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Around of news from Omega Combat

Omega Combat

League Member
May 4, 2015
Omega Combat welcomes Arysan and Stuntman Dan to the roster.

Who is THE Alexander's stuntman we have been informed he will debut at Exodus!

Speaking of debuts HardKore Comely debuted at Big Bang he will wrestle his first match at Genesis.

Speaking of results here is the quick results for Big Bang.

Octavis Kincaid def THE Alexander with the Misery Complex I (9:15)
Arik Kayne def Kaoru Aoki with Dead Leveler through a table (10:10)
"The Daredevil" Jerry Hawk def Alster Kincaid with Rain of Fire (6:10)
Danny Insane def Xavier with Mind Trip (6:10)
Barbwire ropes, gusset boards, and boxes of pain: Francisco Lopez def Kris Slade when HardKore Comely tombstone into a box of pain and placed Lopez on top of Slade (26:15)

Upcoming event cards

House Show 5/30
Main Event - Four Corners of Pane: Alster Kincaid vs. Danny Insane
3: Kaoru Aoki vs. Xavier vs. Arysan
2: Kris Slade vs. THE Alexander
1: Arik Kayne vs. Jerry Hawk
0: Francisco Lopez vs. Octavis Kincaid

Genesis 6/6/15
Main Event-No Canvas, gusset plates, razor wire ropes, and exploding boxes of pain: Kris Slade (-1) vs. HardKore Comely (0)
4: Francisco Lopez (2) vs. Danny Insane (2)
3: Arik Kayne (2) vs. Jerry Hawk (2)
2: Aryan (0) vs. The Alexander (-1)
1: Octavis Kincaid (2) vs. Kaoru Aoki (-1)
0: Xavier (-1) vs. Alster Kincaid (-1)

Exodus 6/7/15
Main Event-Entry Round:
Entry Round:
Entry Round:
Entry Round:
Entry Round:
Entry Round:
Entry Round:
Entry Round:

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