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Bad Weather Report



(Scene starts inside some unknown News Cast Room and Special Report flashes across the screen.The camera pans in on the two newscasters, A beautiful well build blonde and a White haired older gentleman that is clearly wearing a hair piece.)

Man: Hello I'm John Jackson and this is the lovely Dana Belview. We hate to cut into your regular program at this time but we have a special weather report.

Dana: That's right John! Seems there is a bad storm blowing in from the south. Let's go to your favorite Weather forcaster, Ken Farmer on location.

(Scene cuts to Ken Farmer who is standing up front of the GLCW Office complex as the wind is whipping his coat and hair. A dark cloud hovers over head as sounds of Thunder can be heard in the background.)

Ken: Dana....Can you hear me now?

Dana: Yes Ken, we're on the air go ahead!

Ken: Dana, I have never seen anything like this. Seconds ago we were having a beautiful sunny evening and out of nowhere a black cloud filled the sky coming from the south. As you can hear in the background Thunder is so loud I can hardly hear myself think. It's unsafe to be outside here so I will make this quick as I can. People in the viewing area please take warning. Go to the safest place in your house. With a storm like this there is sure to be a lot of hell!

(A banging around can be heard in the background)

Dana: Ken! Is everything ok there?

Ken: (looking as if he saw a ghost) I..............I DID WHAT THEY TOLD ME TO DO AND SAY!

Dana: Ken can you hear me, What is going on?

(Suddenly Kens Hair and Coat stops moving and a bright light shines over Kens head as the crashing can still be heard in the background. As the camera starts to pan around it comes upon two big mask men in cowboy hats, chaps and masks turning over a huge fan and ripping down a tarp that was blocking the sun from the area Ken was standing in. One of the mask cowboys in a blue mask turns toward the camera and starts walking toward it. The other starts to follow.)

Blue Mask C-boy: Hey! Keep that camera rolling!

Silver mask Cowboy: Do as he says!

Blue Mask Cowboy: Listen here! There a warning alright!

Silver: Hey....And there is going to be a lot of hell too!

Blue Masked Cowboy: That's right! Just to get the record straight.......We are Southern Thunder! I'm Black Heart and this right here is my brother Thunderbolt. I warned the world last night of the coming of the storm. I told you my journey was near end. Well we here now! We're here in the GLCW! We don't need these silly set props! We will provide our own Thunderous storm! We will provide you with the fear of a life time! You in turn will provide us with your respect.........even if we have to beat it into you!

Thunderbolt: I would like that brother!

Black Heart: Oh I know you would.......indeed I know that very thing. GLCW..........This is your last warning! You now have been told twice of our comings. NOBODY!......And I mean NOBODY! Will be safe in GLCW any more! Not MANSON..........Not JEAN ..............NO ONE! like I told you last night.............We are not strangers to the likes of many of you. History has a way of repeating itself,.........This time we will only add to it pages with our own brand of Justice. The STORM will soon begin.............and this time,............We leave nothing standing! We leave no one untouched!

Thunderbolt: (rubbing his hands together) Like my brother said.....We're not somebody you want to play with. We are not strangers! We are however the new thorn in the side of EVERYONE IN GLCW! No team is safe any more........The cracking of bones is like Thunder in our ears, we love it! The pain game is about to reach new levels in GLCW!

Black Heart: Just to let you know...........We're not talking to hear our heads roar, Our Thunder will be heard in the ring! You will feel the fury of the storm! You will go down from the SOUTHERN THUNDER!

(As the two stand there with a stern look in their eyes, the sound of Thunder is heard in the background as the screen slowly turns black. Once the screen is totally black a lightning bolt flashes across the screen and in bold flaming letters SOUTHERN THUNDER is burnt into the screen. FTB)

From the storm came Thunder, From the Thunder came fear. Where They came from.....nobody knows, but know this....they're near!


Glad I got your attention once more. Good to see you again my friend.

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