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Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004

In this feedbeef I will also be noting formatting errors. Some may be your fault, some my be staff. No big deal. Just want to point it out.

I wrote it.

I was involved but Seth wrote the lions share. Lions share means all of it right? Seth does an incredible job there isn't much that needs to be said about that, that his second FIST run doesn't say already. Burn's once again will be the fighting champion. Good stuff, Kerry gives it what he has but he's just not on Burn's level just yet. Oscar gets his first defense and I think Kerry comes out still looking really strong especially given his position on the card. Thanks, Seth.

Dark days for the Fuse Bro's. Quick commercial bumper segment. Doesn't give us much information but for the start of an arc, I'm with it. Starts raising questions. When the Reapers do return what is these extreme measures the Bro's are willing to go to. I for one, hope it's mesh shirts and oversized black jeans... maybe even an aging Country music singing manager?

TBD ended up being the Barrio Boys. I should have updated that heading, that's on me. Missed the music marks for the theme and also DING DING for the start of the match. Quick little tag match here, the commentary is spot on and the action is solid. DDK mentions The D being a bit lost since losing to Elise but maybe even since the break up of PCP. Either way it should be interesting seeing him back in a more active roll. I would guess hilatirty will ensue.

Are you KIDding me?
Title doesn't fit the standard all caps format, but this I noticed before the show went up and decided to let it ride so that the KID deal would play. "If anyone is going to resort to cheap tactics? it?s me!" Face Mikey is still weird but against Steven's it sells. Good quick interview here, keeping the heat on Stevens v. Mikey. Plugs the main and tease's a rubber match. Good stuff.

Wrote 'em.

Rough transition between this and Mount Tagmore. I should have caught that.

In ring with the Tag/Trio's Champs. The sports references are mostly lost on me (other than Lavar Ball name recongition.) but this is normally a pretty classic heat grabber. I've never understood why but regardless it is. So I'm with it here. I don't love that there are two call outs from Champions on the same show but something staff should have caught earlier on. That being said this one looks like it's going to go sidewas fast. And it does. HFIV feeding his father to the wolves. I liked this line from Angus, "Hate to say it Keebs but this family is functional while the Harmen?s are dysfunctional." I never write him nearly that smart BUT I like the sentiment and how it sums up this whole situation.

Blackwood, in ring, here to debut a new shirt and explain himself. Sort of. Quick segment, all heel. Someone is next.

The SoHer title MIGHT be the most stolen title in all DEF history. The Keeling led intro is strong and the commentary is selling the finish from ACTS well. A little back and forth action before the DEFiatron (we need a better name for that) cuts on. The video distraction was pretty good. I was reading along not sure what was going to happen. Even Angus' THIEF had me confused. Good bit. Batts picks up the win after the flash pin attempt fails. Good stuff, a lot of moving parts, but good stuff.

Main Event. This had a commercial written into it that I wish I had caught and I could have done the actual segment there. "This is just like one of their awful Lake Placid movies, except Uriel isn?t? you know?. An Alligator." These matches are tough to write and sometimes a little tough to follow, or maybe my reading comprehension level is low. I doubled back a few times here and there to make sure I knew what was going on. Alot going on here but Cortez looks like a beast, Harmens clearly still feeling the effects of earlier in the evening oh yeah and FIST DROP! And of course that only gets a two. Elise and Mikey working together to chop down the giant is good stuff. Sharp fucking the finish here and ... MOST stolen title in DEF history. Mikey pulls this one out over the already injured Harmen and is now the Number one contender. Solid match, good length for the 4 way on TV time as well. Good stuff.

Solid show. A few mistakes in there that we as the staff probably should have caught and corrected but very minor stuff. Thanks everyone for the hard work. Don't forget UNCUT, it's for more then just Debut's that don't debut!

As always, written not read.
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Totally. Obvs.
Dec 23, 2015
Beefy Chew

On The Hunt:
Loved this seg, starts very serious with them marching down the hall. Only to run into The D, Flex, and O-Face (Best name ever). Some sparring between Kerry and The D, and finally Gage shows up and the fraccas ensued. This was really good, enjoyed the banter, and the story building. Gage is a wayward soul at this point. Douglas with the UTA callback! Good stuff.

Hahahahaha “Everything is digital now keebs!” This was organic and fun. Wish angus didn’t change so much through out the show, this is how he should be.

We are owed an Apology:
Boo on the HOW reference. No one in any wrestling company should be referencing another wrestling company. DEF fans don’t know who Lee Best is. Otherwise this is a good segment. Enjoy Harmen having the guy in the back. Nice babyface moves. I liked the faking of a 2 on 1 as well. Enjoyed this. Which leads right into the match.

