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ALPHA Needs You Now!


League Member
Jun 24, 2006

Are you looking for a fed that rewards strong characters and gripping storylines? Do you want to know that your effort in producing roleplays, segments, and writing matches will be rewarded? Do you like to know that if you do well your character can rise through the ranks and always have something interesting to do? If you said yes to all those, ALPHA's the place for you!

ALPHA is an independent pro wrestling promotion based out of the Red Mountain Casino in northern Nevada (Las Vegas is in southern NV). In the Casino's Prime Stage, some of the best up-and-coming talent from around the world has gathered for one thing: competition. ALPHA separates the men from the boys. Those who are good enough to make it will find success. Those who fail couldn't hang with the new standard of wrestling excellence. And with the hot-blooded competition running in ALPHA comes frayed emotions, jealousy, anger, and hatred, all running rampant through the locker room. It takes an extraordinary mix of guts, wherewithal, and wrestling talent to succeed, but respect and glory await those who can make the climb to the top!

Need to know more? Consider this:

  • ALPHA is all about an interactive, (IC) competitive atmosphere. In ALPHA, roleplays are not for digging into your character's downtime or lovelife. They're for building your character up as a wrestler that should be recognized and for adding fuel to the fire of any issues that need to be settled. What's important is how well your character can play off the other personalities and talents in the fed, not how deep of a personal narrative you can come up with.
  • ALPHA is a booked fed. What this means is that at the end of the day, the match results and general direction of the fed are determined by me. Everyone has their input and I have done my best to book characters consistently with their vision. What this does not mean is that I take care of everything for you. I set up the matches and such, but only you can make your character stand out.
  • Weekly show results in ALPHA are summarized, but supplemented by full-length segments. Lots of feds have taken to increasing the time between shows in order to get them out at full size. In ALPHA, we've taken the opposite route. Summarized results make the weekly shows easier to digest and helps to push forward the momentum leading up to big events.
  • Effort is rewarded. Those who participate a lot through promos, matches, angle building, and the like will get more opportunities than those who don't. As a fedhead, I'm looking for handlers who can hold the fed up and help move it forward. If you have a track record of producing it will be worthwhile. However, if you wait for me to pick you out you might be waiting for a long time.
  • Angles are not booked months upon months in advance. Week by week, I have a specific plan for the upcoming show. For arcs, which last several weeks, I have an idea of the progression but only some week-by-week details. Beyond that, things are vaguely defined but very changeable. What this means is that there's always an opportunity, always a move you can make. I don't like to see people hanging around with nothing to do and I'll make every effort to involve you in something interesting.

Bottom line, I want ALPHA to be a place that's exciting from top to bottom. I want all divisions to be dynamic. I want my upper card to feature the best in the fed, strong and stable top level competitors who make believable threats to the King of Savage championship. I want my tag division to be rough and tumble, the badlands where a lone off night might be a storied team's untimely downfall. I want my singles midcard to be a dynamic, dog-eat-dog show where anybody can break out at any time. I want every program to be involving, for every character to have his (or her) fans, and for ALPHA to basically conquer the world.

And I want you to be a part of it.

If you're interested in joining, check out ALPHA 101 (LINK). The application form is on the bottom of that page. I'm looking for both tags and singles. Faces will have a lot of opportunities, but heels (especially those that can work face well) won't be overlooked. And don't hesitate! This is a great time to join as we've got A+ II coming up, which means after that show things are getting shaken up.

Looking forward to what ALPHA will do with a few new recruits!


ALPHA 101: http://alpha.nearzone.com/?page_id=309
ALPHA: http://alpha.nearzone.com

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