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April 25: Bracket Two - Boogie Smallz vs. Jean Rabesque


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
The feud around the Greensboro Title just stepped up a notch.

Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
(FADEIN to a dark, smoke filled room. A big screen television is airing recent footage from Showtime. The screen pauses on a distant stare down between Jean Rabesque and Boogie Smallz. The camera zooms out and a figure watching the screen is seated in a black leather swivel chair. The man clicks a remote which simultaneously shuts off the big screen and turns the lights on. He turns his chair around and reveals himself.

Boogie Smallz is wearing an old-school red Adidas jumpsuit and a furry white Kangol hat. The jacket is open to reveal the pot leaf medallion he took from Wicked Sight years ago, now encrusted with diamonds. His eyes are glazed over and bloodshot, but when are they not? An evil scowl overcomes his faces, as he takes a puff of his blunt. He slowly exhales the smoke and begins to speak.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: So tha CSWA decides to clean tha slate and start from scratch. No World champion, no U.S. champion, just a promotion full of mofos ready to prove ‘demselves. (Pauses.) And some fools that tha CSWA just won’t give up on. Guys like Steve Radder. (Shakes his head.) I just can’t understand it, other than tha fact that he used to roll with Eddy Love and Kevin Powers. (Shrugs his shoulders.) He was a sidekick then and he’s just plain ol’ worthless now. When I saw that he was in it, takin’ up a perfectly good spot…that sumbody else prolly coulda’ got…it pissed me off. (Pauses.) I thought fo’ sho’ that therre was no way in hell they wuz gonna give me a shot. But low and behold…I was wrong.

That’s right, they finally heard me. After years of yellin’, screamin’, hoopin’ and hollerin’, they came to theirr senses and decided to hook a brotha’ up. And why not? I paid my dues, I ain’t some punk off da streets. I been herre fo’ ova’ TEN YEARS and all I got to sho’ for it is a trinket I stole off of sum sucka’ (Raises the medallion of his neck.) and a few World tag title reigns. Other than that, I ain’t got ish! (Puffs his blunt.)

So I feel it’s time for me to take what’s mine. Tha long-term investment I made with my career by bein’ herre, is about to pay off. All tha bull(BLEEP) gimmicks. Tha oppression of my career…cuz’ they said “they needed me to stay put, be in a tag team…keep tha division alive.” All that…and for what? So they could pair two singles superstars together and trot them around as tha tag team champions!? Where was my shot then!? It wasn’t therre, ‘cuz y’all was straight scurred!

They didn’t want me to make theirr “big money” guys look bad. They didn’t want Boog to outshine…what they THOUGHT…was what tha people wanted to see.

Now…tha present…it’s my time to step up. I got game…and now I gotta show tha world what I already know…that I am tha best in this biznuss.

Doubt me all ya want. In fact, I love when y’all be doin’ that silly ish. ‘Cuz all I do is just feed off of it. (Puffs his blunt.)

(Boogie stands up out of the chair and mean mugs the camera.)

Rabesque, this coulda’ been different. Now you’re sittin’ therre sayin’… (Quoting a lyric from Jay-Z.) ”damn, it wuz all good just a week ago.”

But for you, dawg, it’s too damn late. You can’t turn back tha clock and right tha wrong. Tha expiration fo’ that has come and gone! You shoulda’ done tha right thang. You shoulda’ signed that match with me at Showtime instead of goin’ on and fightin’ tha next man. But, like tha lil’ beeyatch that you are…you took tha coward route. You ran away and tried to distance yo’self as much as ya could from Boogie. (Shakes his head.)

I feel insulted, dawg. I futhamuckin’ slap in tha face. You wanna diss me? You wanna get over on me? (Shakes his head.) Uh uh, son…I don’t play that ish. You wanna hide…hide all you want. But I know where I’m gonna find ya, ‘cuz in tha first round of this tournament…you gotta deal with me!

Now tha stakes are a lot higher. Tha Greensboro title, as great and historic as it is, just pales in comparison to tha World heavyweight championship. That’s my reason for bein’ in this biznuss. It’s what drives me to go out erry damn night and be tha best that I can be.

Right now, you’re standin’ between me bein’ one step closer to tha World title and my destiny. (Puffs his blunt.) Sit therre all ya want, nose in tha air…actin’ all better than errybody…but Rabesque, your time in tha spotlight has come and gone. I’m herre to do errybody a favor and nudge you out of it. Tha best way for me to do that, is by me climbin’ anotha’ rung up tha ladder…and pushin’ you off of it in the process!

(Puffs his blunt and slowly blows the smoke out.)

I know you’re doubtin’ it. I know you don’t want it to be true. But Rabesque, ya best BELIEVE ‘DAT!