Jack Harmen vs I’m Bo Yo!
Good Match, HAD to involve Giest in some way, and having him bench press George is a perfect visual. I like the gimmick on this new boi so far. I was secretly hoping for Angus to break out: “Baby Hoss, Doo do do doo do dodo, DADDY HOSS DOO DO DO DOO DO DOO” (Baby Shark). That would have fit perfectly. Great ending and great commentary throughout. Do Arena’s still sell glass beer bottles? Idk.

Fuse Bros vs Gulf Coast
Plays the Fuse bros theme while I read this one. It definitely adds to the experience and is about perfect length. VERY surprising ending to this one, I didn’t see that coming at all. A loss to a brazen team. Even the Brazen team is like “What do I do with my hands?”. Very interested to see where this goes.

Something Has Got To Give:
I wrote dis one.

Michael Unlikely vs Scottard Stevens.
Stooovins wrote this one, I blessed it.
Good Match, continuation of our storyline and the injury. Hope it was a good read for everyone else.

Scott Douglas & Kerry vs The D and Gage Blackwood.
Match had a lot of drama built in before it kicked off, and that was added too by the long stretch for KK, then the hot tag to Scott Douglas. Only to have the hot tag cut off by Gage stepping out and flipping birds. Good finish though and Baby faces take home the win!

Oscar Burns & Elise Ares vs Andy Sharp & Uriel Cortez.
Very nice match opening. Lot’s of energy, nice highspots and teamwork from the babyface team. Double Octopuss stretches spot was fun including the commentary. Uriel is written well as an imposing and methodical figure. Loved the finish of the match with Oscar going for a standard move only to be crushed by Uriels finisher. Family Keeling ends the show on the hgih note.

Good show guys. Little lite, but made for an easy read.


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Playing some beef catch up.


How Did This Happen
Quick opener. Stevens is taking his beef to the office. Kelly as usual isn't having it.

Quick rundown. I didn't have to write it so no complaints here.

The Bruv Show IV: A New Host
I wrote a little bit of this. Ford handled the bulk.

Kerry v. Kruger
Same as above.

The Bruv Show Beatdown
And again. Beef is so easy.

Masters of Disguise
Sharp and Keelings logic is pretty entertaining. Nice misdirect and Elise has her title back. Solid segment. I like that the "Lady Janitor" is more worried about racial stearotypes then being called a man poorly posing as a women. lol Good set up for the match an getting heat on the PPV match.

Oh How the Turntables?
I know Mikey is a face now but ... "“What’s Happening!?” To all my fans here tonight in Leezy-Anna!" I hate him so much lol. But leveraging the #1C to get the rematch he wanted is good stuff. Stevens appears and agrees but doesn't add much more. Looks like we got a series.

Stevens Fam v. Bulldogs
Stevens go over and the Bulldogs look solid. Bigger story here is Harmen out for the save, felt like that could have had more to it, possibly even been a seperate segment so that it could be fleshed out more, but for where this is leading I suppose that does the job. Match was good though Angus felt a bit repetitive at times.

Follow up. Still would have liked the fall out to be more before the commercial break but this little backstage tag makes up for it some what. Nice touch.

Cortez v. Klein
Nice match with two big men. Angus is approriatley riled up during this one. I expected more fuckery but in the end looks like the Family Keeling gets to make the stip for the PPV match. Bad news for Elise.

Open for Biz II
Quick announcement Batts v. Burns for the belt. Love Angus' reaction.

You Can't Go Home Again
The return! Wrote this with Roland.

WrestleDork v. WrestleDork
Good match here. Student v Teacher, Face v Face. Well put togather. We get Elise at the end coming for retribution and andy ends up with the title again. Great ending to the show, alot going on, lot of excitement.

Solid show. a little more even then the week following as far as matches/seg balance.


Cold Open.
Wrote it with Roland.

Probably wrote it.

The Next Champ Is/Are Here
Keelings are super solid heels. I hate them early and often, the long entrance alone. I don't think I'm familar with Championship Scramble, feels like a real "Rules On Screen" situation (http://atomicdropcast.com.) The Keeling Famolam has some plans apparently. "DEFIANCE’s Favorite/Only Kiwi." Some good good guy talk and I dug the set up to the suprise. I however didn't like the net, too cartoony for me. But I did like the follow-up Lake Placid joke. Can't please everyone. Good segment.

Nothing But Net
Ok, solid pun. I agree with Andy Sharp in this one, I'm going full heel. I liked the pre-recorded/during the commercial gimmick. Quick little segment but it further fleshes out and already well ... fleshed(?) segment.

Wrote it

The hardest working man in DEF: Lance. Quick segment, empty arena match coming up.

Mikey v. Stevens (1 of 3)
"Hailing this week" good stuff, Stevens is always from Texas ... how boring. Good start to the match, Stevens is heelin' it up, Mikey is getting some pops but still can't wreslte. Being a best of three I really didn't expect this one to go to a DQ so quickly but "He's got a equalizer!!" popped me hard! (http://atomicdropcast.com) The Derp Dynostee strikes again and the Unlikely face suffers the injury. Quimbey's mindless dedication to his job was a nice tough as well.

