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An Introduction

Reya Serra

League Member
Feb 21, 2015
Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am Reya Serra Janason.

There are those that have entered or could potentially enter into this Battlemania event that are familiar with me. They know me either through being contracted to one or more of the federations that I have been a part of through the years or simply by reputation alone. They are well aware of exactly what I can do when I step inside that ring and they know standing face to face with me that they have quite a tough fight ahead of them if they seek victory.

However, there are no doubt several people that have no earthly idea as to who I am at all. Who is this woman and why has she decided to participate in Battlemania? They will all be enlightened soon enough.

I suppose I should start with my history, yet how much of my past actually has any relevance in this match?

My birthplace of Caguas, Puerto Rico has no bearing on it. My age is a factor, but in the business these days thirty is the new twenty...at least that is what my best friend Paxar Vega tells me. I could list the many federations that I have competed in all across the world along with all of the championships that I have won, but those simply speak to my experience and my accomplishments. A title I won years ago will most likely no impact on what I do in the ring at Battlemania, just as I doubt the accolades of the rest of the competitors will matter once that bell rings.

Then there are my personal attributes. I possess speed, a Janason family trait shared with my twin and my younger sister, which many others would sinfully envy. A speed that makes a simple kick all that much more devastating, and one of the reasons why I have several different kicks that I have learned at my disposal should the need arise. For anyone that cares to see just how damaging one of those kicks can be, go back and watch the last Visionaries of Wrestling Breakthrough event where I delivered a Hallelujah Kick right into the face of Brett Carson before locking him in a little move I call The Wrath of God.

My strength and resiliency is not only unquestioned but it is believed to be unparalleled to anyone that has the opportunity to bear witness to it. These men and women that step into the ring for Battlemania may be able to knock me down, but I will get right back up and keep on fighting until it physically becomes impossible. I have faced some of the best that there is in this business. Despite my abhorrence in regards to using weapons I have taken part in more than my fair share of brutal, some could say sadistic or masochistic matches held in such venues as churches and prisons and consisting of objects such as crucifixes, caskets, and even open graves for one particular buried alive match. I must admit I did not emerge from all of those contests victoriously, but I did emerge. I neither back down nor stay down for anyone or anything, up to and including acts of the Lord himself. I was once struck by lightning and am still here to tell the tale, after all.

Yes, those reading this read correctly. I, Reya Serra Janason, was once struck by a bolt of lightning. There were those that thought I would not live afterwards let alone wrestler, but it was but a short few weeks later before I stepped right back into the ring to compete. If the Lord Himself cannot keep me down, certainly these men and women about to participate in Battlemania do not think that they can...but they are more than welcome to try.

Then there is my experience. I am and always have been a technical wrestler. I know more maneuvers than some know words in the English language. I would list them all out, but I simply do not have that kind of time. Some would say however that while I have come close I have never been a World Champion and that that could hinder my chances in a match such as this. What do I say to that? It matters not if you have held the highest championship in a company more times than anyone else or longer than anyone else in this kind of match. Battlemania is about thirty people stepping into the ring and each of them being thrown over the top rope until there is one person left standing. For how many of these people is it their first time in a match such as this? I know not the exact figures, but I would guess that it would be several of them. I, on the other hand, have taken part in at least four events similar to this that I can remember off of the top of my head. Four over the top rope battle royals consisting of as many as one hundred, that is right one hundred competitors of various backgrounds hailing from several promotions, competitions where I have held my own and gained the experience that I feel is necessary to win when I step into the ring for Battlemania.

Lastly of course is the thing about me that people either fail to understand or go out of their way to mock, my faith. My trust in the Lord is absolute and unwavering. Many have sought to break it, my own twin sister has even attempted to do so in fact, but yet none have been successful. It would not surprise me for one in this match to try, but they too shall fail. I firmly believe that he will lead me on my way to victory against the other twenty-nine of my competitors whomever they may ultimately be.

As for those twenty-nine others, they are simply unimportant. Their names do not matter, as it will not be one of them that is announced as the victor. What company they work for, what championships they have won, and how long their championships reigns have been, do not matter. All that matters is what they can do when they step into that ring and unfortunately for them, my speed will be too much for them. My strength, my toughness and resiliency will be too much for them. My experience will be too much for them. And most important of all, my faith will be too much for them.

I am Reya Serra Janason, ladies and gentlemen. I am The Herald of Holiness and soon to be the winner of Battlemania.

So sayeth The Herald, and so it shall be done.

In Nomine Patris, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti.

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