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Bad Moon Rising (Part 1)


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
(We once again fade away to another arena, this time one across the state where GXW's newest show is going to take place. In one of the many locker rooms, a man does push-ups on his fists as a young woman watches on. The man seems to be concentrating on his small work out as he prepares for his match. The woman sits on a glass and metal coffie table watching as she finishes lacing up her right boot. To many, Alicia "Discord" Ward didn't know much about the wrestling world even though she'd been in it for almost a full year now, since signing with the aliging Omega Wrestling Alliance in the early days of 2001. Now she was sitting in an eNWA arena in the mid-western portion of the United States with a man who a year ago-scared her beyond belief-but now the two of them were inseperable. She stood up and regarded her man for a full minute before a knock on the door alerted them to the presence of someone wanting to come in.)

Alicia: Come in!

(the door opens to reveal her man's opponent for the night, the "Crippler" Chris Colt or "Triple-C" as he was more commonly known as. The young wrestler entered the room with a hatling movement as he watched the veteran of the federation going through his routine)

Colt: Are you sure you want to go out like this Chris? I mean Vic was more than willing to extend your reign another year just to keep you on for a bit longer...

(Before the young man could continue, the man stood up-revealing that he is the "Fallen Angel" Chris Slayton. He walks over to the younger wrestler and puts his hands on his shoulders)

Chris: Look kid, you've earned the shot and the title by going out there and proving it more than once to every one out there that you're better than you're cousin Randy Orton. Now go and give me one hell of a match.

(Colt nodded and left the room in at a half run. Leaving the two behind in the locker room)

Alicia: So, this is it-our last match in the eNWA. We'll be free agents again. No more long road trips with any member of the eNWA roster or anything like that until we decide we want to come back?

Chris: Yeah, pretty much. It's fun being able to book your own shows and everything. Besides, I'm trying to get a deal with a federation that I think even you should be aware of.

Alicia: Which one is that?

Chris: Global Xtreme Wrestling, last year and the year before that they wanted me to sign with them. But I couldn't due to my membership in the Summit Wrestling Alliance. I can't get ahold of anyone from the front office right now. But I think Marcus can help me if I need it.

Alicia: Ah, but shouldn't you be worring about how badly you're going to look after your match tonight?

Chris: I am, are you ready to be put through a table?

Alicia: (Shrugging) Eh, that's the breaks huh?

(Chris leans over and kisses his manager/girlfriend on the lips before grabbing his eNWA/ECW World title and with Alicia in tow, the duo head for the entrance way. Along the way, several major and minor names in the sport are saying good luck to the two of them. When they get to the entrance way, the last strands of Godsmack's "Greed" is being piped out of the arena as the lights in the arena suddenly go dark as two spotlights-one purple and one green start to flash as Velvet Acid Christ's "Phucking Phreak" begins to play in the arena as Chris Slayton squares back his shoulders as Alicia straps the title around his belt. The next moment as the opening dialog of the song is being done does the loving couple of Chris Slayton and Alicia Ward leave the minds of the two...leaving only the "Fallen Angel" Chris Slayton and Discord behind. The two enter the arena to a combination hail of boos and cheers as the main event of the PPV is also the last match of the "Fallen One" in ECW.)

<To be continued>

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