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B1TCHIN' 00: Carmichael v Marx



((The light from a camera flash causes the room to brighten momentarily. After a few seconds everything darkens. Another flash lights up the room. Then again everything fades. The television camera moves down and a beach set is exposed. A woman with brown hair stands in the fake sand. The light from the set illuminates her body. A photographer brings the camera back up to his eye and then a third flash.))

PHOTOGRAPHER: Great! That was fantastic, Candy.

((The woman brushes her hair behind her ears and steps out from the sand onto the set. She wraps a towel around herself and walks over to a long table with food on it.))

PHOTOGRAPHER: We have about ten minutes before we move on to the next shot. You should change into the Santa-suit.

((She nods. The photographer walks out of the television camera's sight. It follows the woman and rotates around to face her. She looks into it, her hair falling back from her ears and into her face. This time she leaves it.))

CANDY: Hello. I'm Candy. Candy Carmichael.

((She stops and picks up a styrofoam cup. After taking a sip from it, she places it back on the table and pushes the hair back. A few strands fall back into her face and she finally takes a tie from off the table and ties her hair back into a pony.))

CANDY: I'm sure you are wondering who I am and why you are here with me.

((The camera "nods" as if to say yes.))

CANDY: Well I'll tell you! I am VENUS Wrestling Alliance's newest star. It's quite a story, actually. I didn't intend to join an all female wrestling federation. I signed up for another federation and next thing you know, POOF!, I'm in VENUS Wrestling Alliance.

((She stops once more, this time for dramatic effect.))

CANDY: Well it's quite alright. No matter where I am, I try to have fun. It's like my mother always told me when I was growing up: "If you can't have fun, then it isn't worth your time." So here I am! Wouldn't you know it, though? I'm here trying to make history with seven other women. In this brainchild of Miss Marceau. And my first match is against someone who has so much experience. She's seen so much already. I am not quite sure what to expect from Carlee Marx, but I do know this: she has never seen someone like me! I've researched Carlee Marx. I might know her better than she knows herself. The amnesia, the mental hospitals, the escape and realization of who her family truly is. But she doesn't know Candy, do you, Carlee?

((Candy steps behind a stand up wall and you see her bathing suit top flung over the top. Her body casts a shadow on the white paper mache and you see her take off the bottom of the bikini and start to pull on pants.))

CANDY: Well, don't you worry. You'll get more Candy at B1tchin' than you could ever imagine. I live my life to the fullest, and I wrestle as if there were no tomorrow. I'm out here to prove that I can wrestle with the best of you. The difference is that while Carlee Marx cheats her way to victory, I can do it through hard work and practice. The best woman will win on B1tchin', Carlee. You may have the history, but I've the heart. Beware, though. This Candy will be bad for your health, and even worse for your dreams of climbing to the top of VENUS Wrestling Alliance. In the end, you'll see that I, Candy Carmichael, am the better woman!

((She steps out from behind the wall dressed in a sexy Santa outfit. The photographer can be heard from afar.))

PHOTOGRAPHER: Let's get this show on the road!

((Candy looks at the camera with a smile.))

CANDY: I can't wait.

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