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America is dying

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: A bus stop somewhere in Las Vegas. It's the middle of the day and a bunch of people stand at a bus stop. Away from the mob by a good 20 feet or so stands a rather large man in a Gold Coast Casino security outfit. The man is JEFF DAVIS. His long brown hair pulled back into a pony tail. He looks at the camera with a hard glare.)

DAVIS: Look at this place...This city...Look at that billboard!

(Camera turns towards a billboard that's split in half, one half hyping "Two and a half men" the other half hawking the services of a Latino lawyer who goes by the nickname "El Tigre")

Pimping the latest America ruining filth from the ultra-liberal Sheen family, a bunch of traitors to this nation in the same vein as Benedict Arnold and Bill Clinton...And a sign about lawyers in Spanish?! Im America?! What's going on here...I can't stand it...

(Davis walks to the bus stop proper, where which has two signs one showing a Latino in a business suit with the phrase "get hired! LVjobs.com" the other says "Pregnant? Scared? You have options". A worried white woman behind the text is the image we see.)

Stealing our jobs...And this filth here...Clearly about abortion, killing the unborn, the defenseless...This whole country is so sick, so corrupt...I've spent my life here, watching the dream die, watching this nation fall under the sway of an all powerful media who seek only to bleed this country white under the socialist reign of Barack HUSSEIN Obama...A avowed Muslim and hater of this nation....

And where does this cancer spread itself most? The Southwest...Colorado...New Mexico...Nevada...We would have lost Arizona had McCain not been from there...Why? Because the Mexicans pour over our boarders...And the Democrats sell this nation down the river by turning a blind eye to it, by blocking the reforms needed to protect our boarders, to PROTECT AMERICA...

And this nation...This nation now is dying...When Texas goes blue over the next decade or so...It will be over, the Republicans who've done all they could to save this nation, will see the writing on the wall, they'll sell themselves out to the Mexican Horde for what little good it will do them...And my nation, will no longer exist...

Even now I have to go to work, my 2 week notice almost up...I have to do security for our big attraction at Gold Coast...A band called Noches Caliente...(Shakes head)...Next door at the Rio they have a night club called ND's fuego...

Disgraceful...The pandering...

I will not pander...I will not bend my knee...No I fight...I WILL FIGHT...

So what do I have left? I have my rage...I have my fists...I have the will to enter the belly of the beast...To go into the black heart of the enemy...Mexico itself...And strike what tiny blow against the forces that are poisoning my nation...

Mexico...I will shame your heroes...I will make your great villains cower before me...FMLL will where I draw the line...Where I say no more...

(The bus pulls up, the people gather to get ready for it. Davis pulls out a few one dollar bills, he gazes upon the pyramid symbol on the back of the one.)

The Fed...It's iron grip upon us all...No...Mexico first...Then we shall deal with them...


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