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Ashe Corvin


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: Ashe Corvin
AGE / DOB: 26
WEIGHT: 245 pounds
APPEARANCE: For his ring attire, he wears black wrestling boots, tape around his wrists and hands, his tights have a white tribal pattern on the sides and the color around it is purple and the base color of his tights is black. As for street attire, it consists of black and purple business suits.
PERSONALITY: Tainted / Fallen Pagan Incarnation of Justice.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: He was sent back from the dead to deliver justice. After he did, Corvin joined the XIWO and the NBWF. He then went on to the EIW and won the World Heavyweight and IC championships. He then took some time off and then joined the ICW where he won the IC championship. He then joined the VCW and won its World Heavyweight championship. He lost it nine days later to his best friend and then quit the VCW. Following the VCW, he went to the CwL where he sold himself out to gain a chance to hold a World Heavyweight championship again. He was “screwed” out of the championship, and decided went to exact Judgment on XWE. His judgement was issued and he won what he was destined to win, the XWE World Heavyweight championship. He held the title for about 3 months straight. He was undefeated in the XWE and held the record as the longest reigning champion in the league. He is also the winner of the "Best of the Best" tournament, and is one of the two members of XWE’s Hall of Fame.
HOMETOWN: The City of Angels
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Breathe” by the Prodigy
RING ENTRANCE: Most of the fans in the arena start to cheer, a few boo, as the arena lights fade out. The lights then glow a dark purple color and a song fills the air. It is "Breathe" by The Prodigy. Ashe Corvin walks out from the back, wearing a black cloak. Clips of past matches and interviews play on the video screen as he slowly walks to the ring. He climbs the ring steps and stands on the apron facing the crowd. Ashe Corvin throws his hands out to the side and the crowd’s cheers can now be heard over the music. He enters the ring and goes to each corner and taunts. Ashe Corvin goes into the center of the ring and hold his hands above his head as the ring posts erupt into flames as the final words of the song are sung. The crowd continues to cheer as the song ends.
WRESTLING STYLE: A mix of technical/submission, hardcore, and aerial.

1. Reverse STO followed into The Touch of Pain
2. Arabian Press (Slingshot split-legged moonsault)
3. Cut-Throat Goriconoclasm
4. Blue Thunder Driver
5. Springboard moonsault
6. Charging High Knee on Cornered Opponent
7. Death Valley Driver
8. Exploder Suplex
9. Enziguiri
10. Standing Sideslam
11. Sidewalk Slam
12. STO
13. Top Rope Sidewalk Slam
14. Springboard Plancha
15. Double Knee Gutbuster
16. Decent Into Darkness - (Powerbomb onto the turnbuckles)
17. Damnation - (Flying Crucifix Cradle)
18. The Abyss - (Rolling Cutter)

PRIMARY FINISHER: 1. The Glorifier | 2. The Touch of Pain
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: 1. Spinning Lifting Sitout Double Underhook Facebuster | 2. Koji Clutch

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