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The Shadow Pope
Jan 6, 1995
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So I'm getting married next week.

The offshoot of that will be that I won't be posting, RPing, commenting, or banning silly geese from Tuesday 6/25 until Monday 7/15.

Based on the matchwriting thread everything will be submitted Tuesday at the latest, so I would estimate that the card goes up on Thursday or Friday next week, with perhaps a week of discussion before the next in/out.

Brunk you know a few things that are happening so I'll obviously be in for a segment on Aggression 74. As far as matches are concerned Impulse is most likely out, and based on when you estimate RPing to start and end I'll leave it to your discretion over whether or not Eli is in for a match. If the timeframe will allow me at least 1 week of RPing then Eli is in for a match.

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