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All in one night


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Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river
(FADEIN on Jean Rabesque, as he stands in front of a nondescript CSWA banner, pretty old-school in style, as is the norm, today he is wearing the customary black bandana, shades, and goatee, as well as his “NO FALSE GIMMICKS” shirt, which is now available at CSWA merchandising stands everywhere, he promptly removes the shades as the camera rolls in, he smiles, and speaks)

Rabesque: I sit back..... and I watch. It becomes abundantly clear how interesting the dynamics here in the CSWA are. On one end of the spectrum, you have some guys who are not ones for words. The Greensboro champion comes immediately to mind for starters. Maybe they’re training, maybe they’re locked in. Maybe they’re just bored. Maybe they just can’t find anything interesting to say. Whatever it is, they have decided not to grace us with any of their spectacular ramblings which I am sure would have entertained millions.

Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have people like Cameron Cruise, one of my beloved “partners” for this little shindig. Cameron is so trying so hard to impress someone, ANYONE, that you can’t keep his mug off of the television. Go around a bend, there’s Cameron. Look under a rock, Cameron. Go into your bedroom for crying out loud, and there’s Cameron Cruise’s mug just staring at you, with his same words of wisdom of how he is going to be the man to get the job done. Cameron, I’ve already told you once, and I will gladly tell you again. You’re going to get into the battle royal. I can guarantee you that. You’re going to do that by hitching yourself squarely to the back of Jean Rabesque and allowing me to carry you there. I got no grudge against you, and occasionally I pull a couple of (chuckles) “community service” projects. But Cameron, you need to get these delusions out of your head right now. Follow me when I say this, and I will speak slowly. YOU...WILL... NOT...WIN....THIS. Got it? You’re good Cameron, you’re a nice good little wrestler, but a number one contender you’re not. The sooner you grasp where your niche is, and accept it, the better off we’ll all be. And spare me this “one night” crap, because we all know better, and Battle of the Belts is not going to be your night.

Now, somewhere in the middle between Hiroshi and Cruise, we have men like Shane Southern and Tom Adler. Now, these guys are playing the game of keeping their mug off of television enough while still gracing us with their presence, and I understand that they also have a one on one match, but these two men epitomize exactly what I was referring to when I brought up how Battle of the Belts is going to work. These two men are so narrow-sighted, so locked in to what they and only they are doing, that they refuse to look up and see what else is going on. Sure, one of them will win their precious title match, but where do you think that will leave them when it comes time to name a number one contender? (chuckles) That’s right, ripe for the pickings.

You see, everywhere in the CSWA, everyone has their thing, everyone has their individual agenda of what they need to get done, and who they need to go after. I have my own agenda, and that is winning the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship. I’m content to sit back and let everyone who has some kind of beef with someone else destroy that person, and eventually let them destroy each other. Following that, I will swoop in and execute what’s left. I already know I can outwrestle anyone here, and compound that with the fact that I’m also the smartest wrestler on the planet, and you got yourself a pretty lethal combination.

But in all honesty? Who’s going to stop me? Fandango? Hiroshi? Are you kidding? How about Adler or Southern after they get done destroying each other? How about Plett or Sampson? Where the hell are they? They got their own little feud in their first match, and they’re going to go about the business of destroying each other as well.

I honestly enjoy the fact that nobody seems to be acknowledging my existence right now. Well, except for Cruise, and it’s not like he really counts. It’s the perfect strategy, fly under the radar and pick off anyone that comes near. It’s almost too perfect. But very soon, very very soon, all of the fans of the CSWA will see first hand what everybody else from around the world have been telling them. The buzz has been there. The grizzled veteran that nobody can take down has finally decided to fully entrench himself in the CSWA. The man that has not been beaten cleanly in 3 years has come to prove to all of those naysayers that he really is the top dog anywhere. They will see Jean Rabesque leap frog from the bottom of the card to NUMBER ONE CONTENDER..... all in one night. And I’m going to do it simply by flying under the radar. We’ve already established that there is no one out there that can stop me. Now it’s just time to go out and cash in the chips, and take what is rightfully mine. Anybody out there got the guts to step up... other than Cruise of course... step up and bring it. I look forward to a glorious event at Battle of the Belts. I’m just waiting to see if there is anyone that’s going to be man enough to try to up a fight. No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the next number one contender, I am Jean Rabesque.



