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Jan 1, 2000
One can almost see his or her breath walking down the Riverfront Amphitheater area of Spokane… People are walking all around, heading toward a concert or event of some sort. The image focuses out among the people on one man by himself, sitting on a park bench, an acoustic guitar sitting on his left and a pad of paper on the right…

A leather jacket and shredded jeans have become a staple of Michael Plett’s wardrobe for sometime, but the t-shirt is different, and it is something that should have been there a long time ago: a picture of the American flag, with the words, “These Colors Don’t Fade” slapped across the middle. His black hair is thrown back, longer than ever, to the point where the shaved underside is not visible – it just looks like flowing black hair from the top of Wicked Sight’s head.

The camera shifts, and an upper body shot of Sight is all that is visible; background noise is almost totally ignored – Wicked Sight’s voice captivates the scene.

WS: It’s been a long time coming, but the CSWA is back on television… between a bunch of assholes who want to mess with the greatest country in the land, claiming to hate us but drinking Diet Coke and listening to our music… thanks to the television scene, I’ve had a lot to think back on Tacoma. A failed homecoming, eh? To be honest, in the middle of that ring, I did everything I said I would do and the fans showed once again that my STELLAR PERFORMANCES keep them on the edge of their seats. But… well…

Something left a bad taste in my mouth.

Maybe it’s scalloped potatoes, maybe it’s brie, but Gemini, you took this FREAK out of his world. For one night, Gemini, for just one night I didn’t have to be on the outside looking in, I was right in the middle. And you, you set me up, and you don’t even confront me face to face, all because you’re jealous that I have Presidential gold around my waist… You’re jealous because at Elvis Lives, when you and me dominated an injured Evan Aho and that buck Johnny Lang, you couldn’t beat me. You’re jealous because on your debut here in the CSWA, when you walked in thinking that EWI gold made you somebody, and I pinned you in the center of the ring, you knew that I’m better than you.

You know why I’m better? These fans know why I’m better than you, they know that I’m one of them; I’m out here giving them twice their money’s worth every time I hit the ramp. I’ve had my shoulder damn near ripped off, I’ve went out and worked through a concussion that still gives me vision trouble, and that was a year ago. I’ve laid out some of the biggest names in our business with the View To A Kill, from Eli Flair and Hornet to Troy Windham and Lawrence Stanley. And at Primetime in New Orleans, Gemini, you’re going to go down just the same.

Triple X, it looks like you ran “Superman” out of town. You’re stepping into the middle of a frying pan full of burning grease, Trip, are you ready for it? I respect the Hell out of you, and you and I have went at it before, but if you get in my way – if you get in the way of my revenge on Gemini – you’re going to suffer the same fate he is. Just like the fans that burnt the house down in my backyard, screaming my name, I’m a FREAK running the pageantry and the both of you are about to learn how that works.

Sight stands up, outstretching his hands, and as he flips his hair back…


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