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Ascension Championship Wrestling


New member
Dec 16, 2003
Azusa, California
Hey FW!

I'm taking a shot in the dark here. I still hold FW Central to high esteem. Especially because of the friends I made here. Great talent and fun people.

If you are interested in a smaller fed that has minimal, if any, OOC drama, has a roster of quality handlers, and is looking to grow in the right directions, I recommend ACW (Ascension Championship Wrestling). Personally, I found this fed to be a great place to RP after A1E stalled. It is a serious fed that doesn't take itself too seriously.
The roster and crew were welcoming and friendly. They can also be pretty goofy and flirty. I even rebooted my character, Xandor Cross, and I'm enjoying the experience.

If you're interested, here is the link to the main site: http://ascensionwrestling.webs.com/home.htm
This is the link to the ACW boards where you'll find the rules, etc.: http://s13.zetaboards.com/ascensionwrestling/index/
Or email me at exacross@yahoo.com or PM me here if you want more info. (No, I don't run the place but help quite a bit.)



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