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
(Fadein to a Post Office where Cruise, dressed in black jeans, blue shirt, places his shades on his head and produces a cellphone,as the phone rings. As we watch, we see Cruise pause and chuckle once every few seconds. Placing the phone in his pocket, he walks over to a pedestrian sidewalk, waiting for a light to change.)

CRUISE: Ya know, Rabesque, you have got to be THE STUPIDEST MAN in the CSWA, if not on the PLANET. I mean, do you really believe the fans of the CSWA give a damn about YOU?!?!!

You come back after three years of being late, manage a way past Shamon...(Cruise pauses a second)....ick, and then decide that you've waited long enough and Merritt should just GIVE you the belt, because you SAY IT'S YOUR TIME? Gimmie a break.

(The light switches and Cruise begins through the intersection.)

You keep saying over and over...."No false gimmicks, no false hype" and anything else to linger in peoples heads long enough to remember your name. Frenchie....what make's you think people *WANT* to remember you? For Pete's sake, the last I heard outta you three years ago was "This sucks" as you went unconscious from a Gabriel Poe powerbomb.

But let's just give you abit of leeway here....everyone here is narrow-minded, me, Cross, Hiroshi, GUNS, Windham, you get the idea....or at least I hope you do. Do you really think that it's so much to the point that we all are just gonna let you slip by and win the Royale? I don't think so.

(Cruise gets to the middle of the intersection and pauses for a car to pass.)

Jean Rabesque is gonna "Carry me to the Battle Royale". Frenchie, you barely made it by Shamon, and that isn't saying a whole lot. If you can't make it passed him, then I can GUARANTEE you, you're gonna have a tough time makin' it with *US*.

I'll tell you right now Rabesque, you may haven't been beaten cleanly in three years, but I can assure you it wasn't because of the competition. I'd probably like to nail it on the wall with being SCARED.

That's right, you heard me, you were scared. You woke up in the hospital and realized that you couldn't take the big leagues just yet, so you ran. You ran and found you a spot over in GLCW.

Me? I took Poe's bomb and walked right outta the hospital and back into the training room....HERE.

The only thing you'll be carrying at Belts is your head....when it's been beaten in by everyone else in the Royale.

(Cruise heads over 'cross the street and over to the parking lot.)

You see Frenchie, I never said that I was *GOING* to win the Battle Royale at Belts.

What I *DID* say, was that I had a goal that night, just like ten other men had, and that I was going to do my *DAMNDEST TO TRY*.

Maybe you need to not pass on that medical hearing test they offer at the building everynight. Just a thought.

I said it before and I'll say it again.

At Battle of The Belts, to some, this is their Super Bowl. Being the case, let's assume that for a second.

(Cruise gets to his car, opens it, gets in.)

Time is ticking on the pre-game show, boys.

Soon, it's gonna be game-time.

Let's hope for your case, you're ready to play.

No Boredom. No Bullsh*t.

The plain and simple truth, from yours truly.

(Cruise revs the engine, backing out of the parking lot.)

Cameron Cruise.

(Cruise heads out of the Lot and out of sight.)



The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
(As part of a promo on CSWA television, the following quote plays...)

CRUISE: You come back after three years of being late, manage a way past Shamon...(Cruise pauses a second)....ick, and then decide that you've waited long enough and Merritt should just GIVE you the belt, because you SAY IT'S YOUR TIME? Gimmie a break.

(Moments later, other clips begin to play, these in black-and-white with 'grainy' film, as if they're from a long time ago.)

CRUISE: Who the hell do you think you are?

Just about three years has passed since we shared the same ring.

That's right Hornet you remember what happened three years ago don't you? Merritt was trying to get you signed to a contract and was doing all he could to do it.

You ruined my Career that night Hornet. I'm over it, but I can not, I *WILL NOT* forget that, for as long as I live.

Now, ya see? I tried to make peace. I told him that I was over what happened three years ago. I just want him to quit talkin' about about me.

Look, before three years ago, he wouldn't give me the time o' day for nothin'.......

(Then we're back to the original clip...or part of it, that keeps cycling over and over again like a broken record.)

after three years...Gimmie a break.

three years of being late...Gimmie a break.

after three years...Gimmie a break.

three years has passed... you remember what happened three years ago...

three years of being late...Gimmie a break.

You ruined my Career that night Hornet... you remember what happened three years ago don't you?

after three years...Gimmie a break.

I *WILL NOT* forget that, for as long as I live.

three years of being late...Gimmie a break.

I just want him to quit talkin' about about me.

after three years...Gimmie a break.

Who the hell...

Who the hell...

Who the hell...

V/O: Cares.

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