adrenaline rush.


History; Alexis Kathleen Morrison (née Mercer) (born October 31, 1987) is an American professional wrestler, and former wrestling valet, signed to World Elite Wrestling under the ring name Alexis Morrison, currently on their Monday Night Animosity brand.

Morrison began her professional wrestling career managing her husband Eric Morrison in several different promotions across the world, and would later also undertake another client Draven Frost seeing them through their tag team success. In 2011, Alexis wrestled for a short time in independent promotions before signing a contract with World Elite Wrestling in mid-December being assigned to their Animosity brand. In 2012, after spending time working in their Burnout pre-show, Alexis would be placed on their main brand show, where she competed in the first-ever Legacy Cash-In match and would soon be drafted to Friday Night Adrenaline and ultimately, feud with returning WEW Starlet Hannah Walters before parting ways with the company shortly after.

In 2013, she returned to World Elite Wrestling signing to World Elite Wrestling's developmental territory Top Notch Training before switching back to Animosity after her contract had expired. At WEW Cyberslam 2014, on December 1st, Alexis Morrison became the second woman to ever hold the WEW Championship, when she competed in a Open Invitational Battle Royal for the vacant championship after Chris McKenzie walked out of World Elite Wrestling shortly before.

Look; http://i.imgur.com/onbsF1l.jpg


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