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BATTLEMANIA Final Point Tallies

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El Gringo Loco
Feb 27, 2008
As we had discussed on several episodes of Efed Guerillas and on Mike Best's Jack'd Up (once), not all of the elimination orders were based on final placement in the judging. There was the eventual winner, the runner-up (#2), and then we had planned to give #3 the most time spent in the match and #4 the most eliminations. We had a two-way tie for #2, so longest time spent in the match defaulted to #4 and most eliminations defaulted to #5.

We were going to try to storyline the rest of the placements, so that as many participants as possible could interact with rivals, allies, etc. The placement did bear some influence on who out of a pair or group would be eliminated in what order and by whom, but was not always an ultimate deciding factor.

The following is the aggregate point total used in determining the final ranking of each participant. Each judge ranked each participant 1-30, and points were assigned based on subtracting the rank number from 31 (31-r). A first place rank earned a participant 30 points, 29 points for second, and so on down to 1 point for 30th. The sum of the points assigned by each judge was then totaled to find the aggregate point total used to determine each participant's final ranking. This is the official final ranking of each participant in BATTLEMANIA based on the aggregate point total.

CharacterCombined TotalFinal Ranking
Shawn-Jessica Hart1401
Derecho 1182
"The Cyclone" JK1182
Matt Meyhu1144
J.B. Ronie1135
Mike Best1097
Samue Tiberius Turner1048
MJ Bell 999
Eugene Dewey9211
Ian Bishop8912
Mark Kingston8912
Stacy Jones8314
Jason Orion8314
Aidan Morag7816
Eden Morgan7816
Danny B7218
Blue Suede Bruce7019
Dave Rydell6720
Scott Stevens6621
James Jackson5623
Casanova English4324
Lord Raab3825
Amber Ryan3326
Al Envy3027
Austen Impact2928
Reya Serra2729
Emevlas Stastias2330
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