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And *STILL* Spelling Bee Champeen Of THE World


Jul 31, 2006
It's been a crazy couple of days here in the CSWA since the airing of the long anticipated Gold Rush event and the unfortunate disappointment of seeing Simon Alex Theodore fall just short of dethroning the United States champion, KenHiroshimo , and his night ended abruptly after a devastating close line sent SAT to the showers before he was able to pull off the unthinkable and becomeCSWA WORLD CHAMPION.

Discouraged? Chagrined? Baffled? Mortified?

"Not even..." says S.A.T who seems more relaxed than ever, wearing a black 'YES-U-R-A-MORON' t-shirt accompanied by a pair of ripped blue Wrangler jeans and on his feet a pair of horrendously ridiculous blue and red checkered sneakers.

"I just got Brain Age 2, and I'm kicking major ass while training my brain in just minutes a day...And today just happens to be a be-you-tifulday in the neighborhood."

"It seems as though the CSWA is officially on the SAT bandwagon, THREE TITLE SHOTS in a span of two events, I'm amazing, yes, I know..."

"You guys even call me SAT, that's awesome, I've got a nickname, WOOOOOHOOOO, now I need a trademark..." SAT continues to ramble on with random thoughts that have muchtodoaboutnothing.

My opponent, however, is definitely no walk in the park, I heard he hates cutting promos, ironically enough he cuts promo's about his utter disdain for cutting promo's," SAT pauses for a moment, "What a concept..."

"Kevin Watson," SAT smirks picking up a piece of paper, "Captain Mystery... You certainly have an impressive resume of accomplishments," SAT hesistates for a moment, "Wait a minutes these are MY accomplishments."

SAT smiles, "You are however, the current CSWA Greensboro Champion... How I'll never begin to understand, but you pulled it off and much like myself came within a 'Y's tail of becoming the CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, but of course like myself, you didn't didn't do it."

SAT rubs his index and thumb together, "Hear that Mr. Watson, It's the world's smallest violin playing for your SAD little story about your failed CSWA oppurtunities, come Primtime you can add yet another disheartening venture... Because I... YES I... SIMON ALEX THEODORE will become not only the TWO TIME SPELLING BEEE CHAAAAAMPEEEEN OF THE GALAXY, but I... Yes I... Will take away your precious little Greensboro Championship and once again prove that brains is always more powerful than braun..."

"Now HIT my music..." SAT pauses... "Oh, yea... nevermind..."


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