I’m outta herre. Fade me out.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
In a van down by the river
(The screen comes in on the CSWA Greensboro Championship belt, and then we slowly back away until Jean Rabesque comes into the picture, wearing the normal gear, Rabesque calmly looks into the camera, smiles a bit, pats that belt he holds over his left shoulder, and speaks)

“It’s been over 18 months, on one of those nights when the CSWA got a show in, when Jean Rabesque pinned Kin Hiroshi to win the Greensboro title. Hell, 2 years is going to be upon us before you know it.

“And here I am now, all this time later, as the only damn champion this company has left, the man that has proven to everyone who has come a-callin’ that he is the best damn wrestler in the world today, and the man that should already be carrying that belt that we’re having as tournament for right now!

“Sure, they decided to strip that roided out freak Ryan, and in that moment, they had the chance to crown a rightful champion, the man that actually earned the title, the man that won a match and beat a worthy competitor. But no, they decided to put the belt on Joey F(FCC)ing Melton. JOEY MELTON! And of course, I decided to take some action and confront Mr. Thomas, who told me if I wanted a shot, then I could go about defending my Greensboro title against any and all comers, which is EXACTLY what I did. Anybody who wanted a shot got one, open contracts as far as the eye can see, and here I stand, 18 months later, with the Greensboro title around my shoulder.

“So Southern wins the belt, the shot that I should have had, and he goes and gets himself hurt. So now Steve Thomas has the chance to make things right. Hell, even a one on one match, I really didn’t care who the opponent was, all I wanted was a match to prove all along that I deserved that title. That’s all I needed. But no, that wasn’t meant to be, all the boys up top have to look out for punks that have been here all along. They have to keep the New Blood, the New Uprising from reaching up and taking the proverbial brass ring. 16 men, one tournament. Let me make something abundantly clear.....

“I’m tired of getting screwed around.

“Fine, if it takes 15 men going down before me, then so be it, because I have dealt with enough crap, that I am not going to give anyone in the CSWA any more ammunition to take what is rightfully mine. And it sure as hell....... isn’t going to be Boogie Smallz.

“Boogie, why are you even still here? Isn’t the writing on the wall? Haven’t you figured out by now that you are never going to amount to anything? How long have you been here and what have you won? But no, you had the chance Boogie, and you BLEW IT! Go back in line!! What, you honestly think that I was afraid of you, and that’s why I wouldn’t sign your rematch? (Chuckles) You gotta be kidding me! Boogie, you are NOTHING to me, and to be quite honest, I really didn’t feel like you were worth my time.

“You came out and answered the challenge, and I gave you a title match that quite frankly you didn’t deserve, and I won the damn match. Your response is complaining that I won’t give you ANOTHER title match you don’t deserve?

“Does anyone else not see the logic in this?

“But now, you have another chance a title, the biggest title in the business, and again, it is one you don’t deserve.

“Let me point something out to you Boogie, nobody is ever oppressed in the wrestling business for ten years. NEVER. Eventually, the cream always rises to the top, and everybody who deserves one does eventually get their chance. Hell, I’m getting it now, and I’m full well about to take advantage of it. Boogie, the fact is you have NEVER been oppressed. The fact simply is Boogie that YOU SUCK!

“You can’t wrestle, you can’t get it done on the stick, and you are someone that no one in the CSWA has EVER come out to see. You are in no way marketable, and you are in no way entertaining. That is why you have never gotten a shot at ANYTHING Boogie, except for a Greensboro Title Shot.

“I always thought a ‘thank you’ would have sufficed.

“But no, it’s not going to be like that. You feel insulted, and ‘you don’t play that ish.’ Poor f(FCC)king baby Boogie. Get over yourself and maybe take a wrestling lesson. Until then, SHUT UP AND GET OFF THE SCREEN!

“People want to see wrestling Boogie, they don’t want to see you. Maybe when you realize you’re nothing but a sideshow joke, you can have a happier life. Go ahead, get mad, I know you will. Of course now that I say this you’ll try to play it off like it’s nothing, right....... dawg? (Chuckles) Tell me everything you want to say Boogie, because it isn’t going to matter. You can make yourself look as nice as you want but remember one thing....

“As much as you may polish up a piece of crap....... it’s still a piece of crap.

“No false gimmicks, no false hype, I am the CSWA Greensboro Champion, and the NEXT CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, I am Jean Rabesque.”


Mad Dog

Original Gangsta
Jan 1, 2000
Ride or Die!

