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Attention Deficit Disorder


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas

**Fade in...

Lance snapping his fingers into the camera!**




Can you hold your attention to the point at hand for maybe one minute? Or has the A.D.D. already rotted away your brain.... or maybe it's the alcohol.

**Lance is clad in a black "Flaw" t-shirt with a white button up shirt over it and a pair of black jeans with flames running down the leg as well as a brand new pair of Vans shoes. He is sitting behind a set of jet black Tama drums with Sabian cymbals lined around the set. In his other hand, he is grasping a pair of black Lars Ulrich Signature Series drumsticks.**

OK OK... the point is well taken... you don't give one "squirt of urine" about me, right? I was in the wrong ring at the wrong time, and you didn't come out to attack me. But if I am not mistaken... didn't YOU call ME out!?

Now... no disrespect is meant, but at this point in time... I don't give one "squirt of urine" about how "stupid" Lawrence Stanley is or how "big and dumb" GUNS is... although... I might have to agree with ya' on the last one. But first of all, you aren't facing Lawrence Stanley or GUNS at Orlando, "Too Scared". So you had better keep your attention on the match with me, Lance Lie...wait a minute... that's the exact same thing I told to Eli... and he kicked my ass! Now, granted, I don't think you'll be able to do that anyways, but I'm not gonna' give you the same advice!

So, "Too Scared", just keep on thinking about GUNS and Stanley... and the keep thinking about them ALLLLL the way up until the middle of our match in Orlando, then when your off your game and I'm totally focused on beating your ass... then I can easily bust your face with the Liezure Suite...pronounced "sweet".

Then after you've gotten the THRASHING of a lifetime and you realize JUST how wrong you were... THEN you can continue not giving a "squirt of urine" about me, because I will surely be done with you.

Now put THAT in your beer bong and drink it...

**Fade to black...

Fade back in...

Jessie standing in front of the camera, blocking pretty much the whole shot after accidently pressing the record button twice. Jessie steps back from the camera and is wearing a brand new pair of sparkly white K-Swiss shoes with a KoRn t-shirt and blue jeans. He's carrying a black Fender Jazz Bass. He places the bass on a stand next to the drumset.**

Jessie: That wasn't very long.

Lance: I know. I know. I just don't know what else to say that I haven't said before. It seems like everything I say... he has some smartass comment to come after it... and if he doesn't... then he just repeats himself. It's becoming way redundant. Then if he doesn't repeat, then he just goes on ranting and raving about GUNS or Lawrence Stanley.. because **Lance imitating Powers** "he don't give a squirt of urine about me," yet he KNOWS that I'm grating on his nerves! So don't think that he really doesn't care as much as he says he does... and if he doesn't... good... I'm going to keep annoying him! We've been arguing for weeks now... I'm just ready for Primetime to get here so I can stop TALKING and start with some ACTION. To tell ya' the truth I'm getting a little antsy. This thing with Powers has gone on far too long for my tastes. I'm ready to end this at Primetime. He's been a thorn in my side for a while now. Even worse than that idiot, Nate Logan. He's the one who started this whole thing. If it wasn't for him, and the reformation of the NEW PLR, then I might still be stuck in a fued with J.J. DeVille. **Lance said with a mocking tone** So, I guess I can thank them for that... I doubt seriously I'd have ever had a high-profile match with Eli Flair, though it was a loss, it was a hell of a time for me to shine.

Jessie: That's true, dude, I was front, row, center. I think you at least held your own, dude. 'Cause, dude, there was some times there that *I* thought you had him!

Lance: Yeah... but you are gonna be there at PrimeTime too, right? Kev, was right.. I should've realized that they weren't even there, but with all his threats, I just KNEW there was no way I could get through that match without them interfering! But this time in Orlando the whole freaking PLR is there! I do believe I'm gonna need you this time.

Jessie: Hell yeah, dude, you know I'm gonna be there.

**Lance and Jessie sit for a moment in silence just staring down at the floor. One obviously thinking about his upcoming match and the other... well... he's probably blank... Finally...**

Jessie: Hey, dude, you going to see Cassie tonight?

Lance: Yeah, I've got a few days off. I figured I'd probably stay there tonight. You can stay here if you want... you know I don't care. (Laughs) Mess anything up... and you're buying me a new one... other than that.. I guess I'm gonna get out of here. (Lance stands up) I'll see ya' later, dude. Take it easy.

Jessie: You too, dude.

**Lance stands up and walks out of the shot as Jessie sits there...

strums his bass a little....

sits there....

strums his bass some more...

picks his nose...

strums his bass even more...

sits with a blank stare on his face....

then finally the battery light comes on and the camera abrubtly stops recording as the feed goes...

Straight to Black!!**

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