NPR Presents: a Heritage Hiest
I quite reading early on, not sure what this POD-cast buisness is about. What is a podcast? I'm familar with Dropcasts ... never heard of a podcast.

I liked this segment but saw the reverse jack move coming. This is a little Scoobey Dooish.. Solid segment though and quite a bit of coverage across the show which I like to see a story line not living in a bubble.

Whats the Differnce
Wrote this with Roland

Cortez v. Mace
Oscar on commentary. I like it, we don't do it too often here. Solid match, really sells Cortez as a beast or "NEW HOSS Overlord of DEF." This is just good monster building to give Burns a ppv opponent.

Decent card, alot of story telling, which I like, but it's very match light. Moving forward we are going to have to work on keeping these cards a little more even I think.
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Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Wrote this before I realized I hadn't done the go home show ... so I'll be catching up on that tomorrow... or maybe not since no one else is following my lead. (other than Mikey. Only for a show but still way more then the rest of ya.)


Wrote it.

KK v The D
Wrote it with Ford.

Fuse v. Wrestlefriends
Super solid tag team match here. Really good read. The commentary is also very strong. I only saw two lines where I thought Angus was a little out of character aka being a good commentator and adding some analysis. That aside I enjoyed this one. It sets up a lot of potential storylines for both teams moving forward. Wresltefriends, although mostly playing seconds to Burns this arc, have been on the rise for awhile now and a win over a team that up until recently was extremely dominant is a good look. Fuse seems to be on the other end of the spectrum and nearing their rock bottom ? or um, Pitfall reference.

Harmen/Geist v. Stevens
Back to back tag team action. We have the debuting Giest, a welcome addition to short but effective roster and a Tag Title Defense. The Stevens being the amazing shit heels they are, I love the multiple title situation and how they really play into it ? especially given the Trio?s title are nothing much more than an unsustainable turned forgotten set of titles relicated to Brazen. Not a shot at Justin as handler by any means, I just mean that the fact those titles don?t mean as much but they still flaunt them like they are the greatest measure of a competitor ever is good stuff. This a solid match, moves along at a nice pace. I could go on about how spot on the commentary was but I wrote a lot of it. Harmen eats the pin but he can withstand it, likely just come back madder than ever. Giest looks strong in his debut and the Tag Champs get a solid defense under their belts.

Wheeled Out
Wrote it.

Scott Douglas v. Gage Blackwood
Wrote it with Roland. He did most of the heavy lifting as I think he has done most of this arc with me. So thanks for that. I can?t really comment on the writing, being involved, but I do want to say in reference to the story I think this is a turning point for Gage.

Mikey v. Stevens
The big blow off to the three match series. Solid match. It either felt short or it read quick, either way no complaints. Commentary was on point and Angus had some good lines here, What about my car dashboard? Mikey?s come along way from leader of SEG and DEF?s biggest shit heel to number one contender for the FIST and a FACE at that. The biggest surprise he got Angus to turn around on him, that is a feat. Stevens takes the L here but honestly as petulant as he can be thats just more fuel for his fire. Nice two arc run from these guys, long form.

Elise v. Sharp
Coming up on UNCUT

Burns v. Cortez
Main Event time. ?ONE FALL,? I?m with you that shit is annoying. After a good break from wrestling I came back to realize that was a thing. Smh I like the Keelings suits and the quality thereof, depends on his clients card placement. Also the pre-amble commentary really helps remind and make Cortez look like an actual threat. Given we know who is handling, we also know the unlikely hood of a title change here (although there is always the possible swerve but given my position I know that not to be the case as I read so that previous thought may not apply to other readers as much) Atomic Throw? Close but no cigar. Solid match and a strong finish. Burns gets another successful defense and Cortez kinda lept into the main event seen any how so this loss shouldn't hurt him to badly being he probably shouldn?t have been there. Good stuff.

Good show, unfortunate that we had an issue with the SoHer match but thats how it goes sometimes.

For anyone who is reading this, I can't stress the importance of Feedback enough. When I first came to DEF during DEFCon 2016, they had a thriving Feedback thread. It was put to me by the guy (Hey Creepy Justin) who drug me back to the hobby (kicking and screaming) that beef was super important here... and it was. It still is ... ya'll just aren't doing it.

I can say it until I'm blue in the face but if we aren't saying what we like and don't like, giving credit where its due and or shitting on terrible writing ... then we are just WRITING in a vacuum ... if that's what you into, go write a book. Holler at Pete, get some tips. But if you into this communal effort that results in wrestling shows ... then read it, feedback it. You don't have to go show by show (I find that to be the easiest though) ... it shows effort, it helps everyone course correct ... its just good all the way around. DO IT! OR don't fuck it, let the fed die.

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