(FADEIN to a dark alley somewhere in Brooklyn. Boogie Smallz is sitting on a crate and notices the camera. He stands up, brushes his shoulders off, and sparks up a Swisher. He’s wearing some black army fatigues and has his hair braided in cornrows. A flicker streetlight overhead is the only light, other than a building sign off in the background. Boogie clinches the blunt in his teeth, rubs his hands together, and starts to speak.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Jean Rabesque, you got no clue who tha f(BLEEP) you’re talkin’ to! What tha hell do you know about me!? What…is you goin’ off my history herre? ‘Cuz you need to look around and realize that tha Boogie Smallz that was once in tha CSWA has COME AND GONE! He left about 2 years ago and a new Boogie emerged. A Boogie Smallz that don’t take ish from NOBODY! Who tha hell is you to talk? What great phenomenal feats have you accomplished?

(Puffs his blunt.)

You sit out herre and you tell tha world about how wondaful you are with your big ass 18 month Greensboro title reign. (With an unimpressed look on his face.) WHOOP-DEE-DAMN-DOO! (Does the jerk-off motion with his hand.) Let me axx you sumthin’. Out of that miraculous 18 months…how many times did you defend that title? Because dawg, I don’t know if you haven’t noticed or not…but tha CSWA hasn’t exactly been in full swing…prolly since around tha time you won that belt.

So who are you tryin’ to impress? ‘Cuz if it’s me…you best try again. I don’t go into a match restin’ on my past success and hopin’ that that will get me by. I go into erry match thinkin’ I gotta stomp this punk down and I’ll stop at nothin’ until I do! You can’t go into a match with fear, you can’t go into a match with doubts. No matter who tha hell is across that ring from me…I’m beatin’ therre ass down!

(Mean mugs the camera and takes a drag off of his blunt.)

Rabesque, you are sorely mistaken if ya’ think yur same song and dance routine is gonna get it done in this match. I’ve peeped your ish out, I’ve studied tha tapes. I know how to beat ya and whether ya like it or not, I’m gonna exploit your weakness in this match. (Puffs his blunt.) I ain’t no mat technician, but I can hold my own. I ain’t no high flyer, but I’ve come off tha top a time or two. It’s a mystery…I don’t know what it is. Therre just ain’t no explainin’ it…but jus’ about erry damn time I step into that ring…sumhow…sumway…I WIN! I’ll give you a lil’ clue as to what it might be. It’s sumthin’ you ain’t got…HEART! (Pounds his chest.) Too damn bad for you…I got a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ to prove.

You tried to make me look like a fool. You thought I wuz jus’ sum chump, sum lil’ punk hoe, you wuz jus’ gonna ignore me and keep on steppin’. (Shakes his head.) Nah…ain’t happenin’. You done started sum ish with me that I will NOT FORGET! (Spits.) You f(BLEEP)in’ lil’ beeyatch! (His eyes dart out.) I’m gonna get revenge and it starts in tha first round of the World title tournament.

(Inhales the smoke from his Swisher and strokes his goatee.)

You’re gonna find out…tha rest of tha damn world is gonna find out. Boogie Smallz is ready to claim sumthin’ that’s eluded me since tha first day I stepped into tha CSWA. They never gave me a chance, since day one they cast me aside and put me in a damn tag team. But greatness can only be held back for so long. I finally broke tha chains, I left this place, I built myself up, and now I’m back. You can talk about polishin’ crap all ya want, you obviously seem to know a thang or two about it. Maybe a reflection of your own life, huh? (Grins.)

(Puffs his blunt and shakes his head.)

I pity you, man. I really do. You are obviously doin’ your damnedest to cling on to whatever spot you can herre. You take a cheap win over me and ain’t man enough to give me a rematch? You’re content and can live with yourself knowin’ that you never really beat me? (Shakes his head.) That would eat me up, dawg. That would drive me to prove, once and for all, that I am tha better man. But I guess that’s where we differ. You’re a little trick-ass beeyatch…and I’m A MAN!

So enjoy your accomplishments while you can…because as long as I’m around…YOU AIN’T GETTIN’ JACK S(BLEEP)! I am gonna make you wish you NEVA'…EVA' crossed paths with me. You are gonna pay for errything you said and eat erry futhamuckin’ word that came out your damn mouth! Do ya undastand what I’m sayin’? Did I stutta’? (Does some mock sign language and speaks like a hearing impaired individual.) Do you hear tha wordz comin’ outta my mouth? (Speaking in his normal tone.) I’m gonna bust you up, son!

I’ve done climbed tha ladder elsewhere…and best believe I’m gonna do it again. Ain’t no lil’ triscuit named Jean Rabesque gonna stop me from achievin’ my dream. You step in my way and I’m gonna knock you on your damn ass! Tha B To Tha Z is about to do tha damn thang and in the process, teach you a thang or two…show you how it’s done, son.


I’m through wit’ this. I’m out

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