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At The Office..


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
(Fade in: "The Executive" Eric Edwards is sitting at his large oak desk in his offices...he is seated in a large leather chair, dressed in a three-piece suit, and he is on the phone talking to somebody. We fade in on the conversation...)

Eric: ...and I certainly applaud you for taking a stand after all the pathetic nonsense Marcus Johnson rattled off about you, Cole.

(Obviously, he is talking to Cole Steele, his fellow member of Takeover Enterprises.)

Eric: And Cole, yes, you are most deserving of that title shot. Although I heard Penley decided to let a few others in on the fun...as did Dupree.

(He listens for a few minutes.)

Eric: Yes, I absolutely agree...that title shot should be yours and yours alone.

(Pauses as he listens again.)

Eric: I've been quiet for a while because, first of all, I knew you were capable of handlings things yourself. You have done nothing but good things for Takeover Enterprises, Cole...and I selected you as a member because I knew you could go good things. You haven't disappointed me yet.

(He leans forward to open a desk drawer, but continues talking.)

Eric: And another reason...I've just been waiting for the proper moment for me to speak up. Take a little bit of time to sit back, analyze the situation, and plan accordingly.

(Pause again as he listens while pulling something out of the desk drawer.)

Eric: That's right...I'm not going to rush around and hit the panic button unlike certain others are doing.

(He smiles as he continues to listen. As he does, he pulls out a piece of paper.)

Eric: Don't worry, Cole...we'll see to it that certain matters pertaining to that World title match are taken care of. And as for Dupree and Penley...let's just say I've got plans of my own...for BOTH of them.

I'll be there for the next GXW show, Cole...and then, we're going to get certain matters addressed...and from there, we can continue to conduct business.

(Fade out as Eric lets loose an evil laugh.)

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